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Hey!! Remember Liam's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge???

I’ve been thinking a lot about how weird it was for Chevrolet to challenge Liam for the ice bucket challenge when they were never together outside of XF as far as we know. It just seems very random, especially considering the fact that it was smack dab in the middle of Sophiam. Let’s pretend that their relationship wasn’t full of holes and a hilarious lack of affection from either party (see: Liam’s one charity benefit thing where Sophia looked 100% done lmao). Considering the fact that Liam and Sophia didn’t split publicly for another 10 months, I am gonna assume that Liam wasn’t going around attempting to seduce other women by winking at them (😑). So, the fact that Chevrolet randomly picked 1/5 of a ridiculously famous band to nominate, and then stumbled into a relationship with the same guy 1.5 years later is suspicious. To me, there are 3 ways to view this situation:

1) Chevrolet and Liam had sparks flying from their first meeting (for real, literally kill me), and that awkward pubescent boy stuck in her mind for 6 years until she finally decided to try and get his attention by having him pour water all over himself in the name of charity. Even if we avoid the fact that they were both publicly in relationships at this time, it’s still super creepy. Keep in mind this was in August 2014 and at this point, Chevrolet was 31, and Liam was 20. Let that sink in, and then come back and tell me how she “waited” for him to reach an acceptable age before pursuing him. This is the official narrative, and it’s just plain nasty.

2) Chevrolet read the writing on the wall in regards to her limited pathway to future success following the release of her 4th album, and decided that a deal with her old pal Simon was her best bet to remain in the spotlight. At this point in time, she had been married to her new husband for less than 2 months, and most likely realized that she wasn’t going to be able to revamp her image with him in the picture. Enter Liam: a young, attractive superstar with massive potential, currently bound to Simon and his label. A match made in hell. Now, I know what you’re going to say. “Wow, you tinhat, you really think that they planned this child 1.5 years in advance, let them live blah blah blah”. Well, actually yeah I do. This is only months before Zayn’s unexpected exit, which tells me that some serious issues were occuring behind the scenes. (And for my Ziam shippers, there’s nothing like being told your significant other has to pose as a father in the future to add to your mental health issues. Seriously, fuck 1DHQ). Oh, and remember the babydoll thrown on stage in Helsinki that Louis AND Liam assured us was fake?? Guess when that happened? July 2015, which, yes, was well before the Chiam rumors hit the press. 1D and their mangament were in a full blown war at this point. Liam was watching Louis suffer through his babygate while staring his own impending doom in the face. I would also be hollering about the fakeness of that baby if I knew what was coming.

Disclaimer: Could I be reaching? Definitely, but considering the fact that we know nothing about the boys’ contracts, and we don’t know how far in advance they plan their stunts, this isn’t too big of a stretch. For Simon, it’s a win-win: you get to screw over a successful musician, who isn’t too fond of you, one last time while boosting the career of a woman signed to your label. No losses, and everything to gain.

3) If the other options don’t sound right to you, feel free to think it was a complete coincidence. (I just always go by the rule that nothing about this band is a coincidence.)

In conclusion, this is a messed up situation regardless of how you spin it. Chevrolet is either a pedophile or an entertainer desperate to revive her crumbling career. Either way, I am disgusted with her, and I am so ready for this to end. Liam deserves better.

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Hello! I need to know more about your kagehina's theory about why are they the most (after iwaoi) aggressive couple ^^ You did say about it in your top 5 iwaoi moments~~ Thanks!!

Thank you for asking, anon bean.

Ok so, this theory was buzzing in the back of my mind for so long and I found actual proofs (???) when I recently re watched the first two seasons of Haikyuu again.

We all know that Kags was obsessed with Oikawa back in junior hight (and he still is) and learned basically everything from being a setter to jump serving just by watching Oikawa. But what if he absorbed not only his volleyball skills, but his relationship with his spiker, too?

*crowd gasping in the background* 

My theory is that Kags is unconsciously replicating the iwaoi dynamic with Hinata (his spiker) now, because Oikawa and Iwaizumi are the only setter/spiker (…and much more, if I may add) couple he’s ever been exposed to and he adores them so much that in his mind their relationship is the™ relationship to look up to. 

If Kags’ playing style and philosophy is very similar to Oikawa’s, in the Kagehina relationship he is actually way more similar to Iwaizumi. When we think about someone constantly calling a person “dumbass”, we always think about Kageyama with Hinata, but guess who always calls his s/o dumbass….? IWAIZUMI. They both (Kags and Iwa) get extremely angry when Oikawa or Hinata underestimate themselves or when they get selfish, they never get mad at anyone besides Oikawa or Hinata and they’re not as much physical and violent (with words, yells, insults, raging sprees and with beating ) like they’re with them (the only difference is that Hinata is nothing like Oikawa, and maybe that’s why Kageyama took so long to learn how to handle him).

Both the couples are inseparable, they put blind trust in the other, and, overall…when they are together, they truly are invincible.

Rip, Iwa-chan…I know 

This will be part 2 of this post right here.  So….it ended up being a lot longer than I was anticipating, so I’m making it three parts XD I hope you don’t mind

ALSO i’m dedicating this to @itisasign because she’s amazing and I really appreciate her stalking my stories XD

And please send me prompts. I love prompts. 

It was Friday, four days after Lance had come down with that God-awful flu.  His fever had broken for good about two days ago, but still, he struggled to regain his strength.  Lance felt so weak…so sick, and had called out of work for the rest of week.  This was a huge indicator into just how badly he felt, and it was worrying Shiro and Keith.  

Surprisingly, he didn’t take much convincing to stay home. Lance typically fought tooth and nail through his illnesses, but this time he just felt so awful that he was opting to stay home and rest early on.  

Shiro was having one hell of a time taking care of him, and helping out the sub for Lance’s class, who he was pretty sure had never taught a day in her life.

Why not just let Keith take care of Lance? One might ask. He was his roommate after all.

The answer to that was simple: Keith was hopeless at caring for people who weren’t feeling well, and Shiro was worried that Keith might accidentally kill Lance in his attempt to nurse him back to health. So, Shiro was staying over (and stressing himself out to the max).  He hardly slept, partly because he was so worried about Lance, and partly because of his anxiety about the end of the school year.  Some nights he would fall asleep, only to wake up in a panic a few hours later, anxious that he was forgetting something, or that he had to check on Lance.  

Finally, the last kid filed out of Shiro’s room, and he slumped down at his desk in pure exhaustion.  

“Thank you so much for this last week.” Jenna, Lance’s sub said, relief in her voice.  “I don’t know how you do it.”
He had so many things he wanted to say, but he settled for: “It comes with experience.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”
He stood up and shoved his things in his bag.  “it was nice meeting you, Jenna.”

The moment he stood up, the world swam around him. He put his hand on his desk, squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head once before opening his eyes.

“Um, Shiro?” She said hesitantly. “Are you alright?”
He nodded. “I’m fine.  Have a great summer, yeah?”
“Yeah, you too.” She said, waving to him as he walked out of the room.  

He wanted to say he was exhausted, but ‘exhausted’ wasn’t a word that could properly describe just how tired he was.  He could feel it in his bones - every limb ached with a terrible fierceness.  He had a sinking suspicion that he was coming down with something, because the only time he ever felt this fatigued was right before he got sick.

He was hoping he was wrong, though.

His phone buzzed with a text, and Shiro groaned in frustration when he read Keith’s message.  

‘How do I make soup?’

Shiro sighed and dialed his number.

“Why are you trying to cook?” Shiro asked as soon as Keith greeted him.
“His throat hurts. You make soup for sick people, right?”
“Yeah, but you can’t cook, and I’m not sure Lance will appreciate having to leave the house because you set it on fire.”
“Ha ha, very funny.” He said.  Shiro could practically hear him rolling his eyes. “Okay well then will you be back soon? Lance really feels like shit and I have no idea what I’m doing.”
Shiro groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose as a throbbing bloomed in his temples and forehead.  He was running out of patience for this.
“Yeah…yeah, I’m just leaving work, I’ll be there soon.”


“Hey, man.” Shiro greeted his sick friend, shutting the door behind him and walking over to the couch where Lance was laying under a blanket.  “How’re you feeling?”
Lance sniffled and shrugged listlessly, which was again, very uncharacteristically Lance.
“So school is finally out.  Are you relieved?” Shiro asked, laying the back of his fingers on Lance’s forehead.
Lance nodded sleepily.  “Mmhmm…I feel bad I didn’t get to tell them goodbye.”
“I have something for you.” Shiro said, pulling a card out of his bag and handing it to him.  “We had your class make you a card.”
“That was so nice of them.” Lance said happily, sitting up against the pillows. “So who’s ‘We’?”  
“Your sub and I.”
He sniffled, burying his face in the blankets and pitching forward with a sneezing fit.  Shiro handed him a box of tissues.  
“How was the sub?”
“She was…not great.  Uh, yeah, we combined classes this whole week.”
Lance stared at him bleary-eyed. “Well shit.  You must be exhausted.”
Shiro nodded wordlessly, and then grabbed the trash can and handed it to Lance, gesturing for him to throw away the tissue.

“Keith said your throat hurt.  You want some tea or something?”
“Nnngh…I’m so sick of-” He broke off into a coughing fit. “-tea.”
“So…soup then?” He asked, and then frowned as the smell of something burning reached his nose, and immediately made him sneeze.
“Soup is okay.” He mumbled, his eyelids drooping. “Bless you.”
Shiro sniffled.  “Thanks.”

He walked into the kitchen, and immediately started coughing as he walked into what seemed to be a wall of smoke.  

“Keith! I thought I told you not to try and cook.” He scolded sharply, waving his arms around in an attempt to get rid of the smoke.
“Yeah, well you took forever to get here, so.” Keith shrugged, opening a window.  
Shiro groaned.  “Okay, well go give him some medicine.  I’m assuming you haven’t given him any?’
“Uh…you would be correct.”
Shiro groaned.  “You’re killing me, Keith. Come on, man.  He’s sick, he needs medicine.  You’re lucky he doesn’t have a fever.”
“Sorry…sorry.  I’m not good at this.”
Shiro sighed and handed him two pills, and poured a glass of water. “I know.  Here, give him those.”

Shiro was cooking Lance soup when he heard “I don’t WANT it.”
“But…Shiro said-”
“I don’t want it.” Lance griped.  “I’m not taking it and you can’t make me.”

Shiro walked out where the other two were.  Lance was sitting up, his arms crossed and his nose up in the air like a petulant toddler.  Keith was standing in front of him, holding out the pills and water.  

Shiro’s chest bubbled with irritation.  

“Lance, take the medicine.”
“I don’t-”
“I don’t care what you want.  You need to take it, now stop acting like a child.”
“-No.  Buts.” He said firmly.
Lance sighed, shooting Shiro a dirty look, but complying anyways.
Shiro exhaled sharply before walking back into the kitchen.  

After Lance had eaten some of the soup, all three of them were sitting on the couch watching a movie.  Lance was half asleep, cuddled up to Shiro with his head on his shoulder, and Keith was cuddled up to Lance.  Shiro wasn’t one for cuddling, but Lance and Keith constantly were, their limbs frequently intertwined with one another’s.

“Hey, so we carpooling tomorrow?” Lance asked sleepily.  
“Um…what?” Shiro frowned, looking down at him.
“We needa clean-” He broke off with a yawn. “-our classrooms.”
“You really think you’re up for that? You haven’t even really been off this couch for the last five days.  I think cleaning your classroom out might kill you. I can start on your’s if you want.”
Lance coughed lightly.  “Dude, you’ve done enough for me.  You’re not going to clear my classroom out.  I can handle that.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, you moron.”
Shiro just rolled his eyes. “Alright, Alright. Now go to sleep.”

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Does the Tumblr LGBT+ community just get really antsy if they go a few months without trying to violently kick out a group or something? I joined this site when the bi discourse was just starting up and I don't think I can actually remember a time when they weren't trying to argue that a part of the community was "actually straight invaders" and "just want to be oppressed so bad."

LGBT+ Tumblr is a toxic hellpit, as most folks will attest. There are excellent people and places, but most of it is just… bad. Assholes, assholes everywhere. And they won’t stop and think.

Take a moment and imagine the first few years of Stanford’s life. What if, towards the beginning, his extra fingers didn’t even phase him. What if, at first, tiny toddler Ford considered them the same as people having different colored hair. Some people have five fingers like Stanley, and some- like him- have six.

Then… imagine his Ma, lovingly holding his hands and telling him how unique and special he was. Imagine all the times Ford would catch the other kids at the park or the beach staring at him. Just think about the confusion that must have brought into this toddler’s life as he grew. His fingers were normal, weren’t they?

Imagine the utter devastation he felt the first time another child loudly asked him, “Hey, what’s wrong with your hands?”

Imagine Ford returning home in tears, having finally come to the realization that he WASN’T like everyone else, and having six fingers WASN’T normal, and rest of the world just thought he was freakish.

Imagine the day this smol bean’s entire understanding of his world changed.

So Even saying he’d had a crush on Isak since day one is important because it recasts the first episodes in a totally different light, but that’s not actually the biggest reason why it’s so significant. It’s so important because it completely negates everything Sonja told Isak about Evak being a “sick idea” of Even’s and just part of his manic episode. Even’s text in the ninth episode (DAT TEXT THO MY HEART) pretty much confirmed Sonja was off base. But this final admission destroyed Sonja’s comment. There’s no way Evak is related to a manic episode, because Even had his eyes on Isak for months.

Date a boy who dreams about you

  • <p> <b>Me (before finding out Anish Kapoor is a massive douche):</b> You know, I'm going to call the bean by its real name "Cloud Gate" because that's what the artist wants and I support artistic integrity<p/><b>Me (After finding out Anish Kapoor is a massive douche):</b> Dude I just love the Bean. Don't you just love the bean? Man I can't stop thinking about the bean. Let's all go to the bean and take selfies with the bean. The bean is so great dude I love the bean!! I'm going to go shove beans up my ass!<p/></p>

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