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Take a moment and imagine the first few years of Stanford’s life. What if, towards the beginning, his extra fingers didn’t even phase him. What if, at first, tiny toddler Ford considered them the same as people having different colored hair. Some people have five fingers like Stanley, and some- like him- have six.

Then… imagine his Ma, lovingly holding his hands and telling him how unique and special he was. Imagine all the times Ford would catch the other kids at the park or the beach staring at him. Just think about the confusion that must have brought into this toddler’s life as he grew. His fingers were normal, weren’t they?

Imagine the utter devastation he felt the first time another child loudly asked him, “Hey, what’s wrong with your hands?”

Imagine Ford returning home in tears, having finally come to the realization that he WASN’T like everyone else, and having six fingers WASN’T normal, and rest of the world just thought he was freakish.

Imagine the day this smol bean’s entire understanding of his world changed.

So Even saying he’d had a crush on Isak since day one is important because it recasts the first episodes in a totally different light, but that’s not actually the biggest reason why it’s so significant. It’s so important because it completely negates everything Sonja told Isak about Evak being a “sick idea” of Even’s and just part of his manic episode. Even’s text in the ninth episode (DAT TEXT THO MY HEART) pretty much confirmed Sonja was off base. But this final admission destroyed Sonja’s comment. There’s no way Evak is related to a manic episode, because Even had his eyes on Isak for months.

  • <p> <b>Me (before finding out Anish Kapoor is a massive douche):</b> You know, I'm going to call the bean by its real name "Cloud Gate" because that's what the artist wants and I support artistic integrity<p/><b>Me (After finding out Anish Kapoor is a massive douche):</b> Dude I just love the Bean. Don't you just love the bean? Man I can't stop thinking about the bean. Let's all go to the bean and take selfies with the bean. The bean is so great dude I love the bean!! I'm going to go shove beans up my ass!<p/></p>

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