stop the westboro church!


“Angels” block the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting Orlando victim’s funeral

When a handful of Westboro Baptist Church members showed up Saturday at the funeral of Orlando shooting victim Christopher Leinonen, counterprotesters donning large, white angel wings were there to shield mourners. Members of the Orlando Shakespeare Theater put together the wings as a symbolic but also literal screen between the WBC and funeral attendees. An Orlando Police tweet later proved the efforts to stop the WBC worked.

I’m homosexual. And I get it, we don’t have all our rights. We don’t have all the rights that heterosexuals have. But you know who’s been there for me, in my toughest times? Straight people. Fucking straight people, so oppressive with their kind words and their support and their constant debunking of homophobic theories. Straight people who actually care about me as a person and don’t give one motherfucking shit about my sexuality. Sure, straight people are normally the ones denying us our rights, but honestly, that’s a completely different group of straight people. You know who’s been condemning the Westboro Baptist Church? Straight people.

So stop. There are those who are there for us. Harassing them and making them uncomfortable around people like us is one of the shittiest things we can do. Stop.


so i found the westboro baptist church’s “god hates retards” website after seeing a tumblr post about their “god hates goths” website

they have a list of well-known/famous/notorious people who have apparent retardation and i just


are u ok

i have a lot of questions about this one

pls go away

what am i reading

these people need to be stopped