stop the violence bc

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Yes I am not a trans male no I am a wombyn born wombyn that isn't nonbinary and trans like those fakers and eviel peoples and I think that men are eviels! TERFs are da best! We rule the world! Others can't be oppressed because we are the most oppressed! Fellow wombyn born wombyn helping combat cis and TERFphobia!

Cisphobia and terfphobia are very real sadly :^( we must fight the evil transes and when they start defending themselves we must call them lesbophobes, misogynists, rape apologists, conversion therapy supporters, and maybe a Nazi if you really need to combat them uwu The Down With Cis™ and The Down With Terf™ buses need to be stopped bc violence against real wombyn uwu

does anyone have those childhood best friends you wish they could talk to again but can’t bc you aren’t able to contact them?


another amv bc i cant stop making them

this is a bismuth amv with the fanmade song None Of Your Bismuth by @awkwardmarina!!!!  ive been listening to her songs all day i had to make something aaaa