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can i have a ship?? my icon is me but you can only really see my face so like im tiny in a height sense but tbh im big weight wise and it really really bothers me. i love all things having to do with the ocean and marine biology, it's my passion. i spend most of my time rewatching the Harry Potter movies and Parks and Rec. im kinda shy but like once i get to know someone i literally don't stop talking lmao. thank you!

I ship you with: Brett Talbot

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You met at the big lacrosse game. You were actually never supposed to meet him, but you wanted to see who the pack was so desperately trying to keep you away from. His cocky attitude put you off at first, but when you actually held a conversation with him, you found out he was pretty cool.

He liked when you started ranting about random topics before realizing what you were doing and immediately stopping. He loved it when rambled on about stuff. He loved how you looked and often reminded you that you should never change.

Date nights normally consisted of hanging out at a spot he had found on one of his daily runs. Deep in the woods, there was a small waterfall and a field He knew you would love it as it was the closest thing there was to the ocean near there. He always promised to take you to the ocean someday, just you and him. He was a romantic unlike what everyone else thought.

Your best friend: Stiles Stilinski

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You bonded over your love of movies as he had never watched Harry Potter and you had never watched Star Wars at the time. Your first “chill-out day” consisted of a lot of snacks and forcing the other to watch your favorite series. 

Okay listen.

I’ll probably never stop rewatching Expiration Date for these two and every time I’ll notice something else. I’m just shocked I didn’t notice these things sooner.

First off, look at him straighten himself out when she looks back at him. Spy taught him to sit up straight and hold himself better, otherwise his posture is HORRIBLE. He’s actually super awkward for a second because he’s like [shit be charming fuc k] Footnote: was he checking her out prior to that? And didn’t want to get caught, or make it seem like he was checking her out. That makes this whole interaction even better. He loses all his cool around her. Like there was much cool to lose, but the point is he’s a whole different person??

Second, look. at. that. smolder. he hits her with. He’s looking off towards something then he brings it home like BAM and it makes me laugh and cry for him because he is trying so hard to impress her.

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I was rewatching BVS (why stop honestly) and the scene of the first meeting of Bruce and Clark *cough* sugardaddy and his boy *cough* came around and I noticed something: Bruce was checking him out even at the end of his spiel on "freaks dressed like clowns". His gaze dragged over Clark's body. Honestly, does he get off on raising Clark's hackles? Does he found an angry and outraged Supes sexy? That's why he wants to fight him. He would have fought him even without Luthor's help, probably.

I’M HERE FOR THIS. I’m here for Bruce Wayne riling up sweet as sugar Clark Kent until he’s raging and frustrated and ends up shoving Bruce up against a wall, kissing him rough and hard, squeezing his waist, leaving bruises and biting at his lips when Bruce smirks, because this is exactly what he wanted, Clark taking charge and ruining him in the best of ways. 

Hardison: Why y’all always pushing me off of stuff? Don’t I get a say? I vote no!
Parker: We don’t have a lot of room for error.
Eliot: You can do it if you stop squirming, man. Just stand still.
Hardison: Hey, hey, hey. Where’s Nate, okay? Frank Petrino, arson investigator, was a rock-solid alias.
Parker: It might be easier if he’s asleep.
Eliot: Want me to put him to sleep?
Hardison: Hey! I’m standing right here, okay?

Fanfiction Initial Thoughts

Holy fucking Destiel. THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS SO EITHER BLACKLIST THE SPOILERS TAG OR STOP READING RIGHT NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED. This is all off the top of my very flail affected head, so more coherency will have to wait til after I’ve a) watched again and b) settled just a bit.

1. Well, they most certainly DID NOT treat the two ships as being alike. Not even close. The first attempt, Dean sees “Dean” and “Sam” standing too close together, and promptly freaks out, demanding they be moved apart. Destiel though? Nope, school boy, flustered Dean, keeps staring. No real denial, just his usual “wait what? Huh? No? I mean what?” (also, as an aside - COCKLES!!). Shipper!Sam then promptly arrives, with his ONLY objection being the pronunciation. And also wondering about why there’s no Sastiel. WONDERFUL.

2. Second biggest thing (and really close your eyes if you don’t want spoilers) CHUCK. HOLY CHUCK. HOW. Is this permanent? Are we going to see a return some time? If yes, what is he going to say to them?

3. An actual song dedicated to pining!Cas. WHAT. More Destiel, which let’s be honest was SO not necessary to the sorry. They could have picked any other scene, but they went with the one from the episode in which Dean learnt that Cas was never going to leave him. When he learnt that Cas would quite literally give up everything to stay with Dean, and this in the middle of an arc where it looks increasingly likely that that’s exactly what Cas is going to do. An episode that is renowned amongst Destiel shippers as the moment that Dean really began to fall for Cas.

4. THE WOMEN GOT TO BE WOMEN. They weren’t slaughter victims. They were strong. They stood up for their beliefs. They took control, and while Sam & Dean provided the support, ultimately it was those girls who won. They provided the advice for the boys.

5. THE AUDIENCE WAS COVERED IN PURPLE. Oooohhhh lol symbolism.

6. Dean giving his emotional speech about subtext, physically focused primarily on…..Cas. Of all the actors there, of all the characters he could have been focusing on, they chose Cas. Adjusting her tie even. And yes, the speech itself was directed at all, but making his physical interaction on Cas? Iiiinteresting.

7. They destroyed a Strawman. I couldn’t stop laughing.

8. Dean starts off flat out hating the interpretation, moves to accepting it… Also interesting.

There’s more, a ton more, but I want really making notes & I need to rewatch to get my thoughts in order. Long story short though, I loved it, it was more or less exactly what I had expected (except Chuck AND I AM EXCITED), and the ship is so not sunk. Far from it.

Jaxson had been out most of the day, and he had felt like he was getting tired, so he had stopped off for some tea, at a fast food place. Drinking the last of it, as he looked up, he groaned. “That’s the worst tea I have ever had. I really need to make better life choices. I mean, that’s possible the worst choice ever.