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I'm so glad Kirishima is getting so much spotlight, he really deserves it!!!! And it looks like hes gonna get more, since hes in the main group along with Deku, Uraraka and Tsuyu. I;m so hyped!!!

Honestly!!!!!!!!!!! That’s one interesting group tbh, Kirishima and Tsuyu’s interactions are always incredibly adorable to watch and seeing Kirishima interact for so long with pure and good people is gonna be hard on my heart (I mean, you know I’m 100% a bakusquad fan but they’re all at least in part assholes and Kiri fits with them just right, he can be just like Sero and Kaminari and I love it, but then his interactions with Amajiki have been so pure can you imagine an arc filled with that I’m already crying)

I just hope my other faves won’t completely disappear through this arc haha sigh

Anon said: So which Kacchan quote do you like best “Die your bacteria fucks, dieee!” or “BRING YOUR DAMN TRASH TO ME”?



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Fish: “And as for you, whoever you may be…" 

Oswald: “Oh, this man here? His name is Edward. Edward Nygma. That’s spelled E, as in Edward… D, W-”

Ed: "Dammit, Oswald!!!”

Oswald: “Sometimes he goes by Ed, or Eddie…”

Ed: “Stopppp iiiiiiittttt!!!!!”

The R word: it follows me everywhere I go. As I walk into a crowded room the first thing I hear is a joke, the punchline; what the victim is wearing.

I cry in the middle of the week because I want to feel validated. Validation tears are the worst because they are prolonged waterfalls of sanity. When you come out of the womb you cry because you are human and you are supposed to cry and if you do not there is something wrong with you.

Why is it that now when I cry I get blank stares and radio waves of “she’s the weird girl who cries in public” and I get multiple “Are you okay’s” which ultimately means;

“Please be okay because I don’t want to take on your problems on top of my own, please don’t actually share how you feel because I don’t really care I was just asking to be nice.”

The R word doesn’t stop moving, it is Newton’s first law. It is a cycle which always starts with innocence. White frat boys in blue checkered shorts and pink collared shirts throw this word around as if it is a free for all frisbee tournament. Whoever has the furthest throw wins a back seat ride with the next girl they find.

Whenever I am faced with the word I bury my face, hoping nobody will find out that I am a girl who was apart of a non-consensual act of disgust.

Why is it that even though I was not to blame I still get blamed? Why is it that even though I am tearing down all of my walls by writing this I will still get knocked down? Why is it that even though I am not at fault I still feel immense guilt which drowns me? I feel buried in dirt that’s not mine.

R: Rabid hearts with sharp teeth and wet jaws are looking for someone to pounce on, someone who will satisfy their hunger.

A: About every 98 seconds an American woman is sexually assaulted. It takes one minute and 38 seconds for someone to be transformed into a life time supply of guilt and shame.

P: Poor boy, it ruined his career as an athlete, poor boy, poor boy, poor boy. Poor boy? What about the girl he devoured in one sitting? What about her health? What about her well being? Nobody ever talks about how the survivor’s lives have changed but rather how Brock Turner’s potential as a swimmer was ruined.

E: Everyone has a chance of getting assaulted. Don’t forget about the boys who have to stay silent because it is socially unacceptable for them to talk about their feelings, let alone being raped.

The R word makes me feel queasy, no, more than queasy, on edge, hurt, reserved.

We live in a world where it has become the norm to be sexually assaulted but unacceptable to speak up about it because we are afraid.

We live in a world where people say “rape is never the victims fault” until their friends, their sons, their daughters become the rapist.


Not to sound too political or anything but… could we stop referring to some people’s identity as a something that needs to be censored? Or at the very least NOT shame people who use queer as their identity? Just a suggestion.

BTS reaction to their black girlfriend facing racism/ignorance

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Namjoon would be absolutely livid. He’d be confused at first when you both got pulled over by a cop. He knew you weren’t speeding, so what the hell? 

“Here we go again.” You’d whisper to yourself, not aware that Namjoon was watching you.

He’d watch silently as the cop asked for your license and registration. He’d notice smug look on the cops face as he told you that there was a robbery near by and you resembled the suspect.

“Wait wait wait wait. Describe the suspect.” Namjoon would interrupt. 

The cop wouldn’t take him seriously and would ignore his question, causing Namjoon to snap and get out of the car, yelling for the cop to describe the suspect, and about how you both had the right to know what this was about. Terror would freeze your blood as the cop began to order Namjoon to get back in the car and jesus christ all mighty, why isn’t Namjoon listening to you as you scream for him to get his ass back in the car? Your heart would be pounding as you saw the cop begin to reach for his fire arm, but luckily, Namjoon would finally listen and sit in the car next to you.

The cop would leave you both with a firm warning to Namjoon and an insincere apology to you. When he was gone, you’d fall apart, hitting Namjoon and yelling incoherently, tears streaming down your face. Namjoon would be surprised and would gently defend himself from your blows. He’d yell over your screams.

Why are you so mad?! It wasn’t our fault.” He’d ask, exasperatedly.

You’d take a deep breath and look at him with tear filled eyes.

“Namjoon. You have to understand. I’m black. I can’t afford to yell at the police. They shoot first and ask questions later. The fact that you’re in the car with a black person automatically means you can get shot too so please. Don’t ever, do that again.” You plead, holding his hands in yours. 

He quickly nods and pulls you to his chest, comforting you. He makes you switch places with him and drives home. Afterwards, your relationship is ten times stronger and ten times more understanding.

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Hoseok is the definition of low-key savage. He’s the sun as everyone knows, and is literally happiness personified, but when it came to protecting you, he could kill. Dating a black girl had really opened his eyes to some injustices black people faced, and he’d be damned if he let anyone disrespect you, whether it was or wasn’t due to the color of your skin.

When he finds out that your boss told you to ‘do something about your hair’ which you preferred to keep natural, he laughs and shakes his head. It’s at that moment that you know you made a huge mistake telling him, cause that laugh meant one thing and one thing only.

Time to fuck shit up. 

While you were at work, Hoseok would show up with a book in his hand. He’d make his way to your bosses office calmly. You’d watch in shock from the door as he pulled out articles about African American hairstyles being discriminated against in the workplace settings, spreading them in front of your shocked boss. He’d explain how almost all of the employers in the articles were ruled as ‘right’ in the claim that they could choose hairstyles for their employees. Then he pointed at the ones who lost their claims, along with their businesses.

“Now that we’ve read these and got educated, let me make one thing clear. If my girlfriend, Y/n, comes home to tell me you said anything to her regarding this conversation, or tormented her in anyway, I will do everything in my power to make sure you loose your business, then your money, then your house. Don’t be an asshole. Here’s my card. Have a lovely day.” He’d finish with a sweet smile, then walk out, kissing you goodbye.

Your boss wouldn’t dare to say a word to you, seeing as your boyfriend was famous, and according to google, worth a shitload of money. Your hair was happy, you were happy, Hoseok was happy, and all things were good.



You’d feel you heart stop at the word that hit you like a brick, lingering in the air. Jin would freeze and look around towards the crowd of paparazzi and fans that surrounded you both, looking for the culprit who was either hiding like a coward, or long gone.

Jin would grit his teeth in silent rage and wrap his arm around you. He’d maneuver his way through the crowd with a stricken girlfriend in his arms, entering the hotel finally. You’d both silently make your way to the elevator and enter. Jin would walk to the back of the elevator and lean on the wall, shaking with anger, while you replayed the moment over and over again in your head.

“I-I don’t get it. We’re not even in the U.S anymore!” He’d yell, voice startling you.

You’d let out a laugh and shake your head. “Racists are everywhere baby. There’s no escaping it. Doesn’t matter that were in another country.” You’d reply, giving him a soft, sad smile.

Seokjin would frown and immediately pull you into his arms, kissing your forehead.

“It’s not fair to you. This was supposed to be our amazing, unforgettable honeymoon. Are you okay baby?” He’d ask, one hand coming up to cup your cheek so he could peer into your eyes.

“I’m fine. It’s not gonna affect out honeymoon. We’re here to have fun. Some ignorant git isn’t gonna ruin that. Okay?” You ask, attempting to convince him that you really were okay.

Jin would sigh and finally relent, calming down. You’d both forget about the rough start to your honeymoon and have the best fun you’d ever had, making new memories free of criticism and media influence, as husband and wife. 

(GOD this boy is foiiiiiiiine. Lemme use this chance to confess that he has now wriggled his way up the ranks and has gone from Bias Wrecker to Another Bias. BITCH LOOK AT HIS FACE JHBJVUGJGH)


You’d both be on line for some shit idk, maybe to get coffee or buy groceries, when some random roach bitch came out of no where and suddenly dug her fingers into your afro. You’d be too shocked to react. You’d barely be able to hear her asking the usual roach questions like ‘omg, how’d you get your hair to do this?’ and ‘it’s like, sooooo puffy. Can you like, straighten it?’. Yoongi would make a face at what he saw, confused as to whether said roach didn’t see him next to you, or was ignoring him.

Ignoring the fact that roach was a girl and that he had to be a gentle man, he’d grab her arm hard and yank it away from your hair, still giving her that look that said ‘who in the fuck raised your disrespectful ass?’. 

Um, don’t touch her.” He’d say, throwing the roaches arm back. 

You’d stay silent, mentally laughing, knowing your boyfriend was about to snatch this bitches edges. 

The roach would wrinkle her nose in irritation and look to you for support, only to see you raising an eyebrow at her in disbelief.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t want some random stranger digging their fingers into your hair, especially when getting your hair that way took hours of treatment and dedication. Fuck is wrong with you?” He’d ask, holding your hand in his as he cringed in disgust at the now stuttering, red faced roach.

“W-well excuse me, but she didn’t say she minded.” Roachaline would spit at him, placing her hand on her hip smugly as if she had won.

“Well she didn't get the chance. Go away before I call security and report you for assault. And stop being a martyr for idiocy!” He would yell after her as she walked away appalled. You’d laugh and link arms with your savage of a boyfriend, cooing sweet nothings at him to calm him down. 

You’d both leave whatever store you were at laughing, happy as can be, talking shit about the atrocity you had just encountered.

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You’d be in the dressing room with the boys, watching as they got their making done, in a heated conversation with Namjoon about types of weaves to get since he was dating a black girl too. You were in a bad mood already from some shit that had happened previously, but this poor child was about to get his girl some synthetic bundles for her birthday and that’s a no, so you decided to hook him up with some websites.

Jungkook watched through the mirror with a smile on his face as you gave Namjoon advice, laughing as his friend took down notes. Suddenly, one of the boys friends, some stranger, decided to add in his own unseasoned two cents.

“Weren’t you just complaining about G-Dragon having dreads? How do you do that, then use straight/ silky hair that isn’t yours?” He asks snottily, rolling his eyes at you.

The room went silent. Jungkook broke the silence with a short laugh, turning to glance at the boy. 

Seriously?” He asks, letting out another laugh, this time slightly sinister.

He then proceeded to educate the idiot boy, cursing at him, informing him about how you might not be able to get some jobs without straight/silky hair. He informs him about how you occasionally get made fun of about how your hair defies gravity. He also informs him about how G-Dragon wearing dreads is wrong because it cultural appropriation. He tears him a new one, barking at the now beet red boy about how it’s also none of his goddamn business what you do with your hair. 

At the end of his rant, he’s panting, makeup sliding down in trails of sweat, causing his make up artist to glare at him. The boy scurries out in shame, and it only takes a second for the entire room to burst out laughing, while you sit watching your boyfriend, filled with pride.

“Damn Kookie. Where’d you learn all that?” Jimin asks, impressed.

Jungkook smiles and lets out a small laugh and turns to you, a teasing glint in his eye. 

“Perks of dating Y/n.”

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“Excuse me?” Jimin would ask, raising an eyebrow at the host.

You’d sink into the couch in mortification, realizing that you were just sexualized on live tv, and it’d hurt even more when you realized it was because you were black. This wouldn’t be your first interview with Jimin, but this was the first time anyone was so blatantly rude. You’d feel a twinge of tears at the back of your throat and avoid eye contact with the camera after that.

The question was, since dating Y/n, have you enjoyed sex more, considering how endowed she is?” The host would ask again shamelessly, wiggling his eyebrows at both Jimin and the producers back stage. 

Jimin would stay silent for a second, still reeling in shock. You’d think having a 13 and up audience would have been a red flag, but you guessed that being black and dating a pop star was just too juicy for the producers not to milk. The silence would make the host realize it was the wrong thing to ask, and he’d panic, turning to the producers again, but it was too late.

“First of all, that is absolutely none of your business. Secondly, the only reason you’re asking me this question is because she’s black, and you should know better. You should all know better. I planned on cursing you out, but seeing as my girlfriend is in shock, were going to leave instead. Have a horrible day.” Jimin would spit out, grabbing your hand and pulling you off the set.

He’d drag you through apologizing crowds of people and out of the studio, back to your car. You’d enter and sit silently, Jimin grabbing your hand again as he enters.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. They’re a bunch of idiots and their careers are over, I swear to god-” He’d rush out, making you interrupt him.

“It’s fine. Thank you for defending me.” You’d say with a weak smile, hugging him. 

He’d hug you back tightly, still in shock from what just happened as you tried your hardest not to burst into tears in his chest. The week that goes by afterwards would be hard. Paparazzi would be on a mission to get yours and Jimin’s statements, and that question would be played on every media outlet daily. Some fans were on yours and Jimin’s side, but of course, some also were not, thinking it was a fine question for the host to ask, and that he would have asked anyone.

Soon, other scandals come and go with other pop stars, and yours and Jimin’s debacle is soon forgotten, but you two don’t forget. It strengthens your relationship. You and Jimin begin to love and understand each other on a different level.

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You’d be hanging out with Taehyung at a bar with the rest of the group when suddenly, a group of fans would come up to you guys for autographs. Being used to this, you’d happily watch as the boys kindly tok their time and interacted with their fans, signing autographs and taking pictures.

“Oppa~ Why are you dating a black girl?” 

You froze at the question. Taehyung simply rose an eyebrow at the girl in front of him.

“What kinda question is that?” He asks, obviously trying not to be rude.

The girl rolls her eyes, gaining confidence.

“Well, why are you dating a black girl? A lot of fans are angry.” She stated, glancing at you bitterly for a second, then turning back to Taehyung.

Just as you were about to get up and drag the bitch, Taehyung let out an irritated groan. He crosses his arms and raises and eyebrow at the girl.

“I’m honestly trying to have a good day here, with my beautiful girlfriend and our best friends, so kindly go away before I make you cry.” He says, pinching the bride of his nose in frustration. 

The girl turns red, and scurries away, flustered from how an idol just spoke to her. The group turns to Taehyung and you, asking if you were both okay, but you both simply just blow it off, laughing and cuddling up. 

Before you two had started dating, you had both already spoken about what hardships you would face from the fans and from… well, the world. So anytime something like this came up, though it would take some insisting and begging, you’d always make sure he kindly told fans and people that mentioned your skin color negatively to ‘go away.’ 



This took me three days to write, so I hope all of you enjoy it, especially my fellow black girls out there.

If this offended you, please leave me a butthurt ask or comment. I’m in a wonderful mood today 😊💖

Abelist phrases that really peeve me off:

“Can’t you just, like, turn your Autism off for a bit?”

“Your Autism is just a phase!”

“Your too old to have Autism.”

“Stop stimming, it makes you look (the R-word)!”

“Oh quite being a baby and just do {Sensory Hell-inducing activity}.”

Feel free to add your own.

// Stop using the word “r*tard”. Just stop. I still don’t understand why people insist on using terrible/offensive words in their writing. Especially when it’s not being used to add anything? Like, it’s just something your characters use all the time and you think that’s okay? 

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honestly ??? wow haha greenday made a statement against trump lmao okay sure cool but when will they stop using the r word in their music and also when will ppl stop excusing it so i can feel safe in punk spaces lol

Theory: When Missy asked the Doctor if he was alright, I don’t think it was just ‘Hey Doc, I know this is basically a scene out of one of your wet dreams and you’re probably going to have a heart attack, but are you okay?’. I think there’s something more going on. Something she notices but everyone else doesn’t. Everyone can see he’s shocked to see her there. Bill sees it. Nardole sees it. We see it. There’s something else that only Missy sees (and me because I’m clever af). 

They said 12′s regeneration is different. I wonder if maybe the fake regeneration in The Lie of the Land wasn’t so fake. They brushed it off like “haha oh that clever Doctor is so cheeky and dramatic and a total show off” and then distracted us with Bill almost swearing. But what if that’s just to throw us off? I reckon the regeneration has started (and I know I told everyone to stop using the R-word, but I’m breaking my own rule). I think it’s started and Missy knows it. 

i have so much fanfic to read but i’m too lazy to bc it’s gonna take forever

Very punk rock ways you can help your friends with mental disorders, as written by a person with Bipolar II and severe anxiety.
  • Do not guilt them about what they go through, and don’t make their plight all about you. Guilting people is not punk rock
  • Delete stigmatizing language from your vocabulary - stop using the R-word, saying you’re “so OCD about” something or calling another person “bipolar.” This language is not punk rock.
  • Stop calling people crazy, while you’re at it. Harmful words are not punk rock
  • If a friend is having an anxiety or panic attack, practice deep breathing with them. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Calming techniques are very punk rock.
  • In reference to the above, make sure it is OKAY before you touch them. It is very tempting to want to give them a hug or something of the sort, but it can actually make a situation worse. Not asking for consent to touch your panicking friend is not punk rock.
  • Make a safe and comfortable environment for them and don’t ask them what they have. If they feel comfortable with you, they’ll tell you. They might not tell you even if they do feel comfortable. A safe environment is totally punk rock.
  • Have an emergency contact on hand in case something gets very severe. You never know when you might need to be ready. Being prepared is super punk rock.
  • Do not fawn over them like a child in regular everyday life. This will only make them feel like you see them in a weak, inferior state, and that’s not punk rock.
  • Be willing to listen to their problems, be open, and love them just as much as you did before you knew they had these issues. Being a loving and caring friend is the most punk rock you can ever be.

oh my god dude… we get it, you hate bry, you hate that she’s really intelligent and cool and knowledgable about true crime and that in most of the arguments she’s gotten into she’s been on the right side.. like we get it!!

but like… please dont use a taylor swift gif to express your emotions. like… i already dont like you I really dont want you to associate with my fave, and considering how annoying you are to most people on this godforsaken website, i have no qualms in saying this.

just… chill out, stop referencing taylor swift and her GENIUS THAT U LITERALLY DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND, stop giving a shit about bry,  and while you’re at it, go call earthquakefox and tell her to chill out too bc… y’all are being A LOT.

Let me list out what’s all wrong with this response, @whouer

1) You seem to imply I’m not intelligent? I know how y’all hate being called out when you’re ableist, so then stop being ableist. I get called the r-word, Bry stays friends with the person who did it. I get told “pee your pants” even though I’m incontinent and post that I am, nobody gives a fuck. Dogpiling on an autistic person for a mistep with social clues is also ableist, as is claiming to thatperson that you know autism better than they do.

2) Fuck your antiblack princess. Fick that fucking piece of shit who uses Kim Kardashian’s kidnapping and near rape as a burn in one of my her stupid music videos. I’ve hated her ever since she crossed out of country and tried to rapand make songs whining about her exes and the meanies and whoever she deems beneath her. Finally the critics are opening up to the fact thatshe sucks, too, and aren’t absolutely licking her cunt like they used to.

3) Taylor swift is a genius? No Taylor Swift is a spoiled rotten little white feminist who likes to get into arguments with women of color so she can come out pretending she’s a perfect little angel and all black women who call her racist are bad. Fuck her and half of these little spoiled white chicks who think they’re gifts to God ‘s green earth. Taylor is still friends with Lena Dunham, you know, the chick who made jokes about molesting her sister? A true musical genius was Michael Jackson, who used his height of fame to benefit other people, not just himself, and didn’t run around making songs for his exes saying how better than them he was, he uses music to address poverty, police brutality, climate change, important things, not his poor ass after some breakup after two months. He’s been dead for years and he still outsells her woe-is-me-little-I’m-the-Messiah of-all-music ass.

4) What wrong is Earthquakefox doing in defending herself against that emotionally manipulative narcissistic piece of shit?Oh, that’s right, a gif is the same as a threat. All of a sudden, a gif is wrose than using your trauma and sexual assault for sympathy in some fucking internet war. Excuse me. Btw, Bry is non-binary and yet stays friends with people who are openly transphobic and who have lashed out wat me with transphobic shit, but who cares, it’s not like trans women are dying and bein misgendered by the same fucking cishet pieces of shit she likes to kiss up to.

5) I’m annoying but at least I use my account for social justice. I reblog every single “I need help” post I see, I don’t waste my feed with internet drama unless it’s a bigot. I didn’t see Bry doing the Timbblr boycott to kick Nazis off this site, did I? No, internet drama is more important than people’s safety. She’s probably friends with some of those fucking Nazis. 

You’ve got one hand up Taylor Swift’s ass and the other up Bry’s, aren’t you supposed to be rich by now? They’re both rich little twats that can afford to jet all over the world, after all. 

One last thing, Bry isn’t blocked, so if she has any balls, she can mention me directly, rather than sending her sycophants after me. That is if she’s not too busy writing another mile-long post about how she’s suffering and everyone else is mean.

You can read this behind a block, can’t you? I don’t want to see you play like Taylor and write an essay on how much you hate everyone and how perfect you are.

so anyways snb fandom in general can each and every one of u stop calling ppl the r-word or autists for having different opinions that u dont agree with

i kno yall hate each other and would probably jump at the chance of strangling one another but can we at least agree that using slurs and mental disorders when addressing ppl that have different opinions & views is just. a rlly rlly shitty thing to do. not only it turns whatever argument u had into nothing since u cant say anything without insulting someone else but it rlly shows who u are as a person so rlly.