stop the pineapple


Hawaiian pizza is not a thing that most people like in Hawaii (I personally think it’s fuckin disgusting)

Pineapples are South American (possibly Brazillian) not Hawaiian

Wearing a “Hawaiian” shirt to a party does not automatically make it a luau nor does it make you Hawaiian

There is a difference between “Hawaiian” shirts and Aloha shirts

Authentic Hawaiian lei are made out of actual flowers and not that fucking neon plastic shit you haoles keep wearing

Hawaiian is an actual race, therefore not all people from Hawaii are Hawaiian.

Hula is a fucking hard thing to master. Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Hawaii is an illegally overthrown country that had it’s sovereignty violently ripped away from it in 1893 when our queen was held captive in her own home.

There is so much more to Hawaiian culture than this stupid neon beach party pineapple grass skirt tiki bullshit that you all keep spreading around. 

Please stop.


He didn’t mind the violence

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A safeword makes it possible for a submissive to say “No” or “Stop” and pretend as much as he or she wants without really meaning it while still having a safe way of indicating they seriously need the scene to stop. In theory a safeword is usually a word that the person would not ordinarily say during sex, such as pineapple, velociraptor, or Lindsay Lohan. With the range of safewords in common use it is important that the safeword be negotiated beforehand.

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eggsyhad tagged me

name: cedric

what are you listening to right now: fucking crickets outside my fucking window

time and date: 3/26/15 8:24 pm
average hours of sleep at night: honestly no idea at this point
last thing i googled: differences between eastern and western diamondback rattlesnake
nickname: bilbo, steve
birthday: november 6
gender: 14
sexual orientation: rocks
height: 5′5
favorite color: purple
one place that makes me happy: prehistoric pets
how many blankets do i sleep under: 1 but its big and heavy
favorite movie: dont do this
what i’m wearing right now: a t shirt and no pants, as usual
last book you read: chameleon moon by roanna sylver
most used phrase(s): ”fight me” “ye”

first word that comes to mind: uncle

what i last said to a family member: “stop please”
favorite beverage: pineapple soda
favorite food: mashed potatoes
last movie i watched in theaters: battle of the five armies
dream vacation: washington dc 
dream wedding: no
dream pet: a burmese python
dream job: no clue. literally none at all

idk who to tag um. apolloette tevinterwolf aceargonian arwenns dissociativethranduil roseymermaid samgaymgee bipolarthor im like 2 short im sorry i got a headache um. if u wanna do it u can say i tagged u