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Leave This Town Pt 1 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, reader’s mother, Maria (mentioned)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m so excited about this series, you guys. I’ve been daydreaming about this story for months and every time I hear the song that inspired it I still get butterflies. I started this part 6 months ago and finished it, but I wasn’t ready to let it out into the world. But when @bionic-buckyb mentioned her 5k AU Writing Challenge and “mechanic” was one of the prompts, I knew it was meant to be. This story is close to my heart. I really hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated. <3

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Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse.
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out.

Cause if we don’t leave this town,
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown.
Baby, come on.

Those first few hours of freedom were absolute bliss! Flying down the highway with the windows down, music blasting as you sang at the top of your lungs. It was everything you had dreamed of. You did it. You were out. You had quit your job, cashed out your life savings, bought a cheap but reliable car, and hit the road without looking back.

All was going according to plan. That is, until 4 hours later your car started to smoke and sputter, compelling you to pull to the side of the road for fear of dying in a ball of fire. There wasn’t anything you could do at the moment, what with it being 2am at the time. Thankfully, it was the middle of summer so sleeping in your car wasn’t too uncomfortable, at least at night.  

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Andreil meet when they get dragged into a bar fight and somehow end up in jail together 😇

When it comes to fight or flight, Neil has spent almost all of his life picking the latter. Except on an exy court, but even there, if he can get away from someone without getting hit, that is definitely the option he’s going with.

Which is why when he finds himself getting dragged away from a brawl, cuffed, tossed in the back of a police car, and driven to jail, it feels a little bit surreal.

He doesn’t even drink. He was at the club in the first place because Matt turned twenty-six at midnight and wanted to celebrate at a night out with all his friends. Most of them were drunk. Neil was not.

So he doesn’t have that as an excuse.

Still: his causes were noble, even if his actions weren’t. And his personal moral philosophy has always been strictly on the side of “ends justify the means,” especially if the ends are keeping his drunk best friend from getting robbed on the floor of a nightclub by a couple of guys twice Neil’s size.

Matt is pretty good in a fight most of the time, but drunk and concussed, he’s not much help. Neil took on all three of the guys on his own anyway—his job being, after all, at least partially just fighting people—and was about to lose very badly when a stranger joined in.

Neil didn’t expect the stranger to be on his side. The stranger was.

And now they’re in the back of a cop car together.

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A Blue CatAstrophe!

Lance isn’t missing, he’s right there. It was an accident, how he’d ended up ‘missing’, but Blue said that there should be some cure for this. He wished he was human again, so he could comfort his team with the knowledge that he wasn’t dead. But no, he’s a cat, and the only way to make sure they smile is to knock all the pens to the ground, chase some string, and occasionally wake up his crush and idol up from a nightmare and almost get smacked across the room by accident. Well, okay, that last one had to be mended since he was apparently a good stress reliever if you ran your hands down his back… too bad it wouldn’t happen if he was a human. So, for now, he’ll deal with being a brown and darker brown swirled tabby kitten for just a little bit longer. Purrrrrrrr…..

A Cat Au, where Lance becomes a cat and hell ensues.

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Hello! I do not know if it's open or not (If not, sorry >w<) Can I ask for some HC for RFA + Saeran MC gets drunk and they try something like kissing / etc as always and she walks away and says something like '' I have a boyfriend / husband and I love him ''

Hahahahaha yesssss

 (i had to skip a few requests because unlike last time i was not feelin writing straight-up smut on public transport LOL)


  • The two of you had been at a house party
  • Not your usual scene, but your friends had convinced you two to go out
  • Yoosung, as the designated driver, was sober
  • But you were SMASHED
  • After dropping everyone else off you finally get home to your shared apartment, and you collapse down onto the couch, the world still spinning around you
  • You’re gone to the point that you don’t actually know where you are, and it’ll be a hell of an experience once morning comes
  • Yoosung sits down next to you, hooking an arm around you
  • You stiffen at the contact, as in your mind you’re still at the party
  • “Babe, I’m so tired~~”
  • Yoosung leans over to kiss you lazily, but you push him away as much as you can in your state
  • “mmmnO NOOO”
  • “What? What’s wrong?”
  • Yoosung looks genuinely hurt, but you don’t even really notice
  • “NOO I CANT” You try and sit up, but close your eyes when your head spins again
  • “I can’t, I have a boyfriend… mmmNooo go away I love my boyfriend”
  • Yoosung laughs, but he is actually very touched by your drunken honesty
  • He touches your cheek gently
  • “Babe, it’s me, I’m your boyfriend”
  • “nnnNNNooo, he’s a good boy”
  • “It’s me, it’s Yoosung!”
  • You eventually squint at him hard enough to recognize him
  • “Yoosung?? I thought you weren’t drinking!”
  • Yoosung prepares to explain, but glances you over again and thinks better of it
  • “But I’m here! Can I have my kiss now?”
  • You screw your eyes shut and pucker your lips, and he leans down to peck you lightly


  • You two had gone out for beer
  • And your prideful and competitive ass had challenged Zen to a drinking contest
  • And lost badly
  • He carries you back to the apartment
  • and although he hears you mumbling something into his chest he can’t make out the words
  • Once you get back he lays you down gently on the couch and lies down next to you for cuddles
  • You’re still mumbling something drunkenly, and he lifts himself up to look at you
  • Your face is buried into the cushions, and he turns you onto your side
  • “C’mon babe, make sure you can breathe”
  • He leans down to kiss you, but once his lips connect with yours he feels your arms weakly pushing him away
  • He pulls away from you, confused, and heart breaking a little
  • And what you’re mumbling suddenly becomes a little clearer
  • “N-nooooo, p-please don’t….”
  • Zen scrambles off the couch
  • “What’s wrong, babe?”
  • Your eyes struggle to focus on him, although he is but a fuzzy outline to you
  • “Please don’t… I can’t… I love my… boyfriend so… much, I can’t hurt… him like this….”
  • Zen can’t help laughing, resting his forehead on your stomach from where he sits on the floor
  • “It’s all right, princess. I understand.”
  • He leaves and comes back with a glass of water and a blanket, and tucks you in for the night
  • Although he spends the night on the floor and doesn’t leave your side for the remainder of the night



  • You two had been drinking at home
  • Or rather, you had- since Seven’s drink of choice is Dr. Pepper
  • As it were, you grievously overestimated your sobriety level, and an hour after your drinking spree you’re feeling the effects much more heavily than was expected
  • Seven has a grand old time watching you drunkenly maneuver the bunker
  • He watches without comment as you attempt to carry a conversation with Robo-Cat
  • And hastily drags you away when you start to mess with Robo-Dog
  • And waits until you’ve tired yourself out, curled up on the floor
  • “Agent 606! Wake up, Agent 606! Super duper emergency!”
  • You sit up to the best of your ability, the word “emergency” triggering some kind of primal response in your mind
  • “Whu—Emergency….”
  • “Agent 707 has not received his daily seven-hundred-and-seven kisses! He can’t go to sleep without them!”
  • Seven goes in to kiss you, but in your state of mind you push him away in confusion
  • “Nooo…. I can only give the seven hundred seven kisses to… to my… my Saeyoung…”
  • Seven keeps up the act, but on the inside he’s taken a Cupid’s arrow to the chest
  • “Oh! You’ve caught me, Agent 606! ‘Twas I, the nefarious 706! Lemme dial Agent 707~”
  • You are not amused as he makes various “beep boop” noises into a pretend “phone”
  • “I don’t want 707. I want my…. My husband Saeyoung…”
  • Seven has to stop himself from squealing or just crying on the spot
  • But he sits down in front of you and takes your hands in his
  • “Okay, baby. I’m here. Can I have my goodnight kisses now?”


  • Your nightly wine sessions were certainly a routine

  • But Jumin had a long day at work, and he was compelled to open another bottle

  • Which had led to your current situation, in which you were more of a lightweight than either of you had thought

  • You’re having trouble remembering your own name, and Jumin had placed your head in his lap as he now runs his fingers through your hair, listening to you ramble drunkenly

  • He can’t make heads or tails of what you’re actually saying, but you’re obviously very invested in it

  • He watches your brows furrow slightly, like they do when you’re talking about something very passionately

  • And as the sound of your voice fades to join the distant buzz from the wine he finds himself focusing on your lips

  • Without thinking, and a little inebriated himself, he leans down to kiss you

  • Before recoiling from a sharp sting on his cheek, as you slap him across the face

  • He looks back down at you in a mixture of shock and slight indignation

  • And he’s not usually one to swear, but there are few substitutions of the same caliber as:

  • “What the fuck?”

  • “Please, I’m married… I c… can’t do this to my husband, I –hic- love him so much…”

  • There’s a moment of stunned silence before Jumin bursts out laughing

  • “Remind me to never let you drink this much again, missy.”



  • Saeran’s not one for social drinking, so shots at home are usually the plan for evening entertainment
  • It’s well-known that you’re a bit of a lightweight, but you push yourself just a little too far this time
  • But Saeran isn’t exactly sober either, and the night is mostly spent on the couch recovering
  • You’re in his arms for a long time
  • Long enough for you to forget where exactly you are
  • After a long period of silence Saeran finally speaks, his voice gruff and his chest rumbling against you
  • “God, sometimes I forget how sexy you are when you’re drunk.”
  • You stiffen at the comment, but Saeran doesn’t seem to notice
  • Instead he tilts your chin up towards him with his finger, and captures your lips in his
  • A protest rises up in your throat, and you push him away
  • Words somehow find their way through your hazy mental state-
  • “No please, I can’t cheat on my boyfriend like this…”
  • Saeran goes stiff as a board, looking at you with heartbreak in his eyes
  • “Boyfriend?”
  • “Yes, I love him so much, I can’t do this…”
  • Saeran can’t decide if he’s angry or hurt, but before he can reach a conclusion the sound of the fridge door closing shakes you both out of your moment
  • Seven glares at the both of you, holding a can of Dr. Pepper from the fridge
  • “Would you both sober up? She’s talking about you, dumbass.”
  • As Saeran realizes what had happened he holds you tighter, and you can’t tell if his shaking is from laughter or from tears
  • “Oh my fucking god, don’t scare me like that.”
just let the waves guide us...

Just some post wedding intimacy on the Jolly Roger, because I just couldn’t help myself and I woke up with a much needed desire to write… 

His dream is like a wave, cresting and crashing as it heads towards the shore, sand and shells churning in its wake but never quite hitting the beach before it recedes. When he wakes, frustration still bubbles at the edges of his consciousness as his fingers dig into the mattress beside him where his new bride should be. He blinks his eyes to adjust to the darkness, the candles he’d scattered around the room after their nuptials now all pools of hardened wax. Pushing back the coverlet, he crosses to an old trunk and pulls out a pair of old linen pants, not wanting to go in search of Emma in his current state of undress.

He finds her quite easily, but allows himself a moment to take her in. The complicated braid she’d worn earlier has fallen loose, allowing golden tendrils to dance in the breeze along with the worn fabric of his sheet she’s wrapped around her like a cloak. She could be mistaken for a spectral, or an angel, some benevolent spirit come to grant his every wish and guarantee a lifetime of happiness.

But something has drawn her from his bed on their wedding night and he aches to soothe whatever might be troubling her mind. So, he crosses to her quietly, making enough noise to be certain she hears his approach. She turns with a smile as he draws near enough to touch, easing a bit of his nerves as he draws his hand around her waist and presses a kiss to her temple.

“Hello, my wife.”

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Shed Your Skin

Originally posted by kylogue

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

A/N: I am shamelessly in love with this story line, even though the writing may not be perfect and I’m really nervous about it. There is a part 2 already posted. This was always designed specifically to be multi-part, I’ll explain that more in the note on part 2. No spoilers.

P. S. This isn’t a Bughead fic by any means so I didn’t tag it as such (I’m sorry, guys), but the pairing is included in part

Summary: Being a newly inducted Serpent comes with unforseen benefits for Riverdale’s most poetic soul, like cool jackets and … personal bodyguards???

Word Count: 3,226

Warnings: gang activity, swearing, drug mentions, (Bughead angst, if that counts as a warning.)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word count: 2,315 (Totally meant for this to be a drabble…)

Warnings: FLOOF

Summary: You’ve been raised in isolation your whole life. You know nothing of the outside world and the people that inhabit it. Bucky tags along with the Avengers for a mission that was supposed to be simple and it did not include you. Will you let the darkness of isolation push him away? A/N: I was rewatching Jurassic World the other day and this came into my mind.

Originally posted by suzyhazelwood

Isolation and darkness go hand in hand. They both bring out the worst in every person but only one can drive someone completely and utterly mad.

You were born in darkness and raised in isolation. Artificial light was your friend and the only real light in your life, both figuratively and literally. A nurse constantly took care of you and you grew to regard her as your mother, even when you had a feeling that she really wasn’t.

The cell was your home and you were given some luxuries that you imagined would be present in an actual house. There was a bathroom attached through a door to the right of the door with a shower and a vanity.

Besides the bathroom, there wasn’t much. There weren’t any windows that showed you the outside world. But it didn’t stop you from dreaming about it. You imagined that there were many colors out there, in vivid arrangements that wowed the senses.

You lost yourself in the feelings of books and the world they created. You hoped that even from those fantasy worlds, there would be some truth in the real world. You didn’t imagine a bad world, but one that was positive and beautiful in every way.

How wrong you were.


Steve Rogers was a good man and a needed leader for the Avengers. But he could be a bit annoying. Bucky found his insistence into his personal life tedious and exhausting. All he wanted was one day without Steve trying to poke into his mind.

He was getting better, thanks to T'Challa and whatever had done for him in Wakanda. He found himself in unpayable debt to him. But his mind was something else. Nightmares plagued him regularly but he found himself surrounded by things and people that would help him. In a nutshell, he was okay and he would continue to be okay.

Tony hadn’t trusted him immediately and he did understand why. Not only had he killed his parents, but he was an assassin that was highly dangerous with a high kill count. Bucky didn’t completely trust himself either but after time and many opportunities for Tony to trust him, he had warmed up to him, sort of. Tony still wouldn’t forgive him but Bucky knew that this was better than nothing.

With a tip from a scouting mission, the Avengers were led to an abandoned warehouse, a suspected abandoned warehouse. That suspect was shattered when Sam told them about heat signatures that were lighting up the building and he was getting an odd reading from the basement.

Bucky heads down there by himself and carefully maneuvers his way through the halls, taking out guards as they cross his path. He gets to the end of the hall and sees that there is a keypad. His alarms start to go off because they did not account for this.

“What do you see Barnes?” Tony asks through the coms.

“There’s a keypad that must lead to the source of the odd reading that Sam was talking about.”

He hears a whirring behind him and on instinct, he turns and aims his gun at the source of the sound. He does relax when he sees that it was Tony’s suit that was making the noise.

“Relax, Frosty. Let’s see about that keypad.”

Bucky moves away from the pad and watched as Tony places some sort of device on the keys and it brings up the code. Tony punches it in.

“Please be a secret door. Please be a secret door. Yay!”

The door opens and reveals an elevator. Tony turns to Bucky.

“Age before beauty.”

Bucky rolls his eyes and steps into the elevator with Tony with his suit back on. Bucky presses the other button that doesn’t represent the floor they are currently on. It descends, making a small humming noise that rings throughout the compartment.

The doors open and both men are immediately on alert. With a raised gun and raised blasters, they start down the hall and carefully examine the place where they have found themselves. Bucky stops at the only door that’s not opened.

There’s no name on the door or of any indication that someone is in there. He takes a risk and lightly taps on the door. He hears a muffled curse from Tony at the sudden noise but they are both surprised at the smallest of noises.


“I think someone’s in there.” Bucky states over the coms.


You’re surprised by the smallest of taps on your door. You furrow your brow for a moment. The guards or your nurse doesn’t usually tap on the door in greeting.

“Hello?” You ask.

You hear a muffled sound coming from behind the door and as it continues and increases in volume, you start to get anxious. Your heart beats rapidly against your chest and your breath starts to come out in quick and harsh pants.

The voices suddenly stop from behind the door and you assume that they’ve left. But you’re proven wrong when the door comes flying in with sparks coning off the hinges.

You scream and huddle away into the corner, trying to isolate yourself away room them. You curl up in a ball and try to make yourself as small as possible. It doesn’t work as people start to file into the room that you call your home and you feel a sudden sense of anxiety at their presence.

You don’t know who these people are or what they want. All you known is that they’re all in a varying array of colors and it makes your senses dance across your mind as you try to process all the things that are coming into your tiny bubble.

They all look at you now and you find yourself trying to disappear into your small shape that you try to create. A red haired woman cautiously approaches you and she speaks something in a language you don’t understand to everyone else. They all file out of the room but the woman stays.

She slowly kneels down in front of you at a respectable distance and looks at you. You look at her in return, studying her.

“Hello.” She speaks.

“Hello.” You return at her.

“What’s your name?”

That is when you furrow your brow at her, confused by her words. You don’t know what she’s saying from the odd language she speaks. All you know of her language is hello.

“Как вас зовут?” (What’s your name?)

That you understand.

“Они назвали меня ангелом. Но я не знаю своего имени.” (They called me an angel. But I do not know my name.)

“Ангел, меня зовут Наташа. Я пришел забрать тебя отсюда.” (Angel, my name is Natasha. I came to take you from here.)

You nod at her and she extends her hand to you. You slowly take it and her hands are a bit bigger than your own but they both have the same purpose. She helps you up from the corner and she gasps at what she sees.

“У вас есть … крылья.” (Do you have…wings?)

You unfurl your wings from behind your back and they don’t seem to glow under the artificial light. They expand the room and the feathers reach one end of the room to the other.

But she smiles at you, unafraid of what she sees. You’re surprised at her reaction and slowly make them rest against your back once more. You follow her out but stop in the hallway once you see everyone else in the hall looking at you.

Natasha notices the way your body language changes and shields you away from them.

Whatever she tells them, they go to the door that slides out and you’re left surprised at when they disappear from sight. You look at Natasha and she gently leads you on.


You almost have a panic attack when the odd device starts to move in the air but Natasha isn’t the one to console you. There’s someone else who speaks Russian and you find him incredibly attractive.

He gently soothes you and with your permission, he holds you close until you find yourself drifting off to sleep. When you awake, the man still holds you and the machine still flies through the air.

“Вы знаете английский?” (Do you know English?)

You shake your head at him but then nod.

“Hello.” You speak the only word you know.

“Hello. Это единственное слово, которое вы знаете?” (Is this the only word you know?)

You nod at him and you feel him gently touch your feathers. You jump and he lets you go. You scurry off his lap and go into the seat next to him. You’re not very happy when people touch your feathers because you find yourself being very sensitive with your feathers.

“Прости. Я не хотел тебя беспокоить.” (Sorry. I did not mean to disturb you.)

You look at him and very slowly, you unfurl the wing closest to him so he could touch them.

“Пожалуйста, будьте нежны.” (Please, be gentle.)

He nods at you and slowly reached out with his flesh hand to touch your feathers. He uses a very gentle touch and he never strays too long or touches too hard. You appreciate the way he’s touching you with such softness as if he knows just how fragile you are.

You stay by his side and he soothes you again when the aircraft starts to descend. He leads you out into the tower and you take a while to look at the building.

But the most astonishing thing is the light that comes into your vision. You blink a few times to adjust and you feel the slight prick of something pressing against your head. You close you eyes and hold your head.

Bucky takes you to an open room with a serious of tables and machines. He shows you to a man, whose name is Bruce. He says that Bruce is a doctor and he wants to make sure you’re alright.

You jump at every sound that comes from the machine but Bucky just tells you that the beeps measure your blood pressure and your temperature. You still don’t feel very reassured but you stay still as Bruce takes tests of you.

He’s very careful with your wings as he examines them. He takes very good care of them for you and he gently plucks the ingrown ones when he spots them. You wince when he takes them out but you know that it is for the better.

Satisfied with your health, Bruce sends you off when Bucky and he takes you upstairs from another elevator. He brings you onto an empty floor and you look at the empty room. But you gasp at the view of the city beneath you as you see the colors that pop behind your eyes.

“Это твой, Ангел. Вы можете делать все, что хотите.” (It’s yours, Angel. You can do whatever you want.)

You look at him and hug him. You’re so overcome with different emotions that you don’t know what to do. He does wrap his arms around you. You feel your heart beat a little faster.


A few months pass and you make progress on the front of language. Both Bucky and Natasha help you to learn English and ease you into it. You still don’t like to be around the team all that much but you see that they respect your need for personal space.

You decorate your room with colors with pictures and art. Bucky introduced you into movies and television shows. You weren’t very fond of it at first but once you found a good movie, you started to warm up to the subject.

You don’t venture out of your rook very often as it has everything you want and you and Bucky spend a lot of time in it. He comes over often and you find yourself confused by the way your heart starts to beat a little quicker whenever he’s around.

“Bucky? Why does…my heart do this?” You ask him.

“Why does your heart do what?”

“It…beats fast.”

He sits down beside you on the couch and your heart patters against your chest. You gently move his hand over your chest so he can feel it.

“I don’t understand.” You speak quietly.

You look at the way his eyes light up just slightly as he feels your heartbeat. Your wings lie behind you on the couch as they slightly twitch as he touches you.

“I think you’re in…love.”

“Love? Love is an odd word. What is it?”

“It makes your head spin and your heart beat faster. Do you feel it?”

“Yes. Am I in…love?”

“I suppose so. But only you know.”

You look up at him as he retracts his hand. Bucky’s blue eyes seem to glow under the softest light of the fire that lights up in the mantle. He looks absolutely beautiful and you can’t help but look at his lips.

You’ve never seen a more attractive man before in your life. You’ve never paid much attention to the guards but you’re glad you hadn’t. You’re sure that this love you’re feeling is for Bucky and Bucky alone.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

“I know you are.”

“How?” You ask.

“I’ve been trained to notice these things.”

“Do you…” You trail off, afraid of the answer he can give you.

He looks at you and your heart flutters in your chest. His metal hand slowly goes to rest on your cheek and his thumb caresses the skin. You lean into it and sigh a bit.

“Of course I do. I loved you the moment I saw you. Ты мой ангел.” (You’re my angel.)

You smile at him and feel the tears slide down your cheeks. You’re happy with his words and you’ve never felt more alive. You sit up on your knees and gently kiss him, wrapping your wings around the both of you, creating a safe cocoon.

There will be no more isolation for you now because Bucky has broken down every single wall he can and chased out the darkness that you had been shrouded in. You’re his angel and there’s not a more perfect sound.

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Requested by: @diving-down-to-wonderland

Request: Well this might be cheesy but maybe something (also with buck) where you’re engaged but after an accident you can’t walk properly anymore but buck still loves you the same and supports you where he can. What he doesn’t know is that you’re secretly practising to be able to work on your wedding. Soooo at the wedding day you are able to walk down the aisle on your own and Bucky gets happy and speechless and stuff ? Idk maybe it’s weird but I kinda liked the thought of it

A/N: I freaking live for angst, here we go! I don’t know if this is what you asked for exactly. I tried, though! Hope you enjoy! -Kaley xx

Warnings: car accident, disabled!reader, mentions of wreckage, reader cannot walk, fluff, angst

You weren’t an Avenger, you weren’t a fighter, and you certainly didn’t believe you had any enemies. You were normal. It was something you and Bucky worked really hard at achieving. He lived his life, fought the bad guys, saved the world, and got to be amazing while you went to school, worked your part time job, and shopped at Target. Normal. You didn’t do anything to cause anyone any harm, you didn’t steal, spy, or track. You just lived your life day to day and while it may seem boring to some people, you were happy. Bucky made you happy, and being engaged to Bucky sent you over the moon. You loved your quiet little life and you knew Bucky appreciated the stillness of it after working some of the missions that he had been sent on. You had Bucky and Bucky would always have you and that was all you needed.

Except now you were panicking on a freeway while trying to find your cell phone because you were certain there were some people following you. You had just gotten out of class when you had that feeling wash over you, like someone was watching you. You tried to play it off as paranoia, you had just had a long day and needed a nice shower. But when you got to the parking lot where your car was parked the feeling hadn’t subsided, in fact, it was stronger and you were pretty sure you heard footsteps behind you. Once you were settled in your vehicle you locked the doors and got out of there as quick as you could without looking back. Now you kind of wished you would have looked back. The black SUV with the even blacker tinted windows was right on your tail and there were two others that were creeping up on both sides of you. You were in some shit all right.

Finally grabbing a hold of your phone you dialed Bucky’s number as quickly as you could, putting it on speaker and throwing it into the passenger seat. After ringing a few times he picked up, cheerily greeting you.

“Hey, doll! Are you out of class already? I-” but you cut him off before he could finish, “Bucky I think I’m being followed and I don’t know what to do!” Your voice shook with fear as you glanced into your rear views to see the SUVs had gotten even closer. “What? Are you sure they’re following you? What does the car look like?” He frantically asked, and you heard a bunch of rustling in the background.

"There’s three of them, they’re uh, they’re black SUVs, I can’t see who’s driving. The windows are too dark….I’m scared, Bucky.”

Bucky cursed as he heard the fear in your voice, and hurriedly flagged Tony down as he happened to be walking through the training room Bucky and Steve were currently occupying. He gave him a confused look but approached nonetheless. “Yes?” He wondered, looking over at Steve who looked just as lost.

"It’s y/n, she said that she’s being followed by three SUVs. Can you get me a visual?” Bucky quickly asked as he tried to listen for any background noise on your end of the call, praying whoever was after you wouldn’t try shooting at you or your car. “What?!” Steve bellowed as he tried listening in on the call as well, while Tony had Jarvis trace your location.

"Hey, baby, I need you to listen to me, ok? We’re looking at you right now and you need to do exactly as I ask. Can you do that?” Buck asked you as Tony and Steve worked on mapping a way for you to lose the followers. “Yeah, I can. I love you, Bucky.” He felt his chest tighten as you spoke, not liking the circumstances under which you’re saying them, “I love you to, doll. We’re gonna lose ‘em, alright? I promise.” He said before he began telling you which turns to take and which roads to go down as they watched you from the holographic screen Tony controlled.

"I can’t lose them, guys! I don’t know what to do!” You panicked as you felt the car behind you hit up against the back of your car. “They’re trying to crash into me!” You sped up and took a random right turn and looked behind you relieved to not see anyone there.

"Wait, I think I tricked them! They’re gone!” You laughed as you turned back around at the same time you heard Bucky, Steve, and Tony yelling at you through your phone to watch out. By the time you noticed the truck coming at you head on, it was too late. All that managed to escape you was shriek of terror as you felt the impact of your car slamming into the other. Then nothing. It was all black.

Bucky let an agonized roar leave his lungs as he watched your car flip several times before bursting into flames, it was as if someone had ripped his heart out of his chest and he couldn’t remember how to breathe. Everything was numb and he had this consistent ringing in his ears. The sound of your scream haunting his mind. “Bucky! Look at me, buddy! Let’s go get her!” Steve spoke urgently with a tremor in his voice as he quickly guided Bucky to the garage where Tony had a car waiting for the three of them.

"I contacted Bruce and he’s setting up his lab right now, we just need to make sure she’s stable until we get her back here.” Tony informed them as he sped off, not saying anything else. Though the speed the car was traveling at said more than any words could have.

"She’s gonna be fine, everything’s fine.” Steve nodded, looking as though he was trying to convince himself more than anyone. Bucky knew he was scared too, you’d become like a little sister to Steve and though he’d never admit it to you, he held a big soft spot for your corny jokes and determination to bring him up to date with the 21st century.

In no time they were at the crash site, thankfully no one had seen it so there wasn’t any crowding. It looked so much worse in person too, Bucky didn’t want to admit it but he wondered how anyone could survive the outcome your car was currently in. As soon as his feet touched the ground after exiting the car, his knees buckled and he couldn’t stop the tears from leaving his eyes.

That was nearly eight months ago. You’d managed to somehow survive the crash, something Bruce and Dr. Cho had a really hard time understanding. You were just happy you were alive, and so was everyone else. Especially Bucky. After undergoing several immediate operations following the accident you went into a coma. You were in it for nearly two months and when you woke up the first person you saw was Bucky. You’d never seen your strong man cry before, he’d always been the tough one, but when you opened your eyes and squeezed his hand he sobbed for nearly an hour while he held you. It was the worse than the crash, you think.

You were bed ridden for a few days before they gave you the ok to start moving around again. Laying down for so long had weakened your muscles significantly so it was time to build your strength again.

Only you couldn’t do that. With Bucky’s help you sat up at the edge of the bed, and when you tried to stand you would’ve hit the floor if it wouldn’t have been for him catching you. You looked up at him in confusion before trying again, only for the same thing to happen. You spent the next hour trying, and failing, to get your limbs to work and the looks of sympathy you kept getting from Bucky and anyone that happened to come by to see you were bothering you.

"I don’t think I can walk anymore, James.” You stated blankly before scooting back under the covers and turning to face away from him. You stayed that way for two days.

It wasn’t the idea of never walking again that scared you. That’s what everyone assumed was wrong, no. It was the idea of being a bride that couldn’t walk down the isle to marry her fiancé. It was the idea of not getting your first dance with him at your wedding or not getting to run around the yard with your future children that terrified you the most. Simple things that had meant so much to you. It wasn’t fair.

That’s what you found yourself telling Tony one day when you had rolled your wheelchair into the kitchen of the tower. He noticed the frustrated look on your face and asked you what was wrong and before you knew it the pair of you were down in the basement with Rhodey, attempting to build yourself some new leg braces too. It was the first time since finding out you couldn’t walk that you actually held a little bit of hope. Maybe you could walk again. At least down the isle, that’s all you wanted.

The project had taken over the two of you, you’d spend hours in the shop trying new materials and attempting to stand. You and Tony hadn’t actually talked about it but he knew you wanted to keep this secret between the two of you. Your wedding was a month away and you wanted to try, for Bucky. And you did good at keeping it hush until one day Steve came down to talk to Tony about something and found you holding onto railings on either side of you as you managed to stand for nearly two minutes.

"That’s a record, y/n! Longest so far! You’re improving, pretty soon you’ll be carrying Bucky through the threshold.” Tony joked as he lifted you in a hug.

“What’s going on?” You turned and saw the shocked look on Steve’s face before gesturing him to come closer. Obeying, he knelt beside your wheelchair you had sat down in and listened as you explained your newest endeavor to him. He swore not to tell a soul and over the course of the next few weeks he could be found helping you and Tony and always lifting you up when you got discouraged.

And then the day came when you did it. Then you did it again and again and pretty soon you were walking around without the help of anyone holding onto you. Granted, it was a little difficult and you had a pretty wicked limp but you were walking! Tony and Steve cheered and you were engulfed in a sea of muscle as they took turns spinning you around. Rhodey even got a turn as he showed off his leg braces and lifted you up. The four of you laughed together as tears blurred your vision and you squeezed Tony in the tightest hug you’d ever given anyone.

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. You’re amazing.” You whispered as he hugged you to him. You looked over at Steve to see him grinning at you with glistening eyes.

“You too, Cap. You’re the best friend I ever did have.” You joked as you pulled him over to you.

“Bucky’s gonna lose it, y/n/n. You’re gonna be the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen.” He kissed your forehead and backed away as he pointed up the stairs.

“I’m gonna go make sure he’s still distracted with something. Wanda’s probably tired of keeping him busy for me. Just one more week to go and you can walk whenever you please, yeah?” He winked at you and jogged up the steps.

You turned to Tony with a serious look on your face. “I have a serious question for you, Mr. Stark.” You stated as he smirked down at you. “Lay it on me, sweet cheeks.” You rolled your eyes with a smile as you felt yourself grow nervous.

“How would you feel about walking me down the isle?”

And so he did. The big day had finally arrived and you stood with Tony behind the doors separating you from seeing your fiancé. “Nervous?” He questioned as you fidgeted with your bouquet. “More like anxious.” You responded as you heard the wedding march begin to play. “Here we go, you mumbled and felt Tony give your arm a squeeze.

The doors opened and you began your walk down the isle that seemed to go on for miles. You hadn’t looked up yet, afraid of the reaction you’d get from Bucky for hiding this from him. The two of you had a few arguments over the course of the past couple months regarding your disappearances. He thought you didn’t want to be with him anymore and thought you were avoiding him. You had to convince him you were planning the wedding and getting last minute details worked out. Which you did, while Tony tinkered. You were the bride, after all.

You finally looked up into the beautiful eyes of your beautiful man and saw the tears threatening to fall. He had a look of awe upon his face and he was smiling so big you were sure his cheeks were killing him. You felt your eyes well up at the sight of him and choked out a laugh. You were doing it.

You looked over at Steve to see him smiling tearily at you. And you giggled at the shocked looks on Sam and Clint’s faces. Natasha was glaring at you with eyes rimmed red because you were her best friend and she was so happy for you and, she’d never admit it but, she was trying not to cry. You finally stood face to face with Bucky and your tears finally fell when you saw his own fall.

"You’re the most beautiful girl in the universe, doll.” He whispered as he cupped your face in his hands and rested his forehead against yours.

“I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me.” He laughed as you giggled at his wide eyes, “surprise?” You smiled as you grabbed his hands. He looked over his shoulder at Steve and smirked, “you’re a punk.” The guests all laughed as Steve shot back, “okay, jerk.”

The ceremony went beautifully and pretty soon you were being swept off your feet as Bucky carried you down the isle. And later that night, as you laid together in a blissful silence, Bucky propped up on his elbow and looked down at you with a smile. “You’re incredible, you know that?” He asked as he leaned down and nuzzled into your neck. You laughed as his scruff scratched you and tried wiggling away. “Nuh uh, c'mere.” He pulled you closer and kissed your shoulder.

“When I found out I couldn’t walk all that ran through my mind was, ‘I’m not gonna get to walk down the isle at my wedding. I’m not gonna get my first dance with you, and I’m not gonna be able to chase our children around because I can’t walk.’ And I refused to just accept that. I had to try and Tony, Steve, and Rhodey made sure I had all the support I needed. Honestly, without them I probably wouldn’t have done it.” You said as you traced your finger over his chest.

“When you were in the accident and we were on our way to go get you, what ran through mine was, 'God, just let her be alive. Let her come home to me. I can’t live without her.’ Because I can’t. I love Steve, he’s my brother, but I know he thinks that one day I’m gonna snap and I’ll be the same Bucky he knew back in the forties. And the rest of the world don’t know whether to look at me as a murderer or a hero. But you, you see me as Bucky. A guy that is trying his damn hardest to be good. A guy that’s trying to figure it all out. And I love you so much for that alone. You don’t expect anything from me, you aren’t afraid of me. For some reason you love me and I thank god I found you because you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. So when you found out you couldn’t walk and you looked so sad, I promised myself I’d spend the rest of my life doing everything I could to make you happy again. To prove to you that you’re so much more than a disability. But, yet again, you’ve managed to completely blow me away and surprise me with just how independent you are and just how much more I need you than you need me.”

You grabbed his chin and brought him down so you could give him a kiss. “I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You whispered against his lips before you kissed them again.

“I love you so much more, y/n y/m/n Barnes.”

Wake Up (Older!DamianXReader)

Requested: Nope
Summary: After a severe accident, you wake up missing the critical last 5 years of your life.
Word Count: 2136
Warning: Trauma, severe pain, severe confusion, pretty angsty, death of a family member

A/n: This is part one of a three part (So far maybe) fic. It’s angst that no one asked for honestly. Part one is supposed to be a little confusing. It begins in the middle of the story. Don’t worry you’ll find out how you got here, but first, please enjoy the confusion and emotional turmoil.

The first thing that came to your mind was how numb everything felt. It was impossible for you to open your eyes, or even to tell up from down. You were just floating numbly in the dark. You were not sure how long you stayed that way. Time was immeasurable in the void.

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Feet and Fins

Originally posted by nochuie

Mer!Jungkook au x reader

Fantasy AU, Medieval-ish century

Word count: 11k

Romance, some warnings of “death” and gruesome mentions involved

A/N: after weeks of not posting since of guard stuff and homework, i have brought you guys a jungkook mermaid fic on my birthday :) 

It’s only about twelve, midnight as the clock handles strike at the top and the moon glimmering with its pale and porcelain tinting the world with it’s glow, but that was a sight not many would see as t into bed before hey are tucked creatures of the night came to haunt the town of Marciles. Havoc reeks the scent of blood and the smell of sewage, casting upon traces that the demonic beings left as they raided and swooped villagers from their homes. However, it’s happened only a few days in a week and most lords that were in charge of their areas paid knights to protect the peasants from the grossing amount of pillage and scarring beasts that the fighters would have to ward off. Some of these creatures even own land or travel around, haunting those they passed by like Minotaurs who loved to take upon the gems and women, slicing off limbs and decapitating heads of those who were in the way.

But it hasn’t happened to your area yet, and you didn’t think it was for a while.

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anonymous requested: hii~ madelyn💕I think you can guess who I am haha! I was wondering if I could request a fluffy scenario where the reader is really shy and get’s scared easily so when she gets scared by something she runs to Jungkook’s arms and tries to hide her self in his chest and she’s all scared and he’s all protective of her? lol I hope this isn’t too much work for you!😅

Okay let me just start off by apologizing for taking foreverrrr to write this. I honestly have no other excuse than just being super unmotivated to write lately! I’m so sorry! Even so, I hope you enjoy this! This is my Valentine’s Day gift to all of you (:



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Scared, are you?

Friday night, 10:45 pm

“AAAAHHH!!!!!” you screamed as you quickly shut the TV off, threw the remote across the room, and clutched your rapidly beating heart. Short and detached breaths left your mouth, which was wide open from the jump scare you had just watched in Train to Busan. After you calmed down a bit and your breathing and heart rates returned to their normal paces, you slowly walked from the couch to the kitchen and grabbed a large knife, accidentally leaving your phone on the couch. You sighed when you remembered this fact, and you picked up your house phone to call the one number you knew by heart: Jeon Jungkook’s. And boy was he in for it.

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Couldn't stop myself-m

a short imagine where Y/n goes out with justin’s friend but justin is attracted to her and they have sex together lmao. Enjoy :)

“YEAH?” you shout back on the phone. 

Your cellphone was placed on the bathroom sink while you were currently having a shower, so the loud noise from the pouring water was making it difficult to hear what your boyfriend was saying on the phone even though it was on speaker mode. 

“I’ll just meet you at the party. I have to do something important, sorry i can’t pick you up.” 

“Oh,” you mutter, trying not to act disappointed, “that’s fine, i’ll just meet you there.” 

You were disappointed as you and the gang already planned out that you were going together. You hop out of the shower. You wipe the fogged up mirror. You were quite angry and sad and all those other emotions were pitted up in your stomach. A sudden loud knock woke you up. You quickly wrap yourself around in your soft fluffy towel. You quickly open the door to find Justin there with his hands in his pockets. 

“Oh hi.” 

You didn’t expect Justin to be there. 

“Uhh,” he quickly returns his eyes back to your face, “are you and Ryan ready yet?” 

“No, i’m meeting him there.” 

“Ohhh..” Justin sutters. 

“You can come in, i won’t take long.” 

Justin awkwardly walks past you and sits on the couch. 

“Juice? anything i can help you with?” 


You open the fridge and chuck him a small bottle of water. He catches it with ease and quickly drinks half of the bottle. Justin needed to calm himself down. 

You walk off quickly, you didn’t want to keep him waiting. Justin sits there stunned. 

As soon as he saw you, the thoughts of his bestfriend’s girlfriend weren’t friendly at all. He could briefly imagine what was behind that towel. He could imagine how luscious your skin was, how fresh you would smell, how beautiful you would look under him. He quickly adjusts himself in his ripped jeans, shuffling awkwardly, hoping his growing erection would die down. 

“Justin! Can you come here for a quick second?” 

Justin’s eyes drop out at the call of his name. He needed to quickly fix his problem in his pants. You grow impatient as you couldn’t zip up the back of your strapless dress. You walk out, your bare feet causing the wooden floor to make a slight noise every time you take a step. Justin hears you coming. Justin’s was sitting on the couch, his back facing you, so you couldn’t see his front. You stand up, your back facing him. 

“Can you zip this up?” 

Justin’s breath hitches as he sees the dress you have on. Your dress was black, tight, short, showing all the right places of skin and causing him to shiver at the thought of fucking you with it on. Justin couldn’t run away from his thoughts anymore. He gets up, his front facing you as he settles his hands on your hips. You feel his presence but don’t figure out anything out of place until suddenly you feel Justin’s obvious raging boner against your lower back. Before you could move away, Justin holds you steady by your waist and pulls your body closer to his, feeling his whole body against yours. He suddenly places soft kisses at the back of your neck, working his way to your earlobe. You couldn’t mutter any words.You stood still, completely frozen, you couldn’t believe the situation taking place right now. He spins you around on your bare feet. You look at him with shaky eyes. 

“Justin what are you doing? This is wrong.” 

“I want you Y/N, ever since i first laid eyes on you. I can’t hold back anymore.”  Justin latches his lips onto yours, enveloping your mouth into a passionate kiss. 

“Justin,” you mumble, attempting to push his body away from yours. 

You push against his chest, feeling his muscles through his grey t shirt. He pulls away from the kiss. He holds his fingers at the top of your dress. You couldnt deny the sensation bubbling in your lower stomach anymore.

“Can I?”

 “Yeah,” You whisper out. 

You were scared. You couldn’t think straight with Justin holding you like this, or touching you like this. Justin quickly peels off the top of your dress, freeing your bare breasts. You start to feel shy as you try to cover them with your arms. He sits back down on the couch, trapping your body with his legs. You look down at him, wondering what he was trying to do. 

“Come here, let me pleasure you.” 

Justin grabs on your waist, tugging your body down at he extends his neck up. He latches his teeth onto your left nipple. You gasp out at the action. You hunch over and support yourself with your hands gripping the top of the couch. Justin’s narrows his eyes up at your face. He studies the look of pleasure on your face. Your bottom lip was taken between your teeth, your eyes shut tightly. This was a sight justin would never forget. Justin doesnt stop abusing and teasing your breasts, he causes your lower stomach to tighten up.

“Justin,” you moan with your eyes still shut, “please fuck me.” 

Justin hears your request and it goes straight to his lower stomach, his length twitching at your high pitched moans. He never thought he’ll hear those words in his life. You felt as if your legs were about to give up. As if he could read your mind, Justin switches positions and places you along the couch. He quickly hovers over you. He sees the fucked expression covering your presence. He grins as he was proud he could get you to this state. He sees the hair, messy and covering your face slighty, your eyes shut and your heavy pants coming from your sweet lips. 

“You’re so beautiful Y/N.”

You thrust your hips upwards, wanting him to help you get rid of the intense feeling in your lower stomach. Justin doesnt waste another second as he rolls up your dress, bunching the material at your waist. He dips two fingers in your panties, brushing against your sensitive bud. 

“Fuck- you’re dripping.” 

Justin could believe you were already dripping, your juices coating his two fingers completely, the warmth even dripping down onto the palm of his hands. Justin enters his fingers in your heat, slipping in with ease. He feels your warm slippery walls clenching his fingers. He moans out, imaging how amazing you would feel around his shaft. 

“I’ve always imagined you like this Y/N. Ryan is such a lucky guy, getting to fuck you whenever he wants.

Justin pulls his fingers out. You feel empty and groan at the feeling. Justin holds your face with one hand, squeezing your cheeks together. 

“Open up babygirl.” 

He pushes his two fingers in your mouth, stuffing them until they hit the back of your throat. Your eyes open wide as you feel his fingers reaching the uncomfortable state of your throat. You feel the tears covering your sight. Justin pulls his fingers out, along with your string of saliva. Justin groans deeply at the sight of you. 

“I wish you would suck me off like that.” 

Justin doesnt go a day without thinking of you with your mouth deep and wrapped around him. Everytime he would see you, everything you would laugh or speak, his eyes would always fall apart from reality. Justin knew you were together with Ryan. You and ryan were together for nearly half a year now and you had seen justin a couple of times as you would sometimes hang around with Ryan’s friends. Every time Justin would see you come through the door with Ryan, he couldn’t help but always undress you with his eyes, he would always pay attention to you. Justin just couldn’t help himself. He was attracted to you and only you. Justin couldn’t tell if he had feelings for you but he knew liked you in that way. 

“Justin, please get in me already.” 

Justin narrows his eyes down to find you fondling with your clit. 

“Stop that Y/N. I’m fucking you, remember that.” 

He sntaches your hands away by gripping your wrist tightley. He quickly yanks his ripped jeans down and his boxers down letting his hard shaft sprang free. You look at his length, all red and veiny making your mouth water at the sight. He catches you staring. 

“Like what you see baby?” 

You thrust your hips up, rubbing your wet core along his shaft making him groan out the sight. He doesn’t peel his eyes away from the sight, too focused on the situation before him. You break from the grasp and grip onto his length, feeling him hard and rigid as ever. You couldn’t wait to feel him inside you. You steady him as alline your opening and push into him. You bite down on your lip at the feeling of his thick length stretching your tight walls apart, almost fearing he would break you if he started moving. 

“Fuck, so tight around me. God Y/N.” 

Justin groans out, clenching his eyes shut at the warmth and tightness around his shaft. You begin to thrust your hips at the a steady pace with justin’s body hovered on top of you. Justin supported himself with both of his hand gripping the armrest. You begin slow as you loved the feeling of him rubbing his whole length against your, hitting the soft spot you never knew you had. 

“I’m there already.” Justin spills out. 

Justin clenches his eyes shut, not believing you could get him there so fast, so quickly and so easily. 

“don’t hold back for me, i’m nearly there as well.” 

You shut your eyes, thrusting quickly as you feel yourself explode around him. You clench yourself, feeling how thick he was around you. Justin let’s go at this action, letting his seed spill. 

“Fuck. We’re late,” justin huffs out, sounding breathless ,before climbing off you. 

Comatose-Chapter 15

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Logan Stares at you stunned. “Wha?” he mutters.

“Well, look at you. The almighty Wolverine at a loss for words?” you tease, trying to defuse the tension.

He grips you by the back of the neck, resting his forehead against yours. “Do you mean it?” he asks.

“Yeah, I do. I love you, Logan.” The answering smirk you receive has you rolling your eyes. “Alright, wolfy, let’s get going. Tony is going to be pissed we skipped out.”

Logan chuckles darkly as he pulls open the door, checking to make sure the coast is clear. It isn’t. “Barnes,” you hear him mutter.

Freezing at the name, you begin to panic. How long was he out there? How much had he heard?

“You two done?” comes the steel hard voice of Bucky.

Regret makes a momentary appearance when the pain reflected in his eyes claws at your insides. Fuck.

“Tony received intel and needs everyone in the meeting room in twenty.” His voice is emotionless. Winter Soldier mode saving him from further hurt.

“Bucky,” you whisper. His eyes seem to look into your soul.

“I don’t need explanations, (Y/N),” is his reply, his face hardening more. “You aren’t…mine,” he spits out.

Logan draws himself to his full height. “Listen bub, this ain’t none of your business, so fuck off before we go another round,” he grits out.

Placing a gentle hand on Logan’s forearm you address Bucky. “I’m sorry this is hurting you, James,” you say as gently as you can, his face softening slightly at the use of his first name. “But I told you what you and I had is over.”

He snorts out a laugh. “Ya might want to tell your body, baby girl. The way you responded ta me out there told a whole other story.” He smirks at you.

Logan snarls at the chocolate haired man. Taking a step forward, you stop the inevitable fight before it can begin.

“I’m trying here, Barnes, but I swear to all that is holy if you speak to me like that again I will stop playing nice!” Prodding him in the chest you continue. “This is on you. Us not being together is on you! Accept it! I am not going to melt into your arms because you said sorry! I am not going to come running back because you feel bad!” Tears make an unwanted appearance in your eyes. “I am with Logan!” You enunciate every word, trying to get it to sink into his thick skull. “You and I will never be together again. It is over!” you say as you push past him. “And another thing, keep your red headed bitch on a leash!” you spit, eyes turning red with anger. “I am done playing these stupid ass games with the both of you.” Turning on your heel, you stride away from both men, trying unsuccessfully to keep a lid on your flaring anger.

Muttering profanities under your breath, you ignore the wolf whistles filtering to you from various Avengers and X-men. You had, undoubtedly, been louder than you thought, and it had you groaning, stalking toward your bedroom, fists clenched at your sides.

“Sestra,” comes Wanda accented voice.

You stop and let out a sob, running to the red witch, and flinging your arms around her.

“I missed you, sestra,” she murmurs as she rocks you back and forth, not saying anything else as you break down in the middle of a hallway.

“They are men,” Wanda comments. “Men are often foolish and stupid.”

After you had finished crying, you had moved into your room. Wanda was currently sitting on the sink while you took a shower.

“They are going to have pissing contests until you leave,” she chuckles dryly. “That Logan though.. His mind is dark.”

You snort. “He’s been through a lot, but he’s still a good man.”

She smiles softly. “I did not say he was bad. I meant that he has so much pain in his past, it causes me pain to be near him.”

You nod in understanding as you reach for a towel. “I know, it’s a lot to take in when you are unaccustomed to it. Eventually it becomes background noise.” She regards you skeptically. You laugh out loud. “I promise, it was way worse a couple of years ago. He’s changed so much.”

She smiles widely at you. “You are in love with him,” she states matter of factly.

“Yes, yes I am,” you reply seriously before you and Wanda burst into a fit of giggles.

Ten minutes later, you are strolling toward the conference room, chatting animatedly with Wanda. Rounding the corner, you spot a sullen looking Bucky, and an absolutely murderous looking Logan. You snort out loud causing both men to regard you sheepishly. Moving toward Logan, you take a seat beside him, squeezing his hand, letting him know all is forgiven. The corners of his mouth lifts minutely, shoulders relaxing. You chance a look at Bucky who is scowling at the conference room table, and sigh. You knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

Tony claps his hands together, “Alright ladies and gents. We received intel about an hour ago. We have located the base where the op to take, (Y/N) and tin can is being run from.”

Logan chuckles briefly at Tony’s jab at Bucky. You nudge him hard in the ribs. “Don’t be a child!” you whisper angrily. He has the good grace to look slightly guilty.

“The base is heavily guarded. At least a hundred agents protect it, along with anti-aircraft weaponry and various other booby traps.” Tony gestures at Steve, who stands from his chair.

“The X-men will go in first. Storm will create cover, while (Y/N) disables the booby traps and weaponry.” You nod in understanding. “Logan, Colossus, myself and Bucky will engage in the front, while Tony, Sam and Vision take the sky.” He pauses to look each person in the eye. “Kitty will take Clint, Natasha, and Wanda through the back to disable whomever is inside and destroy the op specs.”

Dread fills you at the mention of Natasha. You don’t trust her to do this. You swallow down the panic in your throat, turning your attention back to Steve.

“Everybody understand?” he asks, receiving affirmative responses around the room. “Good. Everybody get some shut eye. We leave in twelve hours.” He dismisses you with a wave of his hand.

Logan pulls you from your seat, ushering you down the hallway to your bedroom, receiving a harsh glare from Bucky as he holds your hand possessively. You did not have a good feeling about this.

Tags: Here we are, last chapter of fluff before the shite hits the fan!

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William Nylander - White Orchid Part 2


authors note: here is the continuation of my previous william nylander imagine. i know a lot of this is william’s family. but i hope that’s ok as i adore the nylander fam. there’s some fluff in there as well. my requests are also open now, so if you want to request a imagine feel free to do so. i hope you enjoy this and don’t be shy about giving me some feedback! i appreciate it a lot.

word count: 3158

Giving Jackie a high five you handed her a bottle of water. ” Well done Jacks. You just keep on getting better and better. Soon you’ll have to hire a professional to train with you on a regular basis. ” Looking at you, Jackie chuckled. ” Yeah well, you’re way better to play with than my brothers at least. ” You knew that the competitive side took over both William and Alexander in every way, shape and form. Even when they were playing against their sisters. At least when it came to tennis.

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Disposable pt 9

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Warning: This part has some suggestive themes

Yoongi had no idea how he found himself following his boss and his boss’s assistant around a grocery store, yet there he was, doing just that. Namjoon was looking at the shopping list Seokjin had made them, and the two of them were currently bickering over what the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini was. They weren’t getting anywhere.

Jimin was in town…somewhere. He ran off the second they parked the car, saying something about cookies and disappearing. Namjoon had then told Yoongi that Jimin had a crush on the girl who worked in the bakery down the street, and Yoongi almost wished he had followed Jimin. It would have been awkward, but less so than spending time with his fake girlfriends older brother who was also his boss.

Yoongi still couldn’t believe you had abandoned him. His choices were go to into town with Namjoon, or go wander around in the woods with Jungkook. Sure, there was a trail, and yeah you and Taehyung were also going, but the idea of being in the woods with the man who currently looked like he wanted to murder him wasn’t appealing.

Yoongi decided that you could deal with Jungkooks never-ending questions and insinuations, and he would go with the less suspicious brother. So maybe he had abandoned you, but Yoongi still wasn’t happy with the situation. Seokjin, on the other hand, was thrilled when he heard Yoongi was going, trusting him with the shopping list.

“Namjoon’s an idiot when it comes to food. Hoseok will just buy whatever he wants. I can pretty much guarantee that Jimin will vanish, so I’m counting on you, Yoongi.”

It was a long list, and more responsibility than Yoongi would have preferred. Seokjin said he would have gone if he didn’t have work to do—he had gotten an urgent phone call and apparently had some people to fire. In all honesty, it would have been faster for Namjoon and Hoseok to find somewhere to sit and let Yoongi do the shopping, but Yoongi couldn’t think of a nice way to phrase it.

“This is a zucchini. That is a squash.” Hoseok sighed, and Namjoon shook his head.

“No, I’m pretty sure this is a cucumber. I think what you’re holding is, too.”

“A zucchini is a type of squash.” Yoongi tried not to sound too irritated. He was starting to think that Seokjin had lied about why he wasn’t there, and just didn’t want to put up with these two. “Namjoon, you’re holding a zucchini. Hoseok, you’ve got a cucumber.” The both blinked at him for a second before exchanging looks.

“You’re in charge of shopping.” Namjoon said. “We’ll just… follow you.”

By the time they were done shopping, Namjoon was sitting in the cart with Hoseok pushing him around. They got several dirty looks from the employees which Yoongi pretended not to see.

“Jimin just texted me asking what pastries everyone wants.” Namjoon announced as the cashier glared at him. “And he wants us to call the others and ask them.”

“Yoongi, why don’t you do that while I pay?” Hoseok suggested. “You’ve been glancing at your phone every two minutes for the last hour, I know you want to talk to her.”

Actually, Yoongi was hoping that someone—anyone—would call him and give him an excuse to leave. It certainly had not been because he wanted to hear the sound of your voice, or because maybe he was a little bit worried that he hadn’t heard anything from you for so long. It also wasn’t because your picture was still set as his lock screen—that would have been ridiculous.

“Sure, I’ll be right outside then…” Yoongi said, dialing your number quickly. He may or may not have known your number by heart.

“The number you have dialed currently unavailable…”

Yoongi frowned, hanging up. Had he dialed the wrong number? He scrolled down to your contact—you had changed the name to “Love of my life” in case someone saw who was calling, and he had avoided it ever since. When he got the same message, he scrolled down to Jungkook.

“The number you have dialed…”

“God damn it.” Yoongi said, hanging up once again. He wasn’t sure why he was so bothered, really. So you were out of range, big deal. It didn’t mean anything had happened. People survived without cellphones for years, right? But his mind wasn’t paying attention to reason for the time being.

“You okay?” Namjoon asked as he approached, no longer in the shopping cart and holding three bags in each hand.

“Yeah, just… Their phones are out of range.” He said, trying to shrug it off.

“They’re fine, don’t worry.” Namjoon gave him a reassuring smile and tried to pat him on the back.

Had he looked worried? That wasn’t good. Yoongi tried to fix his face into one of indifference. “I know.” He said, trying to convince himself. It really wasn’t something to freak out over, he knew that. So why did he have such a horrible feeling?

Your feet hurt, you were covered in mud, and Jungkook had just picked up a frog off the top of your head.

The problem with going anywhere with Kim Taehyung was that he had animal raider—particularly if that animal was in trouble. It had started out fine, the three of you chatting (and Jungkook asking endless questions about Yoongi) as you walked when you reached the half-way marker. This was where the trail turned around, and really, you were ready to be back at the house where (hopefully) Seokjin would save you from some of Jungkooks questions.

This was when Taehyung had frozen, holding a hand up for you and Jungkook to stop talking. “Did you hear that?” He asked, and you shook your head.

“Hear what?”

But instead of answering, Taehyung took off into the woods, following a sound that apparently only he could hear.  

“Kim Taehyung, get back here!” Jungkook called, but it was too late. You had already started off after Taehyung, and Jungkook wasn’t far behind.

“Where are you going?” You asked, trying to keep up. Taehyung just shushed you, holding a finger up to his lips as he stopped to listen again.

“This way.” And he was off again.

Ten minutes later, he found the source of the noise he was following. There was a drop off that lead down to a small stream—you had no idea where the trail was anymore. At the bottom of the small ravine, a small cat was curled up.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Jungkook said as Taehyung started climbing down. “How did you even hear that?” Looking closer, you could tell that the cat’s paw was injured. Taehyung lost his footing in a matter of seconds, dropping into the muddy water, somehow keeping his upper half dry. He didn’t seem particularly bothered as he scrambled over to the injured animal.

“Taehyung!” You climbed down after him without even thinking.

“Not you too!” Jungkook complained, reaching for you even though it was too late. You were not as lucky as Taehyung, somehow landing flat on your back in the stream. You sat up spluttering, you could feel mud seeping into your shoes, and Jungkook was there in an instant helping you to your feet. Of course he hadn’t fallen in the water.

“Taehyung, are you okay?” You asked. The man in question was currently cuddling the strange cat, kissing its mud-covered head.

“He must have fallen down here, and couldn’t go far with his paw so messed up…” Taehyung said, ignoring your question.

“Taehyung, this is ridiculous. Come on, you’re both covered in mud, we’re going back to the house.” Jungkook snapped.

“Not without him, we’re not going anywhere.” Taehyung said indignantly, starting to his feet. He wobbled dangerously for a moment, and Jungkook caught him before he plunged back into the creek.

“Don’t yell.” Taehyung said seriously to Jungkook. “But I think I twisted my ankle.”

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Player: Jordie Benn – Montreal Canadiens

Prompt: You are keeping the fact that you had a baby with Jordie, what happens when he finds outs

Mentions: Jamie Benn

Warnings: Cuss Words. 

Preview: “You used to love hockey! You could use a break!” “I used to love a man who played hockey, there is a difference.” You responded. “We will sit in the noise bleeds. No one will see us!” she pleaded.

Characters: 2212 words.

Masterlist is over there. 

Originally posted by brosillustrated

You sat at the dining room table, staring at the work you had spread across the table. You were brought from your thoughts by a soft cry. You quickly got up from your seat and walked over to the crib set up in the living room. You picked up your daughter, swaying back and forth, trying to get her to go back to sleep.

“How did I get here?” You thought to yourself. Here you were 25 years old and a single mother. You hadn’t exactly told Jordie about Emory.

Your life fell into shambles when Jordie got traded to Montreal. He came home from practice steaming. The night was filled him angrily packing and you begging him to let you come with him. He refused and he left you and his life in Dallas behind.

A few weeks later, you found out you were pregnant. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell him. He didn’t want any reminders of Dallas. It’s not like you two were trying. The baby would just be one more thing he left behind.

So here you were now, living alone and taking care of your one-year-old. The team tried to keep in contact with you, but you couldn’t risk any of them finding out and spilling the beans to Jordie. You had built a life for yourself and your daughter and you didn’t want to do anything that would even come close to ruining it. You never wanted your child to feel the heartbreak you did.

You did stay in touch with Katie, mostly against your will. You begged and pleaded with her to not tell Jamie. You knew he would run and tell Jordie the first chance he got. Eventually, she agreed, and she would visit when she could. You were happy she stayed in contact. You hadn’t really had many friends in Dallas and when you took the hockey players out of the equation, it was almost zero. She really did help when you were pregnant.

Your pregnancy was rocky. There were constant moments when all you wanted to do was call Jordie. But the voice in the back of your mind didn’t let you forget that Jordie didn’t want you to come, meaning he didn’t want you.

 But you got through it, and you were blessed with your baby girl. You couldn’t have been more in love since the moment she was born. Your heart ached every time, the small gingered hair child flashed the smile identical to the one of the love you lost. But at the same time, you were so happy she looked just like her father, it was like you had your own piece of Jordie.

You continued to rock the small baby in your arms as she fell back asleep. You stroked her hair as there was a soft knock at the door. You kissed her head as you went to open the door.

Katie pranced into your apartment, being quite extra. “How are my two favorite girls?” She asked as she rubbed Emory’s back.

 “What are you up to?” you questioned with a raised eyebrow.

 “I need a favor.” She smiled at you.

 “A favor?” you asked again as you placed Emory in her crib.

 “How do you feel about hockey games?”

 You gave her a look. “Really? What do you think?”

 “I really want you and Emory to come with me to a game, I want to introduce the little bean to hockey, it runs in her blood!”

“Katie, have you lost your mind? I just don’t think it is a good idea.” You answered moving to clean up the table.

“You used to love hockey! You could use a break!”

“I used to love a man who played hockey, there is a difference.” You responded.

We will sit in the noise bleeds. No one will see us!” she pleaded.

You knew she was going to continue until you gave in. If you sat up in the nosebleeds and left before the game was over no one would see you, you thought.

She was still rambling on about why you and Emory should come. 

“Fine. We will go.”

Katie’s face lit up as she wrapped you in a hug. “Promise you will go?”

“I promise.” You chuckled as she wrapped your pinky fingers together.

“I will see you tomorrow then! I will pick you and the little bean at 6!” she smiled as she headed for the door.

“Who are we playing anyway?” you asked with a laugh.


Your laughter stopped.

It was now 5:45 and you were pacing as you held a gurgling Emory in your arms. You had to admit she was quite a cutie in her hockey gear. Her hair was up in pigtails with little green bows and you had dug out the child size Benn jersey that sat in the back of your closet. You had come across it when you were pregnant and couldn’t help but buy it.

 You matched your daughter in your own victory green jersey and black leggings. Both of you dawning your matching white converse. The knock on the door brought you from your thoughts and you grabbed your purse. You couldn’t help the butterflies in your stomach or the nervousness running through your veins.

 It only got worse when you reached the AAC. You stood in front of the giant arena gripping onto your daughter. This was once a place you called your second home but now you couldn’t feel more out of place.

 You followed Katie inside as she flashed your tickets. You headed upstairs against Katie’s wishes to upgrade your seats. You sat down allowing Emory to bounce on your lap. You watched as the hockey players flew out onto the ice for warmups. Emory was entranced. She couldn’t take her eyes off the ice, following player to player. You followed your daughters gaze until you saw the player she was currently following. You watched as the player skated up to his brother and hugged him.

 You sighed.

 After a little while, the game started. You relaxed a bit into the second period. It was turning about to be a good game and you would be lying if you said you weren’t having a good time. You mainly were enjoying how happy your daughter was watching the sport. Katie was right, hockey ran in the girl’s blood.

 The second period was almost over when you heard Katie.

 “Shit.” She said quietly sinking in her seat.

 You looked at her quickly. “What?”

You followed her eyes to the jumbotron and there you both were, Emory standing in your lap grasping both your hands as she bounced to the music. You wanted to crawl into a hole right then and there.

 The picture switched to different fans, and Katie turned to you.

“We don’t know that they saw it. They hardly ever watch the jumbotron.” She assured you.

“I hope your right.”

You both sat in uncomfortable silence while the minutes on the clock ran down.

The moment the players were off the ice, Katie’s phone pinged. You looked over at her hoping it was some kind of coincidence.

“We are in trouble.” She simply stated after reading the text message.  

Your heart fell into your stomach. He knew, Jamie Knew. Did he put two and two together? Did Jordie know? All the questions ran through your mind and you went to stand up, running was the only thought now on your mind.

“They want to see us after the game. You can’t run from this.” She pleaded.

“Running is exactly what I am doing.” You stood up repositioning Emory on your hip. You headed for the escalators as Katie followed.

“Just Stop Y/N.” she called after you.

“Stop what Katie? I didn’t want to come to this game because of this exact reason. I tried so hard to protect her from this.”

“Protect her from what Y/N?”

“A father who isn’t in her life! I don’t want her to feel how I feel ever!”

“How would you know! You never told him! You don’t know that Jordie didn’t want her in his life! And now I am in deep shit for keeping this from Jamie. You at least owe it to me, to give it a chance. It’s time to tell them. ”

You sighed the tears brimming your eyes. Emory reached up and sloppily wiped your face, gurgling up at you.

“I guess we are meeting Daddy tonight Ems, My little secret is out of the bag huh?” You kissed her cheek. 

You allowed Katie to take you downstairs. Jamie had given her instructions to wait in a room where the team normally ate. You both sat in silence, you swore you could hear the heart beat in your chest.

Emory was getting antsy. You moved to the floor with her as she tumbled around between your legs. She was currently obsessed with your shoelaces and you stroked her hair as she on pulled them. You heard the game ending and knew it wouldn’t be long now.

The door swung open and your breathing hitched.

You saw the younger Benn brother enter the room.

“Where is she? He quickly asked Katie. She pointed towards where you sat on the floor.

All eyes were suddenly on you. You were not fond of the attention but Emory was beyond excited. She gurgled as the men approached you. Jamie sat down slowly not too far from you.

“Y/N.” he spoke.

“Jamie” you replied not knowing what else to say.

“Is this why you didn’t stay in contact with us?” he asked sadly.

“I couldn’t bring myself to tell any of you. It just hurt too much.” You looked down at your daughter.

 “You didn’t have to go through this alone, Y/N.” He answered.

 You stayed quiet as you watched your daughter tumble over to Jamie. He smiled at her and she became entranced with his shoelaces now instead.

 “She’s my niece isn’t she?” he questioned and you just nodded. 

You fell into silence once again as he played with the little girl.

“Does he know?” you suddenly asked.

“He saw you two on the jumbotron when we did, he put it together.” He answered.

You closed your eyes and stood up. He wasn’t here, so you knew you were right. He wanted nothing to do with you or your daughter.

Jamie must have read your mind. “He’s coming.”

You looked at him just as the door swung open once more.

There stood Jordie, he was obviously distraught. He was hair was still wet and his suit was crooked.

“Y/N. Where is she?” he asked. You were unable to read your demeanor.

You were still in shock when he quickly asked you again.

“Where is my daughter Y/N?”

He followed your eyes to where Jamie was sitting with Emory. Tying and Untying his dress shoes. He went to rush over to her when you suddenly found your nerve and stood in-between them.


“What do you mean no? I want to see my child.” Jordie demanded.

 You looked at Katie. “Take her please?” you commanded.

Jordie watched as Jamie picked up Emory and followed Katie from the room.

Jordie sat down placing his head in his hands.

“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N?”

“You didn’t want any reminders of Dallas. You made that very clear when you left.”

“But a kid? I would have never left you to go through this alone.”

“Jordie, you did. I begged you to come to Montreal but you refused! I would have followed you anywhere!”

“I didn’t want you to have to leave your life here!”

 “What life here Jordie! My life here was you!”

“What’s her name?”  he asked out of the blue.

You sighed and shook your head. “It’s Emory.”

“Can I meet her; Please Y/N I want to see my daughter.”

“I can’t have you in and out of her life. I won’t let her experience the heartbreak of being left behind by you.”

“I would never! I didn’t want to leave you behind either! I thought I was doing what was best!”

“And how did that turn out?” you questioned angrily throwing your arms up in defeat.

“Please let me fix this, Y/N. I will prove it to you. I will do anything.” he pleaded and you couldn’t say no.

“Fine, you can meet her.”

You both went out and found Jamie and Katie. Her uncle had already spoiled her buying her a stuffed toy from the nearby merchandise stand.

Jordie slowly approached his brother and daughter. He reached out his arms for Emory and she leaned into him. Her curiosity peaked by his beard. She began running her small fingers through it, gurgling at him as if to ask him questions. Jordie let out a soft chuckle as he rubbed her back.

 You leaned against the hallway wall, watching as your daughter played with her father. You finally let the tears fall from your eyes, but this time happy tears.

Boo! pt.1

genre: ghost au, mystery, fluff, supernatural
rating: T
pairing: Taehyung x Reader
summary: “it surprised him that you could see him. After all, he was dead.”
word count: 5.1k

“Even if she’s just right there, for sure, she wouldn’t know that I was here all along.”

You stirred awake as you realized that you heard a familiar voice right above you. You lazily opened one eye, checking the clock on the bedside table. It was just three in the morning, but why were you suddenly hearing someone talking? It was as if someone was also inside you in your room….

You bolted your eyes open as you realized that you should actually be alone in your room at the moment, especially since you weren’t staying in your university dormitory. You were surprised, however, as you saw brown eyes staring back at you, as if he wasn’t wary that you were awake. It was as if he wasn’t worried at all that you were awake and that you could hit him.

“What the hell are you doing here in my room at three in the morning, Kim Taehyung?” You groaned as you drowsily sat up on your bed. You clenched the sheets around you, knowing that you weren’t wearing a lot since the AC unit was broken. You glared back at him, waiting for an explanation.

“Wait, you can see me?” He asked, looking very surprised. You stared at him back with a look of disbelief. Did he really think that he could just play some funny joke at fucking three in the morning?

“Of course, you idiot,” you muttered, deciding to check your phone and open your SNS account. For some reason, you had a lot of notifications from your high school batch group, which you didn’t notice since you slept early that night, tired from the long trip you took to go all the way back to Daegu. You decided to scroll through the posts, realizing that it was pertaining to the boy standing by your bed.

“Kim Taehyung got into a mysterious accident!”
“Why? What happened?”
“Nobody knows what happened!”
“May Taehyung’s soul rest in peace!”

You could only turn back to him as it dawned to you why he was shocked that you could see him now in your room at three in the morning. He scratched his head, letting out a nervous chuckle before he confirmed the exact thought running inside your head.

“But, I’m dead.”

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Sing Me To Sleep

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir fanfic
Summary: In which Marinette nurses a concussed Chat back to health. Unabashed MariChat fluff.
Snippet: Marinette observed him briefly as he reclined on the couch, eyes closed with a look of self-satisfied contentment on his features. She was tempted to snap at him and tell him not to get too comfortable – she wasn’t going to wait on him hand and foot indefinitely – his cockiness definitely didn’t need any bolstering. But he just looked so peaceful, like he was right at home and this was the most natural place in the world for him to be. ‘I wonder how mom and dad would feel about taking in a stray cat…’

Originally posted on and on 03/26/17, reposted here since I want to make my more memorable one-shots available on tumblr.

Pinks and yellows, frills and lace, sparkles and glitter – these were the things cherished most by the merry toddler as she twirled about the room in her favorite dress-up tutu. Today she was Princess Belle, beloved by all her plush animal subjects in the kingdom of her living room. An elaborate spread lay in front of her as she danced, so she was careful to avoid the delicate plastic teacups and the croissant Maman and given her for her afternoon snack. Her world of make-believe was full of sunshine and rainbows, despite the grey and wet atmosphere that hung around her ‘castle’.

Rain began to patter against the windows, but she fancied it to be the sound of the court minstrel striking up a jolly jig for the beloved princess to dance to. As her pace quickened, she became lost in her performance, her adoring subjects cheering for their beautiful leader to dance faster and faster. It was in her fervor that she forgot to carefully check each step before she made it, so when a flash of bright light shone in her peripheral, her distraction cost her an unfortunate misstep and she found herself tumbling headfirst into her tea party. The clap of thunder that followed rattled her nerves even farther, and soon the shock of her fall gave way to the realization that she was in pain, and scary loud monsters were coming to storm the castle.

“Marinette! What’s the matter?” her most loyal knight hastened to her side, leaving his post in the kitchen, where he had been working on preparing that night’s royal feast.
Through sniffles and sobs, the child fell into “Her royal knight, Sir Papa!”’s consoling embrace and first chastised him for getting her title wrong – again. “I’m not Marinette; I’m the princess!”
With a soft chuckle, Papa argued, “Every daughter is a princess, so even if I don’t always call you my princess, you always will be, mon petite Marinette.” Rubbing her nose affectionately with his own until she giggled, he then repeated, “Now tell me, Princess Marinette, what seems to be the trouble?”

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