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For the record, I am well aware that you can force someone to have an abortion. Rebecca saying she was forced is, in my opinion, somewhat overstated; she was coerced is more likely, but it played into Emmerdale’s hand to have it put that way (read more on that in @dingleautomotives‘s amazing post about lexical choice).

What gets me is that once again, Emmerdale are showing a female character as having no agency beyond her ability to open her legs. Rebecca is supposed to be this worldly, smart woman. She was introduced as a flirty but ultimately kind person, the nice White, who made friends with Aaron and tried to build a friendship with her ex, and excluding her biphobic comments (of which there were plenty) I was beginning to like her as a character. Are we to believe that where Robert is concerned she is incapable of controlling herself? (don’t get me started on the question on consent…)

I have no doubt that pre-Aaron Robert would have coerced her into having an abortion - she was carrying the child of her sister’s boyfriend, she was going to be doing it alone, and Robert was a manipulative bastard at the time. Him telling her to go to a clinic and get rid of the foetus is pushing her to have an abortion yes, but for once they could have had a female character decide for herself, or maybe even be able to manage birth control and her reproductive health before a pregnancy came to play. 

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hi please dont publish im just wondering is there any way you could talk to harlow and ask him to stop talking so negatively about TØP on his blog? its not a joke to me. ive messaged him about it and hes such an ass every time but he doesnt understand that literally almost all of their songs are about mental illness and resonate with me on a personal level. its also incredibly ableist for him to dismiss their views on suicide. i know youre his friend so can you please talk to him? thanks rose💕

hi, fuck you

My points of contention lie entirely with the writers, and how they are framing this SL. They have taken what could have been an interesting discussion of mental health in young adult males (who have one of the highest suicide rates currently in the UK) and instead made the SL about cheating and an unplanned pregnancy. They have written a woman so poorly, made her spineless and without agency, showing once again that Emmerdale can’t write women. Robert pushing for Rebecca to have an abortion four years ago is entirely plausible - my anger lies with the framing of him as a villain, and her as a victim, when they are both equally bad in this unplanned pregnancy. 

I am going to stay in my bubble of non-canon denial, because Emmerdale have literally taken a storyline and made it the worst possible version it could be. It infuriates me that they are so callous with their characters, so ignorant of the power they wield in telling difficult SL’s (like that of Aaron’s abuse), and so incapable of writing women. 

Who wants to join me?

i’m gonna gatekeep carrie fisher from all the fanboys who are like “i miss her!” and then proceed to only talk about how hot she was in the ot and then make fun of her weight/age/appearance as she got older because “carrie would want us to make jokes not sit around crying!!!”

sorry but you’re not a Real Fan and you can get your ugly, invalid ass tf out of the carrie fisher fandom

;;I’m a little torn tbh. I think, because I usually play hot dood characters that get a lot of traffic and attention, that the lack of a bigger reception for Frankie has made me start to question this blog a little (or I might just be in a defeatist mood idk). I love this girl and what I’ve made up about her so far and I’d hate to give her up this easily, but it’s hard to keep up with a blog that people don’t seem to care about, by and large. It’s not something I feel particularly bitter about either. I think what I need to do is have another character in the same universe (bc LORD KNOWS I want to write in TWD) that could get some traffic as well. I already have another blog for a character in another fandom whose drafts I can’t even keep on top of, so it’s good to have a smaller, less popular blog on the side, but still. Hoping I can build her up a bit. I’ll probably be making another TWD blog in awhile anyway, and I guess the beautiful thing about Frankie is that I can keep her too if she maintains her same level of popularity. OR the lacktherof HAH.


Guys. Stop.

Just shut up for 0.3 seconds and take a look at your life.

You are attacking. A real human being. Over his favourite scene he played in a show. Because it messes with your ship.

A fictional ship.

You’re hating on a real person. Over a fictional thing. Which has no impact on anything. He didn’t even do anything.

He just said a thing and you all jumped to his throat.

Just. Chill. Please. Chill. Go read a book. Write a fic. Listen to music. Idk just stop.

whats the point in trying anymore

i’ve said it before and i will say it a million times: diversity and representation does not end with white cis gays (and before y'all go off, i speak as a white cis gay)

you don’t get to dismiss and reduce the importance of the representation for poc and for muslims to just “cishet nonsense”.

like get the fuck out of here with your racist, islamophobic complete and utter bullshit. i have seen this ugliness rear its head in previous fandoms of mine and i will not tolerate it in this one. 

crack open a fucking book an learn about intersectionality, you asshats.