stop the murder!

As they gain popularity, the superfriends start to get requests for one-shot campaigns and other such thing.  One of these is an indie game, being funded on Kickstarter.

The theme of this game:  figure out the superhero’s identity.

At the beginning of the game, you chose 1–3 detectives.  Everyone else draws two cards.  The first is their character.  The other is their superhero identity, if they have one.  Everyone sees the first one, but the second is secret.

The DM sets the scene that is similar to a murder mystery, only the heroes managed to stop the murder/plot/whatever.  The goal of the game is for the detectives to figure out who the heroes are, as the heroes try to stay hidden.

Now, this would have been a cool enough one-shot, but Kara calls Clark, and gets him to convince Diana and Bruce to join them for it.

Superman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman are the detectives, because everyone vetos Batman ‘The Worlds Greatest Detective’ being one.

Highlights include:

  • Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman actually appear on camera in the introduction and conclusion.  Batman is wearing his cowl and his face is blurred out.
  • Wonder Woman’s laugh.
  • Batman’s laugh
  • At some point, the conversation just turns into talk about being queer
    • This is how it comes out that Supergirl and Superman are not straight
    • Token Straight™ Batman
      • Or is he?
      • They ask and he just doesn’t answer, so who knows
  • Batman gets Batman as his hero identity
  • “So, what did you guys think?” *camera on the blurred out Batman* “I approve.”
    • Blurred-out Batman approves becomes a staple reaction image.
  • At the end, Diana kisses Vasquez on the cheek as a thank you.  Vasquez goes red and splutters. 
    • Erin then steps up and kisses their other cheek, and Vasquez completely shuts down, buries their face in her neck, and can’t do anything the rest of the session

New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted

honestly jason todd’s death was awful for so many reasons but one of those reasons was the blatant classism of it. jason was a street kid; he was snarky and defensive, sympathized with victims and pointed out flaws in the justice system. it made his robin very complex. but people were used to batman and robin being from high society, and were uncomfortable with this, so they had this 15 year old kid brutally murdered and replaced him with a genius upperclass boy. don’t get me wrong tim is my son and great as robin, i’m just angry about this

Things heard in a conservation lab this afternoon:

  • “Well you see, the reason we have this is because murder
  • “King Henry VIII’s armor fits me best, but his thighs are strangely skinny”
  • *hits an antique gun several times with a hammer*
  • “You see, I brought this here in several pieces over many weeks so I wouldn’t be brought to jail if someone caught me with a full 19th century rifle on the subway”
  • “If someone points this one at you, run
  • “I would’ve brought the swords out but I was worried you might cut each other’s limbs off”