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Chaos Reigns Chapter 21- Night of the hunter

Trigger warnings:  Torture, blood, gore things, drugs, language, alcohol

“No, J… Stop please… I can’t…” My words were slipping from my lips in strangled cries as looked up to his face, that sinister smirk spread across it, his head thrown back with the maniacs cackle. He’s gone again, beyond sanity, he’s dived into the world where I am the soul beneficiary to every ounce of hate and resentment one man can muster towards a human being. How could he hate me so much? What the hell did I do? He didn’t care about the take over; we moved past this didn’t we? Why now, why like this? Why not just put a hit on me? Or just kill me. Please just fucking kill me! I searched his eyes, eyes I didn’t recognise anymore, they weren’t… right…something was not right? I just didn’t care anymore I wanted out of this hell.

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I have to stop staring at your name on my phone. I have to stop counting the minutes that you were online without answering me. I have to stop writing you into every poem and hearing your name in every song.
—  but I can’t