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About the Network and Rules!

Hi! Welcome to the Park Jinwoo Network, dedicated solely to the leader and rapper of Astro, Park Jinwoo (aka JinJin)! This network was created to bring together fans of Astro and, specifically, Jinwoo (JinJin) in order to scream about our never ending love for our leader!

Here at the network we want to help spread our love for Jinwoo. Therefore, members can contribute if they make anything from edits, to fanart, to fanfiction, to memes! We will try our best to make this network inclusive by bringing in fun games and the works. We hope we can do our best to welcome and bring those who love Jinwoo to this blog!

If you would like to apply please consider the rules below before you do so (because rules are for cools not for fools) (stop me).


  1. You gotta have Astro on your blog or sideblog (basically on whatever blog you reblog this to).
  2. Gotta be active on tumblr, so we can reach you through things like PMs. (This includes having your ask or submit boxes open!!)
  3. Follow this blog. <3
  4. You don’t HAVE to follow the admins, but we would love for y’all to (obviously)! You’ll find our blogs here.
  5. REBLOG this post. Likes only count as bookmarks.
  6. Please notify us of URL changes so we don’t get hella confused.
  7. Absolutely no hate or negativity is tolerated in this network. If we catch anyone behaving wrongly towards Astro, Jinwoo or a member of this network you will be taken out immediately. 

After acceptance: 

  1. For starters… again… PLEASE have your ask box open!!
  2. We would really appreciate if you could put a link to the network on your blog. (not a requirement but hey why not brag a little??)
  3. We will have a tag (#parkjinwoonetwork) so if you guys want to track that, that would be awesome! (We will reblog any Jinwoo related posts from there.)
  4. Most likely we will have a group chat (on Kakao) so just keep in mind you may be added to that.

Well, that’s about it people! If you have any additional questions you can send us a message here on the network or to any of the admins really!!

The coolest admins ever ~ Cassie, Raya, Shae and Elena ^.^