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OC- Lee Hannah


After coming back from his Japanese tour, he was so excited and happy to see his girlfriend who he hadn’t seen for weeks.

Entering the little apartment that they were living in together, Jaebum kept looking for her, Hannah. His beloved and lovely girl.

The house was seriously quiet, which was something unusual. At a time like this Hannah would be watching TV or having a ride on the orbit track or cooking in the kitchen.

He checked on the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room, but she was nowhere to be found.

Jaebum started to get worried. He made sure before coming that she knew about his arrival. He thought that she would always wait for him like she always done before. He imagined her beautiful smile as she welcomed him and her warm hug after the long gone.

Her voice didn’t seem well, though. As if something had happened.

Getting himself more worried, he reached for his phone and called her.  

It didn’t take him a second and the door opened, revealing an executed Hannah.

She looked up at Jaebum who seemed to be so worried. “Ah, hey! You are here.”

“Where have you been? You made me worry.” He said, approaching her.

“Sorry… I went out for a walk.” She said, powerless.

“Are you okay?” Jaebum asked, reaching his hand for her cheeks but she turned around and walked passed him, to their room.

Jaebum was sure that there was something wrong. Hannah never acted like this before.

Was she angry because it took him so long to be back?

Hannah finished changing clothes quickly. She changed into a hoodie and sweatpants, something that made her comfortable. She headed to the kitchen to prepare something to eat for her and her boyfriend.

Her mind was clouded with a lot of things since she was thinking of something she wasn’t sure of doing. Something that would end up the remains of her happiness.

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anonymous asked:

why do u hate frozen?? i mean, anna and elsa r the best disney characters bc theyre so complex unlike other princesses like tiana or bella or ariel. i dont understand ur hate bc frozen is one of the best disney movies and moana wont be like that her trailer was awful. ps: elsanna is my otp it isnt abusive they love each other so much and they are so helpful with each other. elsa didnt want to hurt anna and shes really good. stop lying u liar.

Theatre community:
“We need more exposure! “

*Smash* *Frozen* *Glee* *Les Mis* *Into The Woods*

Theatre community:

Theatre community:
“There’s so much talent on Broadway! There’s no talent on the radio! More Broadway people should make it!”

*Idina Menzel* *Ariana Grande* *Adam Lambert*

Theatre community:

Theatre community:
“The best part about live theatre is that it’s imperfect and the performances are live!”

*Idina Menzel misses a note on New Year’s Eve and then calmly responds to the hate via twitter with class*

Theatre community:
“omg Idina stop making excuses, you suck and so does Let It Go omg it should have been Sutton, Audra would never blow a note wow.”

“I really wish people would stop hating on Frozen because the Maelstrom was taken out for the Frozen ride. It’s not the movies fault, the actor’s and actresses’ faults, nor the filmmaker a faults. It’s not the movie. It’s the greedy marketing team at Disney for dong all of this. Why blame the movie? It is stupid and childlike to say it’s awful because Elsa’s face is in everything or because the Maelstrom is gone. I mean are you really going to blame Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee for making Frozen?”

Honestly tho I get you guys hate Frozen and all but stop talking with your 5 year old nieces/cousins who love it to pieces about how much you hate it. You are probably hurting their feelings and you just sound mean. When they open their Christmas gifts and it’s the Elsa doll they’ve been wanting for months just keep opinions to yourself.

Who else is annoyed when people compare moana to frozen? Dude, frozen came out 4 years ago, like stop. Judge moana on its own and please let frozen rest! People hate on it so much these days it’s crazy. I haven’t read one moana review without them not mentioning frozen. Leave frozen be u guys, like plz

why do people constantly compare other disney movies to frozen like yeah cool frozen is similar to EVERY OTHER DISNEY MOVIE OUT THERE please stop trying to convince everyone that its REVOLUTIONARY and BEAUTIFUL and a FINE PIECE OF ANIMATION

I Don't Hate Frozen Because I Wanna Be 'Special'

I hate Frozen because it’s an over hyped, white washed, sexist, boring, uninteresting, plot hole filled movie. I don’t have to like it if I don’t want too and I’m most certainly not going to stop because someone tells me too.

“I’m really sick of how the Frozen fandom treats Hans Fans. From very mean and rude anon messages to outright posting rude things about us. People have been brought to tears because of how bad it is and some have even left. Some of us have tried to get it to stop but it doesn’t. For a movie with a moral about love there sure is a lot of hate. Us Hans fans have feelings too. I just want the hate to stop.”

Me: Oh I love Frozen! It helped me through some difficult times, and I relate a lot to it. It means so much to-


Me: but… you were all raving about it before it became popular?

Tumblr: …

Me: …


Me: shhh. Shh. Sh. I don’t care.

I think one of the reasons seeing stuff about Frozen gets me so irritated right now is partly because people praising it for things in a way that make it out to be revolutionary/breaking the mold. And I’m just here like…

Look, Disney has rarely been revolutionary. Even my fav Beauty and the Beast wasn’t really. Of movies that were honestly miles ahead of their time and brave in what story they told I would probably hold up Lilo and Stitch, and that is about it off the top of my head. Just because it was not only honest about relationships and dealt with some scary real world issues, but it did not make a punchline out of the culture it was portraying. And maybe Princess and the Frog, but they were frogs the entire movie, but first black Princess is a HUGE deal. So.

Yes, Frozen had sibling love. But it wasn’t even the first Disney movie to have it. Lilo and Stitch had it before then and did it BETTER. For one there is actually real, interesting conflict and displays of everyday love between the sisters, rather than a five minute montage and then barely spending the rest of the movie talking to each other. And fuck if two sisters, one of which has been locked in the room and the other who has been systematically ignored, would be totes coolies with each other and not have at least one knock-down-drag-out fight that is directly connected to their relationship rather than mystical powers. One very brief yelling stint from Anna acting as a heavy-handed plot device speaking the big plotty things only vaguely counts.

Since we never really see them engaging in a real sister relationship there is like, zero investment. As someone who has a really close relationship with my own lil’ sis, it is telling that there was nothing about Elsa’s and Anna’s dynamic that really spoke to me. There were no universal ‘Oh man, I get that’ sister moments.I mean, sisters are sisters, our relationship should take up the majority of screen time together because we are fucking hilarious and complicated and awesome when we do. And even without a lot of time there are still like, a million ways to show how awesome sisterhood is.

Oh, and the LGBT representation is barely hinted at and once again, no investment, the scene is used as a quick joke. One split-second maybe-hinted scene is not representation. Kudos for not making a 'they’re gay!’ joke though? Even if Disney didn’t even acknowledge whether they are actually lovers/husbands. So as a queer person I should care…why?

Frozen is a ok movie writing wise that I can see why some people would love it because of certain themes. But revolutionary or important to Feminism and LGBT movements it is not. And it is downright facepalm worthy with culture and race issues.