stop the dolphin slaughter


stop killing, stop Taji.

don’t buy a ticket to a dolphinarium.

The slaughter of dolphins takes place in the cove in Taiji, Japan. every year around 1st of September thousands of dolphins are captured, killed. Most of them are sold as whale meat.

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Today in Taiji, a large number of short-finned pilot whales were slaughtered. It took at least 5 documented trips to bring the fresh bodies to the butcher house. They were held in the killing cove for 44 hours without food. Some were selected for a life imprisoned in captivity and after the slaughter, the banger boats worked to drive the remaining pilot whales back to sea. Most are juveniles and are weak, starving and grieving the loss of their family. They will likely stay close to the shore where they witnessed members of their family get brutally murdered. It’s a sad day in this cove whenever the water runs red, but I can’t get over the extra torture inflicted on these sentient beings. It’s disgusting and the killers/Taiji Fishermen must get off on the power they think they have when all they are showing is cowardly and weakness.

There is no reason for the Taiji dolphin drive to be taking place in this day and age and it needs to come to an end. I can only thank Ric O’Barry and his Dolphin Project and the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians for keeping the spotlight and the pressure on Taiji. Let’s not hide what is going on. It’s time people all over the globe become aware so we can ban together and fight to end this. Our planet and these animals depend on us.

Everyone sees blackfish and shares it and is all “yeah! raise awareness about this and boycott seaworld woo, fuck keeping whales in bath tubs”

And then they refuse to see earthlings or any other exposure video on animal agriculture.
Trying to raise awareness about the other animal exploitation industries is “self righteous”. Apparently those are “personal choices” and you should just “live and let live”.

Everyone will praise Sea shepherd for going out and actively stopping whalers from killing whales, they’ll sign petitions to stop the taji dolphin slaughter, but god damn those vegans for ever talking about the suffering of pigs and cows and chickens. DON’T YOU KNOW THAT’S A PERSONAL CHOICE?

They’ll scream about china keeping dogs and cats in cages and killing them to eat, but don’t give a fuck about the animals in their own country who are treated just as fucking bad. In fact they will purposely not watch videos exposing these practices because they don’t want to give up “their meat” or “their dairy”.

The speciesism and hypocrisy of humans is doing my head in.
Stop only pointing the finger at others, and take a look in the mirror. Stop only supporting issues which literally require no sacrifice from you, and start making changes that YOU HAVE A DIRECT EFFECT ON. 

me and my sister outside the Japanese embassy in London.

exposing Taiji’s bloody secret.

The Taiji dolphin slaughter season has begun. :’(

From September to May over 20,000 dolphins are murdered in Japan.

Many others (bottle nose dolphins that are picked out by trainers) will be sold for over $200,000 and spend the rest of their life forced to entertain people in captivity. 

If you are not aware of the dolphin slaughter watch the film ‘The Cove’

anonymous asked:

What are good tweets to ask questions with for seaworld??? I wanna try and get out how and they are so like any ideas??

“What follow ups have you done on the released dolphin TJ? Are you still monitoring his progress?”

“Why is Morgan listed on your breeding list when she is not even a teenager yet?”

“What involvement do you have with the recently captured Russian Orcas?”

“Why are you blocking users who are asking genuine questions on this hashtag?”

“What have you done for Martha the Beluga to help with her grieving of her lost calf?”

“Do you plan on breeding Martha the Beluga again despite her history of failed offspring?”

“Why do you do business with Mundo Marino despite their poor living conditions for their solitary Orca?”

“What have you done to help stop the dolphin slaughters in Taiji?”

“Why are you trying to import 18 wild Beluga whales with the GA aquarium, some still nursing when they were captured?”

“Why have you not gotten permits for the Blue World Project yet?”

“Where is that $10 million you offered to donate for the Southern Resident Orcas?”