stop the bans

in my most recent game of team defense fort 2 i was banned from a 24/7 hightower pony rp server for screaming ‘incoming gamer!’ into my mic every time i respawned or charged as demoman. and i have to say, nothing really prepares you for the sensation of hearing a grown man say with no hint of irony in his voice, ‘mr sex goblin, if you dont stop saying that im banning you from ponyville forever’

Dear pornblogs who insists on following me

hope u enjoy my shitposting of memes and gay otps

Honestly imagine how cool it would be if everyone just stopped mowing their lawns.
After a few months we would have meadows and tons of bees and rabbits and toads and stuff. After a few more summers there would be trees, and eventually your neighborhood would become a forest. There would be so much shade. The air would be so fresh. You would see deer on your walk to school, we could save the Earth.


smart and smooth way to avoid giving speech by choi seunghyun

Okay so the antis are absolutely stupid, their logic doesn’t even make sense. They are basically claiming that Keith and co. are equal to kids and thus shouldn’t be shipped with Shiro. But, then according to that logic, ALL Voltron ships should be banned. Klance included. After all, they’re “kids”!! Ao3 is full of sexual Klance content so that makes those just as bad since, by anti logic, people are shipping “children” together.