stop that judging right now

Here I am back at it again, sorry not sorry. I drew @blurryghosts oc Oliver. I can’t draw lines with pens. I also colored this with colored pencils because I can’t use Copics or watercolors. I drew him (?) In a crop top, because I was wearing a crop top today, also it’s fun drawing characters in crop tops. Hope it’s not super awful.

You mean i gotta wait?

Ew. So I’m watching Masamune-kun’s Revenge (hey, @bananapeppers you stop judging right now! Don’t you dare go look it up. You probably did…so now stop shaking your head at me) and I get to the last episode like huh that’s weird only 11 episodes not realizing that its a simulcast and the last episode hasnt come out yet. 

How do people handle real tv?! I have to wait for the final episode?!

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Flowey: “I’ll judge as much as I want to judge!!”

Flowey: “What?? No, leave me alone!!”

Flowey: “That joke isn’t funny anymore! … Actually, it NEVER was!”

Flowey: “… what?”

Flowey: “I dunno what that is but I don’t appreciate it!!”

Flowey: “Finally, some people with common sense!!”

Frisk: “Oh, they’re right! Can I hug you?”

Flowey: “Now I don’t feel like it! So no, you can’t!”


“I’m a pacifist. When I get angry, I just stop in that moment and always control my mind. I judge if right now is a moment I should or should not be angry.Then, if I think about problems others have, I think like, ‘even if I feel upset, that person also has their own situation they are dealing with, so I can’t get angry.’ So now I don’t fight with anyone around me. The first time I did that though it was really difficult. However the more I did it the better I got. Really, if you think deeply, you can change.”

“저는 평화주의자예요. 화가 날 때, 딱 그 순간에 멈춰서 항상 스스로 마인드 컨트롤을 해요. 내가 지금 화를 내도 되는 순간인가 아닌가 판단한 다음, 사람에 대한 문제라면 ‘답답하더라도 저 사람의 상황도 있을테니 여기서 화내면 안 돼.’ 딱 이렇게 생각을 해요. 그럼 제 주변의 누구도 싸우지 않더라구요. 처음에는 그렇게 하는 게 정말로 어려웠어요. 근데 그게 점점 할 수록 진짜로 잘 돼요. 진짜로 깊게 생각하면 변할 수 있어요.”