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I’m just saying you can’t possibly believe there aren’t people capable enough to do Mark’s job.” he paused. “Or an even better job.”

Aaaaalright. When you find that person, please let me know because I’m seriously dying to find someone who eats pussy the way he did.” you were mad. This wasn’t even about Mark’s pride. Who gave a shit about his pride? This was about the little shit lying right next to you.

He looked at you for the first time in the four hours he had been there, serious smoked out eyes boring into your own as he said in the calmest and deepest voice you had ever heard:

I can eat your pussy better than he ever will.”

Genre: Romance. Smut.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Rating: Mature (face riding and just a lil of spanking because damn)

Length: 3.2k

A/N: so ok, i used to write a lot when my blog url was slutmi and they were all fics about demi so i wasnt sure whether to post this or not. wrote it out of nowhere.  and idk listen this is trash like nowhere near as good as any other kpop/bts writer so i sincerely apologize so stOP judging right NOW istg sorry yes the outfit  jungkook is wearing here is THAT outfit. yall know which one. lets not ok? ok.  also btw listen to my queen jojo’s edibles for real invented r&b like queen of legendary comebacks she really did THAT

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Has holly ever broken her gem?

Holly: I don’t want to talk about it,,

((HEY GUYS I MANAGED TO GET @reluctantley TO DRAW ONE OF MY ASKS!! Her art is so amazing y’all need to check out her stuff because WOW, her stuff is rad. Don’t get too used to the good art though because I’m still the sinning trash that runs the blog ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ))

Please use the right tags

Like Bruh, it’s cool that you’re a multi-shipper (so am I) or that you dislike a pairing so much that you use the wrong tags (I tried not to judge but nope, totally judging you right now)

But still please STOP tagging Sterek in Steter posts, you are ruining the pairing for anyone who might one day ship it. Steter is NOT Sterek, so please stop tagging the wrong stuff.

I’m going through posts /search/steter and /tagged/steter and half the content are Sterek, Why are you ppl like this??


3/ 「random gifs of my favorite GOT7 members a.k.a my ot3 markjinson♡ 」

mark tuan edition: winking machine + that smile :)

Patience (A Jack Barakat Imagine) Part Five - Final

As promised, here is the final part of the Patience imagine! This is only the 2nd smut I’ve ever written, so some feedback would be great :) Thanks to everyone for reading! The requests I’ve gotten for this entire imagine have honestly blown me away; never thought I’d get so many! You guys are the best :3

Word Count: 2,109
Pairing: Jack Barakat x Reader (first person “I”)
Warnings: SMUT. Fluffy smut. NC-17.

part one     part two     part three     part four

     It was a sad sight for me to see and the ache in my chest made it clear that there was no way I would be leaving this house, there was no way I would be leaving him. No matter how upset I was, seeing Jack standing there so vulnerable and on the verge of tears brought me back to the reality that I still loved him, even when he fucked up. With a sigh, I closed the distance between us and wrapped him into a hug. He momentarily froze, surprised by my action, but quickly hugged my back once he was over the shock. “I forgive you,” I began, briefly pulling away to look at him. “But you can’t just say sorry and magically fix everything. What you said hurt like hell, even if you didn’t mean it.”

     Jack slowly nodded in response, once again biting his lip, but this time, it wasn’t like he was holding back tears; it seemed like he was contemplating something. “Would you really regret having sex with me?” he questioned in a serious tone, completely changing the subject.

     Without hesitation, I shook my head no. “No, I wouldn’t. I really only said that to prove a point,” I admitted, looking down at the floor between us in embarrassment.

     “So you wouldn’t regret it if that’s how I started making all of this up to you?” Immediately, my head shot back up. I searched his gaze for any hint that he wasn’t serious, but I fell short…and speechless. Unable to form a coherent response, I simply shook my head no and watched as that beautiful Jack Barakat smile worked its way onto his face. “Thank you,” he said, and in an instant, his lips were on mine, bringing me into a kiss that seemed to ignite a flame inside. Our lips moved in sync and the amount of passion in it sent my head spinning. Jack broke the kiss, pulling away slightly. “Bedroom?” he questioned in a breathy tone. His eyes glistened with excitement and lust, but the admiration in his gaze was more prominent, making me feel all fuzzy inside, as cliché as that sounds.

     “I’ll follow you,” I replied in a similar tone, concealing the nervousness I was feeling. Before I had the chance to say anything else, Jack’s lips were back on mine. As carefully as we could manage, we made our way back to our bedroom. Upon entering the room, he broke away, lifting his shirt over his head and revealing the Jack Skellington tattoo etched into his skin. He swiftly stepped out of his shoes and jeans, not wasting any time to come back to me afterwards.

     A surge of something new filled the space surrounding us as Jack’s hands moved around to my back, playing with the edges of my shirt and brushing against the bare skin underneath it. I shivered at the contact and the beat of my heart quickened with the feeling of him slowly lifting my shirt up. Jack’s lips barely left mine as he pulled off my shirt, dropping it to the floor before he reached behind my back. He drew soft circles in the skin just underneath the clasp of my bra in preparation for undoing it and in one swift movement, he unclasped the supportive fabric. Jack tossed it onto the floor among the growing pile of clothing and slowly began to move down my body, peppering kisses in as many spots on my bare skin as he went. The breath hitched in my throat and my eyes fluttered closed at the feeling, savoring every second of it…but the feeling of Jack’s fingers playing with the button of my jeans caused my eyes to fly open and I peered down at him.

     He met my stare and held it as he slowly pulled them down, never once breaking that gaze. The material slowly moved down my legs and finally, he pulled my jeans off completely, helping me as I stepped out of them along with my shoes. Once he got rid of them, Jack worked his way back up my body, pulling me back in for a lust-filled kissed once he was standing back up. One of his hands fell to my chest, fondling with my breasts as the other remained on my waist. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he breathily whispered, his eyes looking almost scared as they met mine. They quickly changed upon noticing my flustered cheeks – blushed pink in my aroused state as my eyes subconsciously pleaded for more contact.

     “Yes..” I replied, giving my brightest my smile to show I trusted him.

     “Then jump.” Jack grinned, his hands firmly gripping my waist as I jumped slightly, pulling me unbelievably close to him as I wrapped my legs around his torso. Once he was sure he had a firm grasp, he staggered over to the neatly made bed, falling onto it. As a result, my hips accidentally ground into his as the two of us hit the soft mattress. A moan escaped his lips and the boxers he was wearing quickly became unbearably tight, resulting in a giggle from me. “You’re adorable,” he commented from above me, his brown eyes glistening. “And so damn beautiful.” Once again, his lips trailed down my body, sending shivers down my spine with each kiss until he came to a stop over my panty-clad heat.

       Jack’s hands settled on my thighs, encouragingly parting my legs as his lips teasingly ghosted over my thinly covered core. “These need to go,” he mumbled against me, the vibrations bringing a wave of euphoria over me and forcing my head to fall back against the pillows. Teasingly, he then took the waistband of my panties in between his teeth, pulling them down my legs and exposing the most private area of me.

     I bit my lip as I watched him return to his previous position, hovering directly over my now exposed heat. He kept his gaze on me, gauging my reaction as he cautiously licked a stripe up my core. As Jack’s tongue pressed flat against me, a loud moan fell from my lips. “Oh my God, Jack,” I moaned breathily, reveling in the new sensations washing over my bed.

     “Does that feel good, babe?” Jack questioned, only hearing my moans in response as he softly sucked on the sensitive bundle of nerves that was my clit. My hands worked their way into his hair in a desperate attempt to keep him there. Loving the reactions he was getting out of me, Jack brought his finger up to my entrance, slowly pushing in as he continued to work his lips on my clit. The feeling of his digit slowly pushing in and out of me combined with the feeling of his plump, kiss-swollen lips sucking the soft bundle of nerves was enough to drive me crazy with pleasure, making my back arch in complete ecstasy. Normally, I would be completely embarrassed by making any type of moan, but the amount of pleasure I was feeling most definitely concealed the embarrassment I felt from the inhuman noises that were falling from my lips. “You’re so beautiful,” Jack hummed against me appreciatively.

     “Please Jack.” My back attempted to arch again, but Jack’s free hand firmly weighted me down. I was absolutely helpless underneath him as he now moved two of his dexterous fingers in and out of my heat at a fast pace.

     “What is it babe? What do you want?” he questioned sweetly, yet cheekily, and I could practically see the smirk on his face.

     “Y-you, I – oh, please don’t stop I…” I didn’t know exactly what I wanted right now, but judging by the knot forming in my stomach from the amount of pleasure Jack was giving me, I knew something was about to happen. In an instant, I tipped over the edge and I fell apart, my toes curling violently and my moans growing louder as my body fell into a euphoric state.

     I had barely recovered from the powerful orgasm and was catching my breath as Jack removed all contact, briefly standing up so that he could rid himself of his boxers and free his length. Once he reached inside of the bedside table and grabbed a condom, I watched as he rolled it onto his member. Feeling my gaze, he looked over at me and cheekily winked, resulting in a deep blush to erupt onto my cheeks as he climbed back onto the bed, hovering over my bare body. Jack pressed his forehead against mine and laced our fingers together, lowering himself just enough to place a comforting kiss on my kiss-swollen lips. “Ready?” he asked as he pulled away, searching my gaze for any sign of hesitation on my part. Still at a loss for words, I simply nodded and breathed deeply, trying to steady my beating heart as I felt him place his tip at my entrance. “I love you so much,” he breathed out as he began to push into me. He pushed very slowly, but I stiffened from the uncomfortableness of the foreign feeling. Sensing my discomfort, Jack stilled inside of me, waiting for me to adjust. “Tell me when you’re ready for me to move.”

     Though it wasn’t nearly as painful as I had imagined, it took a few moments for me to adjust and feel comfortable enough to want Jack to move. I squeezed his hands when I felt comfortable, indicating to him that it was okay. “You can move,” I stated.

     As per my instruction, Jack cautiously rolled his hips back then slowly pushed all the way in again. He was hesitant at first, but he started to pick up his pace when I began to moan out, a new sense of pleasure taking over my body again. As he started to thrust harder, the wetness from my first orgasm made it easier for him to slide in. My eyes, which had been closed from the blissful ecstasy I was feeling, slowly opened and I gazed up at one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen; Jack hovered over me with slightly parted lips and beautiful brown eyes that burned into mine as I moaned his name from beneath him. “So.” He placed a kiss onto my forehead, “Fucking.” Another on the exposed sensitive skin of my neck, “Beautiful.” He enveloped my lips with a passionate kiss, nibbling on my bottom lip as he continued thrusting into me.

      Like the first time it happened, the knot inside of my stomach began growing tighter and tighter, and I screamed out in complete pleasure, scratching my hands down Jack’s back as his thrusts began growing sloppier. “Jack, I-I’m gonna…” I began, feeling myself inch closer and closer to the edge.

      “Fuck,” he cursed, pulling one of his hands out of my grasp so that he could push the stray strands of hair out of my face to see me better. “I need you to come for me. It’s okay, I’m right here with you.” With that, Jack leaned down closer to me, placing sloppy kisses on my neck before whispering sweet nothings in my ear, carrying me closer to my release. In an instant, my vision blurred and the white hot pleasure tore through me as my body shook with the most powerful orgasm I could have ever imagined. Jack’s name fell from my lips amongst the screams of immense pleasure, sending him into his own release. I felt him release inside of me as he buried his face into my neck, hotly moaning out my name in my ear.

     With his body atop mine, we both laid there for a few minutes in an attempt to catch our breath. Jack placed his forehead back onto mine, gazing down at me with the cheekiest grin on his face and the happiest gleam in his eye. “How are you feeling?” he asked, placing a kiss on my nose.

     “That was – I just – I feel amazing. Jack, that was purely amazing” I answered, allowing the foolish grin to work its way onto my features.

      In satisfaction, Jack fell to the side of me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me back into him. Cradled against his chest, I buried my face into the crook of his neck and did my best to hide the deep red blush that was probably going to be permanent seeing as how I couldn’t stop blushing. “It really was,” he mumbled sleepily as the tiredness began to take over both of our bodies. “All it took was a little bit of patience.”

wow. okay. this was only my 2nd smut. sorry if it was bad XD

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“I’m a pacifist. When I get angry, I just stop in that moment and always control my mind. I judge if right now is a moment I should or should not be angry.Then, if I think about problems others have, I think like, ‘even if I feel upset, that person also has their own situation they are dealing with, so I can’t get angry.’ So now I don’t fight with anyone around me. The first time I did that though it was really difficult. However the more I did it the better I got. Really, if you think deeply, you can change.”

“저는 평화주의자예요. 화가 날 때, 딱 그 순간에 멈춰서 항상 스스로 마인드 컨트롤을 해요. 내가 지금 화를 내도 되는 순간인가 아닌가 판단한 다음, 사람에 대한 문제라면 ‘답답하더라도 저 사람의 상황도 있을테니 여기서 화내면 안 돼.’ 딱 이렇게 생각을 해요. 그럼 제 주변의 누구도 싸우지 않더라구요. 처음에는 그렇게 하는 게 정말로 어려웠어요. 근데 그게 점점 할 수록 진짜로 잘 돼요. 진짜로 깊게 생각하면 변할 수 있어요.”


Summary: Part 5 of the color verse. The world is in black and white until the day after you sleep with your soulmate. (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)
Author’s Note: Holy shit, when I said that I was going to be updating today, I figured like three or four people would like my post. Instead, over 40 of you did. I feel so incredibly grateful. Thank you all so, so much. Also! All fics now have the tag “color verse” for easier navigation. You don’t need to pop back and forth between pages to find the next chapter. Just go here!

“A boyfriend? Oh.” Connor does his best to seem neutral, but his stomach twists and dips. He wants to tell Oliver that he should have told him and that he had a right to know, but he knows that he can’t say it without being a hypocrite. Oliver owes him nothing, and for once he knows to bite his tongue.

Oliver laughs uncomfortable and fiddles with his hands. “We moved in together kind of fast, but the circumstances…” Oliver focuses his gaze intently on the table.

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Here I am back at it again, sorry not sorry. I drew @blurryghosts oc Oliver. I can’t draw lines with pens. I also colored this with colored pencils because I can’t use Copics or watercolors. I drew him (?) In a crop top, because I was wearing a crop top today, also it’s fun drawing characters in crop tops. Hope it’s not super awful.



Flowey: “I’ll judge as much as I want to judge!!”

Flowey: “What?? No, leave me alone!!”

Flowey: “That joke isn’t funny anymore! … Actually, it NEVER was!”

Flowey: “… what?”

Flowey: “I dunno what that is but I don’t appreciate it!!”

Flowey: “Finally, some people with common sense!!”

Frisk: “Oh, they’re right! Can I hug you?”

Flowey: “Now I don’t feel like it! So no, you can’t!”