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request: “Fluffy Jerome with prompt 33?” - anonymous

word count: 616 (it’s on the shorter side, sorry)

warnings: torture, strong language, needy Jerome. i should add that Reader’s a bit more on the insane side in this imagine.

OH MY GOD. anon i am so sorry! i totally forgot this was a request. please accept my apologies. ;-;

The sound of the whip cracking echoed through the cement room. The sound would send shivers down any sane person’s spine. But you weren’t sane. The only thing you derived from the pained cries and cracking sound was pleasure.

Multiple more cracks sounded and blood slowly dripped from the scars of your innocent victim. Without much cause, you began to laugh mercilessly at the suffering of the person before you. It was satisfying to know you were stronger and this person would obey your every whim. This cruel power was what quenched your desires.

Before you could crack the whip again, the creaking sound of a door sliding open caught your attention. You turned your head to stare at your ginger lover, who was none other than the feared and revered Jerome Valeska.

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I want to inspire people to believe that there is no limit. There is no stopping, especially for an artist. There is no limit to artistry. No matter what you do, you do it your way, and you continue to do it however you want to do it. I want to be in these films that inspire people, where people can relate to my characters and fall in love with my characters, but at the same time I want to put out music and show people that you can tell stories through this art form. I want to pose for pictures. There’s no limits to anyone, that’s the biggest message I want to get out to people. I grew up believing that there were limits, but there really aren’t. The more these lessons are coming to me, the more I believe that there is no stopping point. And I don’t plan on stopping.

Nothing’s gonna harm you (not while i’m around)

Hey everyone! Remember when, two months ago, I said I was working on a Baby BatCat fanfiction? Well, I finally got around to finishing it!

I’m sorry it took me so long, but what was intended to be a small, fluffy OS turned into a behemoth of a fic, filled with angst and hurt/comfort. So I guess it’s a win? Please enjoy!

Baby BatCat. Post-Season 3 Winter Finale.

It’s been two days since the standoff between Bruce and Jerome. While Bruce is having trouble coming to terms with his ordeal, Selina has never been more worried about anything or anyone.

This missing moment is about the two of them taking care of each other, having important conversations, and realizing that protecting and trusting are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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“No one’s gonna hurt you,

No one’s gonna dare.

Others can desert you,

Not to worry, whistle, I’ll be there.”

— Not While I’m Around,

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Selina quietly observed him from behind the window as he sat on the couch opposite the fireplace, his lanky frame somewhat tense, shoulders sagged and head low. It had been a couple of days since Jerome wrecked havoc on Gotham and tried to murder Bruce, and Selina couldn’t remember a time when she had felt more terrified for him. The moment she’d learned about what had happened, she’d gone straight to Wayne manor, not even caring that she was supposed to be mad at Bruce—she just wanted, needed to make sure he was okay.

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That's Your Sister? She's A Doll.

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Request: Jerome imagine? The reader is Barbara’s little sister and Jerome falls in love with her when she visits Barbara at the penthouse. (Pre death Jerome?) please?

Fandom: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Note: this one shot contains swearing, mentions of violence. gif isn’t mine! thats the only good gif i could find of jerome and babs.

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Cool Down

// Hope you guys like this.

Title: Cool down.

Rating: Mid-fluff.

Warnings: Flirty Jerome. //

Y/n groans and sprawls out on the floor. “Can’t we call someone to fix it?” She mutters, rolling over onto her stomach. Tabitha turns around and shakes her head, placing her hands on her hips.

“We already did, y/n. They can’t get here until tomorrow. It’s not that hot anyways,” she motions around. “Do something to take your mind off it if it really bothers you that much.” She turns back around and heads into her room, slamming the door shut. Y/n sighs when Jerome, Barbara and Greenwood all walk into the room. Jerome instantly turns his attention to her, tilting his head.

“Why don’t you go into your room to nap, sleepy-head?” He teases, leaping onto the couch and crouching on it, staring down at her. She groans again and rolls back onto her back, resting her hands on her stomach.

“The air conditioner’s broken.” She murmurs. “It’s so hot in h-”

“Well, that would be my fault, I’m sorry.” Jerome places a hand over his chest in mock sincerity.

“Ugh, shut up. I’m not in the mood for your crap.” She covers her face and closes her eyes, hoping that he’ll leave. The sound of chairs being pulled back let’s her know that Barbara and Greenwood are sitting at the table. She can hear the thud of feet landing on the tile and she sighs. Y/n tries to relax, laying out on the living room floor in minimal clothing; a tank top and cotton shorts.

After he hasn’t said anything after a while, she assumes he has left. So, it came as a surprise when she opens her eyes to find him staring directly down at her.

“Jesus! Jerome, what the he-” He reaches down and pulls her up, holding him close to her in a typical movie embrace, pushing a strand of her h/c hair out of her eyes, one hand behind his back.

“Hey gorgeous, I’ve got a great idea to cool you down.” Y/n scoffs, pulling away from him and beginning to walk away. She was expecting a flirty comment or sexual joke to follow his remark, but instead feels a water balloon explode on the front of her shirt, followed by his hysterical laughter. Her eyes pop open wide, and her arms stick out to her side, palms out.

“Jerome, you little piece of-” he pulls a show of his talent in magic, pulling a water gun out of nowhere, pointing it directly at her, raising an eyebrow in warning. “Okay, well, it doesn’t seem really fair to-” Y/n doesn’t have a chance to finish her sentence as a spray of icy water hits her in her face. She holds her hands up to protect herself, stumbling backwards. “Jer-Jerome,” Suddenly, he knocks her to the ground, pinning her and pointing the squirt gun down at her face. “Okay, okay. Peace- I want peace, just stop this stop god dam-” Despite herself, despite trying to make herself sound angry, a giggle slips past y/n’s lips. She begins to laugh, shaking her head, cursing herself slightly for not being able to stop laughing. Jerome smiles, standing up and pulling her up with him.

“So, we’ll just have to do this all day, or you could listen to my other idea.”

Y/n laughs, smiling up at him. “What, Jerome?”

“Cold shower. Of course, I valiantly offer to keep you company,” he places a hand over his heart, smiling innocently, although the glint in his eyes is anything but innocent.

“Oh, shut up, you!” She playfully slaps his arm.

“Hey, don’t blame me for trying…so, is it me? Am I the problem with that idea, or…” Y/n leans forward, her face inches from his. His eyes meet hers briefly before focusing on her lips. After what seems like an eternity, he moves forward slowly, his gaze not moving from her mouth, only closing a few seconds after he presses his lips against hers. Y/n sighs softly against his lips, which Jerome takes as an invitation to pull her closer, and tilt his head, deepening the kiss.

Y/n is the one to break the kiss, breathing in deeply. Before she can move Jerome goes in for another kiss, his hand traveling to the back of her head, attempting to pull her closer to him. She shakes her head, grinning widely.

“No, Jerome. I actually liked your idea, and I think I’m going to take your advice.” She raises her eyebrows, and turns her attention to Barbara. “Hey, could you make sure that he doesn’t try to follow me? Just keep an eye on him please.” Barbara nods, picking up a magazine.

“Keep your boy toy away from the shower while you’re in there, got it.” Jerome growls slightly, staring after y/n as she saunters away.


Request: Can I request an imagine where Jerome comes back from the dead and can’t remember reader who still loves him but then later something makes him remember and he apologizes and it’s all fluff, cuddles, kisses etc?❤️😂


That night still so clear in my mind. That night Galavan betrayed both Jerome and I. I was back stage just watching my lovely maniac preform and scare the rich bastards of Gotham when it happened. When the knife was plunged into Jerome’s neck by Theo.

Then and there it felt like my life ended. I had nothing. I was numb to everything. His cold eyes were the last thing I saw before I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t care.

I found a small abandon apartment in a part of town that was left to rot. I stayed there for I don’t know how long. Months and months without care. I didn’t leave unless it was to get food, and even then that was a night. It was one night when it all changed though. I saw him. Theo Galavan being shoved into a truck by Penguin, and non other than the famous Jim Gordon.

I felt the rush go through my body. I ran to them as fast as my legs would carry me. They stare at me with wide eyes. “(Y/N).” Jim speaks surprised. “Yeah yeah I’m not dead. We’re all surprised. But he should be!” I scream and point at Galavan just imagining the many ways I could make him pay.

Gordon and Penguin look at me and motion for me to get in the car with them. We drive to the docks and take turns of playing Hit the Rick Dick named Galavan. Jim pulls out him gun but is hesitant to shoot the asshole. “Give me that! This isn’t child’s play!” I grab the gun from Jim and aim it at Galavan. “I can do it!” Jim fusses back. “Oh please. You do it and you can kill me as well, but if you can’t and I do it. You owe me something.” “What do you want?” Penguin asks. “A job with the GCPD.” I say causing Jim to scoff. “Please. They’ll never let you in.” “My records clean. Nothing ever been caught for. Never been arrested. No proof anywhere.” Jim looks at the gun and grabs it. “Deal.”

Jim raises the gun and aims it at Galavan. Seconds go by without him pulling the trigger. “Oh come on!” I huff and steal the gun again and shoot Theo Galavan in the head. I smile as the blood flows from his body. I twirl the gun on my hand and smile at Jim. “So when do I start?”

Months of working at the GCPD was actually good. I got myself a proper place to live, and now I’ve got money for spending on things I want. I’m getting my life back, but it’s still not the life I want. I want a life with Jerome.

I had gotten hope when I heard about someone trying to bring him back, but sadly his dead body lies in a room in the GCPD with his face cut off. I’ve sat in here just staring at him. Longing to see his eyes and hear his laugh.

Lee walks in and huffs slamming a latex glove on the table. “Hard day?” I say covering Jerome’s face. “You have no idea.” “I think I do.” I sigh and go over to my bag getting out a gift card for a free coffee. “I’ll be back with a pick me up.” I say and walk down the street to get a coffee.

Once I get the coffee’s I quickly go back to work to help Lee with the body of my dead boyfriend. I walk into the room only to see Jerome’s body gone, and a dead cop on the floor.

A hand wraps around my mouth causing me to drop the drinks in my hand. “Boo.” A dark voice says in my ear. A voice I know. A voice I love to hear. I turn around and see him. Jerome. A wrapped up faceless Jerome, but he’s still mine. “Jerome.” I say still stricken with shock. “You- how- I-” I stumble back and hit the table. I fall to the floor and everything goes black.

Lee’s POV:

I walk in to see a sight I never thought I’d see. (Y/n) on the floor, and Jerome picking her up and setting her on the table where his dead body once was. I close the door catching his attention. He points the gun at me and laughs. “Someone better tell me what the hell is going on.” He says laughing.

I don’t complain, I don’t struggle. I tell him the entire story of his death. “Ha, ha, ha Wow. Well, that is quite a story. You know, I know I’ve been dead, but doesn’t that seem kind of crazy to you? Hey, maybe you’re dreaming. Try shooting yourself. Huh. Oh Nah. Hey, tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great, huh?”

I roll my eyes and check (y/n)’s Heath. “They’re a bunch of raving lunatics and idiots.” I state the obvious. “Lunatics and idiots? Ooh, my kind of people. Sorry. Head’s still a little fuzzy. You know, I was just reborn. Last year was nothing but darkness as far as the eye can see.”

Jerome looks me up and down. “Hey, did you and I ever, uh.” He sticks out his tongue and places the gun to where his private area is. “Oh, God, no.” I scoff.

“Why? Gingers not your type?” “No, but they are hers. She’s the one you did it with.” I say pointing to (y/n). Jerome strolls over to her and looks at her then laughs. “Oh, I remember. Well not her. Never seen her before, hm but I’d like to.” He starts to lift up (y'n)’s shirt, and I slap his hand away.

He turns to me and points the gun at me. “You’re Jim Gordon’s little Twinkie. How’s it going between you and Jimbo? Huh? You still together or-” “No.” “Aw. That sucks. I really liked you guys. What happened?” “He killed my husband on our wedding night.”

Jerome starts busting out laughing. “Glad you find it funny."I say rolling my eyes. "I do. I get why you don’t. Wow. You miss a lot being dead.” “You know what? Go ahead, enjoy it. There’s about a hundred cops on the other side of that door ready to kill you all over again.”

This statement gets his attention and he shuts up. “I see your point. It’s a business. So, when I was last, you know, uh, alive, I was about to kill Bruce Wayne. I suppose I didn’t manage to. Theo Galavan killed me, that jug-eared Judas. Well, I suppose I should start by killing him.” He says pacing around.

"Theo Galavan’s dead.” Jerome stops and looks at me. “Oh Who beat me to it?” (Y/n) groans and lifts her body up. “I shot him dead the first time.” SHe says giggling. I walk out as fast as I could, but before I can make it to the door I get a scalpel right next to my head. I look back to see (y/n)’s crazy smile. She places her finger to her lips and makes a shh sound. I gulp, nod, and walk out.

(Y/n) POV:

Lee exits the room leaving Jerome and I alone. “Ah finally. Sleeping beauty woke up.” I giggle as he walks closer. “Remind me. What’s your name.” I look at him confused. He must’ve lost him memory from the trauma of basically being frankenstines monster. “(Y/n) (y/l/n). We met at the circus a long time ago. We were together for a long time. We loved each other.” Jerome smiles and laughs. “Hm. Fuzzy memories, but we’re getting there. Tell me something else. First kiss. First time. First fight. Nicknames. Give me something.”

I giggle and pull him closer until he’s standing between my thighs. “First kiss was the night we met. First time was the night we met. We’ve never had a fight and you call me doll, babygirl, sweetheart, babe, sugar, and I call you J, handsome, love, Ging, babe. Ya know the normal.” I shrug and wrap my arms around his neck as his go to my hips. “(Y/n). I remember. Oh do I remember you doll. Oh baby all the fun times we had! You didn’t move on to anyone else did you?” “No J. Never.” “Good. You’re mine doll. Always will be.” He forcefully pulls me into a kiss. It being so difficult seeing as he doesn’t really have any lips. He pulls back and laughs. “Oh doll face we are gonna have some fun…right after I do something. Where is my face?” I laugh and jump off the table. “Come on J.”

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Request:oml jerome fluff where the reader was held hostage and jerome saves her but shes hurt and he cares for her and is just super over protective? thank you so much and love your imagines! ——–


“Attention…attention…attention!” The oh so familiar voice of the mystery kidnapper. I’ve been held here for about 3 months. Possibly more. I stay curled up in the corner of the room. The four walled room, one hanging light, and one bed on the floor along with one blanket.

I look up at the viewing window where my capture is behind. “It’s that time again lovely. That time for him to come in. the time for him to see you.” I sniff and whip the tears that fall from my face on a daily basis. “How many times do I have to tell you HE IS GONE!” I scream at the window in rage.

I can since him shaking his head. “It’s not lady like the yell doll. You’ll see soon.” I throw the glass plate at the window and scream till I was blue.

I was beaten on once a day. Slashed with a knife at least twice a week, and threatened with a gun 3 times a month. The door opens and I’m greeted with something I never wished to see.

His face. The face I saw every single day for years. The face I use to kiss every night before my eyes closed. “Hello Doll. Miss me?” He walks closer. “Who are you?” I ask and stand up alarmed. “Don’t you recognize me baby? It’s me Jerome.”

The unknown figure adjusts the skin on his face and walks closer to me. “Kiss me my queen! It’s been far to long.” He grabs my face and tries to place his lips upon mine. “Stop! Stop it now! YOU’RE NOT JEROME!” I scream with tears running down my face. I punch and kick the ‘masked’ man in rage. He stamps his foot in frustration and removes himself from the room. I sink to the floor and cover my face. Jerome…Jerome please comes back. I need you.

Jerome POV:

I push the last staple in my face to reconnect the skin on my face. “So how does it look?” I ask the man that brought me back. I look over his shoulder and see what looks like a duffel bag filled with clothes. Clothes I know. Some I bought.

I hold my finger up and walk to the bag. “Now what are these? I stuff my hands in the bag and pull out one very pleasing memory. “Huh. Looks like these belong to my baby girl.” “W-what? No…I-I don’t know.”

I pull out a knife and place it to his neck. “Show me where she is. She’s her isn’t she? Ohh yes she is! I can see it in your eyes. Show me.” He nods and quickly goes to a bolted door and unlocks it. I look in to see a balled up figure in the corner of the room. I walk to her and see her gone from the world. Still breathing but barley.

I turn around and throw the knife right into his chest. “What did you do?” I scream at him. “She’s dying of a broken heart.” He laughs and I strangle him the rest of the way dead.

I pick up my baby doll and rush out of the building and to a friend who owes me a favor.

(Y/N) POV:

Light. Light flashes in my eyes, and I open my eyes. I open my eyes to see white tile room. I look to my right to see a heart monitor, and an IV giving me fluids. Then to my left I see a red head lying on the couch. Red hair I love. The red hair I missed. “Jerome?” I ask my voice horses and rough. He stirs and rolls over. I see staples line his face in a circle; from his forehead to the bottom of his chin. His eyes open and he immediately stands. “Baby doll. There you are. Oh I’ve missed you so much!” He strides over to me and strokes my face. I let a tear slip and he wipes it away and kisses my cheek. “I’m here baby. I’m gonna take care of you. Just remember! Laughter is the best medicine!” I laugh and kiss him happy I have my baby back.


Anon: Hey, would you do a sub!Jerome x dom!Reader? Every Jerome fic I’ve found has had him as a dominant and the reader as a sub. I would love a twist on that. Smut is perfectly fine but with some cute fluff mixed in. Thanks, love.

Oh god.  I secretly wanted someone to request this lmao I am a beacon of sin.

Jerome Valeska x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Dom!Reader, Sub!Jerome, wrist binding, slapping, language.  Go to church.

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