stop that go away


Feelings I can’t stop
Can’t ask to go away
Growing on me like some kind of drug
I’m afraid they’re here to stay
Crying because I feel like it
Praying that nobody has noticed
How it tears me down
How I’m not even able to stand on my own ground
Pulling trough
Just because I think I need to
Show no one I’m weak
I’ll have time for that when I sleep
Open up my mind to the reality
Dreaming of the possibility
To the outcome
Of some of the things I’ve done

No one in the world can understand
That I’m battling a battle I can’t win
I’m in it on my own
And that’s the only thing I know
It’s just going to be me on this ride
Till the day I die

Choices I have to make
Smiles I have to fake
No giving up
Because of the people that say I’m enough
Trying so hard not to cry
Writing out all of me lies
Vanishing in my thoughts
Thinking why life treats me this rough
Feel like I’m a mess
Feel like I’m depressed
Trying to cope with it
But my mind just ain’t willing yet

No one in the world can understand
That I’m battling a battle I can’t win
I’m in it on my own
And that’s the only thing I know
It’s just going to be me on this ride
Till the day I die

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Proposal: Lúthien can't sing

Who, that has heard her, says she can?

Daeron. Trying to get into her pants. 

Beren. Has spent however many years living alone in the wilderness killing orcs with his teeth. Would probably fall in love with a fox’s awful mating screech if the fox also offered him compassion and understanding. 

Stone. Crumbles. 

Morgoth: Falls asleep. I don’t know about you, but I rarely fall asleep at concerts, especially when I’m having lascivious thoughts about the artist. 

Mandos: Raises the dead to make her stop and go away. 

Nightingales: Are birds. What the fuck do birds know about music?  

Safe Place || Britt + Niall

Another late hour into the night and Niall was still wide awake. The boy couldn’t even remember what number night in a row this was, but the lack of sleep was definitely starting to effect him in more ways than one. But nonetheless, there was nothing he could do to help it. The blonde had done everything he could think of to fill the time he was awake, everything eventually becoming really old, really quick. But tonight, he and Britt had been talking, something the boy couldn’t help but enjoy. It had been a while since the two had done so, leaving Niall glad that there wasn’t any awkward tension between the two. From the moment they spoke, he couldn’t stop the inevitable. The slight butterfly feel in his stomach refused to go away, no matter how hard he had tried. But he pushed it away in the moment, focusing on the street he lead his car down. He had agreed to meet the girl at her place, since it was him who put the scary idea, of someone in her home, in her head. A small smile pulled at one of the corners of his mouth at the thought of how frightened he remembered she got and how much he would usually mess with her just for a rise out of her. But, of course, he knew in the end he had to make everything better, which was no problem for him at all. 

The blonde pulled into Britt’s driveway, parking the car before hopping out, quietly shutting the door behind him. He packed his keys and phone into his back pocket before walking over to the door. Instead of knocking, the boy quickly looked for, and found, the spare key he knew she possessed outside the house. He stuck it into the door, giving it a quick turn before softly pushing the door open. His eyes averted from spots throughout the room before he called out for the girl. “Britt?” He asked into the open in not so much of a yell, but not much of a whisper, either. “Hey, Britt?” He questioned again, closing the door behind him and locking it. “Briiiiiiiiiiiitt?” He called out again, dragging out her name obnoxiously, still awaiting an answer.

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for the insult a character thing: marianne


(this is all very rich coming from me but still)


I know every mile, you’ll be worth my while..

Happy Valentines Day :)!
You don’t need to be lovers to celebrate v’day, just find a friend who loves you just as much as you do and spend a hella time together. Love will travel no matter the distance! (and #InternetFriendsDay)

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It’s funny how in the Stan and ford sea-venture fan art I see it’s mostly Stan charging in, so ready to fight the creatures while ford is just in the back like ‘Stanley NO’ and while I don’t doubt that happening, I mostly think about a giant ass sea creature appearing out of the water, towering over them and stan’s stepping back a bit because 'um ford…? What the HELL IS THAT?!?’ And meanwhile fords just pushing up his glasses, and he may or may not have stepped closer to the surely man-eating, 12 tentacled creature with stars in his eyes and the widest smile on his face as he breathes out 'fascinating’