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The Cabin in the Woods: The Card Game

If you have not seen The Cabin in the Woods, do yourself a favor this Halloween and check it out. Also stop reading. Stop. Go away. Good.

If you have, then you’ve imagined what it must be like to work in the Facility and have access to the hordes of horror that they did. In this card game, you play as Sitterson and Hadley and manipulate monsters to attack the tropey youngsters. Murder your way to victory with the first four victims, and if need be, the kill the final girl as a tie-breaker.  Sick your creatures on strategic targets at strategic times to see who can kill more sacrifices.


Instruction Manual        Character Cards          Monster Cards      Facility Cards


  • This game contains offensive terms and concepts.
  • This game uses images, concepts, and characters from a variety of sources, which are well-cited and given credit in the instruction manual. If you are the creator of any of adapted content and do not support its usage here, let me know.
  • The above image is not necessary for gameplay, and is promotional only.

Example Monster Cards:

Example Card Backs:

Example Facility & Character Cards:

For ages 16 and up. Gameplay runs about 20 minutes. Suitable for 2 players.


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It’s funny how in the Stan and ford sea-venture fan art I see it’s mostly Stan charging in, so ready to fight the creatures while ford is just in the back like ‘Stanley NO’ and while I don’t doubt that happening, I mostly think about a giant ass sea creature appearing out of the water, towering over them and stan’s stepping back a bit because 'um ford…? What the HELL IS THAT?!?’ And meanwhile fords just pushing up his glasses, and he may or may not have stepped closer to the surely man-eating, 12 tentacled creature with stars in his eyes and the widest smile on his face as he breathes out 'fascinating’


I love this so much because Sasuke was like “nooo, i am darkness, i don’t want to listen to reason, everyone stfu, revenge revenge murder murder…” and then Naruto reaches him trough all of that darkness and he knows that the blonde idiot is gonna say something that will give him feels, but he can’t help himself, damn it, he wants to hear it.

Pokemon Go in a nutshell