stop teasing us with your hair

7. Blowjob

Request: You give him a blowjob and can you add Isaac (ya’ll dirty af js)

{warning: Sexual, explicit language}

Scott: “Fuck.” The word fell breathlessly from his mouth. Your mouth wrapped around the tip of his cock, teasing him as your tongue swirled around him. “Stop teasing me baby.” He moans softly, his fingertips digging into your scalp as you fully take him into your mouth, his hands taking a fist of hair.

Stiles: Stiles watched you, a wide smirk on his face, his hands homing your hair, as you play with his dick, both your hands on his thighs as you use no hands to take him in filling your mouth completely, you gag quietly, the vibrations making stiles moan loudly. “Suck me harder princess.” He begs.

Theo: Theo’s hand roughly pulls you towards his cock, you on your knees staring up at him, batting your eyelashes innocently, the sight making him throb. “You know how I like it babygirl.” Rough, Theo loved it rough. You take him into your mouth making him growl as soon as his cock hits the back of your throat, gagging you.

Liam: “Let me take care of you.” You smirk at Liam, you’ve only knew him for a couple days because your mutral friend Scott. Liam’s soft moan filled the room as soon as you took him into your mouth. His first blow job and you were giving him the best one he ever would have, his head falls back onto the pillow, your name falling from his mouth quietly.

Isaac: “You are going to be the death of me.” Issac moans, as you take his long member into your mouth, gagging often on him. His fingers dug into your into your shoulder, the other hand pulling your hair. “Fuuuck baby.” He moans once again, you now taking his whole cock into your mouth. (if that’s even possible because hes so big)

 I can’t stop thinking about the Dream Pack as girls.
 Tiny, beautiful Swan is an incurable flirt, with her kissable lips and her teasing fingers and her dark, winking eyes.
 Skov is more than she seems, and despite her flower hairclips and pastel lipstick, she is perfectly willing to stomp your ass into the dirt.
 Jiang is the queen of gossip: She’s got dirt on everyone, including a few of Aglionby’s professors. It’s her blackmail material that’s kept her out of trouble for her bright purple hair.
 Sinfully pretty Prokopenko isn’t above using her looks to get what she wants, though more often than not, all she wants is Kavinsky’s attention.
 Then there’s K herself: Too-short skirts and too-dark eyeliner, her red-nailed hands perpetually bound at the knuckles, her eyes bloodshot and dark, her lips curved into a wicked, ever-present smirk.
 Alpha bitch, the Lynch girl once called her.
 The title stuck.
 K wears it with pride.

dating michael would include

- dying your hair the same colour
- you begging him to dye it rainbow because the fam wouldnt stop talking about it
- noticing the fam together
- having actual convos with fans
- you agreeing that malum is real
- michael complaining that calum is not his type
- you and the fam fangirling abt malum to tick him off
- using snapchat filters that has anything related to a cat on him
- ugly face swaps
- scaring ashton together
- teaching you how to play the guitar
- also sweater paws
- teasing him because everyone calls him a kitten
- the no.1 person you come to when youre down
- always knowing what to say when youre sad
- buying japanese trash together
- surprising him on tour
- being nerds and watch anime and play mario kart
- him trying to prove that he plays pokemon better than you do
- binging on pizza during night ins
- big warm fluffy hugs when hes back from tour
- skyping until midnight even though he has a big show the next day
- him telling you to wear the merch so he can post it on instagram