stop talking kel

I just really want Sam and Cas to be talking and for Sam to mention Jess and then he realizes what he said and goes quiet, so Cas gently asks him who Jess is and Sam tells him that Jessica Moore is the girl he was going to marry. Then Cas will get this faraway look in his eye and say “Jess Moore… she has a very nice heaven Sam. It’s full of memories with you.”

I know a lot of you guys aren’t Christian or religious, but I’ve been thinking and I know prayer can be a comfort to some people so if any of you have prayer requests feel free to tell me and I’d be happy to put it in my prayers. I’ll make sure any ones sent to me are confidential and if you send it anonymously, but don’t want me to post it let me know and I won’t. I just wanted to do something for people who need support or comfort and this is one small way I can help. 


this the face of a girl who crushed all her classes this semester, who failed her first two chem tests last year and had to get a tutor but managed to 4.0 her chem this year all on her own, who kept her GPA above what was mandatory for her program and who, because of all this, IS OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED INTO THE COLLEGE OF NURSING AT HER COLLEGE I ALREADY CRIED ABOUT IT 

now i don’t care if dean is a demon he better be eating double bacon cheeseburgers for the heck of it and playing with hell hounds and popping up behind sammy with black eyes just to scare him as a joke and telling cas about how together they make the beginning of a bad joke (“so an angel and demon walk into a bar…”) and complaining about how he can’t be in the room when sammy does an exorcism or so help me the CW will be receiving several strongly worded letters