stop taking selfies too

Imagine Jeonghan getting excited when he realizes you’ve both accidentally managed to twin with your outfits for the day.

Color Soulmates - Michael 5SOS Imagine/Preference

A/N: I found this prompt the other day “your soulmate’s hair color is the color of your eyes. the color of your eyes also changes to match the color of their hair if they dye it “ and this has probably been done before but I think it’s fun.

You were in the middle of a dream when the alarm on your phone went off. You quite literally, rolled out of bed and fell to the floor, still clinging to your blanket. You got up, and walked over to your vanity to shut off your alarm. Then made your way over to the bathroom. You splashed your face with a bit of water and then looked in the mirror while you dried off your face with a nearby towel. As you looked in your own reflection, you caught a glimpse of bright red. You finished patting your face dry quickly, and then looked into the mirror again. You groaned, “oh fuck, not again.” You put on your black eyeliner and always black clothes, and then put on red lipstick and sunglasses. You grabbed a breakfast bar and headed off to go meet up with your friends at the outlet mall.

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anonymous asked:

rfa on a road trip please? i just found your blog and i absolutely adore your writing! it's perfection ❤

a/n: hi! so sorry for the delay. here’s your request! i hope you love it! thank you for your kind words!! chu!

also listen to Kygo’s Firestone to better appreciate this post! 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

RFA members on a road trip


  • totes the one who’d be hella excited for the road trip to happen
  • “Omg! Are you excited this weekend? I am excited this weekend!”  – Zen to everyone else 2k16
  • would gush about it until the promised day ( which annoys jumin tbh )
  • he absolutely loves road trips if he didn’t make it already obvious enough
  • do not let him have the steering wheel jesus christ
  • drives so fcking fast “OH MY GOD ZEN THAT WAS A RED LIGHT THERE –”
  • “What red light? I saw green.” *everyone in the car screaming in korean*
  • he almost ran over a cat the last road trip they had
  • “Guys! I’ve prepared a good playlist for today!”
    would argue with jumin regarding what music should be on the car radio, in-charge of the music playlist
  • would be that one guy who’s extremely noisy even before the car moves but falls asleep so fast few minutes after the ride started
  • “I’m getting tingly by the second! This is really exciting isn’t it?”
    *falls asleep 10 minutes later*
  • he needs his beauty sleep
  • even inside a cramped car
  • “Are we there yet?” x20
  • he’d be up and in a daze, just looking at the scenery outside, completely oblivious to the noise inside the car
  • would like to think about his life and his decisions as he stares out the window
  • would be the victim of stolen shots and sleepy selfies he still looks good in them tbh
  • the healthy snacks kinda guy
  • would want to take stops at various good locations for quick selfie shots ends up taking too much
  • the one who’d be snatching yoosung’s neck pillow because he forgot to bring his
  • would be fighting for shotgun and eventually wins it


  • would be driving
  • if she’s not driving, she would try to tell the driver where should they be going
  • would be assisting the driver the entire trip
  • “No. Luciel, don’t make a turn there. The GPS told me that we should take a turn to the right.”
  • she needs to make sure everyone gets to the destination safe
  • will pack up some snacks and would remind everyone to pack their things even 5 days before the actual date of the trip
  • “Ahh! I’m hungry! Seven! You told me you’d bring honey buddha chips! This is so unfair! Hey, Jaehee? Food … I think I’m going to pass out in hunger.” – Yoosung
  • she hands him a snack made out of dried persimmons and nuts
  • “Uhm, what – ”
  • *breathes in* “You should learn to eat more healthily, Yoosung. You are a college student and your body needs more nutrients.”
  • totes would take lots of pictures of the scenery outside
  • she’d post it to her IG account and would drop small hints and trivia to where they are
  • would be a bit restless and uncomfortable when in a long drive
  • she’d def be pissed at the noise Yoosung and Luciel would be making aka talking with each other even if they’re so far away
  • would try to get some work done during the ride but gets lazy and drifts to sleep
  • she feels like a mother of the entire folks riding with her and would constantly be eaten by worry poor bby girl
  • would panic and ends up packing everything
  • “Erm … We’re only going to be gone for a day.”
  • “Yes. But I’m afraid we don’t know what might happen during the vacation.”
  • wakes up only to find Luciel taking a shortcut to an unknown route
  • “Where are we?”
  • “I took a short
  • “No, no, no you’re supposed to follow the GPS! Where are we, Luciel? What is this place? Why are we in a forest?
  • mentally smacks herself since why can’t she even close her eyes for a moment


  • do. not. make. him. drive.
  • would be the one to change the radio station/music playlist constantly
  • would fight with zen regarding the music that’s currently playing
  • encourages everyone to listen to his choice of music
  • “I find this one soothing. .”
  • Bo-ring! Do you want the driver to fall asleep?”
  • “Erm. Excuse me. I’d appreciate it if everyone keeps  – ” ← jaehee trying to sleep
  • “Are you trying to question my preferences, Zen?”
  • “I’m still talk  – ”
  • “No. But seriously, dude? Do you even know the latest songs nowadays?”
  • “ – ugh. Fine.”
  • “For a musical actor, you’re pretty thrash. Shouldn’t you be more appreciative of your own line of work?”
  • “My career has nothing to do with your shitty music taste.”
  • “What did you just – ” *insert seven blasting beyoncé on the background*
  • he ends up being forced into listening to beyoncé the whole ride and surprisingly enjoys her songs while trying to finish a book he brought specifically for this trip
  • jumin’s also prone to entertaining business calls and such during the trip
  • would be hella pissed at yoosung and seven communicating by screaming ( Seven was driving and Yoosung was at the backseat )
  • “I am greatly offended by this noise. Do you two ever shut up?
  • glares at both seven and yoosung
  • he’d fall asleep with an opened book on his lap with his arms crossed
  • but even just a tiny noise will jerk him back awake
  • he’d prefer sitting by the window or have his own personal space
  • would most likely sit in the middle row
  • has lots of running thoughts while watching the scenery, tends to space out as well
  • totes the one who probably arranged the destination


  • at first, he didn’t want to come because he needs to raid and rage in LOLOL
  • was bribed with equally beneficial stuffs
  • that one guy who takes stolen shots from the sleeping passengers
  • lots of selfies together with whoever was sleeping
  • would space out and stick his arm out the window, trying to feel the breeze of the wind outside
  • he’d srsly bug the driver to stop at every gift shop and tour spot he sees
  • “Hey, Seven! Let’s stop at that gift store! I saw some cool stuffs!”
  • “Yoosung, why do you want to stop? We’re going at 135 kph.
  • “But! Seriously! I saw they were selling game cards for LOLOL!”
  • “Jeez, is that all? I’ll give you as many as you want when we get home.”
  • “R-Really?!” V✪ω✪V
  • *earns glares from jaehee, jumin and zen due to loud talking*
  • grumbles as to why does he need to sacrifice his own neck pillow just because zen forgot to bring his
  • he just came because seven bribed him of honey buddha chips
  • would occupy the entire back seat
  • “Are we there yet?” x100
  • would be daydreaming the entire ride
  • constantly checks his phone
  • would take pictures from each stop they had
  • seven’s prime source of entertainment
  • pillow and snack hoarder but loses his pillow to zen
  • also voluntarily gives the shotgun seat to zen
  • is singing to songs together with seven
  • probably brought his own earphones for personal song listening


  • the driver
  • if he’s not the driver, he’d be fighting the shotgun seat with zen and yoosung
  • has brought hella lots of snacks and drinks in the trunk
  • the prankster type of driver
  • horns at every cat they pass by just for fun
  • “Gahh! Will you stop that? It gives me the creeps just seeing those furballs on the street! Jeez! Why are you doing that, Seven?“  – Zen
  • “I’m paying respect to the cats! You seriously don’t know how generous the cat god is?” *incredulity looks thrown at zen*
  • groans at every stop they make but also makes hella lots of pictures with each stop just like zen
  • the music playlist was made by zen but the moment zen falls asleep, he’d be blasting beyoncé on the car radio
  • “All the Single Ladies! All the Single Ladies! Now put your hands up! Up in the club, we just broke up, I’m doing my own little thing  – ”
  • ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • still hella hyped even after a 3 hour drive
  • would drop interesting trivias at every landmark he sees on the road srsly how many data storage does this guy have inside his brain
  • singing along the songs with yoosung
  • if he’s not driving, he’d be busy reading guidebooks of their destination and would drop hella lots of trivias about the place
  • that he actually misses to see anything along the way
  • the shortcut kinda guy
  • “Huh? What? Where are we?”  – Zen, dazed, just woke up
  • “I took a short  – ”
  • “No, no, no you’re supposed to follow the GPS! Where are we, Luciel? What is this place? Why are we in a forest? Jaehee who just woke up from a 5 minute nap
  • “Huh? What? We’re inside a forest? Oh god  – are those crows?”
  • “What’s this commotion?”  – Jumin who just woke up too
  • “Luciel apparently took a shortcut, Mr. Han.”
  • “Huh? Wha whoa! Was that a deer? Hey, guys! I just saw a deer! Are we in a forest?”   Yoosung
  • would punch someone awake or hit someone’s forehead if he sees a volkswagen beetle in the highway
  • absolutely. must. get. souvenirs. and. pictures. everywhere.
キミにメリークリスマス - Merry Christmas to you 12/24/2014 | Morikawa Toshiyuki Blog Translation

On the morning of Christmas Eve,

in the middle of the road,

there was a meijiro (Japanese White-eye) lying face-up, totally not moving.

It had frozen and I thought it would be bad if I just left it there.

So I picked it up and tucked it in my hands… it was absolutely not moving.

I warmed it with my hands and put it inside my car.

I massaged it a bit and tried to rouse it.

Somehow, it was revived!!

Yeah, good thing I didn’t give up.

I thought it would be better to hurry and get it to the vet,

but I’m glad it recovered!

Well, aren’t you a cute one!

Took it for a little drive out

It warmed up inside the car,

probably the only meijiro in the whole world

to ride an Audi.

I also gave it some water to drink.

But, because of you,

I got late for my appointment.

Take Care!

Merry Christmas!


Hi divetodistraction. This is my Christmas gift for you, so you can catch up with your favorite ossan’s dumbassery. I know you’d like this very much, Nancy. 

And Morikawa, seriously, dude, what is it with you picking up animals in the middle of the road?! First it was frogs and now, birds? It’s nice and all that but–… /sigh