stop staring it's rude

Dining Finely 2
  • Harry: Draco, I don't understand anything the menu says.
  • Draco: My dear plebeian Harry, i will order for you.
  • Harry: *uncertain* Okay...
  • Draco: Dom't worry, it will taste delicious.
  • Draco: But not as delicious as you of course.
  • Harry:
  • Draco: If only you were on the menu, Harry. If only.
  • Draco: Stop staring. It's rude. Drink your wine.
Late Nights at Pop's - Jughead Jones x Reader

Two teenagers sat in a booth at Pop’s, empty milkshake glasses discarded at the other end of the table. One of them was typing furiously whilst the other watched the world pass by outside.
As she gazed at him affection transformed her features into a smile that no amount of effort could conceal. He was exhausted, she could tell, but even as his eyes grew tired and his shoulders slumped he was determined to write one more word, one more page. Jason Blossom’s murder had consumed his thoughts and sparked a desire in him to write it all down and express the experience in eloquent words and hypnotising sentences. She’d only caught the briefest of glimpses of what he was writing, unable to offer him the praise she was certain he deserved. But now as the hands of the clock approached 11pm she was determined to get him home and ensure he got a good nights sleep for once in his life. Ever since she’d discovered his living situation she had forced him to come and stay with her, reassuring him of her parents’ love for him and willingness to take care of him.
“Stop staring, its rude” He grumbled, eyes never leaving the laptop screen in front of him.
“Is a girl not allowed to admire her gorgeous boyfriend?” Faux innocence laced her words, causing her smile to grow wider as she watched his cheeks turn red from her compliment.
“No.” Was the only answer he gave her as he continued to type.
“Well, I think you’re wrong. I also think we should leave because you’re exhausted”
“Am not”
“Are to”
They continued to bicker like children, Pop watching them fondly from the table he was wiping down across the room.
“Please Juggie” She knew he could never say no to her when she pleaded with him. She repeated herself, waiting for the moment his features would softened and he would turn to her with eyes full of love. This didn’t happen, instead he stubbornly continued to stare at his screen.
“Juggie, baby, pleeease”
Despite her use of a pet name which she knew he secretly loved, the growing blush on his cheeks proof of this, he remained still and unwavering. She decided to take action and move herself if he was unwilling to. She carefully slid out of her side of the booth, walked round the table and shuffled down Jughead’s side. He still refused to look at her but the flicker of amusement on his face assured her that she was making progress. Her arms snaked their way around his slim waist whist her lips started to littler kisses on his exposed neck. His fingers stilled on the keyboard while she continued to shower him with affection. She knew she had him now but she wanted to tease him a little bit more for keeping her at Pop’s for so long. So, trailing her lips up to his ear, she gently pulled his earlobe between her teeth before whispering in his ear.
“Baby, pleease”
With those words Jughead shut his laptop and pulled her face to his, placing a firm kiss on her lips.
“I hate you” He muttered, but it was clear he didn’t mean it, anyone could see that as love clouded his eyes and pulled at the corners of his mouth.
“No you don’t”
“No I don’t” He picked up his laptop, and as they walked out of the diner he put his arm around her shoulders, amazed by how easily this girl had wound him around her little finger and snuck into his heart.


You know how when someone stares at you, its rude and uncomfortable?

The same goes for your barista making drinks.

They can see you.

Its weird.

It’s uncomfortable.

Its rude.

Stop. It starts to feel like we’re animals in a cage at the zoo.

We are not an attraction.

Stop staring.