stop spending money oh my god

It’s happening again. Shawn is asking you to move in. You tell him no in the most loving way you can. It’s been just over a year since you became an item. You’ve stay the night several times for several days. Shawn doesn’t understand when you say it’s just not the right time. You think this is the last time he will ask. That if you keep declining, he is going to break up with you. The thing is, you just don’t want him to pay for everything. Like he always does. You know he loves you, wants the best for you, gives you everything because “Nothing is too good for my girl.”

You always tell him “I don’t need that” and “Oh my god, Shawn, put it back!” And inevitably anything you spared a passing glance at ends up being yours. He always paid for dates too. The two of you talked about it a few times.

“Stop spoiling me, Shawn. I can buy stuff too.”  

“I can’t babe. What am I supposed to spend this money on? More band shirts? I’d rather see you smile.”

In the end, you didn’t mind THAT much, because you didn’t let yourself get a big head about it. But when it came to living together…well…there were some things your pride just wouldn’t let him pay for. You knew if you moved in with Shawn, he would pay all the bills and it was just something that bothered you. It was the last thing you had, that he DIDN’T pay for. It was your last sense of independence, the last thing you actually had to spend your money on. If you didn’t have bills, what would be the point of working? You could just mooch off Shawn. You couldn’t let yourself do that.

“Babe, why don’t you move in with me?”

“It’s complicated.”

Shawn looks hurt. He steps forward, hands rubbing up and down your arms. “Talk to me. We agreed not to keep anything from each other, remember?”

You do remember. The late night talks. The pinky swear. Honesty was everything for the two of you. “Alright, I just don’t want you to pay for everything.”

“You just bought lunch last week.”

You laugh softly. “No, Shawn, not those things. I mean the bills. You’re amazing, loving, so giving and I love it. I love you. But as stupid as it sounds, paying my bills gives me a sense of purpose and pride.”

“Babe,” Shawn smiles softly.


He breaks out into a laugh. “If the only thing holding you back is paying bills? You can pay whatever bills you want, just not the rent, that’s all mine.” He pulls you into a hug and presses his face into your hair. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

You bring your arms up, fists clenched in the fabric of the back of his shirt. “Didn’t want to upset you.”

Shawn leans back and kisses your head. “Hey, no, I couldn’t be upset with you. Remember,” he brings his hand around between you and holds his pinky finger up. You hook it with yours and nod, “100% honesty.”

listen if I could give u one Piece of Advice it would be to go to a glass animals concert like srsly spending all ur money on glass animals is self-care and they’re so unbelievably fucking good like I’m so shook oh my god I’m never gonna stop thinking abt that concert holy Shit

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Hi could i please ask for this “Can someone shoot him?” with Barba? Thank you

Hope you like it honey! Also I tried really hard to make this one gender neutral!

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

You stormed into the precinct and stared angrily at your boyfriend.

“Y/N, can we do this later?”

“No we can’t do this later. Because later you’ll have spent all our money and moved to Cuba and I can’t shoot you in Cuba because I can’t go to Cuba. What the hell are  you doing spending that kind of money? You know I get updates on large amounts of money being withdrawn from our joint account right?”

“Y/N can we please do this later? I promise I will explain everything tonight. Just not here and not now.” He walked closer to you and tried to grab your hand but you pulled away.

“Rafael Barba what on earth would you need to spend $8000 on that you would think you would not need to talk to me about? What boneheaded thing could you possibly spend that much money on?”

He sighed and Fin just laughed. Carisi chuckled and started digging around in his desk drawer and Rafael walked towards him.

“Well since I was not aware that you got notifications of large amounts of money being withdrawn and since you are so impatient.”

“Oh my God Rafael you so do not want to go there right now.”

He chuckled and put his hands up in surrender. “Well anyway, this is what I spent $8000 on. Carisi handed him the small box and he turned and opened it.

“Will you marry me?”

You stopped and stared at him and then at everyone in the room. “Are you sure?”

He laughed again. “Yes, Y/N I have never been more sure. I want to spend the rest of my life with your crazy impatient self.”

Can someone shoot him? Please just shoot him. I can’t deal with him right now.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes, of course it is a yes Rafael. I love you so much. I’m sorry I ruined the surprise.”

“It’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last.” He laughed and pulled you in for a kiss. “Now can I get back to work and then we can finish this later?” He whispered in your ear.

“Oh you better believe we are going to finish this later.” You whispered back and then loud enough for all to hear. “I’m calling your mother.”

“Of course you are. I’ll see you tonight.” He turned back towards the squad.

“You’ve certainly got your hands full with that one Barba.”

“The same could be said for them. Have you met me?” They all laughed as they watched you get into the elevator already on the phone with Lucia.

Stuckony AU

“Good morning.” Steve said as Bucky opened eyes.

“Mhm.” Bucky murmured as slowly awaking and comforting in Steve’s hug. “Where is our birthday boy?”

Steve just give him little piece of paper Tony left:

“I have a lot for work so I started earlier. Don’t forget about deal. Love you.”

“Who would say we would change him like that. Tony Stark was main man for party and now he doesn’t even want to celebrate his birthday.” Bucky said.

“We have to get him some present. I know he said he doesn’t want party nor presents but at least cake and some trifle, you know as a token of appreciation.” Steve said.

“Of course. I was saving money for that last two months.” Bucky said.

“So let’s get shopping.”


“We’ve been looking two hours for perfect present and still nothing…” Bucky said annoyed.

“Maybe we should get back to the first shop and buy that boots.” Steve said.

“Oh I would like to see him naked in that…” Bucky said already imagining.

Steve smiled but then suddenly grabbed Bucky’s metal arm. “Buck! I see it! I see perfect present.” he said and Bucky turned around.

Jewelry shop.

“See that beautiful sapphire ring? It looks like Tony’s arc reactor.”

“Wow.” was everything Bucky managed to say.

“Excuse me sir, how much is this ring?” Steve asked pointing on it.

“That would be 1375 $.”

“Damn. That’s more than my month salary.” Bucky muttered but Steve heard.

“But Tony is worth of that. Let’s buy it together.” Steve said.

“Okay, for Tony.” Bucky said, “He is definitely going to kill us.”

“You wouldn’t spend this much on me, right?” Steve asked.

“No, but Tony would.” Bucky laughed.

“At least someone loves me.” Steve pouted.

“Come on. I love you too.” Bucky said and hug him.


“He is coming.” Steve said.

“Where is lighter? Steve, you lose… Oh here it is.” Bucky started freaking out.

He light candle on cupcake and they started singing “Happy birthday to you…” as he enterted.

“Happy birthday sugar.” Bucky said and kissed him. So did Steve.

“Happy birthday honey. Make a wish.”

He closed eyes as he wished something and extinguish the candle.

“Thank you guys.” Tony said happily surrounded by his boyfriends in their warm hug.

“We have something for you.” Bucky said and Steve took blue box from his pocket.

“Guys you really shouldn’t spend on me. I told you already…” Tony stopped when Steve opened box. He was surprised. Really surprised.

“What do you think?” Bucky asked.

“OH. MY. GOD.” Tony went speechless.

Bucky took Tony’s hand in his and Steve put ring on his finger.

“No. I said no presents and you buy this. It must be too expensive. You spend all your savings. At least tell me how much is it I’ll give you money.” Tony started freaking out.

“Tony, Tones, look we are together now, so your money is our money. We share everything. Just enjoy beauty of it, please.” Bucky said.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Tony asked and both of them nodded. “I would give all my money for you two dumbasses.”

“Oh that’s nothing. I would sold my soul to devil for you two.” Steve said.

“Pff, I would sold you two and get rich.” Bucky said and three man laughed.

They exchanged few ‘I love you’s’ and had wild sex in every centimeter in house so if you are visiting them, you are notified.


Summary: When you decide to have a little fun to rid yourself of Dean who was constantly plaguing your thoughts, he gives you an accidental piece of his mind

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, (mentioned) Dean Winchester x Lisa Braedon

Word Count: 976 (by far the shortest one I’ve ever done)

(A/N): Well, this has also been sitting there in my drafts. I decided to finish it and post it. I don’t really have anything to say to this, except that I’m actually on time with posting :D finally, right? Alright, I hope y’all enjoy this little story. I might be open to creating a second part to this if I get enough requests to do so. It’s completely up to you. I’m happy to oblige. Well, have a nice day everyone!

(Part 2) (Part 3)

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Fun experiment: you’ve stumbled across two billion dollars. Whatever you do with that money is up to you, but imagine you spend fifty thousand dollars per day, and you live to be a hundred years old.

You’re left with 175 million dollars.

PSA to billionaires and even millionaires: you can fucking afford to be generous. Do it for PR; do it because why not. But you can afford to be generous and help people in need and still live lavish goddam lifestyles. You’re racking up the score at this point and it needs to stop.

Some people really need to stop giving unnecessary, unsolicited opinions.

How I choose to live my life or spend my money has nothing to do with you?? Where I go, what I eat, what show I watch etc is none of your business and does not need your stamp of approval??? 

When you do stuffs I don’t care for, I wouldn’t get in your face blabbing “god that sounds dull” so why can’t you stay in your own lane and let other people live???

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T'Challa sending Tony vibranium and tech specs, T'Challa meeting up with Tony at a convention and taking him out to dinner each day and never lets Tony pay. T'Challa going on a walk around the city with Tony and getting him everything he looks at. Tony thinks that he missed a few, but a day or so after he is back home he gets a delivery that consists of the car he had been eyeing and the stuffed cat he thought T'Challa hadn't seen him holding sitting in the front seat wearing a jewel bracelet.


Tony literally wouldn’t know how to react, because he SO isn’t used to this-

Normally it’s him who spends his money on others and no one’s ever done the same thing for him-

And now there is T’Challa, who is so attentive and gentle, getting Tony everything he shows an REMOTE INTEREST in-

imagine Tony tries to repay the favour (literally) but T’Challa stops these attempts, telling Tony this is something he wants to do for him, because Tony’s usually so kind, so giving - T’Challa wants to be that kind of person for Tony now aND GOD, WHO IS TONY OT SAY NO!

He’d be so flustered, actually blushing because this is the sweetest gesture ever ((Tony’d be especially weak for T’Challa paying their food)) and it just makes him fall even harder for T’Challa


  • Robert: Your mum said you wanted us. Nice manners, keeping us waiting.
  • Aaron: I think you'll find it's worth it. Especially you.
  • Liv: Why, what's this about?
  • Aaron: What's this about? It's about this.
  • Robert: You've bought a keyring?
  • Aaron: Yeah, I have, but it's more about what I'm going to put on the keyring.
  • Liv: Are you talking about what I think you're talking about?
  • Aaron: I don't know. What do you think I'm talking about?
  • Liv: The house down the road.
  • Aaron: Oh, that house, um... Well, that was up for auction today and it... it went to a bidder on the phone in the end. My phone though!
  • Liv: Oh!
  • Robert: Hey!
  • Liv: You've bought it?
  • Aaron: We're buying it. We're gonna spend that money.
  • Liv: Oh my god, this is amazing.
  • Aaron: It's gonna take a lot of work.
  • Liv: I know. I don't mind. (rushes to Robert, stops) Oh, would you look at that? I'm so excited I almost hugged you. I'm telling Chas.
  • Aaron: She knows.
  • Liv: I'm telling her again. (leaves)
  • Robert: That's a big change of heart.
  • Aaron: Oh, it's long overdue.
  • Robert: What's brought it about?
  • Aaron: Did you not just see the look on her little face?
  • Robert: You don't think I'm taking that for an answer, do you?
BTS Reaction; getting your picture taken while on a date with their girlfriend.

**Anon i hope this was somewhat what you wanted and i hope you like ti and im sorry that it took a while**

Jeon Jungkook;

Jungkook could be a cheesy old romantic, wanting to take you out for a late night stroll with your hands clasped together, his jacket on you. You’d be walking along the wooden pier, hand in hand, talking about futures and memories you had made. Jungkook stopped you, and gazed down at you, underneath a lampost so the light was on your face. He kissed you softly but stopped when he heard the snap of a camera. He turned around to see a guy around his own age with a camera with a look of awe on his face. Instead of getting upset with the man, he walked up and aksed for the picture for him to keep.

“May i have a look at the picture? Wow, i mean, just wow! Would it be ok if i keep that? I’ll give you the money for it? Oh my god, thank you!”

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Kim Taehyung/ V;

You would be at an arcade, a weekly thing that you and tae did. You’d spend hours winning small to large plushies and countless sweets. Taehyung loved doing this to see the huge bright smile that engulfs your face whenever you see him on your weekly game date. A photographer took your picture but you both didn’t care, you wouldn’t let a person interrupt your weekly, most perfect date on earth!

“Ignore him Jagi, I’m going to beat your mighty fine ass at table Hockey!”

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Park Jimin/ CHIMCHIM;

jimin would take you to a normal restaurant to give the normality to the fact that you are dating an Idol from Bangtan Seonyeondan. He didn’t mind going to a crowded place, he just wants to spend time with you, be with you. He would kindly ask the owner if they could ask the customers not to take their pictures as he just wants to have a meal with you, his girlfriend. You noticed that a girl in a BTS hoodie had her phone pointed towards you and jimin so you told him. He walked up to the girl and asked her kindly to delete it, and tried to get to get her to understand the fact he just wanted a normal date.

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Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope;

Hobi would take you out dancing, it would be a public place but everyone had sworn to not take your pictures because he just wanted to have fun. Sadly that didn’t happen when a small child waltzed up to him and said that some girls were taking both of your pictures.

Hobi walked up to the girls with you and asked them to delete them and that he onyl wanted to pend time with you without hassle.

“i will give you an autograph if you delete those photos, i just want to spend time with ym Jagi, thank you for understanding girls :)”

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Min Yoongi/ Suga;

yoongi and you were walking towards a foodstall because you are both too lazy too cook but fancied some good stall food. It was really late so it was safe to go out since Bangtans popularty had gone up recently. Yoongi just wanted a nice quiet meal with his girlfriend but he happened to move his head and saw someone take their picture. He stood up and walked towards the person, calmly asking for the photo or for it to be deleted.

““Why can’t you just leave us to enjoy a simple meal? I want you to delete the picture or I will inform my manager and report you for disturbing us!”

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RapMonster/ Kim Namjoon;

He took you to a small, private cafe so you could enjoy each other comapny and finally spend time together and not be disturbed by fans. You  were talking about his new song when Namjoons head snapped around at the sound of someone taking your picture.

He stood up and polielty asked the person to delete the photo so he can continue your dinner date. Luckily, the person happily obliged and showed Namjoon that they deleted the picture and any other that they may of taken.

“i just want to be with my girl, can you leave us alone please? Make sure you delete the pictures as well, i would hate to involve my managers and so on. Thank you so much for understanding!”

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Kim Seokjin;

You were enjoying a simple home made dinner out on the balcony of you second floor flat with Jin. You were laughing at one his lame jokes when you both heard the snap of a camera. Jin immediately stood up and yelled at the man who took your picture. jin was calm, collected and spoke softly.

“sorry but can you delete that picture? i just want to have a nice meal with my girlfriend and it would mean a lot if you just left us alone please?”

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Relationships in HTGAWM
  • Analise: *cheats on Sam*
  • Sam: *cheats on Analise*
  • Analise: First of all how dare you.
  • -
  • Rebecca: Stop ruining your life for me, we literally just met!
  • Wes: No!
  • Rebecca: Well now I have to try to fix everything for you!
  • Rebecca: *fucks everything up*
  • Rebecca: Shit.
  • Wes: Don't worry, I'll fix it.
  • -
  • Connor: I don't get attached to people.
  • Connor: *gets super attached to Oliver*
  • Connor: Shit.
  • -
  • Frank: *flirts*
  • Laurel: Can you not. I'm not interested and I have a boyfriend.
  • Frank: *flirts more*
  • Laurel: Seriously?
  • Frank: Yeah, sorry I'll stop.
  • Laurel: Wait no, I changed my mind.
  • -
  • Michaela's Fiance: What the actual fuck?
  • Michaela's Fiance's Parents: Yeah, we want a prenup.
  • -
  • Sam: *lies constantly*
  • Sam: *is generally horrible*
  • Analise: Why the fuck do I still love you?

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My manager at work has been out of high school for years and is married and has a kid and everything and for some reason men 40+ have been asking her about college and shit and being condescending and judgmental like 'Oh so you're just working here? You're not doing anything with your life?' and I'm like stfu she can do whatever tf she wants

Retail aside, I think being a mom and wife is doing pretty fucking great if that makes her happy(and I’m sure it does). Moms have it so hard in society because of mixed signals. We’re told to have a good career, but then told we’re bad mothers for not staying home with our children. But if we stay home with our children we’re suddenly lazy pieces of shit that don’t contribute to the household in any “real way”(aka money, as if that’s all that matters). Then if we do have a job, such as your manager, like everyone else it’s put on a scale of whether it’s a worth while job or not, so we deal with that on top of the mommy wars. Had kids too young? Shame on you, you’re too immature to be a good mom. Had kids at an older age? Shame on you, you’ll die when they’re young. Didn’t go to college in order to save money and have a family? All of a sudden you’re a moron. You decide to go to college while you have kids? Oh my God, you’re too busy to spend quality time with your kids, shame on you! Seriously, this kind of shit needs to stop. I’m so sick of my worth as a mom being judged on an unfair scale because no matter what I do it’ll still never be good enough. I hope your manager knows that society is full of shit and to just ignore those asshole customers because she’s doing great. She knows what she’s doing and she knows what is best for her family. If retail is where she wants to be, then there is no better place than right where she is. I hope those asshole customers trip on an uneven sidewalk and scrape their face on the pavement so bad they have to drink out of a straw for a while. -Abby

Klaine Road Trip 2015 - Las Vegas, NV

“Welcome to Las Vegas”

Written by tonks42

Read on AO3

2194 words

Rating: T (Warnings: Underage drinking, otherwise none)

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop #18

“You can see the fake Eiffel Tower out our window!” Blaine enthused, pushing the curtains aside to let more light into their hotel room.

“That’ll be pretty at night, I’m sure,” Kurt replied absently from where he’d sprawled across the room’s king bed, laptop open in front of him. “Better than the fake New York skyline. We see the real one far too often for that to be entertaining.”

After one last look out across the section of Strip that could be seen from the window, Blaine went to join Kurt, kicking off his shoes before he climbed onto the bed. “What’re you looking at?”

“Show tickets,” Kurt answered quickly, leaning over to place a quick kiss to Blaine’s cheek before he turned the laptop so that his husband could see. “And I’ve been working on a list of must sees and must dos while we’re here.”

“So we have to actually leave this hotel room?” Blaine joked. He scanned the list on the website Kurt had up. “So, I’m guessing that you’d veto the 50 Shades parody?”

“God yes. There’s no way I’m getting close to that, even in parody form,” Kurt scrolled down the page a little bit further. “And I’m also vetoing both Chippendales and the Thunder from Down Under.”

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