stop sleeping start dreaming

“I got an awful bad feelin’ about this…”

“Whatever it is Mister McCree, Orisa will protect us.”

a quick halloween terrifiant au picture to de-stress 

i have a mighty need to talk about adrien and depression so everybody gather round @imagine-miraculousladybug you might wanna pull up a chair kids this could take a while

warnings for mentions of self harm, sexual abuse, general negativity, and fathers

• let me start off by saying adrien is a sexual abuse survivor (and yes this is me projecting you can shut up) and its fucked him up big time. he has frequent nightmares in which he relives the experiences. he always calls nino when he wakes up because nino is the only person who can calm him down after the nightmares.
• he also has hella abandonment issues thanks to his mom. when hes not having nightmares about his abuse, hes having abandonment dreams. he starts dreading going to sleep. he stops sleeping. one night he dreams that nino leaves him and calls him immediately upon waking up, a shaking incoherent mess. he accidentally tells nino he loves him and they both know its not just in a best friend way. according to adrien its not in a romantic way either. nino decides the feelings can just be that, feelings, and they can just be them. they dont have to have labels. adrien shakily agrees
• for a long time adrien would have self harm urges that he wouldnt act on because “what if something happens at a shoot and someone finds out ill disappoint them ill disappoint father” but eventually he just gets so overwhelmed that he cant help it. and then he cant stop. ladybug finds out when he starts bleeding through his suit (bc his cuts reopened) after a fight he shouldnt be bleeding from. she tries to help him, but its difficult when she doesnt know who he really is or even how to handle it
• occasionally adrien will fake being sick because he cant bear to even get out of bed. “no one needs me. no one cares about me. no one would miss me anyway” he thinks
• sometimes when adrien smiles nino sees some of that sadness and pain in adriens eyes that adrien wont tell even him about and he hurts for his friend but he just doesnt know how to help
• post reveal marinette, alya, and nino decide they have to do something about their friend bc adriens depression is out if control. they go to marinettes house and sit him down almost intervention style but more so they just want him to talk to them. they just want to help. it takes a long time before he finally opens up, and they tentatively ask him questions about what, if anything, they can do to help.
• marinette helps adrien tell his father that he needs help, and whats been going on. gabriel is upset, but it turns out adriens mother also struggled with depression so he kind of understands. he agrees to seek help for adrien. his micromanaging lets up just a bit.