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shit i’ve said to my cat — starters

  • “what are you doing?”
  • “hey, shit-for-brains”
  • “please don’t eat that”
  • “you’re supposed to eat it, not play with it!”
  • “don’t eat the box”
  • “did you just bite my elbow?”
  • “your shit smells terrible”
  • “where are you going?”
  • “don’t start”
  • “let me sleep, it’s 3am”
  • “please calm down”
  • “stop biting my leg”
  • “you’re adopted”
  • “don’t look at me like that”
  • “why are you stepping on my laptop?”
  • “hey, people are trying to sleep”
  • “you’re lucky i love you”
  • “why is your ass in my face?”
  • “please don’t throw up on my bed”
  • “you scared the shit out of me!”
  • “stop eating the dog’s food, you have your own”
  • “that’s not a toy”
  • “you just sneezed in my face!”
Delayed | Day6 Jae

Jae x Reader/You
Second Person P.O.V
741 words
Updated: 15th May 2017

Originally posted by bapassion

Exhausted. That was all you were. You and your classmates. The school trip abroad was great, everyone had an amazing time nothing could have ruined the experience. You loved the experience and making new friends from the other school. By new friends you meant Jae; the others seemed to be a bit rude, towards you especially.

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anonymous asked:

Will you send good vibes my way or like hope for me or somthin bc tomorrow is gonna be a bad day for me and I'm not looking forward to it at all. :( (((It's gonna be at least 90°, among other things that you probably don't wanna hear me complain about.)))

My cat has sunshine eyes and by the powers of her dramatic lighting and shadows I give you the good vibes needed to get through the day♥

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

-who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave-
He Tian. Not even out of curiosity. Just because it sounded fun. It was.

-who forgot to put the cat outside before sex-
He Tian. ‘He’s not doing anything wrong. He just likes to watch.’ 'He’s a pervert just like his father’

-who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit-
Mo Guan Shan. 'It’s a goldmine:’

-who breaks the most phones-
Mo Guan Shan. 'If buy a PHONE CASE, you can throw it around as much as you want, you drama queen.’

- Who dies first-
He Tian.

-which one I could see as being lactose intolerant-
Mo Guan Shan. 'You know you don’t NEED to eat that ice cream…’ 'don’t be stupid, of course I do.’

-who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t-
He Tian. 'You are NOT a good driver and this is NOT the fast and the furious! Slow the fuck down!’

-who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed-
He Tian. 'Ok, that’s it, to the couch.I have to sleep, stop stop humping my leg.’

-who uses the computer most-
Mo Guan Shan. 'Come to bed!’ 'In a minute.’ 'You said that 84 minutes ago.’

So… turns out, when you take a five hour nap, you have an extraordinary amount of energy well into the evening…

Victor Vincent Fuentes. (A Vic Fuentes Smut/Imagine.)

Imagine!! For Jesus!!! Now!!!! Please!!! *whispers* Vic! *whispers* smut!!! *whispers* ilysfm!!! cx

Requested by my good friend, Maria! C:

Yes, I call her Jesus. She is Jesus. ❤️

Requests are still open btw. cx


*Y/Ns Pov*

Finally, only one week until my graduation. Me. Graduating! It has been my dream since freshman year, obviously.

I smiled to myself as I slipped on my everyday black Converse. Once I was done getting read I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs. In the kitchen I found that my mom wasn’t there. She did leave a note;


Yes, I’m not there with you. Sorry sweetie! Remember the business trip I was supposed to take next month? Yeah well, my boss decided to should take it this month to get it over with. I’ll be back before your graduation. Love you.

Mom. ❤️

I groaned at the sight of the yellow price of paper she wrote it on. Well. It’s not the time to complain. I took an apple and darted out the door, of course locking afterwords. I headed to school, walking only the two blocks to get to hell. (School, if you didn’t know.)

~~~ 7th Period ~~~

The day went by fast, only because I need like three classes for my senior year. That means I went to my 5th period, 6th, and of course 7th.

My last period is English. And it my favorite subject.

I walked to my class, only having a few seconds till the bell rings. I saw freshman running to their classes, sophomores not going to their classes, and juniors running to their classes.

Hmp, high school is really interesting. Once I stepped into my English class I sat into my usual seat, in the front. I like sitting in the front, just because I have a better view of the white board.

“Alright class,” Mr. Schmidt announced in his loud booming voice of his. “get back to your partners from Friday and continue working on your writing project.”

I took out my previous papers from the last week and looked around for my partner. Her name is Elizabeth and she is really good at writing. After everyone was with their partners I couldn’t find Elizabeth. Funny, she’s always here.

“Mr. Schmidt,” I called out. “where’s Elizabeth?”

“Berkeley? She dropped out.” I was shocked for a bit. Elizabeth? Dropping out? I sighed out, accepting that she did. Around this time everyone gets nervous, they either don’t have the grades to graduate or they are dropped from the school because of there past behaviors from the last years.

“So, who can I pair up with?” I asked desperately to find a partner.

“Um, you can be with… Vic Fuentes!” That name stabbed with like a knife going through my heart. Vic Fuentes is the rudest boy in the senior class of 2015.

Okay, I might be exaggerating but he is! I nodded then took my things to go sit next to him, in the back of the class.

“So,” I said casually, “what do you do for fun?” I asked as I sticked to the questions on the hand out

Well,” Vic smirked and he sat up, “eh, I like to play guitar. Music, is my thing.” I nodded then wrote down his response. “What about you babe?”

Well, this is going to be a long week.

~~~ At Home. ~~~

Its currently 7:30. I’m still writing the little biography of Vic. I groaned at his name.

As I wrote down the facts about him my phone went off.

Unknown number: aye baby, it’s Vic from class. ;)

Weird. I never gave him my number. Af first I decided to ignore him, then something told me to answer back.

Me: who gave you my #?

Almost instantly he responded back.

Vic: Elizabeth.

Me: you know her?

Vic: uh, yeah. She’s my cousin. And if you’re wondering why she dropped out, it’s because she needed to go back to her hometown in Mexico.

Me: oh, is everything ok?

Vic: yeah, but she just needs to take care of something.

Well then. This is peachy.

Vic: how about I come over, to help you with the project?

I froze. I don’t want HIM coming to my house! But yet, I do need more information about him. I looked down at the little facts I have about him. Seconds later I gave in.

Me: fine, ONLY the project!

Vic: alright, whatever you want. ;)

I have my address to Vic, surprisingly we live closer than I thought. Well, this is for my grade.


I heard a few knocks outside of my front door. I put on my slippers and hurried to downstairs.

Vic: I’m outside babe.

I rolled my eyes at the sight of the text message. I put my hand in the door handle and opened it. There stood a Vic Fuentes.

“Don’t call me babe.” I said flatly before letting him into my home. Vic chuckled and stepped in. “Let me bring my things and-”

“Or let’s go to your room.” Vic suggested with a sly smile.

“Uh, no.” I denied.

“Alright, say goodbye to your pretty little grade.” Vic said teasingly as he approached to the door.

“Ugh, Vic. You’re such a child.” I complained.

“Thanks, so where’s your room?” Vic asked as he passed by me, then going upstairs.

“The first door on the right.” I gritted through my teeth.

We both got to my room and went right to work. Hopefully this week will pass and I’ll get my A.

“So, where were you born?” I asked.

“Here in San Diego.” I nodded and wrote down the answer. “Alright, what is your favorite thing to do?”

“Mmm, I like to draw.” Vic then wrote down my answer.

“What would you like to be after high school?”

“I’d like to start a band.” Vic said with all seriousness.

I nodded then wrote down his answer.

“Okay, Umm. Do you like me?” Vic smirked. I blushed faintly. Why would he ask me that?

“That’s NOT one of the questions on there.” I stammered.

“No, but it’s my question.” Vic said.

“I’m not answering that.” I said flatly.

“Alright, I guess I’ll find out.” Vic then pressed his soft lips on mine. I couldn’t tell if I liked it or not. Vic then broke out kissed and pushed me on my bed. His lips went down my jawline and on to my neck.

“V-Vic.” I moaned out.

“Shh, don’t say anything babe.” I felt a pair of hands go under my shirt and on my breasts. Vic then rubbed his hands on them. I moaned uncontrollably at his touch.

Minuets later his hands pushed my shirt up then taking off. Vic gawked at my chest, I blushed a bit. Vic then took off his own shirt, revealing his perfectly tanned torso. I bit my lip at the excitement.

After a few more minutes of making out I decided I would take off his jeans. Well, we all know where this is going.

I played with his belt buckle, trying to take it off. I heard Vic laugh at me failing at it.

“You do it then.” I snapped.

“Alright baby.” Seconds later his pants were off. In his boxers was a erection growing. I starred at amazement. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll fuck your in a bit. Let me play first.” Vic said in a sexy voice.

“Vic, um, before we continue… I’m a virgin.” I said quickly. Almost embarrassed to say.

Vic chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.” Vic continued to kiss my neck and down my chest, teasing me almost.

His large hands were stroking my thighs through the sweats I went to sleep in. He then stopped and slid them off my legs. Vic’s fingers then hooked on my panties and slowly took them off.

While keeping his hands on breasts Vic lowered his head between my legs and started to kiss between my legs. I moaned so much at the pleasure he’s giving me.

“V-Vic, fucking do something!” I yelled out. All I heard was Vic’s laugh before his tongue plunged into me. I screamed his name out loud.

“That’s right baby, scream my name. Let everyone know who’s giving you so much pleasure!” Vic said.

His tongue swirled perfectly in me. Nothing could describe the feeling I’m having right now.

I felt my stomach tighten, I think I’m close.

“Vic, I-I think I’m-” Vic then cut me off.

“Go ahead babe, cum for me.” Vic said sweetly. I moaned once more before releasing my load. Vic brought his head up and licked his lips.

“You taste good.” I blushed again, Vic is just so sweet. He’s not such a jerk after all.

“Alright, ready baby?” Vic warned me as he took off his boxers and throwing them somewhere in my room.

I nodded nervously. This is it.

Vic slid into me slowly. I whimpered at the slight pain he’s giving me.

“Vic! Oh shit Vic!” I yelled out.

“Fuck. Y/N, you’re so tight.” Vic breathed out. Vic continued with the slow pace, then increased in to a bit faster pace. Then he went faster and harder.

“Vic!” I yelled out.

“Y/N, baby.” Vic moaned,

“FUCK!” Vic roared out before releasing into me.

“VIC!” I screamed out before releasing again. We both were trying to catch our breathe with our lips close to each other. Vic pulled out of me and collapsed right me.

“And you do like me.” Vic said as he smiled.

“Shut up.” I said before pecking his lips.

Accidentally Married | Chapter One

Synopsis: Tom and OC wake up after a drunken night in Las Vegas to find themselves married. The problem is, the press already has the story, and an annulment might not be the best answer.

AN: I’m not entirely sure how far I can go with this so any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

AN2: Beta’d by the lovely evieplease

Chapter One

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Luke Hemmings- Missed You

Request: Hi, could you do a long Luke smut where he’s away and you’re not allowed to touch yourself but then you watch porn and masturbate and he catches you and teases/punished you? Thanks xxx

I changed it up a bit, but I hope you like it! :)


Luke being away on tour is difficult for many reasons. One, I miss him like crazy. I miss his laugh, I miss his stupid jokes, I miss his smile, I miss his everything. The way he would wake me up with morning with kisses. The way he would wrap his arms around me from behind while I made dinner. The way he would sing me to sleep when I didn’t feel good. Everything. I miss his touch, holy shit do I miss his touch. I miss when he would touch my legs every so softly causing goosebumps to rise. Or when he would touch the sensitive skin around my nipples. Or when he would run his fingers through my slit. He loved doing that, touching me there. Not that I minded. But I mind when he tells me I can’t touch myself when he’s away on tour. It’s been months and I’m going crazy. He’s coming back in a couple weeks but I don’t know if I can wait that long. The need to relieve some of the pressure is getting almost impossible to brush off. I need to feel it again, it’s been too long.

I roll over in bed and look at the clock: 4:24 AM. I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about Luke’s touch. I squeezed my legs together to relieve some of the pressure but I didn’t help. Fuck this. I slid my shorts off and threw them to the ground along with my panties. I need to touch myself, I don’t care what Luke said. He’s not here to stop me. I ran my fingers down my torso before grazing them over my clit. I bit my bottom lip before pushing my folds open and dipping my fingers inside. My eyes fluttered closed and I opened my mouth in pleasure. I pumped them in and out, just as Luke would do it. I used three fingers to pump myself while I used my thumb to run circles on my clit. I moaned and tilted my head back and imagined Luke was hovered above me, whispering dirty things into my ear. I felt the bubbling sensation start to rise in the pit of my stomach and my breathing sped up.

“Well, I certainly didn’t expect to come home to this.” A voice interrupted me.

I jumped up from the bed and pulled the covers close to my face and searched the dark room for the source of the voice. The light flicked on and I squinted for a second before realized who was standing in the doorway: Luke. I jumped up and ran over to him and wrapped my arms tight around his neck. He rested his chin on my shoulder and wrapped his arms right around him.

“You’re back.” I whispered.

“I’m back.” He confirmed and rubbed his hands up and down my back. One of his hands traveled down my back until he placed a hand over my butt. I then remember that I’m pant-less. Not only that, but I’ve been caught. I took a step back and swallowed hard. I looked up at Luke to see him smirked at me and I shyly smiled.

“Don’t give me that look, Y/N, I know what you were doing.” He took a step towards me.

“I’m sorry, Luke, I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“You didn’t listen to me. Do you know what that means?” He put a hand on my shirt covered waist.

I shook my head, “No.”

“Yes, you do.” His voice got lower.

“I have to be punished.”

“That’s right. Now get on the bed.” He demanded.

I swallowed hard and sat down on the bed. He paced back and forth, tapping his finger on his cheek. He’s thinking about what he’s going to do to me. Honestly, I don’t care what he does. I’ve missed his touch so much, I just need to feel him. I need him to touch me. He stopped walking and he stood in front of me, “How’s overstimulation sound?”

I gasped at the thought, but then slightly smiled. Usually, it doesn’t sound too appealing. But I’m in desperate need for release and if this is how I’m going to get it, so be it.

“Lie back on the bed.” He commanded.

I did as he said and laid down with my head on the pillows. He hovered above me, his face inches from mine. I reached up and pressed my palm to his cheek which causes his eyes to close. But he quickly opened them again and pushed my hand away from his face.

“Tell me, Y/N, what were you doing before I got here?”

“Luke…” I begged.

“Tell me.” His voice was stern.

“I was using my fingers.”

“Hmm, like this?” He said before he plunged his fingers inside of me.

I gasped and threw my head back at the feeling. He hasn’t even kissed me yet and he’s making me feel good. God I really want him to kiss me, I miss his lips. He slowly pumped his fingers in and out of me, knowing it was driving me crazy.

“What else were you doing?” He asked.

“My thumb. My thumb was rubbing circles on my- AH!” I yelled out as his thumb started to harshly rub circles over my clit. I cried out at the feeling, this wonderful feeling Luke was giving me. I bucked my hips up and he let me, because as much as he wants to punish me, I think he misses seeing me in this state: vulnerable. I felt myself approaching an orgasm quicker than usual. It’s been 4 months, I’m in desperate need of release. I ground my hips onto his fingers which sent me over the edge. I reached up and gripped onto his shoulders as I screamed out Luke’s name along with many profanities. He rode out my high before pulling his fingers out. He stuck them into his mouth and he sucked on them, not breaking eye contact with me.

“Mmm, I forgot how good you taste.” He said.

As soon as his fingers left his mouth, he leaned down and attached our lips together, finally. My lips melted onto his and my fingers found their way into Luke’s hair. I missed this feeling most of all; his lips fit perfectly with mine. I tugged on the hem of his shirt and he got the message. He disconnected our lips and sat up and took his shirt off and threw it somewhere on the ground. He connected his lips with mine once again, but only for a short second before they traveled down my body. He kissed the valley between my breasts and then the skin underneath them. His lips traveled down my torso until they were hovering above my sensitive clit. He looked up at me and I swallowed hard and nodded my head. He smirked before licking up my slit and over my clit. I shuttered and bucked my hips since I’m so sensitive. But he pinned my hips to the bed and started to eat me out at a fast pace. I yelled out and reached down, gripping my fingers in Luke’s hair. He didn’t hold back as he moved his face back and forth while using his tongue to lick all around my sex. He sucked harshly on my clit and I bucked my hips forward again. His touch was like fire and I craved it more and more. I couldn’t get enough of him. He’s making me so good. So damn good. My second orgasm was approaching quickly and Luke could tell because my legs started to shake. That only made him go faster; he sucked harder and licked faster until I came over him. I screamed out and gripped my fingers tighter in his hair and he rode out my orgasm.

But he didn’t stop. He kept sucking and licking causing my mouth to open, but no sounds came out. I looked down at him and his eyes flickered up to mine. I could have sworn I saw him smirk, but I couldn’t tell with his lips wrapped around my clit. My third orgasm was coming quicker than I expect. But I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. He licked all around and his arms reached around my thighs and he pushed me closer to his face. I threw my head back onto the pillows and started running my fingers through Luke’s hair. My god, he’s making me feel so good with only his mouth. My free hand reached around and gripped onto the sheets as the pleasure rose higher and higher. With only a few more licks against my clit, I was sent over the edge again. I lifted my hips off the bed and let out a loud, throaty moan. Luke pushed his face closer to my sex to ride out my orgasm; he licked me clean and then he leaned back and wiped his mouth. I was breathing heavily and my entire body became exhausted, but I know he’s not done with me yet.

I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath while Luke stood up from the bed. I heard the zipper of his jeans and then the sound of shuffling. I heard the tear of a wrapper; a condom. Then I felt the bed dip and I opened my eyes to see Luke hovering above me. I smiled up at him, but his face remained a smirk. My mouth formed an “o” formation when Luke’s lips attached to my neck. He didn’t hesitate to spread my legs apart and enter me without warning. I closed my eyes and groaned in pleasure. He didn’t give me time to adjust and he started ramming in and out of me. He left me completely before slamming back in. Despite that I already came three times, I felt the bubbling sensation start to rise in the pit of my stomach. As if Luke could read my mind, he reached down and rubbed circles on my clit which immediately sent me over the edge. Since I was so sensitive, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I moaned and arched my back off the bed, but Luke pinned me back down. He moved his fingers away from my clit, but he kept thrusting in and out of me. He brushed against my g-spot and I knew I was going to come again. I don’t know how I’m going to handle this. I reached up and gripped onto Luke’s shoulders.

“Fuck, Y/N.” He moaned into my ear.

“Shit, go faster.” I begged, wanting to come for the fifth, and hopefully the last time.

He happily obliged and his thrusts sped up. He suddenly crashed down a bit, catching himself by his elbows and his eyes squeezed closed. Without warning, I came hard and I screamed out Luke’s name. Feeling my walls clench, he came undone too.

“Ah, shit!” He yelled and he arched his back and tilted his head back as he came. He slowly rocked his hips in and out of mine until he pulled out and collapsed next to me. I felt him lean over and open the garbage can; he threw the condom out. I couldn’t move, I was too damn tired. He rolled over and placed an arm around my waist and he softly kissed my cheek.

“Did I hurt you? Was that too much? If it was too much, you could have used the safe word. You remember the safe word right?” He rambled.

I softly chuckled, “I’m okay, Luke. Really, it was fun. I was in need of release and you definitely fulfilled that need.”

He smiled against my soft skin, “I love you so much. And I missed you.”

“I love you, too. And I missed you, too.”

I rolled over and snuggled up to his chest and let the tiredness take over me and I fell into a deep sleep.

You Hit Me Part 2 - Michael

This was requested by justmee143 (Sorry it took so long!)

Part 1 can be found HERE

Ashton opened the door for me and let me through into the living room that he was currently sharing with Luke and Calum. I looked up to find a confused Calum standing near the couch, phone in hand.

“Mike called. He wanted to make sure that you guys made it here okay” he says with concern in his voice. “He wouldn’t tell me what happened but he said that he is done drinking forever.” I sigh deeply through my mouth and sniffle.

“Is Luke home? I only want to go through this once” I ask. Cal shakes his head and exits the room to find the last band member. Ashton helps me to the couch before he says anything.

“Does it hurt? Do you want ice or a coffee or anything?”

“Tea please” I answer. My mind is reeling while he is out of the room.

*I know Michael didn’t really mean to hit me. His first reaction was to check if I was okay and then he asked Ashton to keep me safe. He didn’t fight Ashton and I could see it in his eyes that he didn’t mean it and that he was sorry but do I forgive me? Can I forgive him?* Ashton, Luke and Calum walk in the room and I am grateful when Ashton sits next to me and hands me the tea.

“We are not going to rush you to tell us. You know you don’t have to do it until you are ready” Ashton tells me.

“No, I’m ready now. It was so stupid, the whole thing. I was a little upset that Michael wasn’t home but he said he was going to be staying over here with Luke so I wasn’t going out of my mind or anything.” I took a sip of my tea as Calum and Ashton shook their head to show that they were following along while Luke looked guilty. “It’s not your fault Luke, I know he was staying with you since earlier in the day but when he left, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Really Y/N, he told me he was going home so that is why I called.”

“I promise Luke, this has nothing to do with you and you don’t have to feel bad” I send him a small smile. “So when Michael came home he reeked of liquor and he wanted to…“ I started to pick my nails. "You know what and I didn’t want to because he was drunk and he just kind of freaked out. He had this idea that I wasn’t going to do it because he thinks I want to sleep with…” I stop talking. I bite my lip and bounce my leg before breathing deeply again. “He thinks I want to or I am or plan on sleeping with Calum” I refuse to make eye contact with any of them but I feel Ashton rub my back. I feel the first tear fall and hiss again when my sweatshirt touches my lip. I chance a look at Cal and he looks like he was beating him self up about it. “I don’t think it’s your fault Calum. I think he doesn’t know what’s going on. He needs someone to blame for his wild theories. So when I told him that you were like a brother he pushed me against the wall and I told him that he was hurting me and well…” I pointed to my cheek and lip. 

“Is that the only time he hit you? Not that its not bad enough, I just want to make sure that we haven’t been ignoring something” Calum mumbled, not looking up. 

“Yeah. This is the first time and the last. I can’t be around him if he is going to do this. I mean I still love him but what if it happens again?" 

"You could stay with us” Luke suggests.

“No, he will be here. What if maybe he stays with you guys for a while. I mean, you could keep an eye on him and I can stay at the apartment. Someone should probably go check on him now” I reply.

“I can’t do it” Calum says. “If he thinks it’s I’m part of the problem, I can only make it worse.”

“I’ll go” Luke pipes up. “I shouldn’t have let him go home in the first place. I’ll stay with him for the night and make sure he doesn’t do anything even more stupid.” I stand and give Luke a hug before he goes upstairs to pack a small bag. 


“What does this all mean?” Calum finally asks after we say goodbye to Luke. I shrug my shoulders and lean my head on his chest.

“It means that I should stay away from him. That’s all I know for now.”


Accidentally Married - Part 1

TITLE OF STORY: Accidentally Married
AUTHOR: Cat Winchester
GENRE: Romance, angst
FIC SUMMARY: Tom and OC wake up after a drunken night in Las Vegas to find themselves married. The problem is the press already has the story, and an annulment might not be the best answer
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: I’m not entirely sure how far I can go with this so any thoughts or ideas are welcome

Chapter One

I put my hand to my head, wondering what had awoken me when I clearly wasn’t ready for consciousness.

The knocking came again, more like a pounding really, urgent and persistent, and I knew I would never get back to sleep until I did something to stop it.

As I swung my legs out of bed, someone groaned beside me and I turned to see my bedfellow throw his arm over his eyes.

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