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Word Count: 763

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It started out slowly, you knew Liam and Isaac thought of you as their mom, technically everyone thought of you as their mom, but when the boys started competing for attention, it was hell.

You were in the kitchen making their lunches, as they refused to eat the school lunches when you became Derek’s girlfriend. You were bobbing your song to some song you had playing in the speaker. You were making Boyd’s peanut butter sandwich when the door slammed into the wall.

You sighed, not looking up as you already knew who it was. “You seriously need to stop slamming doors when you need my attention, Isaac, you’re gonna make a hole in the wall at some point.”

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*OPENS DOOR* I LOVE THIS BLOG AND YOU THE AUTHOR (cough: even though it sometimes gets me reared up) *SLAMS DOOR*... *OPENS DOOR* 💋💋😙😙🎉🎉🙋👍👍 *SLAMS DOOR*


Without You part 2
You heard it all from your spot in bed. With your knees pulled into your chest and your face wet; you flinched at every sound of his fist colliding with a wall, or his groans of frustration, and even the sniffles and forced coughs from him trying to pretend like he wasn’t crying or about to. But nothing hurt you worse than when you heard his keys jingling,  only stopping after the door slammed shut.
After all of that, he still left? The thought sent you into hysterics. Now you could no longer feel any of the high you were previously on and instead you were intoxicated with pain.
Justin though really hadn’t left. He was sitting in his car, preparing to pull off, but he hadn’t actually done so. His keys were in the ignition and his hand was on the gear but he was still.
Actually he was like that for 30 minuets just thinking about you.
The first 10 about what had happened and the last 20 about how he was going to fix it.
Never in a million years  would he try to hurt you, let alone in a way to make you feel like he was ashamed of you. What you said stung, but he knew that he was the one in the wrong. Taking a deep breath, he got out of the car and walked back into your home. When you heard him enter, your heart fluttred with anticipation.  It increased as his footsteps got louder and reached a crescendo when he opened the bedroom door. You sat up to meet his soft eyes.
“Baby, listen to me,” he said, but he stayed in one spot as if that was all he could say. A few beats passed and then he ran his hand through his hair, something he did when he was tongue tied or overwhelmed.  You had an urge to reach out to him, caress his cheek to calm him but you held back.
“On April 25, 2013 I saw you at Kendall’s party in that blue dress of yours, that you thought showed off too much skin. My eyes refused to leave you and they followed you all over the house, ” he paused. “I followed you all over the house. And then finally, Za told me to talk to you and I was fraked out babygirl, believe me. My hands were actually shaking,  my mouth was dry… that’s never happened to me when I’ve tried to talk to a girl. Never.” By now, you were hanging on to his every word, trying to figure out where he was going.
“Our first date was a month later,  after talking and texting,  you finally agreed. We had a nice dinner and I felt so different with you, like I could truly open up. It was perfect, but when we left- they swarmed us. The paparazzi crowded you and for a split second, I wasn’t able to reach you. When I got a glimpse of you, your face, Y/N, it was terrified and you looked so vulnerable. I hated that. It tore me up inside.  And then the media, I could tell it bothered you. It still does, but I remember when I came home to you crying about it. That broke me sweetheart,” he looked at you, his voice cracking. You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes again.
“So I vowed to protect you from it as much as possible.  I never meant for it to seem like I was hiding you away or… ashamed of you. I just- I love you so much. I’m sorry,” he was rubbing the back of his neck repeatedly. You stood up and moved over to him. Taking a deep breath, you kissed him, overwhelmed with all the love you felt for that boy. He kissed you back, finding a smooth path for you both.
When you finally pulled away,  you stared into his beautiful puppy dog eyes.
“Justin, I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to start seeing you and it gets rough. I won’t pretend that it doesn’t get hard, but I’d do it over and over for you. For our love. Just don’t keep me locked up,” you said with a laugh. Justin broke into a smile and pecked your lips again.
“You got it Princess,” he winked and carried you to bed.

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Imagine schools getting really hard and so much pressure is being put on you and your parents are putting more pressure on you, and your job is getting tough with your boss being stricter on you. Obviously you can only handle so much stress and pressure before you snap, so one day you’d come into the house with tears already running down your face and you’d pass by Michael who’s playing xbox and he’s look up at you with a smile, and his smile would immediately disappear seeing the tears running down your face. He’d go to get up but you’d just continue to your bedroom not even stopping, slamming the door and walking into the bathroom door locking it behind you. You’d finally sink to your knees letting out all the frustration and you’d hear “y/n baby open the door what’s wrong” and you’d just ignore him continuing to let out everything, after a while your breathing would calm down and you’d stand up, and fix yourself in the mirror embarrassed by your “show” the minute you open the door Michael’s rushing in pulling you into his chest, he’d hug you words flying out of his mouth when he finally asks “are you okay baby?” holding your check and him looking into your eyes, your eyes would slightly glaze over again you shaking your head a slight no “oh baby” he would whisper, pulling you into him, he’d decide to have you both take a bath, after the bath you’d both be in bed him whispering “let’s just relax tonight tomorrow we’ll talk” you passing out from exhaustion. And the next morning, this text would happen. \\ Blurb written by losingmyirwinity aka the loml this is oUR FIRST COLLAB THING HOPE YOU LIKED IT

Prisoner Training- closed with avatareverstorm

The armored carriage rocked back and forth down the bumpy road, making its single occupant get thrown against the tough wooden walls. “Stupid guards” he growled under his mask. His name was Legion and he had been convicted of a crime that was a life sentence but something new had come up. All he had heard was that some how the avatar was involved in it.

‘Great’ he thought. 'Just what I need, to see and get a talking to by a teenage girl who has all the elements under her control….this should be fun.’

His hands were bound and covered in iron to keep his fire bending abilities at bay. The skull mask around his face also kept the possibility of him spewing fire at the guards next to nothing. He wasn’t in the mood to burn his own face off anytime soon.

Suddenly the cart stopped, slamming him forward. The door unlocked and he was met with the unfriendly faces of the guards. “Still don’t know how to smile, huh?” He snarled. The guards grabbed him by his clothes and dragged him out, throwing him on the ground in front of someone. “Well…here we go” he breathed, slowly looking up.


Luke Blurb #4

You and Luke get into a fight and it has to be resolved.

Written for boobsmuke (I hope you like it!)

You walk into the hotel room and attempt to slam the door behind you, paying little attention to the fact that Luke is behind you. He squeezed in behind you, and stops the door from slamming, “Babe, I don’t understand why you’re so upset.” You try to ignore him, but he keeps going, “What? You’re ignoring me? How mature of you. It was just a joke.” You turn around and begin talking, in a much louder and much harsher voice than you knew you were capable of, “Lucas. That was not a joke. That was you making fun of me and you acting like a total fucking asshole with your stupid friends. Well you know what, if you want to make fun of me to try and be cool around them, then go fucking hang out with them. I hate you. I don’t tolerate people who make fun of me. I hate you, Luke.” He stands there, and you can tell he’s trying to figure out what to say next, instead he just silently walks out. You sit down on the edge of the bed that the two of you shared the night before. The words you said, echo in your mind, and you start to realize that maybe you were too mean to him. The more that you think, the more upset you get. You lay down on the bed and realize the pillow smells just like him. You bury your face deeply into it, so you can’t breathe without completely and totally being enveloped in the essence of him.

You open your eyes, in confusion because you didn’t mean to fall asleep, but you obviously did. You hear a knocking on the hotel door. Not a rapid knocking, but a steady, slow, persistent knocking. You go over and open it, and watch as Luke falls backwards, so he’s lying at your feet, on his back. “Luke-” You begin. “No, let me talk.” He scrambles to his feet, and holds out a huge bouquet of flowers. “I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry for what I said. You’re right, it wasn’t funny. And I…” He begins to choke up. “I never want to do anything to make you hurt, and make you talk to me the way you did ever again. I love you.” “I love you, Lucas.” You blurt out, “I love you so much and I’m so sorry.” You sob into his chest and he takes you into him, holding you tight.


“PAIGE!” adam yells, he’s able to stop the door from slamming in his face. the petite brunette had every reason to be angry with him after all she’d just caught him with another female. let me explain goddamnit!” he growls, feeling like an idiot for even letting his desires come before his relationship. the two had only been fighting more & more. which only meant there had been more of a dent in their sex life, something adam wasn’t used to. she was nobody, she’s just some sorority slut she meant nothing to me.