stop sitting around

Lol but
Bruce and Damian fighting and getting into nasty spats
So they go to opposite sides of the cave to calm down
The cool down corners
Literally putting themselves in time out to just breathe
These two
And then Tim and Dick just chilling out in the cave, Dick is like “No don’t sit in that chair that’s Damian’s chair”
“Why is it on the other side of the cave?”
“He likes to sit there when he’s mad”
“This family is so weird”
“Don’t I know it, my brotha”
“Stop saying that”
“Brah, brollercoaster, bro-back-mountain–”
“Give me that chair”
“I’m going to hit you with it”

me @ myself: stop sitting around for an hour asking if yourself if you should shower and brush your teeth and go through your facial routine if it could’ve already been done in the time spent thinking about it

Settle Down || Jack Maynard

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summary: where jack’s unsure if he can finally commit

word count: 1026

A/N: this is my first imagine on here sorry if it sucks bskdfj also sorry for third person the next one won’t be xx

dedicated to those whose writing i adore so much they inspired me to start my own blog x @buttercream-imagines, @cursivesugg, @buttercream-squad-imagines, @buttercream-squad-trash & @thatchermaynardimagines


It was never easy for Jack to settle on just one girl.  It wasn’t in his nature. He thrived on the attention he received, he prided himself on always being the friend to pick up the most girls on the weekends. He was the infamous player; it was a reputation he didn’t think he would ever be able to shake. And he didn’t know if he wanted to. What was the fun in that?

But then there was her. There was something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. All he knew was that she was absolutely alluring. Maybe it was the way her hair framed her face, and her constant efforts to tuck loose strands behind her ear. Maybe it was the fact that he couldn’t walk by a flower shop without remembering how enticing her scent was on the night they first met. Maybe it was that she was one of the few people who could genuinely make him laugh until his stomach hurt. Or that she was the last thing he caught himself thinking about before he fell asleep each night.

Worst of all, he knew exactly how she felt about him. Too many shots led to accidental shared secrets behind her slurred words last Friday night.  She couldn’t remember a thing that happened the next day, but her announcement was on repeat in his head.

“Jack,” she whined, cupping his face in her right hand, a drink in her left.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” He smiled.

She pursed her lips slightly before she continued.  “You know that you’re one of the only guys I’ve ever loved? I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it.  I really do love you.”  

He took a deep breath before responding.  It wasn’t exactly what he was planning on hearing when he walked into the club that night.

“You don’t mean that, (Y/N), you’re drunk,” he answered, gently pushing her arm to her side, trying to reason with her.

“Yes I am, but yes I do,” she answered, giggling up at him. “I know it’s stupid of me to.”

In that moment, his heart stopped.  The contents of his drink almost spilled out from shock. He didn’t know what to do, or what to say.  He evaded the conversation by excusing himself to the bar.  He ran his fingers around the rim of the glass, trying desperately to process what (Y/N) had just confessed.  Her? In love with him? Sure she didn’t think Jack was good enough for her.


For the next few days, Jack went back and forth with himself for hours.  He knew he had always felt the tiniest bit of something for her, but he had never come to full terms with it.  There were always new girls waking up in his bed, new numbers in his phone.  He didn’t have the time to think about his love for (Y/N).  Was it love?  Maybe it was.

To be honest, he was scared out of his mind. It was the first time in years that he was nervous about the potential of being with someone.  He hadn’t thought about having a girlfriend for what seemed like forever.  He was busy having too much fun to be caught up with the drama that comes with relationships. But he couldn’t forget what she told him.  Her words may have been slurred but the sincerity in her eyes was there. She was in love with him.

“Is she worth giving it all up for?”  Jack thought, sitting at his desk, distracting himself from getting any work done. What if it all went sour?  It would be time and a friendship that he could never get back.  He didn’t think he could make her happy.  At some point, he would be bound to to mess it up.  He was scared of ruining her.  It would kill him if he were ever the reason she was unhappy.

But what if it all worked out? It would be weekends out where he couldn’t play his usual games, he would only be allowed to dance with (Y/N).  It would be giving her all of his attention whether he liked it or not. He would finally have to put someone else before himself.

He knew he couldn’t sit in the same room with her and pretend he didn’t know how she felt.  Rather, he knew he couldn’t keep pretending that she wasn’t everything he had once described as someone he would want to end up with one day.  Her humor, her drive, her compassion for everyone around her. She was selfless, something he wasn’t.

All the times she had been the one to take care of him when he could hardly stand without ever asking for anything in return. When she was the one who remembered the smallest details about him that even his brother forgot. Or seeing how she interacted with his family when he introduced her for the first time. When he realized he was terrified of hearing her call any other guy hers.  

He imagined everything his friends would say if it actually happened.  The Jack Maynard settling down with just one girl? They’d never let him live it down.  It was a rarity he showed any bit of emotion, and he was about to do a complete 180.  

It was now or never.  If he didn’t stop sitting around contemplating what to do with his feelings, someone else would see how breathtaking she was before he could get the chance to tell her how he felt.

The hardest part was trying to put it all into words.  He must have typed, deleted, and retyped everything a thousand times.  Sentences turned to paragraphs and yet nothing was coming out just how he wanted. In this case, maybe less was more. Maybe he didn’t need a novel to say it in just the right way. His thumb grazed over the ‘send’ button, rereading it once more before gathering up enough courage to press it.

“(Y/N), I know you don’t remember telling me, but I love you too. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to realize.”

Good Enough

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“Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.”

Summary: You and him were two complete opposites from each other… You were just the maid’s daughter, but him on the other hand was a celebrity… Girls practically threw themselves at him just to gain his attention… He could choose any girl… but he chose you..

Part 1 is here~ 

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Why couldn’t life be easier for my mother and I? Why couldn’t we own a huge house, have furry coats and spend money on unnecessary things? If only we had that option… But however by the looks of things we won’t get there until a miracle happens..

I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers - if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.

Maybe this point in my life was just a lesson.. A lesson to teach me to be grateful in life… but grateful for everything I own. 

My two priorities at this point in time is go to school and two help my mother out with the hotel. No I’m not forced to help my mother to do anything but my mother is deaf… who is else is suppose to be her translator? 

Plus I will do anything I can to help my mother out even if that means miss school sometimes… just to get food at least for the day…

The two of us live a room the hotel provided for the both of us that once was a closet… One bedroom I share with my mother.. a bathroom and a small kitchen.. I can’t even bring friends over without feeling ashamed.. 

My whole life is secret… Everyone doesn’t know about my mother or the living situation I’m in.. I would like to ke-

Before you could finish your train of thought, you felt your phone vibrate next to you and looked to your right and see a text from your mother.

You closed your journal and picked up your phone.

Sweetie, can you bring me the box of paper towels to the fifth floor please?

You replied back:

I’ll be there soon~

Without complaining or anything you got up from your spot and made your way to the maid’s closet to get your mother the paper towels she needs and slowly exited out of your room. 

Why is this box so damn heavy? 

You kept wondering as you continued to walk one by one to your way to the elevator doors, you couldn’t seem to see where the hell you were going because of this stupid box.

At this point you could run anyone over and you wouldn’t notice till you hear screaming or something..

Or maybe people here won’t be dumb and blind enough to ignore your existence and be careful.

 You continued to walk step by step till… You felt yourself hit a wall causing you to look to the side and noticed you reached the elevator door. GREAT! Wooow and you thought this was hard..

Piece of cake.

You walked near the button for the elevator and tried to find way to press the button without dropping the box out of your hands… but that seemed impossible. 

Ugh, you groaned to yourself and looked around… 

Why weren’t you social enough to ask for help? 

You sighed and just as you were going to try to reach for the button… You notice a mystery hand press the button to go up… 

Thank you!

“Need help with that?”

Was this person talking to you?


“I said do you need help with that?” the male voice asks but you hated getting asked for help… You were a big girl…

“It’s okay. I got this…”

“Are you sure?”


You heard the elevator doors open and you carefully yet slowly walked your way to the elevator holding the box in your hands till the next thing you know, you felt the box getting lifted out of your hands and the mystery guy was now holding the box…

What is he doing?


You awkwardly said looking at the stranger who had a black pair of sunglasses but a blonde hair and was tall yet skinny. 

The two of you stepped in and you looked at the stranger and pressed the button of the floor you needed to get to and then looked at the stranger.

“What floor?”


Him too?

You backed up against the railing and looked at the stranger. 

“You know you didn’t have to carry the box for me,” you said trying to reach over for the box but you noticed the way he turned his back to you not letting you reach over to the box.

“I got it,”


“You don’t know how to let other help you now do you?” The stranger asked you feeling confused whether you should feel offended or not…

What was a bad thing? 

You were used to doing things for yourself and for everyone around you.. Was it wrong to have that instinct where you assume you are responsible for everything around you?

I sighed and looked at the stranger..

“Sorry.. I mean thank you for the help.. but you really didn’t have to.” You awkwardly said looking up at the stranger and then looking directly at the elevator doors…

This stranger grabbed the box from your hands having no clue who you even were and helped you out..

“What’s in this box anyways?”

For some reason you completely froze and just looked at the stranger not having a clue on what to even say..

“Moving in?” Taehyung asks and you without even thinking twice you nodded your head and he smiled.

“So does that mean I will be seeing you often?” He asks smirking and you just nodded again not knowing what the hell to say..

“Great! Do you want to get some coffee later?” The stranger asks you and you just looked at him and stood quiet..

Speak! It’s not like he’s some hot celebrity or something.. right? 

“Um… I’ll see.. if I can,” You lied knowing damn well you had nothing planned for later.

“Great!” before he could continue off his sentence, the elevator door opened and you stepped out having the stranger following right behind you.

“Meet me at lobby at 5?”


“Good!” He smiles handing you the book and before he went his own direction, he lifted up his sunglasses exposing his blue eyes and gave you quick wink.. 

“See you later,”

You watched the stranger walk off to a side of the hall that had security everywhere. you just rolled your eyes turned around and left go find your mother…

Isn’t that side of the floor for celebrities? What is he doing there? Isn’t he going to get in trouble?

Or was he friends with a celebrity? 

Who knows..


“What took you so long?” You mother began to complain as she did the sign language to you and all you could was just shrug.

“Well the box was heavy, what do you have a dead body in there?”

Without any warning, you mother hits your arm and you looked at her and couldn’t help but to smile. Your mother hated when you acted overly dramatic with her.. but it was all a part of nature… What are you saying?!

“It’s not that heavy if you were able to bring it to me,” your mother signs with her hands and you sighed..

Well you made it to your mother alive because of a stranger helping you out.. 

Should you tell her that?

“Anyways, mom why is there so many security guard on this floor today? I know celebrities are usual on this floor, but what’s the big occasion?”

You asked as you sat down on a random chair from the hotel room your mother was in and placed your feet on top of a table.

Your mother reached over and smacked your feet telling you to get off.

You shrugged and continued to stare at your mother.


“There a big Korea boy group in town,”

“Big korean group? They aren’t that big if I haven’t heard about it.”

You glanced at your mother and again you noticed the way she looked you and smiled.

“Stop sitting around and help me.” your mother signed and you groaned and forced yourself off the chair.

No you and your mother didn’t have a terrible relationship at all, you two were actually quite close.. The thing was you two treated each other as sister sometimes.. but still your mother didn’t take your complaints or your comments serious.. Your relationship with your mother was actually quite good.


“Omma! I’ll be back, I’m going to get us food! Try not to miss me soo much!” You smiled as you wrapped your arm around your mom and as you glanced at her you noticed a smile appear on her face.

What would your mom do without you right?

You grabbed your phone from the table and left the hotel room without saying anything else to your mother.

As you walked to the elevator door you stepped in and quickly pressed the button to head to the first floor and leaned back against the railing slowly waiting for the elevator door to close.

“What should we eat today?” You began to ask yourself as you continued to stare at the elevator doors… 

You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even noticed someone even entering the elevator till you began to hear someone clear their throat. 

You shook your head and looked to your left and see a familiar pair of black sunglasses…

“So we meet again,” The stranger says smirking not even taking one look at you..


What is this destiny?

 “I see that…”

“I’m glad you haven’t forgotten.”


“About getting coffee at 5?”

You quickly pulled out your phone and looked at the time causing your eyes to widen.. Shit! Why did you have to go get food at this very moment…

“Oh… about that..”

As you were about to speak, you noticed the stranger looking directly at you causing you to forget how to even lie and you just stayed quiet and sighed..

“Can’t wait..”

You awkwardly said looking away and at last the elevator door opened…


As you two were exiting out of the elevator… You couldn’t help but to wonder why this stranger kept wearing the pair of sunglasses…

What is this his signature look or something?

“What’s your name?” The stranger asks you making you lose your train of thought and you just looked at him.

“Y/N… you?”

“A secret.”

“A secret?” You asked completely confused and he stops and smiles at you.

“If I tell you, I might have to kill you.”

Your eyes widen and you noticed the stranger rise up his sunglasses and give a quick yet simple wink…

What is his deal?

He began to walk away and you continued to looking at him confused but eventually ran after him and caught up.


You two were about to step out of the lobby till… The next thing you noticed, the stranger took one look out the door and stopped and looked at you.

“We should go to the back door…”


He grabbed your wrist and tried to pull you back in the lobby but you removed yourself and looked at him confused.

“What’s your deal?”

“I c-”

The next thing you know, you noticed the group of girls who were standing in front of the hotel screaming right at your direction and without even realizing what the hell was happening, the stranger got a hold of your wrist once again and began to run forcing you to basically run as well..

What the hell is going on?!

Why were you running from girls?! 

Was this why the stranger wanted to go to the back?

As you two continued to run out of the lobby and your way to the back of the hotel, you felt your legs burn and felt like you were having a hard time catching your breath…

Why! Just why!

At last the stranger pulled you into what seemed to be in a closet and closed the door right behind him.

You were about to ask a question but he stops you by covering your mouth and all you could hear was girls screaming and running from the other side of the door.

As the screaming seemed to fade away… The stranger finally lets go out your hand and looks at you.

“What the hell!”


“What the hell just happened?”

He looked at me and took off his sunglasses relieving his whole face to you.

“Now do you understand what happened?”

“Huh?” You were beyond confused…

He looks at you and his eyes widen.

“You don’t know who I am?”

Should you?”

“Um no?”

…. Was this a trick question or something?

“I’m from V from BTS.”


To Be Continued

when they won’t respond to your texts, stop texting them.

when they won’t return your calls, stop calling them.

when they stop coming around, don’t sit there and question what you did wrong when you’ve done nothing wrong.

when they walk away, don’t beg them to come back.

don’t chase after them.
don’t plead with them to care about you.

don’t let them make you feel inferior because your love was stronger.

don’t let them make you feel like you were wrong for loving them.

remember that your worth is never tied to a person who can’t see how amazing and wonderful you are.
remember that you are still valuable. you are still important. you are still worthy.
you are not unworthy because someone else didn’t see your worth.
you are not ugly because someone else didn’t see your beauty.
you are not the value of someone’s opinion who left you.

                                                               Even if you’re little, you can do a lot, you
                                                            Mustn’t let a little thing like, ‘little’ stop you
                                                               If you sit around and let them get on top,
                                                                                    you might as well be saying
                                                                                            You think that it’s okay
                                                                                                And that’s not right!
                                                                                                  And if it’s not right,
                                                                                       You have to put it right …

From Matilda, The Musical
Adaptation - Dennis Kelly
Music and lyrics - Tim Minchin
Original Author - Roald Dahl
Illustrations by Quentin Blake

Malec Week Day 2- Disney AU: Malec Inside-Out AU

Couple: Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (Malec) 

Setting:  Alec Lightwood has a lot of emotions going on in his head. The emotion most in control is Fear, but what will happen when Joy finally has his time to shine? 

Will have a part 2 at some point.

Day 1:

Day 2: you are here

Day 3:Skippped 

Day 4: skipped

Day 5:

Alec’s Joy Pov- There are 7.4 billion people in the world and each one of those people has emotions. There are all kinds of emotions to feel but the main ones; joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust are the ones we all feel the most. I’m one of those emotions and I belong to one of the most amazing kids in the world. Sure every ‘Joy’ say’s that about their kid but mine is actually true.

I am the emotion of joy for an amazing boy named Alec Lightwood. Oh, man I can write a whole book about how amazing this kid is. He’s sociable, fun, loves being around people and always follows his heart… or at least he would do all those things if I was in control.

As I said before, the brain consists the emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. All the emotions work together but there’s always one emotion that is the leader of everyone else. Can you all guess who is the leader of Alec’s emotions? I can tell you it’s not me.

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  • [After Smoke and Shadow in the Royal Palace]
  • Fire Lord Zuko: *stares out of a window and sighs*
  • Mai: What’s wrong, Zuko?
  • Zuko: Mai, I can’t stop thinking about Azula. Wondering where she could be, who she’s hanging out with… What is she thinking? Is she thinking of me? And if we will ever meet someday…
  • Mai: Oh, please Zuko, you have to stop sitting around and wondering about Azula. Wondering where she is, who she’s hanging out with, what she’s thinking, whether she’s thinking of you, and if you’ll ever meet someday… you have much more important things to do.
  • Ty lee: Me too, Mai, I just can’t stop thinking about Azula. Wondering where she could be, what she’s thinking… and if she's going to return someday.
  • Mai: *crosses her arms and sigh patiently* Ty lee, she already slapped you, she got her revenge, she has nothing to do with you anymore.
  • Mai: And for love of Agni guys, your mother, Zuko, never stop saying the same thing since her return, so please let's stop this.
  • Suki: *Enters into the large room hastily* Zuko!
  • Fire Lord Zuko: What's there Suki? Is Azula came back?
  • Suki: No, it's about the former Fire Lord, Zuko, your Father.
  • Zuko: What's that about him?
  • Suki: He gone crazy, he just doesn't stop wondering about Azula. Wondering where she could be, what is she thinking, what she has done, and he's going to make her pay and grovel someday.
The RFA + V and Saeran go outside/ on a walk with their s/o

Maybe some pretty fluffy headcannons to start off this blog?


-This child has been playing so much LOLOL
-Please take him outside he’s practically forgotten what the sun feels like
-Once you’re finally able to drag him outside, you guys stroll around a forest area nearby
-After a bit, he gets super hyped and energetic like a puppy
-“Look, ____! A butterfly!”
-”That looks like a boss I fought yesterday.
-You hold hands after you two almost get lost
-Which happened more than once
-Eventually, you get pumped enough to match his hype
-It’s like the sunny weather is giving you both so much energy and it’s really refreshing
-You start playing tag and you almost tripped and broke your face a couple times
-When Yoosung saw you stumble over a tree root, he would stop running to check on you
-You took the opportunity to tag him and run off with a grin
-After a while you’re both tired from running and avoiding all the tree roots sticking out of the ground, you lay together against a nice looking tree that just blocks the sun
-Comfortable silence fills the air while you both sit, your head on his shoulder
-Yoosung would definitely be open to going on more adventures with you
-He leans his head against yours and just enjoys the fresh air


-Rehearsals have taken up a majority of his time lately
-He’s preparing for a role he’s not really familiar with, which has him a bit stressed
-That, and his costar has been really stubborn and difficult to work with
-When he gets off of rehearsals early one day, you immediately suggest going outside for a walk to clear his head
-He’s honestly pretty tired, but he wouldn’t pass up getting to spend more time with you
-So, you both set out for a public park
-As you walk around, you two talk about anything and everything that comes to mind
-Zen gives you some top notch theater gossip
-“And then the makeup artist used the wrong shade of foundation and they looked like a ghost”
-In exchange, you tell him a few jokes and funny stories to make him laugh
-Thankfully it works (his laugh is heaven omg)
-You find a little shaded picnic area with a few tables
-Zen goes to get some drinks from a vending machine, and you sit at one of the tables to wait for him to return
-Drinking your beverage, you both watch the sun begin to get low in the sky
-Some children scream and play in the background a bit of a distance away, but it doesn’t bother either of you and you continue the conversation
-Overall, your little alone time really helped him get his head back in the game, and you can just tell by his newfound inspiration his performance will be amazing


-Oh god
-Please let her have a break
-You notice how obviously stressed out she’s been, and you decide that she needs to go out and get some fresh air
-When you bring up the idea of taking a walk, she was a bit surprised, but in a good way
-She, of course, agrees
-You lead her to a small park a little ways away from your home
-There’s plenty of benches to relax on, which you make her do so when you notice how tired she is
-You insist that she lays down, and she rests her head on your lap as she talks and vents about her day
-“This guy had me running back and forth all day long without a break”
-Being the supportive partner you are, you listen intently to her whole ordeal even throwing in a few sassy remarks
-“Geez, what a jerk. You deserve so much better.”
-Jaehee falls asleep on your lap without you really realizing it at first
-This girl barely gets any sleep at all so you gladly allow her to nap there. You even get annoyed when loud people pass by you two
-*Death glares at every loud noise*
-You eventually have to wake her up when it starts getting late however
-She nods when you explain that you should be heading back home, considering the time
-”Thank you for taking me outside, ___. It was very relaxing.”
-Mission accomplished


-Stop sitting around and go outside for once
-Seriously, even though this boy doesn’t hack for a living anymore, he still lazes around the house all day everyday
-His unhealthy eating habits make it even worse
-So you force him to go outside with you
-He groans at first and doesn’t really want to go until you convince him
-“Oh. I just wanted to spend time with you, but I guess if you really don’t want to, I’ll just go out by myself…”
-*pouty face*
-Saeyoung is instantly on his feet next to you, holding your hand and leading you to the door
-You walk along the sidewalk of town, going no where particular
-Saeyoung tells you a few stories, cracking a few jokes along with them
-You can’t help but laugh at his exaggerated tales
-The clean air in his lungs makes him feel rejuvenated
-“_____, I’ll race you to that stop sign”
-“Saeyoung, there’s a bunch of other people on the sidewalk-”
-Saeyoung takes off running cheater
-You start sprinting after him
-Who knows, you might’ve had a chance to beat him if he hadn’t gotten a head start and the sidewalk was clear
-You tried your best to keep from bumping into or disturbing anyone walking along
-Saeyoung, however, did not
-He just wanted to beat you so he can rub it in your face later
-You kind of apologized on his behalf to all the people you passed that were giving him dirty looks
-Out of breath, you finally made it to the stop sign
-You start lecturing him on cheating and bumping into people and he just kisses you in the middle of your sentence
-Before you can get grumpy about it, he adds “That’s my prize for winning” while smirking triumphantly


-Jumin had been a bit down lately
-He had ideas for new projects that fell through for one reason or another
-When he came home one day with a frown that wouldn’t go away, you decide to take him out on a walk
-He agrees, unable to say no to you and your cute little puppy eyes
-You walk together in silence for a minute along the road until you ask him about his day
-That’s when he starts opening up and ranting and venting about everything that happened today
-It explains why he’s been frowning so much
-Clean air is always a good way to clear your mind
-You don’t feel trapped like you do indoors
-Jumin realizes this
-After his little rant is over he looks over at you and sighs a bit
-“We really should do this more often. It’s very pleasant.”
-You smile up at him happily, and he can’t help but smile back
-How could he not smile when the love of his life is right beside him
-“Of course!” you assure him, “Anytime you want to take a walk, just let me know!”
-He gently runs his thumb along your hand intertwined with his


-V has been wanting to get new photos
-Some for selling, some for keeping
-It’s a nice excuse to ask you to join him outside
-He takes you out to a lovely forest on a clear, sunny day
-He leads you through despite his poor eyesight while holding your hand tightly but gently
-You ask him where he’s going, but he says it’s a surprise
-You shrug it off and enjoy the scenery a bit before V stops walking
-“We’re here” he announces with an adorable smile
-When you look forward, you see a big meadow filled with rainbows of flowers
-Your mouth opens slightly in shock at the beautiful landscape
-How did you not know this magical place existed??
-“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” V smiled at you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders
-You don’t answer, you just kiss him lightly on the cheek and continue beaming
-V sets up and starts taking photos while you sit beside him and watch
-You’re a bit distracted, watching the wind blow the flowers into a wave-like motion before you hear the camera click again
-You look over at V, and the camera is facing you
-“Sorry,” he says bashfully, “I just wanted to capture the beauty of the love of my life.”


-You’ve been wanting to do something special with Saeran
-He’s been upset lately, and you can tell
-“Hey, Saeran, let’s go outside.”
-Saeran just kind of grunts in response from his spot on the coach, playing a game on a handheld
-“Please? You need to get out of the house a bit more. It can get suffocating, staying inside all the time…”
-You manage to convince him one way or another, so you bring him out to a park
-Guiding him along, you lay down in a field
-He doesn’t join you at first. He just stands there with a grumpy frown until he notices that you’re staring up at the sky
-His eyes drift up to see what you’re looking at
-Fluffy white clouds float peacefully along the bright blue sky
-Saeran gets lost in the sight, and eventually gives in and lays down next to you
-You bring up that he’s seemed a bit off recently
-That’s when he opens up
-He tells you everything that’s been bothering him
-Worry, anger, regret; all of it
-You listen intently, surprised that he’s actually comfortable enough to explain all of this to you
-When he’s done talking, you stay silent. You don’t want to upset him by babying or pitying him too much
-The sky and your presence are enough to calm him down
-The longer you two watch the sky together, the more he can feel the weight lifting off of him
-Now he knows exactly what to do when he feels troubled

I got to hold the tiniest fluff of a puppy today and it was glorious. His name was Bear and I could probably support his body with one hand as he was 90% fluff and cuteness, 10% sleepy puppy.

If I can hear this much of the person living above me I have to wonder how much my neighbors can hear of me…

Oh no.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Sugardaddy!Yoongi where he looses a bet with the OC and she gets to be dom for the night?

It was a stupid bet, really, that’s all it was; one of which that involved a serious amount of resistance and holding back because ‘I bet you won’t be able to keep your hands off of me all night’ was a challenge he was up for competing in. You were simply meant to be his eye candy for the evening, a fancy gala he invited you to for one of his business parties that was made to impress, and the only contact between the two of you was your arm attached to his to make your relationship look, y’know, legitimate.

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My mom: here I’ll drop you off to get your hair cut


My mom 5 minutes later: you’re walking there. Did I say of drop you off? No I didn’t. I’d remember that. Stop sitting around and being a lazy fat ass you need exercise.