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Hungry - Jaehyun

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Genre: Fluff (drabble)

Words count: 686

“Babe.” He called, his bottom lip jutted out. She sighed and scrunched her nose up, closing the book in front of her and got out of the desk to sit on his waiting lap. He stroked her thigh with one hand, the other encircling her waist to keep her from falling.

“Hm? I haven’t finished the paper, Jae. Are you hungry?” She asked, brushing his brown hair out of his face with her fingers.

“No, I just ate before I got here.” He mumbled, burying his face on the crook of her neck. His grip on her waist tightened as he started peppering soft kisses all over, and soon enough was replaced by open-mouthed ones. She couldn’t help but let out a surprised moan when Jaehyun bit the soft skin. He chuckled in response, and she jabbed her finger to his side.

“Stop it! I have to finish the report for tomorrow!”

“Uh, no.” He shook his head adorably, his face sulking. “Papers can wait, I can’t.”

He roamed his hand to lift her by her bottom and repositioned her so she was straddling him, as he leaned in for a heated kiss. He teased his tongue along her bottom lip, asking for permission which she happily granted. Their tongues fight for dominance; even though they always knew who’s going to win anyway. His big hands slid under her t-shirt, his thumbs slowly rubbing half circles at her sides. She could feel him getting harder and harder by the minute, the warmth also started to tingle and spread on her lower stomach. She couldn’t lie to herself, it felt too good. She could never resist his charms into making her do whatever he wants, like this. He attached his mouth on the crook of her neck, sucking and nibbling.

“Jung Jaehyun, I seriously need to get it done by tonight.” She got up reluctantly, pushing gently on his shoulders.

He sighed, releasing his grip from her waist. “Fine.” He pursed his lips in annoyance while fishing for his phone from the back pocket. “I’m just gonna wait until you finish.”

He plugged his earphones in, busying himself on the couch getting comfortable. Still sulking, the frown etched to his face in a childish manner. He could act like that in front of her sometimes, it was ridiculous how indifferent he behaved towards her when his members were around.

She smiled and retracted back to where she was, in front of her laptop. The paper was actual pain in the ass, a 5000 words report about digital marketing. It took her another hour to finally finished typing and closing her laptop, only to find the giant baby had fallen asleep with his face pressed on the side of the couch uncomfortably, his earphones still plugged in and his phone inside his huge palm, in the middle of typing a text to Johnny.

She shook her head, staring at her boyfriend lovingly. He usually would have gone back to his place at this hour, since he didn’t like having to get up early to go to the practice studio because her place is 20 minutes further than his own place. He looked exhausted, his eyebrows furrow subconsciously at the dream he was having. She leaned forward and gently pulled out the earphones, but Jaehyun jerked his head up suddenly, making her shuffled backwards in response. He slowly opened his eyes, squinting at the intruder.

“My baby is so sleepy, hmm? It’s time for you to go home.”

He blinked slowly a few times, his hand went up to rub the sleep off his eyes. “I’m hungry again.” He said, stifling a yawn.

She patted down the wild hairs on top of his head and nodded. “Okay, what do you want?”

He leaned forward and buried his face on her stomach, his arms encasing the back of her knees as he was seated and she was standing in front of him. He nuzzled his nose deeper and inhaled the sweet smell of her, pressing a chaste kiss before lifting his face off her shirt and mumbled. “I want you.”

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I work at a restaurant at the airport and we don’t have a closing time so if the nearest flight gets delayed till 1am then guess what? I’m stuck there till 1am too 😩 then you get all these rude ass customers complaining that their flight is late and that we’re taking too long like buddy it’s been over 10 hours on our feet in a busy restaurant chill out 😩

i feel so hard for u

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Have you read taproot? It's about a gay ghost and his necromancer florist bf and it's amazing!!

WHAT!? NO!! Oh my gosh- I looked it up and you guys it is so cute- the art style is precious and those character designs are TO DIE FOR!!! I’m 100% seeing myself becoming obsessed with this! That is some parallel thinking man!

(Though to be fair, I was being simplistic in my
description, technically my guy is an arborist since he does mostly greenery, but runs a flower shop because that makes better money, and mostly the story’s about organized crime and the cello and New Jersey LMAO I don’t think anyone wants my elevator pitch here.)

in my first lecture on shakespeare the lecturer opened with the words “Shakespeare is bisexual. Most literary evidence points towards this, and it is the most commonly accepted understanding of his sonnets in modern literature.

so if I have to read even ONE essay that comes to this ‘shocking’ conclusion this year, so help me god you will NOT pass this module”

anyway this is your reminder that shakespeare is bi, 100% bi, super bi, and laura jenkins wants people to shut up and focus on his fucking nature imagery thank you goodbye.

i hate matthew daddario so much because, like, he’s this smoldering hot fucking 6′3″ tall huge muscley dude so you’re like, okay, but then he’s like a COMPLETE nerd?? cant stop talking about plants and animals and space?? only wants to travel the world and post pics of cute dogs and places he travels to on his instagram?? he says ‘whoopsie daisy’ unironically and he worked at the natural history museum and loves to cook things for his friends and talked about pumpkins for 20 straight minutes once who is he and how did god let this happen

Inter-House Relationships #6
  • Exam Week
  • Hufflepuff: *stays up too late but still sleeps and eats well*
  • Gryffindor: *studies only when forced and frequently falls asleep in library*
  • Slytherin: *studies during the day in relaxing places like by the lake and sometimes forgets to eat*
  • Ravenclaw: *constantly surrounded by coffee and books and prays for death at 4 AM*
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: where was erik during Logan (2017, dir. James Mangold)? where was he when charles was deteriorating and losing his mind? did he ever go back to the mansion again between the events of x-men apocalypse and logan? where was he? was he dead by then? was he off having another little tantrum, unaware about the love of his life falling to pieces and eventually dying at the hands of X-24? did erik and charles ever get to say goodbye to one another? did charles watch erik die? what happened? where is Erik Lehnsherr in this trying time

Someone: when are you gonna stop drawing gay stuff omg

Me, drawing more gay stuff: wow suddenly I can’t read