stop showing me cats

Why Neko atsume is problematic

1. One of the cats only left me one fish
2. Tubbs won’t stop eating my food
3. They won’t stop showing me their butts
4. They stole my wallet once
5. The cats Attempted to kill my family on multiple occasions
6. They Made me vote for Donald trump
7. They ran me over with a bus three times
8. They took my right arm and sold it on the black market
9. They pushed me into a dark hole (which I am currently blogging from)
10. Last, but not least, they held me hostage at gunpoint until I brought them food

Please reconsider downloading this game

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Do you think that they will film the malec kiss/ love scenes from the shoulders up like they did with the wedding kiss so matt and harry dont have to touch each other I wonder if freeform has separate rules for the straight couples and the same sex couples well see when luke and jocelyn have a kiss/ love scene

I have actually no idea how they are gonna film these scenes i.e how “explicit” it might get. Tbh, I haven’t really thought about it because it still feels so …. wild? Like… we will actually see Malec making out??? Very soon? In the near future? (I am still trying to not lose my mind when Matt talked about “hard and fast”….I mean….what the hell???) I dunno…my brain just can’t comprehend this somehow.

Sure, we won’t see an explicit sex scene like on f.e. Spartacus; this is Freeform we are talking about and not HBO. And I haven’t watched “Pretty Little Liars” yet so I dunno how “far” they are going when showing a love making/sex scene/heavy make out scene, no matter if it is an lgbt couple or a straight one.

But from what I have seen so far, especially watching all these interviews and how much both Matt and Harry love Malec and how important it is to them to portray them in a real and honest way, I think we don’t have to worry about them being “weird” about touching each other or whatever. First, they are actors, second they knew what they were getting themselves into when accepting the roles and third they are friends and comfortable around each other.

That being said, I personally don’t even need an explicit sex scene to begin with. (I would totally lose my mind when there would be some heavy making out against a wall…uhm…yes.) I would be already happy with them simply lying in bed, probably both being shirtless, smiling stupidly at each other while their fingers are entwined. No words needed. Just silence and the constant beating of their hearts while looking each other in the eyes. Maybe some kisses from time to time. But mostly, just them, enjoying the presence of feeling of each other.

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Can you do a second part to the fruit-bowl kissing fanfic? THE FIRST ONE WAS SO GOOD!!!

I’m glad you liked it, thank youuu! Here’s Part 2: 

It was 7pm, and Adam had just finished a productive day at the studio, and was anticipating getting home to Taylor, since she had promised him some intimacy when he got back. He packed his stuff and made his way back to her place, and when he got there, he let himself in with the spare keys that she had given him. 

“Taylor?” His accent echoed through the house, that only emitted one source of light that was coming from her kitchen. He made his way over there to find Taylor sitting on a couch playing with Meredith and Olivia. He loved seeing her childish behavior come out because this was the real Taylor that he knew and loved, not the famous and talented singer/songwriter that everybody else knew, although that was an added bonus. 

“Hey babe! Come check this out!” she squealed with excitement. He made his way over to her and the cats. 

“Meredith, come to mommy, come on!” She cooed at the cat, that gave her a grumpy stare, and instead crawled off the couch, and made her way towards Adam, and snuggled up at his feet. 

“Are you kidding me? Oh my gosh, she listened to me this morning, i swear!” Taylor scoffed, whilst Adam chuckled. He knew Meredith had always liked him over Taylor, even though she always tried so hard to show her grumpy cat some affection. 

“Well i don’t like you either” she stuck her tongue out at Meredith, then stood up to Adam to place a kiss on his lip. 

“How was the studio babe?“ 

“Fucking amazing! Just completed a new track and i’m so proud of it!" 

"That’s amazing babe! But you’ve been in there for ages and seem knackered, maybe you should get some rest” she suggested, tilted her head to the side slightly.

“What? No, no! I’m fine honestly! Just slightly hungry” he smirked at her, remembering the conversation they had in the morning.

 "Oh just in time! i just made some chicken, I’ll go get you some” he rolled his eyes, realising that she didn’t get his suggestion. She busied herself in the kitchen with the plates and began steaming some vegetables. Adam made his way over to Taylor and began caressing her thigh as he stood behind her at the stove. 

“I think i was promised a more….intimate….dinner tonight” he smirked at her, as he swirled her around so she was facing him. He went in for a passionate kiss, but was interrupted by her hand that stopped him from kissing her.

“Adam! The cats are still here you know!” She tried to push him away but he began leaving kisses on her shoulder. 

“Hush…” He placed a finger over her lips to stop her from rambling as he knew she would begin to lecture him about how it was inappropriate to act like this in front of the cats. 

“Phone calls and cats can’t stop me from showing you how much i missed you" 

He picked her up and placed her on the kitchen counter, his huge hands roaming up and down her thighs, whilst his lips attached to hers. Taylor intensified the kiss by pulling his neck towards her to deepen the kiss. She felt Adam’s tongue on her lips, so she parted him to give him access. The way he touched her always left her speechless. He always had a way with making her feel good, even if they were still fully clothed. Taylor tightened her grip from her legs on Adam’s waist, and as the kiss continued, Adam began pulling on the straps of her bra that were exposed. She knew exactly where this was leading, since she had technically planned it by promising him a ‘delicious dinner’ when he returned from the studio. 

“I’m starting to get really hungry ya know, he breathed out, inches away from her lips. "I think we should take this somewhere more private so i can…well, fill my self up” he smirked at her with a mischievous look in his eye. She loved it when he dominated.

“Well, a promise is a promise” she agreed, as he picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and continued kissing her whilst making his way to the spare bedroom down the hallway.