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Jaia is the gods rewarding us for living through the entirety of season one of Clace! Like I love the books but damn nothing can stop me from shipping straight chemistry like those two

jkdjfgfjkdjks I’M SCREAMING LMAOOOO, then why are the gods gonna make us suffer when cl*ce kiss this episode? we deserve better! but i’m glad that you’re not letting book canon stop you from shipping them because they’re excellent 

Straight people are so ready to erase bisexuals when it comes to keeping their precious straight characters straight, but the moment it comes to shipping a lesbian character with a man she has no interest in they’re suddenly bisexual ally #1

shaladin safe space

please reblog this if you’re pro-shaladin, or at least are not anti-shaladin. i need to know that there are more of us out there, shipping and multishipping and seeing shiro happy with his paladins. also i want more shaladin-positive blogs to follow.

this blog is a shaladin safe space.

The thing that’s honestly hilarious about aggressive and moralistic anti shipping movements is that it literally does not matter at all.

Nobody outside of a very niche bubble and a small number of people even remotely gives a shit. They pour all this time and energy into something that absolutely nobody in the real world outside of the Internet gives a flying fuck about. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny.

-The Tamagochi in Kenmas hands is over 7 years old.
-It is called “granny” because of the granny smith apple.
-originally it was Kuros, but he gave it to Kenma because he find them boring, and Kenma was sead that his first one died after 2 days.
(Kuro sometimes whatches over the tamagochi when Kenma can’t)


thats it! that was the idea ;;;
-kicks myselfe in the trashcan underneath my table-


art by me
pleas don’t repost

Straight Allies™: we’re not homophobic! #loveislove

gay person: hey all these straight ships are fine but it would be great if like…one..maybe two characters were gay

Straight Allies™: why are you mad you dont have representation ??? we’re all equal anyway ???? stop hating on straight people ???

wade stuck around for manicure night with nat. it shouldnt surprise anyone that the merc with a mouth is excellent for commentary on b-level horror movies, which nat loves. im not always big on talking so its kinda nice to have someone else fill the silence. and red is also his color. he might actually get a return invite. 

though not if he keeps being this handsy. 

Dear Overwatch Fandom

“Oh you can’t ship that because _____ is actually gay/lesbian” “That’s hetero and boring!” “You can’t because I have a differing opinion which is OBVIOUSLY fact because I say it is!” “I don’t like it, so it can’t be a ship.” “Your ship conflicts with my ship so you can’t ship that!” Screw you. I ship what I want, when I want, and in whatever way I want. So I’m gonna be here with my heterosexual ships and not give a rat’s ass what you think about them. And yes, I’m heterosexual. Doesn’t make me a bad person for being one and doesn’t make me a bad person for shipping hetero ships.

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CatCo Magazine special issue

Cat Grant has an important message for all of us. Be smart. Be like Cat


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