stop saying negative shit about bi people

I will never understand how anti split attraction model people work.

’~my sexual attraction lines up perfectly with my romantic attraction I’ve never had to worry about that shit in my life, so obviously anybody who doesn’t share my life experiences is lying or confused~’

I seriously just saw somebody say that everyone who’s sexual and romantic experiences don’t line up is only like that because of compulsory heterosexuality. And obviously we must stop using this model because it talks about sexual attraction which is very very taboo and we should all just pretend it’s not a thing.

(Ok rant is over, that said if you don’t want to use this model to describe yourself please feel free to not use it!)

can people stop with the “bisexuality reinforces the gender binary” shit because it’s highly upsetting and untrue

there are people of every sexuality that reinforce the gender binary, and there are people of every sexuality that reject it… including bisexuals

if you don’t ID as bi, don’t try to tell other people what it’s about

people seem to be forgetting this basic rule