stop saying 'naughty'

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But the gif where he tries not to smile but end up laughing, imagine if 3 year old P doing smth funny but naughty and harry is trying to be mad but he can't xx

“Harry, stop laughing at her,” the missus would sternly warn him, sighing as she rested her hands on her hips and looked at him, “for Christ sake, she’s running around, shouting ‘fuck’. This isn’t funny. We have baby ears in the house now that we have Alfie. Who do we have to blame for this?”

“I don’t know,” he’d snicker softly, trying his hardest to contain his laugh as he’d hear his daughter run into the kitchen, hopping from foot-to-foot as she grunted out the word and giggled at her daddy’s flushed and amused face, “she was with Gemma this afternoon after school. She may have picked it up from her. She tends to swear a bit.”

“It’s not funny. Stop laughing an tell her off,” she’d hiss and crouch in front of Persephone who backed into Harry’s legs, “sweetheart, you need to stop saying that word. It’s naughty and we don’t use that with Alfie in the house. If you keep saying it, I’ll have to put you on the time-out step and make you go to bed early and we don’t want that, do we?”

“But, I’ll miss daddy’s performance on the telly,” his daughter would pout, looking up at him with big, green eyes.

“Can you stop saying that word for me then, Poppet?” Harry would ask gently, kneeling down and smiling softly, “it’s not a polite word. Who taught you how to say that?”

“Daddy did,” she’d giggle, his eyes widening and a smirk forming on his lips as the missus would give him an angry look, her lips pursed tightly into a line, “he kicked the coffee table yesterday and said it.”

And he wouldn’t be able to contain his amusement and he’d be a laughing mess, throwing his head back. The missus giggling softly. 

“Promise I won’t say it no more,” Persephone would smile, “promise.” xx

EXO at their own Host Club

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*Teasing from the beginning* “So you’ve come to see us hm? Wanna see more of me? Yes?”


“You are very pretty, girl. Let me invite you a drink..” *Flirty FanFan*


“Welcome to our host club… where you won’t stop saying ‘Oh’…” *Really naughty maknae*


*Kinda hyper* “OH WOHO! A girl finally came!! Come with me! I’ll be your panda!”


*Eating the food of the costumers* “I’m just tasting it… seeing they have good quality food… yes.”


“We have special service… like sexy Rudolf Santa… you’ll love me. You won’t feel the cold of the winter…. I assure you”


*Going straight to the fan service*


*Always trying to look perfect* “You’ll choose me right? I’m manly and handsome… I’m the best choice here”


*The kind of host that tells you his whole life* “Oh wait! I haven’t told you how my grandparents met! It was a lovely summer day…”


*Sometimes looks more like the staff than a host* “Why am I the only one who cleans this place?”


*Confusing unicorn that looks like an angel but seems he wants to ‘eat you’*


*Flirty oppa mode* “If you want… you can call me daddy… I’m here to make you happy”

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