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Second Chance - Part Four

I will never be able to get over the responses I’ve been getting to this story. If I could, I would hug all of you for your comments, your messages, all of it. I’ve decided I’m gonna try to make Sundays update days, so I have enough time to work on each next chunk the way I really want to, and then so @sannvers has enough time to proofread them. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you like chunk four! Let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list!

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 6,405

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress overs you a second chance to save him.

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Make a choice Dean

A/N: Story begins in the middle of a hunt.

Warnings: Angst

Make a choice Dean Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You and Sam looked around the hallway you were standing in; there was nothing special about it. Just a hallway of what appeared to be an empty factory. Glancing over at Sam, you nodded at each other, silently communicating that you should move.

The two of you were looking for Dean who had been taken by the djinn who fed off of fear. Sam had killed it a day ago but Dean never woke up, which led to where you are now; walking in Dean’s nightmare, trying to find him so that he could wake himself up.

You had just turned the corner when you heard a voice chuckling from what sounded below you. Sam heard it too because he glanced at you before walking to the railing to view what was going on below you.

Your eyes widened as you took in the scene; the dream’s version of you and Sam were each tied to a chair while Dean stood five feet in front of you. A man, a demon with black eyes showing, stood off to the side a few feet away.

“The hell?” You heard Sam say next to you.

“What is going-” You began but stopped when you heard the demon begin to speak.

“Alright Dean, choose. Do you want to save your brother, the one you raised and spent your entire life looking after.” The demon paused, “Or your little half sister who you didn’t even know about until the apocalypse? Your choice.” He said while handing Dean a gun, “You better choose quickly, otherwise I might just kill them both.”

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 So, I’ve been getting recently tons of questions regarding my notes, and today I decided to make a post about it. If you find it useful make sure to reblog it! 

First of all lets talk about supplies. 

Should you invest or stick to your regular supplies?

We’re all different and we all have different needs and economy. In my case, I love stationery but my economy right now isn’t that high to buy all of the cute stationery in the world. I’m always trying to find dupes, or products that work similar to expensive ones (i’m also guilty of doing this with makeup oops). Here goes a list of the essentials I keep on my pencil pouch. 

  • Pens in different colors - I like to give a color to every single element on my notes. Kinda like a color scheme. Blue = definitions , Black = general content. My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 Gel pens, they’re just a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
  • Fineliners - Fineliners are by far, one of my must haves. I used to use papermate color pens, but when I bought my first pack of Stabilo’s, It was love at first sight. The two most popular brands are Stabilo and Staedtler. Both of them have their pros and cons, so here i’ll leave you a video of a battle between them. I’ve never tried the Staedtler ones, so I wouldn’t know if they’re better or not. They’re really useful for mind maps, subtitles, decorating, titles, etc. You should totally save some money and buy ones!
  • Mechanical pencils - I stopped using regular pencils because sharpening them was just pissing me off. My favorite ones are by papermate.
  • Markers - this ones to me are pretty optional, but I decided to go for some Crayola ones to make some tabs or titles. I would say they’re useful, but only if you feel like buying them. 
  • Highlighters - There are thousands of types, and thousands of brands. But it’s all about your needs. If the reason you want highlighters is to highlight on books, I would really recommend Sharpies and Stabilos. I have both of them, they work pretty well. And here we go with one of the most popular products around tumblr: mildliners. I have to admit it:  they’re beautiful. They come in different colors and they’re just gorgeous! The only problem to me is the price. They don’t sell mildliners here in my country, so I have to order them from Amazon, and it’s just really expensive. Are they worth it? To me, yes. But if you don’t want to spend that much money on highlighters, you can also try the Pilot Frixion Light ones. Anyways, here’s a video comparing many of these popular brands. 

Now that you have your stationery set and ready, is time to get started with the hardest part : taking notes. One thing you need to know is, I take many of my notes in class time, which means I have to come up with a plan and a color scheme in a matter of seconds to get started when the teacher starts giving class. 

My note taking process:

  1. Set a color scheme - You can make it all pink, all blue, all warm colors, all violets, etc. I always try to alternate and use a different color for every topic, so you should try it out. 
  2. Different fonts - I use cursive for subtitles and my normal handwriting for the rest of the text. I always get asked: What did you do to get such a neat handwriting? My answer is: practice. I used to have a really horrible handwriting when I started high school, but once I discovered studyblrs, I began to copy some of the handwriting on pictures. I came up with my own font and i’m really happy with it! So dont be afraid to copy some handwriting you like, in the end you can always add your style to it. 
  3. Organize your information - Many times teachers ask you to make mind maps, diagrams, charts, etc. Choose the one that fits your information. I’m a huge fan of diagrams, but I also like to use charts a lot. Its all about your personal opinion. Most of the times teachers give me paper sheets with al the information on them, so the next thing I do is to highlight definitions. Once I’m done with definitions, I start highlighting with a different color the rest of the text. 
  4. Start writing - This is my last step, and its pretty simple. Once I have all of my information sorted and organized, I can get writing! I spend a lot of time doing it so I really commend you to find a good and relaxing playlist to have fun while doing it and a bottle of water.

I hope you found this post useful! Love, Dani.

How i ship Voltron characters:
  • Keith and Lance: ROMANTIC!! ANGST AND CUTE HUGS!! Help eachother with nightmares sortah! BoYFRIENDS!!!!
  • Shiro and Allura: Asexual Aromantic Friendship! They are BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE aka BFFL's o k a y (rlly rlly good pals™)
  • Hunk and Shay: brother sister like bond!! They aren't romantic but they are super close and shay is a big sister to Hunk, he always has to be the bigger person and Shay is awesome at taking care of her "lil' earth bro"
  • Pidge and The voltron Fam: they all think that they're taking care of Pidge, Pidge is really taking care of them. Stopped Lance from walking in on Allura naked by accident. Literally saved the entire team that day and nO ONE KNEW ABOUT IT!!1!
  • Coran and Space: he loves space, his wife, his everything. Blows kisses into the void daily

“I want a Disney film where the protagonist has a disability saves the day and is loved by all”  

“I want a Disney film where the protagonist isn’t conventionally attractive and that doesn’t define their worth or ever stop them from being amazing”

“I want a Disney film where the main guy and the girl end up as friends”

“I want a Disney film with representation one that focuses on issues that are relevant in today’s world”

“I want a Disney film that has animation that is jaw dropping and irrefutably gorgeous”

“I want a Disney film where the Villain is terrifying and all too realistic” 

“I want a Disney film that deals with complex issues” 

“I want a Disney film with musical numbers that give me chills”

The Hunchback of Notre Dame shall always be the most underrated animated film from Disney anyone that has ever graced the silver screen.  

Sansa bit her lip and nodded. Arya lowered her face to stare sullenly at her plate. She could feel tears stinging her eyes. She rubbed them away angrily, determined not to cry. (Arya II, AGOT)

When the bar was down, Arya finally felt safe enough to cry. (Arya II, AGOT)

It was the scariest thing she’d ever done. She wanted to run and hide, but she made herself walk across the yard, slowly, putting one foot in front of the other as if she had all the time in the world and no reason to be afraid of anyone. She thought she could feel their eyes, like bugs crawling on her skin under her clothes. Arya never looked up. If she saw them watching, all her courage would desert her, she knew, and she would drop the bundle of clothes and run and cry like a baby, and then they would have her. She kept her gaze on the ground. By the time she reached the shadow of the royal sept on the far side of the yard, Arya was cold with sweat, but no one had raised the hue and cry.  (Arya IV, AGOT)

Two of the guardsmen were dicing together while the third walked rounds, his hand on the pommel of his sword. Ashamed to let them see her crying like a baby, she stopped to rub at her eyes. Her eyes her eyes her eyes, why did … (Arya V, AGOT)

She could not have said how she got back to Flea Bottom, but she was breathing hard by the time she reached the narrow crooked unpaved streets between the hills. The Bottom had a stench to it, a stink of pigsties and stables and tanner’s sheds, mixed in with the sour smell of winesinks and cheap whorehouses. Arya wound her way through the maze dully. It was not until she caught a whiff of bubbling brown coming through a pot-shop door that she realized her pigeon was gone. It must have slipped from her belt as she ran, or someone had stolen it and she’d never noticed. For a moment she wanted to cry again. She’d have to walk all the way back to the Street of Flour to find another one that plump. (Arya V, AGOT)

Everyone was moving in the same direction, all in a hurry to see what the ringing was all about. The bells seemed louder now, clanging, calling. Arya joined the stream of people. Her thumb hurt so bad where the nail had broken that it was all she could do not to cry. She bit her lip as she limped along, listening to the excited voices around her. (Arya V, AGOT)

She had cried in her sleep the night before, dreaming of her father. Come morning, she’d woken red-eyed and dry, and could not have shed another tear if her life had hung on it. (Arya I, ACOK)

I won’t, Arya thought stubbornly, but when Yoren laid the wood against the back of her bare thighs, the shriek burst out of her anyway. “Think that hurt?” he said. “Try this one.” The stick came whistling. Arya shrieked again, clutching the tree to keep from falling. “One more.” She held on tight, chewing her lip, flinching when she heard it coming. The stroke made her jump and howl. I won’t cry, she thought, I won’t do that. I’m a Stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the direwolf, direwolves don’t cry. She could feel a thin trickle of blood running down her left leg. Her thighs and cheeks were ablaze with pain. “Might be I got your attention now,” Yoren said. “Next time you take that stick to one of your brothers, you’ll get twice what you give, you hear me? Now cover yourself.” (Arya I, ACOK)

He was going to take me home, she thought as they dug the old man’s hole. There were too many dead to bury them all, but Yoren at least must have a grave, Arya had insisted. He was going to bring me safe to Winterfell, he promised. Part of her wanted to cry. The other part wanted to kick him. (Arya V, ACOK)

“But one guard won’t be enough, we need to kill them all to open the cell.” Arya bit her lip hard to stop from crying. “I want you to save the northmen like I saved you.” (Arya IX, ACOK)

She looked at their filthy hair and scraggly beards and reddened eyes, at their dry, cracked, bleeding lips. Wolves, she thought again. Like me. Was this her pack? How could they be Robb’s men? She wanted to hit them. She wanted to hurt them. She wanted to cry. They all seemed to be looking at her, the living and the dead alike. The old man had squeezed three fingers out between the bars. “Water,” he said, “water.” (Arya V, ASOS)

Arya had never heard of Old King Andahar. She’d never seen a horse with two heads either, especially not one who could run on water, but she knew better than to ask. She held her tongue and sat stiff as the Hound turned the stallion’s head and trotted along the ridgeline, following the river downstream. At least the rain was at their backs this way. She’d had enough of it stinging her eyes half-blind and washing down her cheeks like she was crying. Wolves never cry, she reminded herself again. (Arya IX, ASOS)

anonymous asked:

Could you do prompts for a female villain who was the childhood friend of the female hero but the hero never picked up on any of the hints and now they're meeting for the first time in like 6 years and the villain still loves the hero and the hero doesn't recognize them.

1) “Why did you spare me!?” The hero nearly howled in her rage, feeling like her lungs and heart might burst right out of her chest with the force of her grief. She couldn’t stop shaking. She couldn’t stop crying, even if she didn’t want to give that monster the satisfaction of her tears. 

The villain stared at her, expression frozen. 
“Because once, you saved me. I was trying to return the favour.” 

The favour, as if any of this had been a favour! 

2) “But you,” the hero spat. “No one would ever yield to the likes of you! You know nothing of kindness, or loyalty, or love.”

“And of course you are the expert of recognizing love and loving things. You have me all figured out. Clever you.”

3) A body flung her out of the way to safety, knocking the breath out of her, warm and armoured on top of her. Arms covered her head, as the shrapnel of the explosion missed them by inches. 
“Thanks.” She rolled over, expecting - not them. She stiffened. For a second, that unreadable, masked face seemed to study her. Fingers trailed over her lips with a tenderness not suited to either villainy or war. Then the villain was up and gone.

4) “So, they sent you to negotiate with me.” 

“I’m told I’m very persuasive,” the hero flashed a smile. 

“Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason they sent you. No.” The villain rose to her feet. “How dare you?”

She hadn’t even suggested anything yet!

5) “Do you know who I am?” 
“Someone who needs to be stopped.”
The villain laughed, then - an oddly cracking, broken sound. 

✯Super-hero & Super-heroine✯
  • “Honor and Truth will never fail against the enemy.”
  • “I fight because I have to.”
  • “No matter what you do to me, it won’t change anything. I will never break.”
  • “Talk, talk, talk… it’s always the same old speech, if you’re going to do something, JUST DO it already, so I can stop you.”
  • “Even if ONE person needs me, I will fight for them with everything I’ve got.”
  • “I never said you’d be easy to destroy, I said no one else could do it but me.”
  • “I have to look at myself in the mirror every day and shake off what I see, and still get out there and be strong for everyone else.”
  • “Powers are NOT the most important thing; you have to have the guts to stand up to the enemy with or without them.”
  • “Anyone can say they have the answers, but the real decisions are never easy.”
  • “My heritage is only a starting point, I defend everyone else’s right to their own.”
  • “I had the choice too, you know. I could have been as destructive and selfish as you, but I chose to rise above it.”
  • “You think this is an easy life for me? I wouldn’t wish this fate on anyone.”
  • “You can’t make war on the whole world!”
  • “The ones that did this to you are not responsible for what you’ve become. YOU are.”
  • “It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s needed, and I can provide it.”
  • “Some are born with weakness of spirit and body, and a rare few are stronger than the rest. They have to lead an example so that the weak can hope.”
  • “People may not understand, but they will see, and they will learn through time, we have to be paitent.”
  • “That sounds like something a maniac would say.”
  • “I only need one shot, as long as it counts.”
  • “My burdens don’t lessen. They multiply.”
  • “When you fight through the pain and put blinders on to all the noise, you can move through anything.”
  • “Are you taking lives and destroying people’s peace? Then it doesn’t matter what your cause is, you’re the bad guy.”
  • “Careful your fear doesn’t turn to anger, careful your anger doesn’t turn to rage.”
  • “Those that hate the opposing side so ardently are doomed to become worse than the thing they despise.”
  • “When I say I protect everyone, I mean everyone. Not just those that claim they deserve it more.”
  • “As long as I am around, you won’t win!”
  • “I don’t do the sidekick thing.”
  • “I don’t do this for the fame or adoration.”
  • “All I know is what I am, and I was made to stop you.”
  • “Look at the horror you’ve caused! Look at all the bloodshed!”
  • That… I can’t pay for that, sorry.”
  • “Most of the time, people are just as afraid of me as they are of the bad guy.”
  • “Sometimes I don’t know why I still help them when they would turn against me at the slightest sign of fear.”
  • “I just want a normal life, but I didn’t get it.”
  • “If I had a normal life, I suppose I’d be like all the ones I try to save.”
  • “I can’t just sit here, idly by while innocent people suffer!”
  • “The ( mayor/counsel/prime minister/president ) has me on speed dial.”
  • “I’m not perfect. They only see what they want to see.”
  • “Ignorance and Vanity are diseases that infect even the most educated. THAT is the true plague of mankind.”
  • “I won’t turn my back on them!”
  • “Your fancy weapons and technology won’t win this!”
Leto!Joker Imagine - Batman messes with your mind

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Your P.O.V.

Long story short, Batman didn’t let me and Joker escape that easily every time. We had been messing with good old Batsy tonight but somewhere during that fun we crossed the line. The car chase part was all fun and games but it came to an end when we kinda crashed into a warehouse. Both cars went through the walls like a knife into hot butter. Now we were here and a real fight was on.

Joker got out of the car and so did I. The warehouse smelled bad like rotten wood and fish but it wasn’t in the middle of the city. We could blow up stuff! Well technically we could do that in the middle of the city too. Oh well.

‘’Come out Batsy! I can count to three!’’ I yelled at him while holding my beloved gun. You see we checked his car and it seemed empty. We couldn’t open it but I doubted he was in it. So Batsy had to be behind one of these boxes. ‘’Are you scared of my Y/N?’’ Joker laughed darkly. I smirked and narrowed my eyes. Suddenly I heard footsteps and I turned to my left. Through flames and broken stuff I saw Batsy coming. He looked rather calm but I could tell he was angry.

‘’Gotcha!’’ I chirped and aimed my gun at him. I felt happy and excited now. ‘’We both know you won’t pull the trigger on me Y/N’’ Batman told me seriously. What the heck? I gave him a stern look and I pouted my lips. That’s when Joker walked closer to us. Batman didn’t seem worried although he had two guns pointed to him. ‘’What do you mean Batsy? Don’t be so full of yourself. I don’t love you if that’s what you think’’ I spat and wanted to show him my tongue. It made Joker giggle.

‘’I can’t blame you. You don’t even know what true love is’’ Batman told me rudely. My eyes widened this time. How could he?  ‘’Hell yeah I do Bat. If you look right next to me you can see a very real man who I love and he loves me’’ I defended myself. Joker put his hand on my shoulder and I smiled. I loved him and he loved me.

‘’Really? What exactly do you call love? He just hurts people for fun’’ Batman growled. I saw that his hands were empty which surprised me. Usually by now Batsy would have made an attack.  ‘’Shut up Batman. This cat and mouse was fun tonight but I think you should already go and hang yourself. I mean, if that’s how you sleep since you’re a bat’’ Joker started to get angry. Why was he taking this so seriously? 

Batman’s face looked sterner than usually. Was he actually trying to win this fight with words? With a mixture of the freaking alphabet? Ha! ‘’ Am I upsetting you Joker? Can’t you handle it if she finds out the truth about you?’’ Batman spoke furiously. Their behaviour was so different tonight. I didn’t know whether it was this dark stinky warehouse or their behaviour that made my head ache. What the hell was happening?

‘’She knows the real me. What are you trying to do anyway? Why haven’t you hit me already?’’ Joker snickered and moved away from me. I watched how he got closer to Batman. Oh boy. ‘’I’m trying to make her realize what kind of a fool you are. Y/N was a perfectly fine and sane woman before you fucked her up. She, unlike you, still has a chance to live a good life’’ Batman explained angrily and to be honest it was quite a shocker - even for me.

The next thing that happened was a bit of a surprise.Batgirl appeared out of nowhere and attacked Joker. The two of them fell down onto the ground and started fighting. ‘’Hey!’’ I screamed and hurried to Joker. He would be just fine but I think that the start of the fight was unfair. J punched the red head just as I was going to drag her off of him. Of course I couldn’t do that. Batman grabbed me by my waist and dragged me away from the scene. I dug my nails into his arms but it was useless because of his damn suit.

‘’Let me go!’’ I hissed and then I hit his face with my elbow. He grunted but it didn’t make him let go. Once we were behind a box, he pressed me against it. I didn’t know when but he had sneakily managed to handcuff me. ‘’You big bag of shit let me go’’ I spat into his face. It was so close. ‘’No Y/N you’re going to listen to me’’ He demanded darkly. Something about his behaviour made me a little scared. Batman wasn’t like this. Had he hit his head or something?

‘’Well if you expect me to trust you then you should trust me and I feel untrusted with these damn cuffs’’ I sighed tiredly. This night was a bummer! Why couldn’t we just drive around Gotham and maybe have an epic fight scene on the road and escape like smoke into air? ‘’That’s not the point’’ Batman argued with me. I rolled my eyes and decided to listen. If he got too freaky I’d attack him. 

One thing was for sure, I wasn’t going to Arkham.

‘’If you don’t listen to me now Y/N, there will come a day when you’re screaming for help because he’s going to hurt you real bad’’ Batman warned me without even stuttering. It made him sound very sure of himself. Before I could answer, I heard a scream of pain. ‘’That will be you one day’’ He spat and then ran off. He had to save Batgirl. I followed Batman and stopped at a safe distance. Joker and Batgirl sure had a good fight. I saw blood on the ground and on my J.

Joker walked to me calmly with a smile on his face. He had blood splatters on his skin and I had a strong feeling that they weren’t his. Batgirl had left marks on him ,sure, but she had a knife in her thigh. Batman picked her up and hurried to the Bat mobile. Joker wanted to chase them a little more, but I grabbed his coat.

‘’Not today Puddin, please. I’m worn out’’ I pouted and gave him my big glossy eyes. He sighed and stopped. ‘’Fine dear but next time I want to fight him too’’ He made a deal with me. I just nodded with a fake smile. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Joker. But Batman messed with my mind.

What if he was telling me the truth? Could the man I loved and the man who loved me hurt me like that? Okay J could hurt me a little bit but it wasn’t anything serious. Also most of the time it was in bed. He was bad to me rarely but if he was, it was my fault.

‘’Let’s go. It seems like Batsy gave you something stupid to think about’’ J though out loud with mystery in his voice. ‘’Oh don’t worry J, it was just rubbish’’ I reassured him. Just rubbish..

(Okay although this was Leto!Joker, I got inspiration from the Batman animated series. I just watched so many episodes because of the nostalgia.)

Friend or Foe? Who knows...

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:

I think I’m addicted to your villain prompts xd can we have some of a villain being protective of the hero? Like getting angry when other villains try to kill them or the hero does something stupid xd?

 Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:

Do you do some prompts where the villian plays hero and saves someone? Or maybe if the villian stopped someone from killing themselves? Please.

 Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:

Can you do another one of those Villain x Hero prompts? Specifically where one is denying their feelings and the other is admitting to them? I’m obsessed with these

1) “You saved me.”
“Don’t take it personally – it reflects badly on me if some cocky upstart thinks they can touch what’s mine,” the villain replied.
“I’m yours now?” 
“You always were.”

2) “I didn’t think you were one for the self-sacrifice play.”
“Trust me, I’m regretting it already.”

3) “You’re scared to want anything,” the villain said. Her eyes were closed, head tipped back to catch the spill of sunshine on their face. Their voice was casual. “If you want something, you might be something other than the perfect hero that they want you to be. Heroes are vessels, not people.” 

“Careful now, you almost sound protective of me.”
She glanced over again at the silence, to find the villain staring at them.

4) “You’re scared to want anything,” the villain said. Their eyes were closed, head tipped back to catch the spill of sunshine on their face. Their voice was casual. “If you want anything, it can be used against you.”

“You’re the one who taught me that.”

“No.” The villain opened their eyes. “That’s not how we started, remember?”

5)  “I thought you might like to see him.”
“And why would I want that?” the villain kept their face composed. 
“What, with the two of you being so fond of each other and all.”
“If you think I’m fond of him, you probably shouldn’t-”
“-Shouldn’t what?” The other villain grinned. “You’re not going to do shit while I have your light side pet. Try it, go on. You used to be one of the best but now I think I just want to see your face when he screams.”

6) “You loved me, once,” the hero said.

“Once being the key word. I loved a lot of things once, you hardly warrant my mercy because of it.”  

7) “No - no - stay with me - just - for god’s sake - stay with me!” the hero begged as they cradled the villain’s body. “Please.” They fought, but it wasn’t supposed to end like this, with blood spilling on the pavement and all that life and ferocity turned dull. 
“I always did like you pleading.”

8) The villain sauntered into the other villain’s lair, sparing a quick glance for their hero. Battered, hanging limp as a corpse and for a second their heart shuddered and clenched. The rage spiked. 
“Oh,” the other villain said softly. “So it’s true.”
“That you have poor taste in interior design? Well, I wasn’t going to say anything.”
“Do they know?”
Of course not. 

9) “They were foolish to try and stand against you.”

The villain turned, expression hard enough to chip diamond. “They were brave, they did what they thought was right. They were a fucking miracle.” 

10) Lucifer loved God too, before he betrayed him.

maryann8  asked:

Hello! My birthday is April 3rd and I was wondering if I could request a drabble. I love arranged marriage fics but any type of Everlark drabble will do. Thank you!

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Wishing you a fabulous birthday! To help you celebrate, the always amazing @dandeliononfire has crafted this wonderful little slice of Everlark, just for you! Enjoy!


Rating: T for this chapter  

A/N:  Happy birthday on installment!  Here is part 1, with the rest of the story soon to follow!  This “drabble” was going to be bittersweet, but for a number of reasons it became a five-chapter story with angst, bittersweet, and (yes, gasp!) happy/playful.  (The title “geometry” will start making sense as of the next installment.)   I hope you have a great day today!

Contract for Marriage

Heretofore exchange Graham Mellark, father of Peeta Mellark, and Lily Everdeen, widow of James Everdeen and sole legal guardian of the minors Katniss Everdeen and Primrose Everdeen, the following pledges for the marriage of Katniss Everdeen to Peeta Mellark as follows:

  1. Graham Mellark shall ensure his son, Peeta Mellark, a male recently turned eighteen years, both marries Katniss Everdeen, a female of seventeen years, and assumes the role of legal guardian for Primrose Everdeen.
  2. In exchange, Lily Everdeen shall convey the Everdeen home, property and all her personal possessions, to Peeta Mellark.
  3. Graham Mellark further promises to employ Peeta Mellark for reasonable wages for the purpose of providing for Katniss and Primrose Everdeen, paid as a mix of food stores and monies, for a period of at least five years following the date of said marriage.
  4. Graham Mellark further promises to provide new school clothes for Primrose Mellark at the start of every school term.
  5. Graham Mellark further promises to pay Katniss Everdeen the sum of Fifty Credits within a day of said marriage.
  6. Graham Mellark further promises the Mellark Bakery will purchase goat cheese exclusively from Primrose Everdeen, at market rate, up to the weight of three stones a month as supplies allow, for a period of at least five years following the date of said marriage.

There’re signature blocks, signed by Katiss’ mom and my dad.  There’s a stamp of “accepted,” and official filing notations at the bottom, and I also recognize Mayor Undersee’s signature too.

It’s official, apparently in all ways except for Katniss’ and my forced vows.

Vows I found out less than an hour ago we’d be making.

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kerfundlesnachle  asked:

I'm so obsessed with the champion's deaths why but anyway a thought came into my head that what if the new champions somehow (idk how through ✨magic✨) witness like a flashback to the original champion's deaths and its very dramatic and everyone is spooked and scarred (esp Sidon like that's his sister holy mmm) can u do a scenario for it i always dail whenever i try to write out my mind fanfictions

I feel man, like why must good die yooooung!! that was a 100 years ago but still i’ll be sad about it for a 100 years more. Omg what a good idea, a wonderful bone chilling idea. I hope I do this awesome idea justice  ~skeleton

Ok I kinda went overboard with this oops


Yunobo was on his way to deliver the boss some more pain medicine when he was suddenly struck with a feeling of utter defeat. He falls onto his knees as the medicine bottle slips out of his grip and rolls across the floor. Suddenly he is not in Eldin, he is aboard rudania. There is blood. So much blood. Normally at the sight of such horror he scream, cry , anything. But he couldn’t do anything, couldn’t feel anything even as his great ancestor, Daruk, was struck before his very eyes. “I-I-I guess I’m a lou-lousy shield eh li-little guy”. The wave of nothingness was gone yunobo sobbed and sobbed at each wave of pain. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the pain medicine. Without thinking he picked up the bottle and swallowed the medicine. After a beat he realized where he was and what had happened. Looking down at the bottle he stood up and backtracked the way he had come. “you were a wonderful shield” he said to no one on his slow trek back.


Riju sighed as she stared out into the night sky. Another restless night. Even though the threat of an out of control Naboris was a thing of the past nights like these, when the nightly winds held a bit more moisture than they should, still spooked her. Then suddenly a loud clap of thunder startled her out of her reverie and suddenly she was whisked into the midst of a terrifying electrical storm. Aboard Naboris. She whips as another clap resounds behind her. Urbosa. The Urbosa is right in front her fighting a horrifying creature that was using her own element against her. Urbosa face down on the ground. The creature prepares its weapon. Riju is screaming “MOVE MOVE” but its too late. She blinks and Urbosa is impaled. Urbosa sneers “bas-tard” before all the color drains from her and she collapses completely. When Riju finally becomes aware of her surroundings she’s being held by one of her guards. The other informs her she was screaming and thrashing. They look concerned. She stops them before either one can ask her about it, “I don’t want to talk about it”.


Sidon woke up crying. He was overcome with a wave of despair and utter pain. Seeking solace. He got out of bed and left his room and rushed to the domain center. He didn’t stop until he reached the statue. Her statue. It glowed and glittered in the moonlight and his racing heart started to slow. It was quiet save for the soothing sounds of water around him. Suddenly he noticed water coming from the statue, was it- was she- was Mipha crying? The sounds of water turned loud and unpleasant. Mipha was in front of him as clear as day. She was alive! She was- she was- in front of one calamity Ganon’s demons. Sidon ran to her as fast as could but she and it seemed to get farther and farther away. She closed her eyes. SISTER NO- She began to speak softly- SISTER PLEASE- “Link”- SISTER WAIT IM ALMOST- “I’m afraid I won’t be able to heal you anymore”-MIPHA- “or my little brother”-IM RIGHT HERE MIPHA PLEASE- “I’m sorry”. And like that she was gone, the moment was gone. Sidon was kneeling at the statue, tears streaming from his eyes. “No mipha, I’m sorry I couldn’t heal YOU”.


He doesn’t admire the divine beast Medoh’s former champion as much as the other current champions admire theirs. He thinks Revali was too proud, too arrogant. And then the dream. More like the nightmare. Revali’s a bloody mess, his flight choppy and ungraceful. He looks as though he falling apart at the seams. Teba can almost feel Revali’s torturous pain. Each breath is filled with agony. But Revali’s expression is that of concentration, his beak forming a grim line. He’s smacked onto Medoh’s back truly spent, teba is screaming at him to stay down, nut he gets back up. He gets back up, he gets back up, until finally he doesn’t. His final words breathy and haunting. “I’m sorry everyone, I’m sorry”. Teba bolts up from his bed and breaks into a cold sweat waking Saki next to him. She’s asking him if he’s alright, Teba can’t seem to hear her. He whispers into the night. “He truly was a noble warrior”.  

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Peter Pettigrew. There can never be enough discussion on this

oh honey. ooooh honey. you couldn’t be more wrong.

one-dimension cause: the betrayal

my personal thoughts

I won’t lose my shit, I won’t lose my sh–

  1. he was a Marauder which means he wasn’t stupid because I can’t see James befriending a stupid person. He was maybe silent but I’m sure he was good with snarky comments or else his name wouldn’t have been on the Map.
  2. He was loyal when it was easy for him, he was always loyal to the ones who protected him. It was the Marauders first but when Harry was targeted, it was Voldemort. Peter was scared, he wasn’t as brave as the others were, never. He did what he had to in order to survive and he did.
  3. He became an animagus for Remus like the others. I feel like most people forget this. He did something illegal and very hard for his friend. He didn’t get anything in return from this, he became a rat because Remus needed help on full moons.
  4. He admired James which makes the betrayal an even worse thing. Peter wouldn’t have changed sides if the Marauders promised him protection from the Death Eaters and death itself but they couldn’t. Peter admired James enough to almost drool watching him throw a Snitch and catch it again. Over and over again.
  5. Also I feel like James and Sirius befriending someone like Peter, who others don’t believe belongs with the Marauders gives James and Sirius’ characters new dimensions as well.
  6. He felt remorse, even if it was just for one split second. It is a sign that he is capable of feeling remorse if it doesn’t bite him in the ass, when it does he still saves himself. Simple rat instinct.

I just feel like making Peter one dimensional has an affect on the personalities of the other Marauders as well as the size of his betrayal, that is why I will NEVER abide by the “but omg he betrayed them I don’t want to write/draw him” mentality.

Fall Out Boy sentence meme

Save Rock and Roll ft American Beauty/American Psycho, Centuries, Kids Aren’t Alright and Immortals edition

  • “Put on your war paint”
  • “You are a brick tied to me that’s dragging me down”
  • “I’ll burn you to the ground”
  • “We can take the world back”
  • “Doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?”
  • “No, I think it looked a little better on me”
  • “You broke our spirit”
  • “The war is won”
  • “Can’t be sure when they’ve hit their mark”
  • “I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart”
  • “I’m in the details with the devil”
  • “The world can never get me on my level”
  • “I’m a young lover’s rage”
  • “I’ve got the scars from tomorrow”
  • “You’re the antidote to everything except for me”
  • “My childhood spat back out the monster that you see”
  • “I don’t know where you’re going but do you got room for one more troubled soul?”
  • “I don’t know where I’m going but I don’t think I’m coming home”
  • “I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead”
  • “Let’s be alone together”
  • “We could stay young forever”
  • “You cut me off”
  • “It’s not my fault, I’m a maniac”
  • “Do you wanna feel beautiful?”
  • “My heart is like a stallion”
  • “This is the road to ruin”
  • “I’m here to collect your hearts”
  • “I don’t believe a word you say but I can’t stop listening”
  • “My old friends become exes again”
  • “Where did the party go?”
  • “I know I expect too much”
  • “You know I only wanted fun then you got me all fucked up on love”
  • “You and me are the difference between real love and the love on TV”
  • “My old aches become new again”
  • “So let’s fade away together one dream at a time”
  • “See how dirty I can get them”
  • “Anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name”
  • “It will be held against you”
  • “I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday”
  • “I know I’m bad news”
  • “I saved it all for you”
  • “I want to teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way”
  • “Letting people down is my thing”
  • “This town ain’t big enough for two of us”
  • “I don’t have the right name”
  • “I have twice the heart”
  • “I’m here to give you all my love”
  • “Did you get dressed up?”
  • “I can’t stop it when there’s chemicals keeping us together”
  • “How the mighty fall”
  • “How the mighty fall in love”
  • “Your crooked love is just a pyramid scheme”
  • “I’m dizzy on dreams”
  • “If you ask me two’s a whole lot lonelier than one”
  • “We should have left our love in the gutter where we found it”
  • “You think your only crime is that you got caught”
  • “It’s getting clear”
  • “You’re never coming clean”
  • “I’ll lock you up inside and swallow the key”
  • “I know you said not to call unless I’m dying”
  • “I just hope that when you see me I’m not see-through”
  • “I’m either fuckin’ or workin”
  • “I’m a dick, girl/boy/baby, addicted to you”
  • “I know I’m the one you want to forget”
  • “Cue all the love to leave my heart”
  • “It’s time for me to fall apart”
  • “Now you’re gone but I’ll be okay”
  • “Maybe I’ll burn a little brighter tonight”
  • “I miss missing you now and then”
  • “Sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger”
  • “The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger”
  • “We’re fading fast”
  • “Give me your filth”
  • “Make it rough”
  • “Let me let me trash your love”
  • “I am the best you’ll never have”
  • “I wanna see your animal side”
  • “I need your broken promises”
  • “I want the guts and glory”
  • “Don’t take love off the table yet”
  • “We are alive”
  • “Oh there you go; undress to impress”
  • “You can wear the crown but you’re no princess”
  • “Let’s get you wasted and alone”
  • “We’re gonna die”
  • “It’s just a matter of time”
  • “I’m either gone in an instant or here ‘til the bitter end”
  • “What I’ve got will make you feel more alive”
  • “I’ll be your favorite drug”
  • “We’re the beginning of the end”
  • “It’s all over now before it has begun”
  • “We are wild”
  • “Do you wanna feel a little beautiful baby?”
  • “Come on make it easy, say I never mattered”
  • “Are you ready for another bad poem?”
  • “Remember me as I was not as I am”
  • “If my heart is a grenade”
  • “We’re all fighting growing old”
  • “You need to lower your standards”
  • “I’m the lonelier version of you”
  • “I just don’t know where it went wrong”
  • “She’s/he’s/they’re sick and she’s/he’s/they’re wrong”
  • “I’ve seen bigger”
  • “I’ve lived better”
  • “Run for your life”
  • “Until your breathing stops”
  • “I need more dreams”
  • “I cried tears you’ll never see”
  • “So fuck you, you can go cry me an ocean and leave me be”
  • “You are what you love, not who loves you”
  • “Wherever I go trouble seems to follow”
  • “Whoa, how’d it get to be only me?”
  • “Cause we don’t know when to quit”
  • “She’s/he’s/they’re an American beauty, I’m an American psycho”
  • “I think I fell in love again”
  • “Maybe I just took too much cough medicine”
  • “I’m the best worst thing that hasn’t happened to you yet”
  • “We’re the things that love destroys”
  • “You will remember me”
  • “Remember me for centuries”
  • “We’ll go down in history”
  • “No, it’s nothing wrong with me”
  • “The story’s all off”
  • “Come on and let me in”
  • “I never meant for you to fix yourself”
  • “I can’t stop ‘til the whole world knows my name”
  • “I am the opposite of amnesia”
  • “You look so pretty, but you’re gone so soon”
  • “We’ve been here forever”
  • “I could scream forever”
  • “We are the poisoned youth”
  • “Maybe I bit off more than I could chew”
  • “I’d do it all again”
  • “I think you’re my best friend”
  • “I’ll be yours”
  • “I’m not passive but aggressive”
  • “It’s not impressive
  • "I still feel that rush in my veins”
  • “They say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be”
  • “I’m bad behavior but I do it in the best way”
  • “I try to picture me without you but I can’t”
  • “We could be immortals”
  • “I’m still comparing your past to my future”
  • “Live with me forever now”
Betrayal Prompts

“Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:
So on that recent villain hero prompt you just did, could I perchance ask for a little bit more? Like focusing more on the emotionally devastating bits about being betrayed by someone you wholeheartedly trusted and handed over to the enemy? (Don’t worry about doing this right away)

 Anonymous said:
Could you give a prompt for person A confronting B with B’s betrayal?

 Anonymous said:
Can I get some more villain/hero prompts? I can’t get enough xd. Maybe with the hero being betrayed by their allies and the villain comforts them? Or the villain is just trying to trick them into thinking they’ve been betrayed when that’s not really the case?

1) “I’m sorry,” their once-friend said.
The hero wasn’t sure they could even bear to look at them.
“I came back for you,” their once-friend’s voice turned pleading. “It’s all fine. But they had - they had her - I had to-”
“You didn’t have to.” It was the first words they’d said since escaping the villain’s clutches. “You chose to. You left me there like I was nothing.” And all they’d ever been in return was everything. They would have suffered anything to keep their best friend safe. 
“Not nothing,” their once friend said weakly. 
“Just not enough.”

2) “Just listen to me,” B begged. 
“I don’t want to listen to you anymore. I don’t even want to think about you. We have nothing to say each other.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Actually, that’s a lie. I do have one question.” They turned to look at B, and desperately willed their face to remain stoic because they couldn’t take shattering in front of B. Not now. “When you did it, did you think about me? Even once?”

3) “Of course they’d hurt you,” the villain said. “I bet they didn’t even think about it. They’re so used to you saving them, it stops mattering if it’s your choice or not.”
“You’re not really helping.” They probably weren’t trying to help, being what they were.
The villain cupped their cheek, nudging their face up. “I would never betray you. We’ll always know exactly where we stand with each other.”

4)  “Why didn’t you come to me?”
Their friend said nothing, and it only made it worse. It was like something was corroding in the hero’s gut. “Why didn’t you come to me?” they asked again. “If they threatened you, I would have helped. We could have made a plan.” Their voice thickened. “You didn’t even try and talk to me about it before you handed me over. Like I’m nothing to you.”
“I was scared.”
“Yeah? Well, I’m fucking scared now.”

5) “You hurt me.”
“I didn’t mean to.”
“No. Shut up. You hurt me - whether you meant to or not means nothing. Your apology doesn’t get to be a fucking justification to make yourself feel better.”

6) “I know what it’s like to be hurt,” the villain said softly. “To be betrayed. We could make them pay.”
They wanted to protest, to insist that they would never hurt their friends like that, that they didn’t want to make anyone pay. But they did. Oh, it boiled inside them, stung behind their eyes. 
“I’m not going to judge you for being angry,” the villain said. “It’s okay. You’ve been hurt, by those who should have protected you. You’re allowed to be angry.”

A Girl Like You - Theo Raeken Imagine

Author’s Note: This is not a request. This is something I came up with on my own. Easton Corbin released a new single and I’m obsessed with it. I had it on repeat and eventually I had an idea for a Theo imagine for it. I hope y’all enjoy what I came up with. 

I do not own the lyrics to the song. All rights go to Easton Corbin.

Word Count: 1,365

Listen to this song: “A Girl Like You” by Easton Corbin

My Teen Wolf Master List

Originally posted by sterek-hale-obrosey

It was a typical Saturday night at Hillbilly’s in Nashville. Almost everyone in town was at the bar with a cold beer in their hand or line dancing on the dance floor as the live band played a little out of tune. Theo’s eyes scanned the crowded bar and noticed a guy trying too hard to get a girl’s attention, a couple of sleazy guys who had no chance of going home with any of the girls tonight, and a lot of friends and couples having a good time. He turned around and saw Y/N standing by the window, talking on the phone with one finger in her ear, trying to drown out the music. A smile tugged his lips as the neon light in the windowpane glowed and showed off all of his favorite features of hers. He knew he was lucky. There wasn’t a guy in this bar that had a girl like her.

Theo moved to Nashville shortly after graduation. He needed to escape the town where everyone knew the mistakes he made. Although it took a while for his friends to forgive him and gain his trust back, he needed to start somewhere completely new and fresh. Originally, he wasn’t planning on staying in Nashville. It was actually just a stop he made while traveling around the country to see what place felt right for him. The night he met Y/N was the night he knew he was meant to stay in Nashville.

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dogrates  asked:

also the oil-black thing on the plane of the dead was one of paloma's visions. the other option was grey nothingness, i think?

We don’t know this for sure, but I think that Paloma’s vision was showing Taako two possible futures for the material plane.

One was engulfed by the Hunger, so that could be the tar one. The ash one…well, I have a theory about that.

I fully believe the Red Robes are not evil. That they are a group of people that, like the Bureau of Balance, are trying to save the world. After all, Magnus (and by association, probably the others) apparently have some connection to them. They seem to want to stop this world-devouring hunger.

The Bureau of Balance, similarly, has good intentions. They’ve seen the destruction the Relics caused and want to prevent it from ever happening again.

Both of them are going to fail. Because neither of them knows the whole story.

The tar future represents what will happen if the Bureau succeeds–the Relics are destroyed, the Red Robes are stopped, and there is nothing that can prevent the Hunger from consuming every last plane in this, the last world where life still blooms.

The ash future represents what will happen if the Red Robes win…maybe a world destroyed by war over the relics? 

That is the “terrible choice between two options that will determine the fate of reality itself.” In order to save reality, to preserve life, our heroes will have to take a third option.

You’re Safe Here.

Originally posted by negankylo

Originally posted by iosonoomega

This is the third part to A Touch. The link to the first two parts at the bottom. If you want to be tagged in this or any of my other stories please let me know :)

Reader has a bad run in with one of Negan’s men. It ending with Negan saving her and being surprisingly sweet to her. This is a bit of a longer one.

Reader X Negan

Warnings: Swearing, almost rape.Blood.


After my kiss with Negan I threw myself in my work just wanting to forget everything. After a few hours Alexa made me stop and go get food. Her worried about me getting sunstroke.

Walking toward my room I took a drink of the bottle of water I had, lost in thought. Maybe that’s why I didn’t see Dwight and Daryl before I ran into them. I didn’t realize I bumped into them until I felt the hard floor on my back.

“Oww.” I say looking up only to be met with a glare from Dwight.

“Y/N?” Daryl asks his voice rough as if it hasn’t been used in a while.

“Daryl?” I ask standing up and trying to take a step closer to him only to be stopped by Dwight.

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From The Start (Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader)

Chapter: 2/?

Summary: It was the note: you found it on the floor on your way to French class, nearly everything scribbled out with only a few legible sentences. “I’ve got to end this on my own terms, and I can’t let anything, not even you, stop me. I’m going into the woods on December 1st and I won’t be coming back.” Though it was impossible to make out the name of the writer, you were sure you could save them. You had a month, after all. It was November 1st.

Word Count: 1535

Warnings: depression, suicidal thoughts, drugs

A/N: i finally finished editing chapter 2!! this fic is actually going to be pretty long so i apologize in advance. tell me if you want to be tagged in future parts! love youuuu

Part One || Give Feedback!!

Tags: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @linmanuclmiranda @hamilamstrash @leidilaurens @the-gay-anomaly @ahhhhamilton @fangirling-saved-me @love-doesnt-discriminate @chuckisgod @ramsassy-rhino-beetle @superwholockbooknerd526 

November 2nd

Twenty nine days.

Not much time, but enough.

You sat on the stairs behind the school, watching as the skies turned to a sad and dull grey and biting at your lip until it bled.

It was a dreary afternoon, one that you only saw out of courtesy. The incoming clouds showed signs of a coming rain, yet you sat outside regardless: you welcomed the rain, it would only serve to match your mood.There was a world, perhaps even many universes, in which you spent the day curled up in bed and could put the letter out of your mind. You would have given your heart and soul in exchange for the opportunity to live in one of those universes- or better yet, a universe in which you’d never come across that note, yet it seemed as though those were no longer yours to give.

Pippa gazed at you in a very Pippa-like way: head tilted slightly, lips parted with words left unspoken balanced on the tip of her tongue, eyebrows furrowed and eyes blown wide as she struggled to cover her worry.

“You’re bleeding,” she said, pointing to your lip.

“It’s fine.” You continued, despite Pippa’s warning.

Pippa continued to stare on at you, eyes brimming with worry. “(Y/N)-”

You stood up, cutting her off before she could continue. “I have to go to French.”

Pippa rolled her eyes. “Since when have you ever cared about going to French?”

You hesitated, daring to meet her gaze for a few fleeting moments. “Just…” You trailed off, averting your eyes. “I’m…”

“You know, whatever’s going on, you can tell me.”


Pippa drew out a sigh. “Fine. It’s fine.”

“Pippa, you know I love you, I’m just tired.”

“I said it’s fine.” She mustered up a smile, more out of politeness than anything else. She paused for a few moments before continuing: “Did you hear about that Daveed guy?”


Pippa nodded, an unreadable look crossing over her face. “He and some other guy- Chris something- they got busted for the weed they were selling.”

You frowned. “I didn’t know they were selling.”

“Yeah, well, you wouldn’t. I didn’t either. I suppose you’d only know if you were buying, wouldn’t you?”

“I guess.” You stuffed your hands into your pockets. “I’ve really got to go, Pip. I’m already late for French, and you’re late for…”

“Math,” she supplied, wrinkling her nose at the thought of it.

You offered up a sympathetic smile. “Well, good luck with that. I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Okay,” Pippa responded, her voice a faint whisper lost forever across the breeze.

You didn’t go to French. You’d never intended to, it was simply a white lie to get away from Pippa. You loved her, yet you found yourself driven to exhaustion whenever you were faced with social interaction.

You retreated out from behind the school, but didn’t stray far. The clouds rolled in, bringing with them the looming threat of rain, but you relished the dreary weather. Weather would pass- everything would pass. Even suicide notes and lost hope.

A figure caught your eye from a few feet away, nearly swallowed up by the sky. Sitting on a bench a few feet away, head bowed, shoulders slumped, as though the life had been sucked away from them. As you drew closer, you could make out the finer details: dark hair strewn across pale cheeks, sunken eyes, a joint held between trembling fingers. Behind the messy hair, you could tell that it was a boy you were looking at, one who seemed to be around your age.

“You know, you shouldn’t be smoking that. Not at school.” Your voice had a surprisingly casual touch to it.

The boy snapped to attention, eyes frantically taking you in. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

“I’m not telling you to do anything.” You stuffed your hands into your pockets, your fingertips brushing gently against the note. “But you should really be careful- did you hear about Daveed and his friend?”

His eyes flashed with worry. “W-what about Daveed?” he stammered.

You gave a shrug, meeting his gaze. “Got busted for drugs or something. At least, that’s what I heard.”

“You heard wrong,” he mumbled, rolling his eyes. “Daveed’s not dumb enough to get busted.”

“I’m just telling you what I’ve heard,” you responded, a slightly defensive edge in your voice. “And besides, if you’re dumb enough to do drugs, you’re dumb enough to get caught.”

“Daveed’s not dumb enough to get busted,” he repeated. It seemed as though he was trying to convince himself, rather than you.

You gave a shrug. “Sorry. That’s just what someone told me. And what about his friend? Chris?”

He laughed softly, yet his voice carried no weight, no emotion. “Chris Jackson… yeah, I could see him getting in trouble. He’s not stupid. He’s just nice. That’s why everything goes wrong for him.”

You stared at him. He stared at you.

And he smoked.

He seemed to lose himself up in the smoke- perhaps that was why he did it.

The boy seemed to glow gold- golden eyes, golden voice, a golden personality that shimmered even on the most dismal of days.

“Look,” the golden boy began. “I don’t care if you come down here, I don’t care if you think I shouldn’t smoke, but don’t give me a fucking lecture, okay? I know it’s bad, but I- I need it.”

His voice broke, something you hadn’t expected.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, only half expecting him to answer.

He shook his head, taking another drag off the joint. His hands trembled and he exhaled puffs of smoke into the chilly November air, yet he never took his eyes off you. “I’m not going to babble out my sorrows to some stranger.”

“I’m (Y/N),” you offered up, holding out your hand for him to shake. “There, now I’m not so much of a stranger anymore, am I?”

He studied you, eyes cutting deep into your soul. “I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

Tentatively, he reached out to shake your hand. His fingers brushed against yours and it felt like home: a crackling fireplace, burnt toast in the morning, the warm embrace of a loved one. And yet, even then, it felt short lived. A flickering flame that could be extinguished by even the smallest puff of wind.

He was the one to pull his hand away. “Well… it was nice to meet you.”

You continued to stare at him, a concerned expression drawing itself out across your face. “Seriously- what’s wrong?”

Lin let out a sigh, blowing smoke out across the schoolyard. “I’m just… I’ve not been at school in a while, and it’s… it’s a lot to deal with, to say the least.”

“Oh.” You reached out, but the smoke from the joint twisted its way between the two of you and you had to fight to touch his shoulder. “I mean… you can always talk to people. Your friends, parents…”

He spurred up a soft burst of laughter. “Yeah. Right. As if they give a fuck.”

You frowned. “Why wouldn’t they care? I mean… they’re your friends, aren’t they?”

“Yeah. Friends.” His voice sounded false. As if he couldn’t quite make himself believe it. “But, well… I wouldn’t exactly call them friends. I’ve got Anthony, but he’s all in love with his girlfriend and I’m just… whatever. And then there’s… well, I know you’ve heard about Daveed Diggs. Not exactly best friend material, is he?”

Your hand flew to your mouth. “Fuck- he’s your friend- I- oh my god, I didn’t- all that stuff I said about him getting busted-”

Lin waved you off. Finished off the joint. Raised his eyes up to meet yours. “It’s okay. I would say that too, if I didn’t know him.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you gazed directly into Lin’s eyes. “I…”

He gave you a small smile, and you wished desperately for a world in which you were worthy of receiving it. “I should be going.”

He pushed himself to his feet, slung his bag over his shoulder. Flicked the end of the joint off into the wind. “It was nice meeting you, (Y/N).”

“You…” You trailed off, lost forever in the golden boy’s gaze. “You too.”

The golden boy didn’t leave your mind all night. Your conversation replayed itself over and over in your mind, drawing out each and every word that had been spoken, and even more so those that hadn’t been.

And yet, even so, you knew it was futile. You were far too aware of the shit that golden boys could- and would- put you through. You knew golden boys- beautiful, mysterious, and tragically unobtainable. Lin-Manuel Miranda could have been the poster golden boy.

You had left all the golden boys behind, for there was nothing good to come out of chasing after them.

And yet, despite Lin being one such boy, you couldn’t help but feel the tiniest flicker of hope, fighting its way out from the back of your mind. Perhaps Lin wasn’t like other golden boys, for all of them are alike, until they are not.

Throne Room

12x12 screen cap from @i-vote-crowley

read on AO3

Crowley looks bleakly around his empty, fucking empty throne room, and shifts slightly on the throne. The grey stone walls echo the silence back to him, while the fires from the candles scattered throughout seem an ineffective counter to the constant shadows.

Why did I break that lance? He contemplates his hands with a twisted grimace. Why am I putting myself on the line and throwing away valuable weapons for people who will never truly accept me?

He shoves away the memory of Dean’s stricken face, of Castiel blood-covered and fading, of his own sudden overwhelming impulse to keep them safe from harm. When did I start to care?

But when a demon slips into the room and looks at him, guarded, Crowley finds himself going carefully blank at the sight of Dean striding in behind. He could almost miss the fact that Castiel is silently shadowing Dean; but no, of course Feathers is there.

“Hey.” Dean stops in front of him, considering him carefully.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Crowley leans back in attempted nonchalance. “Something else you need from me? Since that is when I tend to hear from you.”

“I, um, wanted to thank you,” Dean looks unexpectedly awkward. “For saving Cas. We couldn’t have survived without your help, and, well, we owe you.” A hint of color stains his cheeks, but he meets Crowley’s eyes squarely.

Crowley reaches for a quick response, and fails to find one. He darts a look at Castiel, whose eyes are too knowingly sympathetic. He coughs, focuses on Dean, and manages, “Well, I should hope so.  Priceless weapon like that, I think you might owe me more than one.” His smooth face hides the twisting in his gut, the small voice whispering stop antagonizing them, fool. “Anything else to say to me?”

A flash of something flits across Dean’s face, gone in an instant. Too quickly for Crowley to identify.  “Naw,” Dean says. “Just—you know how to find us.” Dean turns to leave, but is stopped by Castiel’s hand on his sleeve.

Castiel holds Dean’s gaze for a moment, then turns and steps up to the throne and holds out his hand. Crowley looks at Castiel’s hand blankly then slowly reaches out to clasp it. Castiel tightens his hold and leans in, regarding Crowley with the weight of ageless knowledge in his eyes.  

“Thank you.” The words are soft, but fill the room, press against Crowley. “I will not forget your sacrifice.” Castiel puts a breath more force into their grip, then releases and steps back. “You may count me as an ally, Crowley; use it wisely.”

Crowley stares at him. For a moment he cannot think, then summons his default smirk and replies, “Of course Feathers, wouldn’t dream of doing otherwise.”

Castiel tilts his head briefly, eyes narrowed, then nods and moves back to Dean, grabbing Dean’s hand and turning towards the door.

“Oh, we can go now?” Dean says dryly, flicking a glance back at Crowley. “Okay then. See you around.”

They walk out the door, hands still clasped together. Crowley watches their backs, overcoat and plaid, receding; and carefully doesn’t look at their hands, doesn’t remember Castiel’s hand in his, doesn’t remember the flash of Dean’s eyes or the time they spent together when Dean was a demon.

“That went well” he says, as the shadows creep back up towards the candles, and then the quiet descends again.

credit to @elizabethrobertajones and @mittensmorgul, who both (though unawares) influenced the creation of this little coda