stop ruining my bias list t t

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Hi Iris I hope you're having a good day :) I was wondering do you think it would be a good idea to read chapters 1 to 5 again when chapter 6 comes out and read chapter 6 afterwards or do you think I'll be in too much pain? Transference is amazing!

Thanks! I saw Wonder Woman today and I’m writing all weekend, so it’s been good so far.

I think anyone who reads or rereads chapter 1-5 in one sitting is crazy af. I know there are several of you guys out there who have done that already, because you’re usually the crowd who sends messages at 2 am like “omfg iris….I just…..I can’t stop thinking about him….I can’t eat…I can’t sleep… bias list is ruined and I’m crying rn….I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and also the saddest because I’m waiting for an update RIP.” They are probably the most entertaining asks in my inbox.

I will say this at least: Chapter 6 takes place in the same day as Chapter 5. If you recall, Chapter 5 is one week after Chapter 4′s events and is Hoseok’s POV where he’s prepping for the afternoon’s session with the Reader and is having flashbacks to his past which were very angsty. It’s important to at least remember that part. I allude to his mood and memories in Chapter 6, but I don’t do full recaps (I consider that cheating), so if you haven’t read or remember Chapter 5, you may be confused by Chapter 6. It may also be helpful to refresh on OC’s feelings at the tail end of Chapter 4, since that was the last time we saw her.

Chapter 6 is a very different chapter. It is not like the others, as we are approaching the point in the story where there are major shifts in the plot and characterizations for both Hoseok and the Reader. That’s why it’s taking forever to finish–and at 65% completion is already sitting at 9k words.