stop ruining men for me

jamestiberiuskink  asked:

there's a difference between enjoying a lil bit of porn and fetishising gay men and then forcing it onto the actors (one of whom is married), writing adam/dom fics, and asking abt it in person. techienician was a ship between matt the radar technician and clan techie (from dredd) which the kylux fandom started bc they think these two white men are hot and want them to fuck which is dehumanising and fetishist. just bc u get aroused by something doesn't mean it's free from criticism.

Us: Hey stop fetishizing gay men

Why?” I asked at last. “Why did you … choose to stay?”

     My throat was still tight, and my voice was hoarse. He heard it, and his hand tightened on mine; a ghost of his usual firm grip, and yet with the memory of strength within it.

     “Because ye need me,” he said, very softly.

“Not because you love me?”

     He looked up then, with a shadow of a smile.

“Sassenach … I love ye now, and I will love ye always. Whether I am dead—or you—whether we are together or apart. You know it is true,” he said quietly, and touched my face. “I know it of you, and ye know it of me as well.

—  Jamie, stop ruining all men for me. Like seriously <3