stop ruining characters with your art

clemencia-902d6951 replied to your photo “wow can u believe peter parker is a trans boy?? iconic.”

He’s not. You’re ruining the movie for everyone. He isn’t trans. Stop making fictional characters trans just for your dumb pleasure.

myself and thousands of others enjoy the idea of a trans Peter Parker. i didn’t “ruin the movie for everyone” just because you’re easily offended by trans people enjoying things.

so uh this is gonna be a bit different

im posting it here to spread information and because a lot of my followers know this and will know what im talking about. if you don’t know what eddsworld or paultryk is, ignore this post.

a few weeks ago Patryk, the actual human being, made a post about the ship in Eddsworld about 2 characters based off him and his friend. he was very upset about it. Patryk was originally added as a background character when he donated to Eddsworld legacy as a supporter reward, and said he never would’ve donated if he knew what it would’ve caused.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the ship, it made me happy, It was one of my most favorite ships on the face of this earth but no matter how much something “cures your depression” or helps you cope, you have to respect the creator. You just have to. No matter how much it sucks. Both Patryk and Paul want absolutely nothing to do with the show anymore and such an amazing thing has been ruined for them due to the fandom.

Patryk mentioned that if you absolutely have to keep shipping these two he asks that you please refer to the character as Patryck rather than Patryk, so that he will no longer be associated. He said literally people cannot look up his name without seeing paultryk art. also paul is fucking married irl so even if you find you don’t want to stop seeing these characters–stop using their real last names. stop associating the characters with them. Tag your art as #paultryck from now on. When you associate them with their characters you are literally equating a human being to fiction. Someone’s life is not something to write “headcanons” for.

people don’t understand that this is the reason Tord disappeared from the face of the earth, that this is the reason Tord had to change his name. Please just don’t take it too far or it’s going to happen again.

So I could barely get through the first episode of “Atypical.”

I mean, what the actual fuck? The mom is just a downright dick. The sister isn’t much better. The dad is okayish. And most of the positive reviews are from NTs or NTs with autistic friends or relatives. And whenever us autistics give a negative review of something we have reason to have a negative review of, we get told that we’re too sensitive or to stop complaining, at least it’s representation. That doesn’t mean it’s accurate representation. It’s the same stereotype we’ve seen since Rain Man.

I have to fucking scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a character that I can relate to and then get told that I’m taking it away from the rest of society. Well, I’m sorrynotsorry if Luna being headcanoned as autistic ruins your day, Carol, but not everyone is privileged enough to have such a wide range of characters to relate to.

Where’s the autistic girl who’s into the arts? Or thinks in metaphors and grey areas? Or the autistic non binary person who’s into photography? Or the autistic trans person who’s super outgoing and funny? Just to name a few.

I’ve been told I should give it another try and maybe I will. One of the only good points of this show is when Sam is talking about things he’s interested in, like Antarctica and penguins and it’s really shitty when people shut us down for talking about stuff we find interesting.


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Can you stop ruining Silver the Hedgehog? Let others enjoy Silver the Hedgehog. Stop putting your fucking whore ideas onto Silver and other Sonic characters. I was going to like Silver until I saw you and your art. Your art of Silver is highly degrading and shameful. You ruined my chances of liking Silver and now I hate Silver. You disgust me, you fucking fanbrat.


first of all: if you don’t like my stuff (or me for that matter), stop looking at it. mute, block, ignore, whatever you need to do man. I don’t mind.

secondly: I’m not really sure what you’re talking about when you say “whore ideas”…? “highly degrading and shameful”…? I don’t think my art is anything like that but that’s your opinion I guess lol

thirdly: I think it sucks to decide to dislike a character just because of somebody else’s art. a lot of people have told me that my art has actually helped them like Silver (or even pay attention to him in the first place) and that makes me really happy, and I didn’t want the opposite to happen. I too have often had characters associated with people or memories that I’d rather not think about anymore, but I still love the characters. I think if you really like a character that’s what you gotta do - ignore others and do your own thing and love them.

Silver means the world to me for various reasons so no, I won’t ever stop drawing him, and the only reason why I’m replying to this is so that you can maybe realize that I’m not an awful person like you make me out to be, and hopefully also realize that you can love any kind of character in any way you want without paying attention to others.

I hope you get over these feelings and have a good day.

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Your art is absolutley beautiful and your personality is amazing. Im glad that you made an Alice angel ask blog because she is an amazing character. Never stop drawing hon. You are amazing and you make people happy.

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//my personality is half ruined by people and bad luck in life, but I’m trying to get it together and heal myself, ahah! everybody’s got a dark side

I live double life - here I’m just a fellow fan of BaTIM and in fact, I’m a creator of a whole universe myself, kind of entered the inky fandom to gather positive emotions because life’s been rough on me lately.

“It’s a picture of your heart!”

He’s so cheery for the terrifying specter of a tortured hospital director, forced to haunt the ruins of the hospital he once ran and performed deadly experiments in.
Limited palette practice. Only two colors were used in this, and both of them are on Dr. Maddiman’s character model.

“Eugh Yaoi fangirls are the worst, stop projecting your weird ideas onto Yuu he’s obviously straight like where do you even get the idea that he’s gay from that bite was about survival there’s nothing romantic there at all, you ruin good animes by making characters gay”


Character spotlight: Rán.

Pane. Canthian. Pirate. 

Rán isn’t your typical pane. At a young age, she left thehome of her people, – a mountain range stretching the width of a continent – and headed across the Uncharted Sea to Canth. For much of her life, Rán’s lived upon the scorching sands of a pirate-infested country that’s halfway to ruin at any given moment, and has more than her fair share of stories to share with Rowan and Sir Ightham.

Rán only stops smiling in order to grin, and has mastered the art of brushing off the blatant prejudice most humans greet pane with. She tags along with Sir Ightham and Rowan for reasons that only Sir Ightham knows of, but Rowan’s hardly about to complain: Rán’s genuine warmth and good humour serve to balance out Sir Ightham’s gruff, taciturn nature.

Rán has her own reasons for having returned to Felheim after so long, and keeping an eye out for a young necromancer barely adds any weight to her enormous shoulders.

Other character spotlights: Rowan Northwood, Sir Ightham

Up next: lore spotlight: the pane.

[More information on Dragonoak] [art by skepticarcher​]

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Excuse me my friend (first of all, I love Soul, your art and YOU, you are a wonderful and adorable person), I have some questions for you. Did you have developed an AU around Soul's existence or nope, just the character? If yes, I would have wanted some details about the ruins, if it was any different from the original UT... ( and aslo, can I use this infos for a comic project of mine... Just a lil page I guess) Anyway, I'll let ya and stop bothering. Luv. ♥

Well, honestly, not too much is different. The ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall and Hotland are practically empty though, since every monster you kill in Genocide (up until the sans fight) is dead. So, the areas are the same, just with a more silent and sp00ky atmosphere. The only thing that’s really different is Sans, though I guess the Judgement Hall would be practically destroyed.

Also, whatever your comic may be, I’d love to see the finished product! Thank you for your kindness!

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Sees you like kobayashis, reads your tags, and fully fucking agrees, love you and your art my dude

Thanks B! Yeah I watched the first 8 episodes and had to stop because fucking Lucoa and everything about her is fucking disgusting which makes me sad because like you can really see a beautiful relationship building between Tohru and Kobayashi and its totally ruined because apparently they think p*dophillia jokes are cool? Who the fuck knows, I dunno.
But I hate that people like. See the designs of the characters and go “this anime is shit”– like. Nnno it isnt. Its pretty alright except for that one thing.

RWBY Vol.4 & Critics

Right let’s clear this up shall we.
Rooster Teeth does not have to cater to you when making the show but by the same token they are not entitled to your time and/or money; if you have any problems with how Vol.4 is progressing here are a few friendly bits of advice

If you don’t like the amount of screentime Jaune is getting: Stop watching.
If BlackSun becomes canon and you don’t want to see it: Stop watching (It’ll probably kill some of my enthusiasm)
If you don’t like how many new male characters have been introduced: Stop watching.
If you think the new villians are shit and ruin the show: Stop watching.
If you don’t like the new art style: Stop watching.
If Pyrrha does/doesn’t come back and it ruins it for you: Stop watching.
If/when you stop watching, leave the FNDM entirely and don’t bother the rest of us by bitching about it.

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Any art tips you got to another artist?

  1. Art is constant pain and suffering in one way or another so you might want to be ready for that.
  2. Stylization is no excuse for bad art- a picture drawn with a specific style in mind doesn’t mean it can’t be well or badly drawn
  3. You need to learn stuff and I mean a lot of stuff
  4. Like, anatomy, color theory, what even the hell is a composition, the eternal hell of perspective, how the hell do you even draw animals, and then there’s character design and other crap on top of that
  5. Like that’s a lot of crap holy crap
  6. And the only way to learn these to draw these things is by doing it. You just have to study these things and draw them. Like, a million times.
  7. The good news are that once you learn to draw one thing you can or might be able to reuse that old information and apply it to other things to some degree! Like if you can draw a mansion from a specific POV then I bet my butt that you can draw a Sailor Moon transformation item from the same perspective! Or a living thing!
  8. And of course, this won’t be as big of an issue in the first place if you only plan on drawing one specific thing for the rest of your life, but that does limit what jobs or gigs you can get
  9. Speaking of jobs, ayup, it ain’t easy to get one and to survive on this profession. I, a person who has never done a serious commission or let alone had ANY job in my life, can talk about this with experience. Totally.
  10. Of course, a lot of this does depend on what kind of an artist you are, what kind of art you (want to) make and who’s your target audience. Like I can’t talk about how things are on other …IDK what to call it, “art professions“, but I can say that when it comes to comics, all that matters is you make the thing. To vaguely quote that one Japanese TV show that I’ve only seen screenshots on Tumblr from memory, “making art/comics isn’t like participating in the Olympics, even crappy artists can become famous if they do their thing well enough! Capitalism will save your ass!”. And this is true, for example, look at Attack on Titan. No really, the comic looks like garbage. And yet there’s a TV series, a spin-off, movies etc of this thing? Yeah. Do your thing well and capitalism will save your ass.
  11. That said don’t rely on capitalism saving your ass, luck will only get you so far. Like I’d be lying if I tried to say that I didn’t pick what I read based on how it looks. And yeah, I know this applies to comics but IDK if this applies to other art-professions.
  12. But yeah, learning art is slow and tedious, like I’d compare it to learning a new language. It’s going to take a really god damn long time for a person to learn to be fluent in it, without ever needing a dictionary or grammar notes for help. And even after years of studying, you’re still going to be making errors here and there, perfection isn’t exactly achieveable. (And I can speak with experience here lol)
  13. Which is why there’s two things you need to remember:
  14. Not everything you draw will be a masterpiece. You need to remember to give up at times. Although it depends on what you’re making, sometimes you just need to say “this is good enough” and leave a thing the way it is, othertimes you should just scrap a sketch if you don’t think it’s working out. Don’t spend hours upon hours drawing something if you don’t think it’s good.
  15. But you also need to remember: you can only learn to draw something by drawing it and you need to fail before you can succeed. So you also need to finish those terrible sketches at times, you need to spend hours upon hours on something even if you didn’t think it was good.
  16. This self-contradicting mess here comes down to learning to judge each situation and drawing you’re working on. You need to learn when you should strive for perfection, when you can say “good enough” and when to give up on something. There is a time and a place for all of these things, you just need to learn and figure out when.
  17. Speaking of judging, expose yourself to art, learn to look at other people’s art and finding possible errors or what could’ve been done differently for it to work better. Become a critic to some extent. You can learn from your own mistakes but you can also learn from other people’s mistakes.
  18. Of course, a critic is not an artist (hence the “some extent”). The reason I reccomend learning how to judge is so that you will learn to judge your own work fairly and realistically. God knows getting GOOD feedback is practically impossible nowadays, so chances are the only feedback you will ever get is your own. This is why learning to judge yourself realistically is important.
  19. But also learning to be a critic is also about learning to be fair. The last thing you want is to be overly critical of your own work. That will ruin your motivation to do or make anything really.
  20. Speaking of ruining a person’s motivation; learn to accept constructive criticism and feedback, and learn to tell it apart from someone taking a shit on your work, and someone giving you mindless, positive feedback that is on the same level as one’s mom putting their kids’ work on the fridge. Learn to tell these things apart. Because you want to be able to tell the difference between someone taking a shit on what you’ve made and them being actually fair- like for the lack of a better word, you want to learn to ignore the douches. At the same time, you don’t want to be buried in mindless positive feedback because this can completely ruin your ability to recieve critique. I can speak with experience here, and it sucks. Take any and all feedback with grain of salt basically (and yeah this includes your own feedback that you give yourself)

There’s a ton of other stuff that we could talk about but this is really damn long already so I don’t think I should dive deep into giving tips on stuff like character design or color theory when this is how much stuff I had to say about this IN GENERAL LMAO

TL;DR: Art is hard, pain and suffering, but don’t stop, just keep on drawing

Stop hating on characters that did nothing wrong 2k15

Mary doodly dooo. Because she’s super cute and per personality seems fun. If I ever see another hate post on her because of some ‘gruvia threath’ I am gonna rip someone’s throat and fingers into tiny pieces. Are you guys that unconfident in your ship? A little smile ruining it? Bless the reasonable shippers that know she’s no threat BUT THOSE THAT MAKE THOSE POSTS. WHY. Are you bored or are you what, I don’t understand. Please find something better to do.

I whole heartedly agree with the Anon advocating for Bjd artists to receive a living wage without being harassed. I hate these posts like “jointed love charges $100 for a custom high quality face-up. If you calculate their time, plus materials, plus equipment, plus studio space, plus utilities, plus taxes, she’s making over minimum wage! I’ve lost all respect for her. I’m not even going to consider her education, healthcare, health risks from materials or any of her efforts learning to her efforts learning to create face-ups. I know for a fact she was born knowing all that.” Like stop. These artists do this work for the love of the hobby, not just for money. Don’t ruin that love with your hate. That goes for all customizers. If you can get a 100% custom made item for your character you have no idea how amazing that is. $100 for a piece of art that completes your doll, damn I can’t get a repair man to show up at my house for less than that. JUST SHOW UP. It just goes to show how much art is undervalued. Bottom line, we need them so treat them kindly please and thank you.