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I’ve been wanting to make a network for quite a while, since I see them around all the time ~ thus, behold!

The Classicist Society ~ A network for those who love history, art, literature, and all elegance and grace


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post
  • Send me an ask with two artists/writers/composers/etc. who you would like your name to be associated with (in order of preference)
  • Also add a quote that you would like to be added to your spot on the members page
  • Please have an aesthetic blog or sideblog (though it doesn’t have to be classicist, per se)
  • I will stop accepting members on February 17

Gifts to Be Received:

  • A place on our page to reblog and share your posts or chat
  • A tag to follow as well, #classicist-society
  • Interesting other people to share your interests and creations with!

ways to improve the football fandom experience for all:

  • stop using slurs & making excuses for people who do
  • don’t repost other people’s gifs & edits (reblog it if you like it)
  • learn to ignore posts/tags if you disagree with them 
  • don’t pile on into people’s inboxes if they post something you don’t like
  • understand and accept that criticism isn’t inherently hateful
  • recognize that your fave isn’t perfect & neither are you… that being said:
  • stop using slurs & making excuses for people who do
  • log out every once and awhile, especially during matches: it can be very refreshing to be rid of the noise & let yourself enjoy the game
  • don’t talk down to people or belittle others or assume that you’re somehow a better fan than they are
  • remember: there’s no prize for being a fan from conception
  • respect other people’s boundaries: not everyone is here for banter
  • stop using slurs & making excuses for people who do

If I see one more person reblog my Jace post & call him a fuckboy I will absolutely lose it.

Jace was a jerk in 2.07 & because of that all of you like to forget that he spent of every other episode being treated like crap by Aldertree & being emotionally physically & mentally abused by Valentine. He kept trying to do the right thing but it wasn’t enough so he got thrown out of the only home he has ever known. SO FREAKING WHAT IF THIS CAUSED HIM TO ACT OUT.

To the clace stans bitching about Jace having sex. STOP. Clary & Jace are not in a relationship. He is not doing anything wrong. He is trying to cope with the idea of NEVER being allowed to be with the person he loves. He is trying to find a way to move on. Its not like he’s flaunting his flings in front of Clary. And just because he had sex with someone does not mean he deserves to have climon shoved in his face.

So can we please stop acting like Jace is some shallow fuckboy who is being an ass for no reason. Jace HAS a reason. He is trying to cope with a whole lot of crap. He has SUFFERED all season & its not over for him, SO STOP THE HATEEEE.





Some of us love Lucy more. Some of us love Erza more. Some of us love them both equally. Some of us could care less.

Whichever description you fit into, this has to stop. I know we all have full right to our opinions and you are allowed to voice it ANY TIME YOU WANT. But please I’m begging you. Stop being mean to others about their opinion on it and stop sending hate about it. If you don’t like someone’s post or opinion, there’s literally no need to reblog it with a harsh explanation of your opinion and why they are wrong.

Just stop. Being. So mean about it. Okay?

A cool post about fangames (but mostly about CONTINUE/STOP/RISE's sequels).

So basically Continue Stop Rise is a pretty popular game in the OFF fanbase but the sequels aren’t getting the love they deserve.

If y'all ever wanna see an official sequel to Continue Stop Rise it’d be great of you guys to give some support to M-256 while she works on the present game in the story.

The current game is called UNLOAD and you can help in the development of said game by playing the demo and spreading the word about it.

That’d be cool so: The post for the game is HERE so please reblog it because likes don’t spread the word much. Same goes for other fangame content! Like Claude announced Unknown 2 so you should look at that or something.

PLEASE give it and this a reblog.

Every person who likes but doesn’t reblog gets a >8( in their ask box.

Please and Thank.


Sorry for such a phenomenon but once again I should repeat: don’t like or reblog from @madasennin ! This is a blog of reposts without any credit!
We were all so glad when famous japanese hashimada artist joined Tumblr. Crack-grain is very sensible to reposting. Her blog is a sign of confidence and safety.
And now we see her creations like many other’s fanart reposted shamelessly here, on this site!
You can compare her post ant thief’s reposting. He erased Hashirama which he hate. The second art of Madara Rikudô is taken from her Pixiv and distorted, edited into black and white picture
Please, stop to support art thief, go to original posts!

why the fuck are all these anime blogs turning out to be white nationalists

what the absolute fuck 

alt-weaboos, alt-furries, can you guys just stop?

I just wanted to talk to someone about how cool the music in kimi no uso is. 

And here ya’ll are, reblogging “white people contributed more to history” and “listen, black people are just criminals” posts, get out of here, you racist piece of shit fuck. 

it’s bad enough you like anime, but it’s worse that you walk around claiming white people deserve this planet more than any other race while hugging your waifu body pillow over your tiny raging penis and clutching your hatsune miku in an SS uniform poster in your mom’s poorly furnished, drafty basement. 

Do me a favor and choke on your own cum next time you jerk off to sword art online, ok? 

Reblog this post please, thank you.

So I have finally been able to talk EVERYTHING over with paisley, we talked, we communicated and we figured everything out, i’m deleting the warning post i made about her because one of the posts was fake ( a person edited it i’ll explain it further down ) and i would really love if people could reblog this to delete the posts about her that you reblogged ( thank you all for supporting me though it means the world )

Anyways let me try to explain, it’s hard since i have a headache

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anonymous asked:

Rev, how do you get by when you feel like no one cares about your art? I practically never get noticed, especially since other art I reblog is much better than mine. People only ever say anything good about my drawings when I complain and it doesn't feel sincere, so I'm very close to giving up and not sharing anything anymore.

Just keep doing stuff regardless of how many reblogs you get. This goes for anything creative. Just keep going for the sake of improving don’t have a comparative mindset. Seek to improve yourself and try not to care what other people think.

This is something I really wish I could have told myself back when I was a kid. I got so worked up about not getting any views on my deviations (I did deviant art as a kid) that I eventually stopped posting. That didn’t help me at all. I didn’t learn from my mistakes and I didn’t receive any critique. It took me longer to get good because I got so wrapped up in what other people think rather than thinking about how to improve. Just make art and make your art specifically.

shipping requests!

I decided to open a request page and here is the first thing! 

I’m going to do some ship aesthetics/headcanons for you guys!

What do you need to do:

  1. follow this potter mess
  2. send me your ship! (preferably HP, can be sth other too though!) + ⚡️ for quote/ ❤ for headcanon / 🌹 for æsthetics
  3. reblog this post (sorry, likes for bookmarks only)
  4. check out my edits / writing shit (I will be beyond happy but that’s optional)
  5. that’s it, participate guys!


  • their first kiss?
  • asked out first:
  • had a crush:
  • first date?
  • what they love about each other?
  • what they hate about each other?
  • said ‘I love you’ first:
  • can’t stop touching another:
  • cooks:
  • is always jealous:
  • takes things too seriously:
  • is hopeless romantic:
  • proposed:

+ quote / aesthetics / headcanon (choose what do you prefer, can be all)

xx, Rosalie

Update: Blog Cancellation

“Conduct unbecoming of a Cadet”… Some time in late March, my blog came under fire from the administrators at my school. I have been threatened with consequences (expulsion being the most serious among them) and the end result is that I won’t be returning to this school in the fall for my “unbecoming behavior” (take a guess at what happened).

Some of you may have noticed that I stopped posting pictures, stopped reblogging (I did reblog a few recently), and stopped responding to your questions and know you know why.

I apologize. This blog has been amazing and it’s connected me with so many other cadets, alumni, prospects, and people all over the world. Though I won’t be posting anymore, I won’t disable/delete the blog.

Thanks Guys. 

To all those people who requested...

I want to notify these people that their requests had been seen so don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you:

@mikealsonlover @notwhatiseem and Anons

Like I’ve said in some previous posts, I will (hopefully) open the inbox in late March and start posting all your requests, including smuts and one shots, immediately. So please, at the moment stop sending me requests because I’m flooding.

Please consider that I have a buttload of requests to do plus I’ve got assignments that need to be done too.

Also those who still want to be tagged in my posts (even reblogs) just send me an ask with the fandoms you want to be tagged in. Next week I will post a Steve Rogers smut (from the poll that I created weeks ago, since it got the second most votes).

I will post the other less voted smuts throughout the month because I’m trying to get all the smuts done and make a smutty week.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask (not requests)

Thank you so much for your patience

With love,

Ivory White

Here's cute cat to make your day brighter!

Originally posted by madasahatter-highasakite


If you reblog posts comparing the books and the show that have only been made with the intention of shitting all over the books (with clear bias and opinions presented as facts) I WILL NOT FOLLOW YOU. You don’t need to like the books but that isn’t an invitation to shit all over things someone else might like. Furthermore, the books and the show ARE NOT IN COMPETITION. YOU DON’T NEED TO DRAG ONE TO LIFT THE OTHER UP. Stop contributing to juvenile fandom discourse, stop dragging things that other people like just because you don’t and most of all, stop being GIANT HYPOCRITES when your preferred medium is similarily criticized for it’s faults and short comings.

I wish i had the kind of followers where i’d get double digit notes in a matter of minutes. Ah well, never gonna happen (even with the 2k followers)…actually the amount of them with single digit notes overall makes me really wanna stop doing any kind of posting on any social networks. Just not worth it, while all the other similar ones trend and get all kinds of exposure and reblogging. Yuck.

//…….anyway i put all those tags on the wrong post. But, um, wow yeah. That post about people stopping art because people don’t leave comments and shit is literally why you guys don’t see content so much from me on this blog anymore. Yeah a lot of it is depression and life; but also a good portion of it is from lack of response. It’s super discouraging to write something for someone and not get any reblogs or likes, or even a thank you. It makes writers AND artists of other mediums feel like their work isn’t good enough and not worth the effort anymore. It makes people who put out content start drawing back and giving up because people passively look and say nothing.

Passively looking at ANY art form is killing art. 

Say something. Like. Reblog. Kudos. Whatever the hell system is implemented; use it. Did you read the whole thing? Better tell them you did int he tags or something. Did you skim it? Cool, leave a like maybe. Stop being passive about art, it’s killing your wants for fics and drawings, and it’s killing artists motivation and will to do them. //

TRICK or TREAT witchblr

a fun little game for the witchblr community, taking place OCT. 1st - NOV. 1st.

please tag all answers or related posts #trick or treat so people can blacklist the tag if they want to avoid it

how it works:

  • reblog this or the other post to let people know you’re doing it! you can stop at any time though, and please don’t feel pressured to answer all of them if it becomes overwhelming.
  • when you receive an ask that says “trick or treat”, reply with either a “trick” or a “treat”, perhaps use a random generator to decide which.


sigils, tarot reading, shufflemancies, drawings, simple spell or charm, witch tips, or whatever you can!


silly gifs, cat pictures, rickrolls, random pictures, memes or whatever.  please don’t use gore, flashing or sexual images! let’s keep this fun and friendly

please don’t spam people for treats!!

please be kind and respectful!!

(ppl tagged under the cut)

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  • This blog is SFW. Any and all work must be rated under T for Teen with mild blood, gore and sexuality. Graphic Language is allowed. If a minor cannot view your submission, it is not acceptable. 
  • If you choose to do NSFW anyway, we won’t stop you, but please know we will not be reblogging your piece. If you complain about us not reblogging or submitting your NSFW piece, you will be told politely to stop. If you persist, you will be blocked.
  • Any form of work is acceptable. This includes: Art, Fanfics, Fan Remixes, Edits, Cosplay, and any other creative means of expression you feel suits you.
  • Even though it is predominating portrayed as a ship, non-shipping art is acceptable. Stan and Rick can be anything from a married couple to strictly business partners.
  • Posting is flexible. If you want to submit your themed work early or are late, we will still showcase your work with a reblog.
  • Please tag all work with #stanchezweek or #stanchezappreciationweek.
  • Also remember we are all here to have fun! Enjoy your time here and any questions, please refer to the ask above under “Got A Question?”

anonymous asked:

is it bad to call allura and shiro space mom and dad? bc they actually remind me of my parents sometimes so i call them that,, should i stop?

Omg!! If you mean the post I reblogged, I don’t think it’s bad! I don’t mind ppl calling them that, and also if you enjoy it, it doesn’t matter and you should keep doing it tbh! I can’t remember why some people have an issue with calling them space parents (maybe someone can enlighten me) but I reblogged it bc I agreed with all the other points haha. Don’t stress abt it, bb!!

300+ IchiRuki supporters

Three weeks have passed since Bleach ended and this blog created. I want to thanks all the supporters/followers that truly ship Ichigo and Rukia. A total of 300 members support this blog and thank you very much.  It makes me want to continue to reblog and repost items (doing my best following artist guidelines). For me, they are the true canon couple of Bleach and I have always felt that way through the entire series. One is the Black Moon while the other is the White Moon. She was the one that changed my world and stopped the rain.  I always am happy to see people liking an images or a blog post. I enjoy reblogging IchiRuki items so others can see them too.  I am happy to see the great tag in tumblr #Dance with Snow White (IchiRuki inspirational meme). I want the love to continue for them.  Also, follow many of the great IchiRuki blogs on Tumblr because they are the true champions that started their support for them!  

なつる @ PIXIV 


Hi again everyone! Now that the date is set, here’s the official prompt list!

  • 21st: Jokes
  • 22nd: Pie/Baking
  • 23rd: Comfort
  • 24th: Family
  • 25th: Lost
  • 26th: AU/Crossover
  • 27th: Free Day! (make whatever you want!)

And now that things are officially underway, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Use the tags #sorielweek and #sorielweek2016 for your entries so that I can reblog them to the main blog!
  • Please tag your NSFW, blood, gore, and other violence accordingly! I will not stop you if you want to sin, but be aware that there are minors in the tags and put things under a cut if needed!
  • You can create whatever you want based off the prompts! Fanart, fanfiction, music videos, fanmixes, interpretive dance, all are accepted!
  • You can post your prompt submissions late and combine prompts if you wish!
  • Have fun and play nice! 

Reblog this post to spread the word! I’m excited to see what you all will create!

Tiny Soriel is by @pomnoichu