stop reblogging the other post all of you

sorry I’m in a rant mode tonight but I have a lot to get off my chest.

1) I’m so sick of people bragging about all their interactions with Taylor. Yes, all of us want to be noticed but it doesn’t hurt you to hit that reblog button on someone else’s post when you’ve already gotten noticed 500m times.

2) People who went to the secret sessions need to stop putting other people down. Yes, you heard the album early and may know more than we do but that doesn’t mean you’re above anyone else in this fandom. Stay humble.

3) Tumblr has become not genuine. Yes, certain posts may not be made just to get Taylor’s attention but most of them are catered just to get her attention. I also only ever get messages of people asking me to reblog their posts rather than them just saying “hi” like they used to. Although we all want her to notice us, it’d be nice to be able to have more genuine interactions with everyone. I’m not saying that I’m not guilty of this either because I’ve definitely done this too much recently.

The point is: please be kind to others and share the wealth. Not everyone has been noticed by Taylor yet and by reblogging other people’s posts, you may help them get noticed for the first time ever, which is absolutely incredible! Please remember to think about how other people feel.

Y’all stop reblogging otherwindow’s edits n shit I know they’re good but they’ve proven they’re a disgusting transphobe

Someone gently telling them that genderbends are transphobic and their oh-so-eloquent reponse

Someone telling them not to misdirect legitimate concerns and then posting the same shit

Another Bullshit Transphobic Thing

Having no argument other than “you sound like fatfae lmao”

And in case they try to weasel out of it I’ve reblogged them conveniently to one of my sideblogs

Ways to Have Fun in Fandom

1. Focus on creating your own content. Even if it doesn’t get a lot of traction right away, it will get seen by some people and they will enjoy it.

2. Compliment and support other artists if you like their stuff. Don’t be clingy or fantasize interacting with other popular content creators, just support them like you would an artist or a writer in real life.

3. Be generally polite to your online peers and be careful with being obsessive. Understand that everyone has personal boundaries and they all vary from user to user.

4. Spread your interests out to keep from getting creatively burnt out on something if you want to focus on it long term.

5. Write down all the ideas for content you’d like to create and pick the top three you you want to do most. You’re not going to have time or energy to make everything all at once, it’s ok if you miss other ideas.

6. Try to finish projects but don’t feel guilty about posting small sketches or writing in small chunks or works in progress.

7. Don’t feel bad about stopping production of content if you’re sick of it and want to move into anything else. Fandom usually isn’t something you do for profit, and in the grand scheme of things, notes and reblogs won’t count for much.

8. If something stops being fun, enjoy what you did and move on. It’ll still be there if you ever want to go back to it.

9. Try to stay casually in contact with people you’ve interacted with, explain why your leaving or taking a break from the fandom, and support their works if you’re still on good terms with them. Even if you do leave their fandom, it’ll show good sportsmanship.

10. Take breaks from tumblr and share work over multiple platforms. Twitter, instagram, and Facebook are all good ways to get tranction for your content, even if Tumblr is the go-to for fandom interactions.

anonymous asked:

Hey rat what where the things that made you stop defending sixpenceee. I did some of my own research but I wanna know what you think

The main two things that I saw all the time and could absolutely no longer defend:

  • sheer laziness in post-making; she didn’t fact-check basic points, she got names/dates wrong, her posts were riddled with terrible grammar and spelling, and she sourced sporadically at best. I couldn’t understand why someone with such an influential blog would spend so little time on it. not to mention a lot of the posts were awkwardly worded and/or just badly written in general.
  • post-stealing; I’ve seen her copy-paste huge chunks of Wikipedia articles, huge chunks of Reddit stories/threads, huge chunks of other bloggers’ posts. she’s even done it to me – I’ve posted something and @’d her in the tag, and she’s taken the post and reposted it to her blog. sometimes she would “credit” me as in saying I found it, but she never reblogged my actual work. god knows how many other people she did this to.

These are the two things I saw constantly all the time, and the laziness and plagiarism just really rubbed me up the wrong way. Some of the other stuff also happened often but didn’t annoy me as much (but I didn’t appreciate it, either), and some of this stuff rarely happened/I didn’t witness myself, but they’re all factors:

  • the money grabbing/constant self-promoing/note grabbing; like, I get it. no one is on Tumblr if they’re not looking for notes, but stuff like “follow for my woke soul” and ““deep”” quotes I used to see on stickers for MySpace profiles were just embarrassing and annoying. not to mention the mall goth shirts and the constant reblogs of her several other blogs. I didn’t follow for that. I followed for creepy content, and I got less and less of that over tie.
  • the art stealing; sixpenceee made shirts out of a lot of art I’m pretty sure she’s not licensed to use, including stuff under copyright law. this is really reckless behaviour and while most of the time I think copyright laws are bullshit I only apply this to massive corporations raking in billions. small independent artists are a different matter altogether. plus the shirts are constantly reblogged and very badly made. it’s just more of the above: she puts no effort in to anything.
  • ableism; I’m going to admit that I haven’t seen as much of this as it’s made out and that was the main reason why I sat on the fence for so long, but the more I read multiple accounts of people saying the same thing the more I can’t turn a blind eye anymore. once enough people are saying it, and for so long, it’s probably wise to take note. also when I sat down and thought about it I do remember several occasions where she’s tagged things mentally ill people have made/gone through as “creepy”, and a lot of the stories she rips off from Reddit do have the cheap ““twist”” of “and then………… he was MENTALLY ILL!!!111!!”
  • harassment/bullying/etc; this was something I hadn’t seen when people first started messaging me about her and for a while I did have the opinion of “well she can’t control her followers” but the more I’ve looked into it the more I’ve seen countless people saying that she either encouraged it or played the victim to encourage it, and several bloggers have been bullied into taking breaks or leaving altogether. she seems to do this to people who speak out against her, or other paranormal bloggers. I get you can’t control your followers but she has so much influence that she could shame them into stopping with one post. I have a fraction of her followers (in the five digits) but even I have had to do it in the past. it’s simple. you just make a post saying you don’t condone it and to stop, and 90% of people do. if people are bullying others in your name, shouldn’t you be ashamed? shouldn’t you want them to stop?

I feel really annoyed that it came to this because sixpenceee did help me out a lot at one point, and while I’m still grateful for that, one reblog two years ago is not enough for me to stay silent about all this anymore. there’s too much evidence against her and this “pay me to be nice to you” idea of hers says too much about her that makes me personally uncomfortable. I followed for good creepy content, not lazy posts, plagiarism, and fraud. everything else I’m more inclined to believe because of that “sixpenceee heals” post, too – and the fact that so many people have messaged me calling me brave for calling her out and saying they’re too scared to do it themselves just proves the other points. it’s a shame, but I can’t pretend it’s not happening anymore. 

The fact that social justice tumblr is so outspokenly and aggressively against veganism really underlines my growing realisation that a lot of “activism” on this website has its basis in performative efforts, rather than true moral beliefs and convictions. A lot of this supposed activism is all noise and no action.

It’s terribly easy to hit that reblog button, slap on a “#sj” or “#signal boost”, and proceed to contribute precisely nothing to the cause. It requires the same amount of effort to reblog a social justice post as it does to churn out shitposts and vine compilations. Doesn’t exactly put the “active” into activism, does it? That callout post you liked the other day? Really put a stop to the rise of the far right.

This extreme need to be the most woke, the most progressive, the most ideologically pure, all while putting in an absolute bare minimum of effort, is precisely why so many self-proclaimed activists and social justice advocates despise the idea of veganism. You can’t become vegan by reblogging a bunch of photosets and sending out a few angry anons. You have to actually make changes that will affect your daily life.

So when they gleefully call all vegans rich white racists, pointedly speaking over poor vegans and vegans of colour, when they circulate posts about mistreated vegetable farmers (pretending they never ate a vegetable in their life), but ignore the treatment of workers in the meat and dairy industries, when they regurgitate over and over every single scrap of misinformation that lets them maintain their façade of righteousness /all while never examining their own actions and inactions/, they are proving over and over that they would sooner stab their own ideals in the back than take a good hard look at themselves and put even an ounce of dedication behind their empty claims.

PSA to all kids and adults who feel like bad people or who are questioning themselves because of the manipulative shit they see on this site on a daily basis

go outside. seriously just go outside. that’s all it takes. take a break from this site. they don’t control you. they are faceless assholes on the internet screaming at you from behind a computer screen to try and make you live YOUR life THEIR way, and then try to convince you you’re a bad person if you don’t. doesn’t it sound ridiculous when you put it like that? well that’s exactly what it is, ridiculous.

it’s easy to become dependent on something like this site. but don’t let that stop you from getting away from it. even if you feel alone and don’t have friends and are by yourself, just go out and find something to do, surround yourself with other things. or if you aren’t confident enough to do that, just do something other than this site. there are other, happier, nicer options. get out of this world. stay out of the discourse. stay away from the poison, at least until you’re feeling detoxed enough to come back to it. it’s not worth it. you’re still a good person, even if you decide to scroll past that post that says “IF YOU SUPPORT (BASIC HUMAN RIGHT HERE) STOP SCROLLING!!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!” or the one that says “all my followers better reblog this because x/y/z or else unfollow” because, yes, even if you choose to ignore those types of posts, you can still be a good person.

they don’t control you.

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Hey, can you not reblog the non HP stuff? Start a personal blog or something, but I didn't follow you for any of the other stuff

then no offence but if you want you can UNFOLLOW us for that?? like… both of the people running this blog have personal blogs, but we reblog things that we think deserve attention (usually to do with fundraising/awareness-raising) from 100,000 people (which is how many followers we have)

like.. no offence but this isn’t a service we provide. you don’t pay us. we can stop posting content whenever we like. i’m not trying to be like “haha you’re lucky you get anything at all” because for reals we really enjoy this blog but we think it is our responsibility to signal boost things that require attention. we’re trying to make the world a slightly better place.

Anyone in the lego movie fandom(Including Lego Batman). Please block and report snowysugarsparkle

I can’t believe I’m doing this…. I hate these callout posts. They bring nothing but unnecessary drama that takes weeks to recover. However, I feel this needs to be addressed. I wanna keep my trans folk safe and not be harassed for headcanon-ing a character as trans. I ask you to be aware and block this person that I’m going to expose. She wants drama and reactions. Don’t give of what she wants.

snowysugarsparkle is a Tumblr user who likes Monster High, Ever After High, and recently Lego Batman. The fandom is fairly new, with amazing kind people. I’ve meet many great artists throughout the fandom. Trust me when I say this, I’ve never seen a kinder fandom since MPAS(3 years ago, man!) 

When it comes to fandoms, there are headcanons to be shared. My pal and I decided to create a legoheadcanon blog. We can’t believe it kicked off so well. I enjoyed every single headcanon being send. 

After a day or two of having the blog. Our notifications were being spammed by this user. We’re not talking about reblogging the countless post. I mean reblogging and saying rude things that don’t need to be said, especially the ones about characters as trans.

For examples:

and this

This is disgusting and terrible to see. I’m beyond mortified to see there’s a person like that in the fandom. Me being nosey. I went on her blog and saw more complete garbage.  


You are creepy for being obsessed with making trans people uncomfortable.

This comment was about a children's book accepting trans people and other trans kids

Yikes. Stop that


People block this person and report her! A side note to all my trans and nonbinary followers and fellow lego fandom members. You guys are not monsters, all of you are so beautiful and very amazing and I love you all! I want you all to be safe.

Sugar, I would gladly remove this blog if you decide to apologize for harassing people for headcanoning characters as trans.

So these are my irrelevant thoughts on the discourse 

I want to start by saying that I was one of the people sharing the room theory here on tumblr, and that that’s perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with taking part on these things. I consider tumblr to be a safe space for us fans to creat our content and joke around. It’s the place where we interact with each other, we published our fics, and smutty art. Dan and Phil know that, it’s okay for us to share those theories here because they have no interest in seeing the shit that we’re up to. This is how the phandom works on tumblr (mostly). However, when you take this theories and other phan things to websites like twitter or youtube where we interact with them it stops being okay. It’s not okay for us to preasure and bother dnp. It’s not okay to force them to do anything or shove phan in their faces. To all of those people commenting on phil’s video about how the video was fake because of the hour thing..fuck you. And yes I did reblog posts about just that, and it was kind of joking but it also wasn’t, but that’s okay because I did it here on my unpopular tumblr that dnp will never see. We have a right to creat our content and joke around, we’re a community and that’s what we do, but we have no right to disrespect them or violate their privacy.

I don’t think phil made the video to shut down theories, he’s a thirty year old man and he’s above that. I saw a post by @pseudophan saying that he probably just wanted to make a funny video that we would like and I totally agree. Maybe he lied to make the video, maybe he didn’t and the computer was just being weird, Either way let the man live!!

Do I believe in the theory? honestly, yeah

Will I keep posting about it while it’s still funny and relevant? clearly

WIll I ever say something to dnp about it or post it where they can see it? fuck no

I implore you, read this.

Today I saw something that made me sick to my stomach. I saw a post about an anon who was bragging about sending another user hate with the intention to get them to deactivate. It makes me sick that people are like this. I will not disclose who this user is in any way. What do you gain from doing this to them? Why does this kind of stuff bring people joy and satisfaction. It’s sick. 

We are all simblr siblings, irregardless of which game we play, what we create, whether or not we use CC or not, we are all unified by our love for the sims games. It sickens me that people in our community get enjoyment out of hurting others in some fashion. 

No one deserves to get hate in any form, especially from people that are too weak and scared to say these things to your face. Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. I believe in this 100%. You should not value the opinions of hateful people, especially those too scared of coming forward without hiding their identity. I value these people about as much as a dog turd. Maybe even less. And so should you. 

And in the event you get anon hate, do not respond with “I have depression, anxiety, threaten to leave, pull downloads etc.” They will not feel sorry for you, it’s merely ammo to use against you and you’re giving them exactly what they want; a reaction” If someone calls you out privately or publicly, for something you said/did/posted, do not delete the post. It makes you look guilty. And while you may be ashamed of it, own it. Apologize and own it. I can guarantee the chances of having a positive reaction will increase tremendously if you own up to your mistakes. And it gives people less ammo to use against you. They can’t make you feel bad about something you’ve already apologized and owned up to. And honestly, you’ll feel so much better mentally by doing this. There’s a relief in owning up to the things you’ve done. If @cupidjuice can make the comeback of the century, then so can you. All they want from you is a reaction, for you to blow up and feel affected by their words. Don’t give in to this.

I refuse to be part of a community where people are scared of expressing themselves and doing things they enjoy out of fear of getting hate for it. While I can’t stop hateful people from being around, you can change how they react to you and how they treat you. If you don’t give them the reaction they crave, they have no motivation or reason to bother you. Don’t let them bother you. 

If you agree or would like others to see this, please reblog it for me.

I love you all. Be kind and stay safe.

Active Booklrs Who Want More Interaction

I’m seeing a lot of stuff about people feeling that booklr is really empty, that no one really replies to posts or reblogs to add their opinion and we’re all really lacking interaction and discussion. 

I’m definitely in the same boat and it’s a real shame. So what can we do? Well to start with I want to make a bit of a list of people who want to be more active in the book blogging community. Then what we can all do to help is follow each other / reblog each other’s posts and add comments / ask and answer bookish questions / reply to people’s reviews and so on. A lot of us are feeling this way so hopefully by bringing us all together in one list it will make it a bit of a difference - if only because we can stop screaming into the void and actually respond to one another. 

And if we all have more interaction and discussion, that might encourage others to join in too. 

So here goes (and if I miss anyone I am super sorry, please just reblog and add yourself and anyone else you know in!). 










Animals being “property” by law does not mean it is morally or ethically correct to perceive them as such. It literally only means that people holding those views have been in positions of power to enforce those laws. Inherently, animals are not things, they are not items to barter, trade, or dispose of at your leisure. They are animals just like us that live on this Earth just like us and are not lesser beings that we can fuck up and toy with as we want. It is unadulterated selfish and often religious desire that created the opinion that humans were superior over all other animals. We have seen this desire and the consequences of it repeated within our own species so you think we’d fucking learn and stop supporting it in other species too.  

okay since yall can apparently not grasp this simple concept im gonna say this one more time

stop!!!!! reposting!!!!! edits!!!! u did not make!!!!!!! this includes gifs graphics edits typos fanart and like everything u did not create!!!!
i know most of yall seem to think there’s magic buttons on Photoshop and u press them and BOOM u have a beautiful graphic or gif but that’s not what happens!!! most of these edits yall take 8 seconds to steal and post take HOURS to make. editors spend so much of their time trying to get colourings to work/thinking of graphic ideas/choosing fonts colours textures scenes everything!!!! and when y'all steal someone’s edits and post them on your blog for followers and reblogs you’re taking away the notes/exposure from someone who actually worked hard to make the edit. and I’m not even talking about using gifs as reaction images etc bc most gifmakers (myself included) are fine w that (but that doesn’t mean u shouldn’t ask them if ur using their gifs) but some of yall demons literally copy entire gifsets to post on your blogs just for notes?? and YES, stealing gifs from a bunch of different places to make posts like “the way she smiles” with ten gifs y'all stole from god knows where , is also reposting!!!! stop doing that!!!!!
i also see sooo many people reblogging edits from people who obviously didn’t make them and just reposted and while there’s no way to know if an edit is reposted just by looking at it, PLEASE take a minute to read this:

  1. if you see any edit from a blog/url that you’ve never seen edits from before plEASE check their original post for signs it’s reposted (im not saying everytime it’s a new url means its reposted which is why im mentioning these following points)
  2. check the original posts’ tags and they’re usually a very clear indicator of whether the edit is reposted or not. original content creators pretty much always tag their posts as “tswiftedit/taylorswiftedit/tswiftgif/tsedit” and also with tags like “my edits/my gifs/mine” etc. a lot of content creators also tag their creations w “*(or a variation of some other tag with an asterisk)”. IF A POST IS JUST TAGGED WITH TAGS LIKE “taylurking/the names of every taylor song/album” and does not have any tags like “tswiftedit/my edits/the tags i mentioned before” THERE IS A 99.9% CHANCE THE EDIT IS REPOSTED!!!
  3. a lot of editors also watermark their edits w their urls so if along with points 1 and 2 if this happens as well u can pretty much be sure it’s reposted.
  4. follow your intuition?? i mean there’s no way yall dont realise a reposted edit when u see one esp when it has all (or even one) of the points I mentioned before.
also if u see a reposted edit on your dash and you can figure out who the original creator of the edit is, let them know!!! whether to request the person to remove their repost or to report them, im sure all content makers would be happy if u alerted them to a repost of an edit they worked hard on.
TL;DR if you want to continue to see pretty edits on your dashboards, sSTOP REPOSTING OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT YA COWARDS!!! also please try to be more aware about whether or not the content you’re reblogging is original or not!!! honestly so many people take content makers for granted and yall continue to pull this crap despite MULTIPLE warnings and I’ve seen soo many content makers who stopped posting altogether because of the reposts so if you want to continue to see edits from your favourite editors support your local content makers instead of reblogging from reposters!!! thank u!!!!
Things i don’t like about the sims (3) community

keep in mind this is a general opinion formed by what i’ve seen happen in this community over the 5 years i’ve been here. this is not addressed to anyone specifically,but if you fit in the list you should second guess your actions to make this place just a tad friendlier :)

welcoming all simblrs post


  • people don’t give two shits about your stories. there’s usually the same 2 or 3 people who read your in-depth stories and comment nice things. the others don’t even bother liking if it’s more than 3 lines of text???
  • nobody gives a damn about sims stories that dont include images: people apparently need images to enjoy a story. have you ever read an actual book? don’t judge a story just because it lacks visual stimulation. the writing will be worth your time.
  • people don’t understand metaphors and deep posts. sometimes it’s really hard to express actual things through your posts,because people will either find it too complicated,too “over edited” or too sensitive
  • about sensitive content, sometimes people fail to tag stuff perfectly and people jump straight into anon hate instead of NICELY letting them know they should add a trigger tag or w/e makes them happy. like why can’t you be nice about it instead of sending anons?
  • people assume that if you don’t have good quality posts you’re shit and you don’t deserve anything: you.are.a.hypocrite.YOU were once new and YOU were the same.
  • the “popular”simblrs idea still flows through the community after years and years, even if many big simblrs decided to be nice and open up to people
  • those who don’t bother responding but complain nobody talks to them: if you didn’t take a hiatus every 5 seconds because nobody liked your post, and responded to messages, you’d receive attention from people. engage to engage.
  • people who complain about not having enough likes/comments/reblogs etc: you HAVE TO talk to people to have them be nice to you ! you can’t just expect people to flock to your blog and shower you with adoration. don’t expect people to just comment on your stuff and you can ignore them and that’s it. you make friends. you talk to people, you thank them, you comment on their posts. THIS is how you actually get involved in the community
  • according to simblr, if you’re new you’re automatically stupid? why do we not give chances to new people?why do we only follow 3 people and only message 2 and then complain nobody talks to us? help others join in, involve them in the community,COLLAB with people, chat with them. ENGAGE TO ENGAGE
  • “SEND ME ASKS!!! ASK ME THINGS!!!” but you never bother to send the person you reblogged it from an ask yourself. if you do that you’ll 100% sure get an ask from the previous poster. don’t be an ass
  • people who come to your blog,reblog your entire cc tag and never engage again: WHY? do you just come for cc?? you could take 3 seconds of your life to scroll through the first 5-10 posts of that person’s blog and send them some nice words of encouragement or leave them some notes instead of just running away?
  • every time a new project happens 700+people reblog,comment,like etc but nobody actually ends up joining??? and if they DO join, they go inactive. like??can you NOT???or if you go inactive could you at least just tell the owner of the project? you know, someone just like you is out there managing a project on their own(or with a team!) but you can’t be bothered to do that?rude
  • we all have personal lives and it is normal to take breaks, hiatus-es and so on,but it would be great if you leave to simply make a post about it. so many people go completely inactive or disappear and it worries others, maybe something happened to them?maybe they have issues? some people DO care and they would talk to you if you left/took a break
  • responding to anon hate,reblogging drama, publicly calling out people, posting about “not caring about simsecret”. ALL THESE THINGS add up to the HATE in this community. if y’all stopped , deleted those anons, avoided reblogging drama, ignored callouts and sorted it privately then this community WOULD be a better,cleaner place. trust me, i know!
  • catfishing,spamming the tags, begging for attention,asking for reblogs/promos: we are not 5 y/os anymore. stop being a fucking ignorant ass. it’s 2017 and y’all still do this. calm down.
  • ignoring people reaching out to you: LISTEN if you do this you’re a fucking asshole. people who kindly,politely,nicely reach out to you for something you did wrong or w/e are people who DO care and who want to sort things out in a civil way. if you ignore them and even respond negatively nothing will come out of it. don’t be a fucking twat
  • do you not like someone? FUCKING BLOCK THEM. this is all you have to do. nothing more or less.stop spreading ddrama,hate, saving message screenshots. be fucking mature.
  • people who post stuff just to fish compliments and dont ever bother responding or giving back love: you suck
  • “my askbox is full”nah, you’re either lazy or just really busy(which is understandable!) but being lazy about responding to people is just rude to me, maybe it’s just me. maybe.
  • the hateful anons: go suck an egg and chill out: this is a game and everyone does whatever they want with it.
  • people who care 0 for your ocs but they believe they are entitled to receive worshiping over theirs: can you calm down and realize what you’re doing?
  • “My dash is empty!!! everyone is dead!!!” there’s over 10 thousand people in this community who post every day. Do yourself a favor and follow more people if you want a full dash at all times. Click me Click me 2
  • To those tho can’t be bothered to leave a heart on simfileshare: you don’t deserve the cc you’re getting for FREE form people who put hours into their work. 
  • “BIG simblrs dont talk to me!!” they do. you’re just not messaging the right people ;) not all ‘big’ simblrs are rude ;)
  • people only care about cc. post a picture and it gets no notes, but post cc and it spreads like wildfire. what is wrong with you all??

Don’t be too shy to message people.Get involved with chats, talk with others, join projects, ENGAGE with the community to get feedback and notes. You’ll be getting nowhere if you don’t bother being kind and friendly with others :)

Serious Post

So I was a criminologist major and now have a degree. I’ve been making videos and they get about 100 views on average. 

Here’s my most recent one 

Here’s the channel 

Im really trying to get this off the ground. I’m talking criminological, governmental, political, social, psychological, and all sorts of other problems. I talk them out and explain them. 

Please just check them out. Give one a listen, even in the background of whatever you’re doing. White noise. 

I have around 1500 followers. Im guessing only like 500 of you actually pay attention to what I post.

Maybe 150 pay attention religiously/closely.

Please just click the links, give them a chance. Reblog this post. Spread this. Help stop the prison industrial complex, the war on drugs, the overarming of police. Let’s work to stop crime and change the world. 

Help me. 

New channel URL, and newer new video


The poll is over, and the official prompt list has been chosen! So here is the official prompt list!

Once again, the official dates for Soriel Week Year Two will be from July 30th, 2017, to August 5th, 2017!


  • Day 1: Trust
  • Day 2: Sleep
  • Day 3: Hidden
  • Day 4: Protection
  • Day 5: Confession
  • Day 6: AU Day
  • Day 7: Free Day (create whatever you want!)

Similar to last time, please keep the following rules in mind!

  • Use the tags #sorielweek and #sorielweek2017!
  • Please tag this blog (@sorielweek) to make sure that your post will be seen and added to the reblog queue! Tumblr has not been playing nice with links/showing things in tags recently, so this will ensure that I will see your submission!
  • Tag for NSFW, blood, gore, and any other violence or sin accordingly! I will not stop you if you want to sin, but be aware that there are minors in the tags and put things under a cut if needed! 
    • Additionally, NSFW submissions will not be reblogged to this blog in order to keep things PG-13!
  • You can create whatever you want based off the prompts! All fanwork is accepted!
  • You can post your submissions late! I will also keep an eye on the tags/@mentions during the week after the event and will continue to reblog submissions!
  • Do not bash any other character and/or ship in your submission! We’re here to celebrate our ship and have fun, not to tear other people down. Submissions that break this rule will not be reblogged to the main blog. On a similar note:
  • Have fun and play nice! Spread love, not LOVE!

I’ll see you all again for the event! 💙💜


Popular artists don’t owe you attention. I don’t care if you reblog and like all their posts, or send them tons of asks, or submit til your heart stops- THEY. DONT. OWE. YOU. ATTENTION. These are real people, just enjoying what they do- and you are being absolutely gross when you send anons like “why are you ignoring me I send you so many asks and submits!” You forget these artists usually have quite a big following- and can’t answer everything. Or they just don’t want to! Like I said, artists don’t owe you anything. So stop guilt-tripping behind anons, and being bitter because your favourite artist doesn’t want to be best friends. Be kind you fucks.

My feelings on the PLL Finale

This is the post I promised about all of my feelings about the finale and the show, now that it has come to a close. I don’t have many good things to say about it so I am warning you now before you start reading. If you enjoyed the finale and are the kind of person whose mood (and in turn opinions) can be affected by those of others if they don’t match their own, don’t read on. Unfollow me, because a lot of what I post or reblog from now until I stop using this account will not be positive.

I envy any of you who loved the finale, as I mentioned yesterday, because this show has been really close to my heart, and I wouldn’t want to be the person who ruins those memories for you because I know how easy it is to change your mind about how you feel about something if everyone (or at least the majority) around you doesn’t feel the same way as you. If I were you, I would guard my feelings fiercely (if I were content with the finale) and keep away from all accounts that might make me second guess my views. However, if you are interested and can tolerate diverse views, or if you share the same frustrations as me, you’re welcome to read on!

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