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Thank you for your posts during these times.

You’re welcome lovely.

BTW, anyone here, if they can do anything, please do. There’s a blood drive happening as @wattaabunkamamuti has already reblogged here along with other ways of helping.

And please, for all that is good and fair in this world, don’t drum up Islamophobia or post/share morbid images of the injured and dead. Have some common sense, some respect and stop yourself from the kneejerk reaction which is what ISIS want. Because if you blame Islam and All Muslims, then they have more possible recruits as you attack, blame, stigmatise and isolate young Muslims in the community.

Be better than that. Please.

how about y’all just not make fun of people for their harmless interests whether they’re a kid or an adult lmao

i mean i guess those “protect kids and let them like ~cringey~ stuff” posts are fine in theory but then i see people reblogging it and saying “but adults are open season” and… oh

tbh, i see you guys going after people with encyclopedic info on like… spongebob. i see y’all goofing on people who like smurfs, or thomas, or what the fuck ever

the fact people can’t even stop calling other people’s interests cringey even when supposedly defending them is really something LMAO

PSA to all kids and adults who feel like bad people or who are questioning themselves because of the manipulative shit they see on this site on a daily basis

go outside. seriously just go outside. that’s all it takes. take a break from this site. they don’t control you. they are faceless assholes on the internet screaming at you from behind a computer screen to try and make you live YOUR life THEIR way, and then try to convince you you’re a bad person if you don’t. doesn’t it sound ridiculous when you put it like that? well that’s exactly what it is, ridiculous.

it’s easy to become dependent on something like this site. but don’t let that stop you from getting away from it. even if you feel alone and don’t have friends and are by yourself, just go out and find something to do, surround yourself with other things. or if you aren’t confident enough to do that, just do something other than this site. there are other, happier, nicer options. get out of this world. stay out of the discourse. stay away from the poison, at least until you’re feeling detoxed enough to come back to it. it’s not worth it. you’re still a good person, even if you decide to scroll past that post that says “IF YOU SUPPORT (BASIC HUMAN RIGHT HERE) STOP SCROLLING!!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!” or the one that says “all my followers better reblog this because x/y/z or else unfollow” because, yes, even if you choose to ignore those types of posts, you can still be a good person.

they don’t control you.

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Hey, can you not reblog the non HP stuff? Start a personal blog or something, but I didn't follow you for any of the other stuff

then no offence but if you want you can UNFOLLOW us for that?? like… both of the people running this blog have personal blogs, but we reblog things that we think deserve attention (usually to do with fundraising/awareness-raising) from 100,000 people (which is how many followers we have)

like.. no offence but this isn’t a service we provide. you don’t pay us. we can stop posting content whenever we like. i’m not trying to be like “haha you’re lucky you get anything at all” because for reals we really enjoy this blog but we think it is our responsibility to signal boost things that require attention. we’re trying to make the world a slightly better place.

Anyone in the lego movie fandom(Including Lego Batman). Please block and report snowysugarsparkle

I can’t believe I’m doing this…. I hate these callout posts. They bring nothing but unnecessary drama that takes weeks to recover. However, I feel this needs to be addressed. I wanna keep my trans folk safe and not be harassed for headcanon-ing a character as trans. I ask you to be aware and block this person that I’m going to expose. She wants drama and reactions. Don’t give of what she wants.

snowysugarsparkle is a Tumblr user who likes Monster High, Ever After High, and recently Lego Batman. The fandom is fairly new, with amazing kind people. I’ve meet many great artists throughout the fandom. Trust me when I say this, I’ve never seen a kinder fandom since MPAS(3 years ago, man!) 

When it comes to fandoms, there are headcanons to be shared. My pal and I decided to create a legoheadcanon blog. We can’t believe it kicked off so well. I enjoyed every single headcanon being send. 

After a day or two of having the blog. Our notifications were being spammed by this user. We’re not talking about reblogging the countless post. I mean reblogging and saying rude things that don’t need to be said, especially the ones about characters as trans.

For examples:

and this

This is disgusting and terrible to see. I’m beyond mortified to see there’s a person like that in the fandom. Me being nosey. I went on her blog and saw more complete garbage.  


You are creepy for being obsessed with making trans people uncomfortable.

This comment was about a children's book accepting trans people and other trans kids

Yikes. Stop that


People block this person and report her! A side note to all my trans and nonbinary followers and fellow lego fandom members. You guys are not monsters, all of you are so beautiful and very amazing and I love you all! I want you all to be safe.

Sugar, I would gladly remove this blog if you decide to apologize for harassing people for headcanoning characters as trans.
The Stages Of My Mystic Messenger Addiction


But wait no I know how long it takes to write the story…. draw the characters… program… and you all have lives too….

I’m just throwing a tantrum, I just want new content! But I know I can’t be greedy. I’ve gotta stay supportive and strong.

I love you Chertiz. 

(Nah I’m not flirty at all. In reality I’m like this)

I’ll always be waiting for Cheritz, always be waiting for this game that has become part of my life.
I will be here as the dorky Saeyoung emoji. Sarangheyo ♡

everyone is cool with mentally ill people around them until we start displaying symptoms they cant sympathize with

youre sad all the time? poor darling ):

youre irrationally angry,defensive, and paranoid? you say and believe things that just dont make sense? you seem to be a completely different person from day to day? well now youre just being difficult

EDIT: good lord please everyone stop reblogging this post. i made this over a year ago when my POV on disability & mental illness was extremely self-centered and not intersectional. there is no rubric to gauge how much mental illness affects any given individual’s life and relationships, and mental health intersects enormously with other axes of oppression (psychiatry is so racist for one thing). basically i no longer agree with this post and beg you to consider how flawed my perspective was when i believed this.

#post: text #I can’t even say I’m surprised by what you produce anymore Sai #*Sai walking up to her gigantic spin wheels in her room* #*one has characters names on it and 75% of it is bakugou* #*the other wheel is random subjects* #*she slaps both with the energy of two exploding condensed suns* #“MMMMMM TODAY WE’RE GONNA TALK ABOUT BAKUGOUUUUU'SSSSS……. SHOES HIS FUCKING SHOES TAKE IT MY FOLLOWERS REBLOG IT ALL” (via @tandembicycles on this post)


17 on Tumblr (Jun)

hohoho here is the requested Jun on Tumblr! can you believe I actually got around to continuing this series lmaO

  • *cracks knuckles* *rubs hands*
  • let’s get started hohoho
  • okay so we all know Jun reads novels online and what not right
  • and seventeen has shamelessly, on a few occasions, admitted to searching themselves up online
  • so one day, Jun, being, well, JUN, searches up a fanfic about himself and he’s casually scrolling through naver when a title catches his eye
  • and it’s a posted on tumblr fic
  • at first he’s all like “????????” and innocently wonders what tumblr is, but then he asks vernon who then widens his eyes because yknow tumblr is mainly known for porn
  • he decides to venture into the unknown anyway
  • he starts off by reading the fic that got him there in the first place, and wow is he hooked
  • he kinda forgets that he’s the main character because it feels so surreal and different but at the same time similar to his own personality
  • but damn! he’s enjoying this fanfic way more than he should be
  • (don’t imagine an emo wen junhui staring at his phone intently at 3am about to internally explode because fic-him and the oc are giving each other the cold shoulder)
  • (and don’t imagine him stifling his laughs with a pillow to avoid waking up the other members)
  • yeah 
  • don’t
  • and let’s face it, he probably didn’t realise tumblr existed as a mobile app until he finished reading the entire fic
  • when he realises it is a mobile app he’s so excited and literally falls over himself downloading it
  • his username is probably some shit like “wjhui179696″
  • he searches up the fanfic that he read by the title, and finds the blog that posted it
  • and he’s awestruck
  • the blog is so pretty and the theme is so warm and the description is so nice and!!!!!!!
  • he falls in love instantly
  • guess who owns that blog
  • that’s right
  • you
  • and you don’t just post 17 fanfics, you also post a great deal of other writings and poems and short stories, but your svt stuff always seemed like the only things that got reblogs so you stopped writing your poems and stuff for a while and focused more on the fics
  • and wen junhui is so enamored he finds himself scrolling through your entire blog and looking through all your pre-svt stuff and he’s like
  • shit not only are they a seventeen fan, they’re also generally just a really good author and poet who puts out really meaningful things!
  • and you have this one poem written in chinese for a module you took a long time ago and it’s so beautiful 
  • that jun took a quote from that poem and used it as his kkt status
  • obsession?? noOooOoOOooo what psh
  • anyways
  • he notices you don’t write such stuff anymore and he gets kinda sad 
  • so he sends you an anon ask that goes “Hello I’m a new follower but I realised that you stopped posting your original poems and short stories after a while, is it okay if you let me know why?”
  • and you receive the ask and !!! you didn’t actually think anyone would notice that you stopped putting out those poems and stories because they never got many notes anyways
  • you’re kinda touched and a small grin forms on your face because someone actually noticed? 
  • and you reply with 
  • “nah it’s nothing I just thought people would rather read my 17 fics instead. but thank you so much for sending this ask in”
  • jun reads it an d lmao guess what he says
  • “Oh if that’s the reason then just send those poems to me! I’d be more than happy to be your only audience ;-)”
  • and you’re at this point giggling and smiling to yourself because THIS ANON IS SO GREASY AND THEY’RE ONLY ON ANON but they’re also really cute so you reply with 
  • “sure but first reveal your username ;-)”
  • so he messages you with a “wassup i’m the ;-) anon”
  • and from then on blooms a beautiful beautiful mutual friendship thing
  • like it’s super cute because the both of you tag each other in 17 shit and other funny stuff and while jun always knows the 17 stuff beforehand (because, he’s well, part of seventeen), he always finds himself chuckling at the stuff you tag him in
  • not to forget you keep by your agreement and send him a bunch of your poems and stuff, and he’s always so happy and ! to read them
  • plus he’s always really excited to check the message you leave him, especially if svt had a really grueling schedule and he was dead tired and exhausted
  • and he finds himself being more drawn to your personality as y’all talked more and more??
  • you’re also under the impression that his name is wendy because when you first asked for his name he typed wen and then regretted it immediately so he did a Save and now he’s wendy
  • ok fast forward a few months
  • jun just had a comeback and he’s dead tired
  • you still don’t know he’s The Wen Junhui
  • (also he has a habit of referring to himself as The Handsome One)
  • (and Hot Boy 101)
  • (and Sizzling Shenzhen Babe)
  • the list goes on
  • but one day you message him and you’re kinda curious about how he looks like so you’re all like
  • “hey Muscle Man shouldn’t you at least show me your face once and let me see for myself how hot you actually are?”  
  • “sorry y/n i’m really tired now, another time maybe?”
  • but you don’t think he’s being serious so you say “lmao then what bout a skype call? you can just sleep and i’ll just stare at your face, we both win”
  • when jun reads your message he gets upset and disappointed because! he’d just gone through a day of shit from everyone
  • he had to deal with recording for an hour because woozi wasn’t pleased with his one line
  • and he had to suffer through hoshi’s relentless nagging and tiring choreography
  • and he thought maybe opening up tumblr would make him happier but instead he came on to see you asking for a pic and not even taking no for an answer???
  • so he’s just like 
  • you know what fuck it i’m just going to stop replying them
  • anyway it’s not like they can know i’m wen junhui
  • so boom
  • jun ignores you for a good whole week
  • but then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • in that week you actually manage to get tickets for seventeen’s fansign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you’re so pumped and hyped because YOU FINALLY GET TO MEET JUN AND !!!
  • he’s the literal love of your life how can you not get really excited
  • except, you still feel kinda shit because wendy (jun) hasn’t replied you for ages
  • okay maybe it’s just a week but still
  • so before you go for the fansign you drop wendy (jun) a message telling him that you finally get to meet your idols and that you’re sad he can’t be with you :’)
  • and then right before he gets onto the fansign stage, jun reads the message
  • he panics for a while but manages to stay calm because lmao its not like they know i’m their online friend psh it’s all aight
  • but when he gets up there he sees a person sitting in a corner alone, with no fancy dslr but a small iphone camera, eagerly waiting for him to come out and 
  • he knows that’s you
  • you look so happy yet slightly :( and he can’t help but feel slightly guilty
  • so when it comes to your turn with jun,
  • you tell him how much you adore and love him (at this, jun blushes and eye smiles) but then you ask him for advice on how to apologise to a friend
  • and he goes from :-D to :-( real quick
  • because although that confirmed his suspicions about you being his amazing author memey mutual, he felt really really bad about making you feel shitty
  • so he’s like “wait let me show you a magic trick”
  • “take out your phone”
  • “you wanna apologise through text right?”
  • at this you nod your head fervently 
  • jun takes out his phone too
  • and he’s like “okay go to your chat, and on 1,2,3…”
  • a new message bubble pops up and 
  • “why use facetime when the real deal’s in front of you?” 
  • he shows you his phone screen with the exact same chat log as yours
  • and you’re just like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he smirks and puts a finger to his lips
  • “sh’’
  • when the fansign ends, you’re so certain that it’s all a dream that you check your phone again
  • at this point another message pops up 
  • it’s an selfie of jun at the fansign location with his finger poking a far off image of you in the background
  • “how’s this for a picture? get home safely ah my dear carat! ;-)”
  • and that’s when you realise your mutual’s name isn’t wendy, but wen jun hui

!!!!!!! finally done with 3/13 of this series! i’ll finish the rest and update the masterlist in my free time so please be patient!

requests are open!

love, jyn


If anyone needs a visual representation of how we’ve been feeling as we try to search the Peaky Blinders tag, please see above. 

Over the past two weeks we have been increasingly vocal about the issues affecting the Peaky tag and this fandom in general. Between the continuous (but now worse than ever) issue of stolen content that people work very hard to create, and the clogging of the general tag with fan fiction and imagines, we have officially had enough. 

If anyone of you are wondering who “we” are, it is myself and my partners in crime at @peakyblinded | @fuckyeahpeakyblinders | @ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy | and @shelbybros-ltd

The information and regulations below have come from all of us, and we are the ones that will be blocking offenders from all of our edits, posts, and content. 

I. Stolen Content

i. If you post gifs you didn’t make you & your post will be reported to tumblr and we will block you. Tumblr will delete the stolen gifs, any reblogs of it, and send you a warning. If you insist to continue, which most of you do after sending us rude messages, tumblr will delete your blog. Consider using the reblog button for once if you would like to keep your blog. 

Note for other gif makers who see their gifs reposted: Please report them to tumblr here. It takes two seconds and is very effective in stopping the theives.

ii. There is a subset of this fandom that follows our blogs but repeatedly and knowingly reblogs stolen content, expanding its reach and cosigning its theft. You know who you are, you know it’s not okay, and we are sick of it. We will all block you, and the posts will be reported. If you see a gifset and all the gifs are different sizes or clearly mismatched, it is stolen. If you see a gif standing alone, with no source, by someone who has never posted in the tag before, it is stolen. Creators have left this fandom because of the discouragement of having their work stolen because pathetic bottom feeders want notes. Be respectful of original posters.

II. Fanfics and Imagines

i. If you add gifs you didn’t make to your writing - whether straight out or via tumblr’s failure of a gif-insert tool - you will be blocked from all of us and our content. You have the option of posting your fictions with gifs of your own, with stills, or with no visuals at all. Don’t use original posters’ work that people put time and effort into to promote your own writing. Most, including us, are appalled to see some of the stories attached to gifs we’ve made. If your writing is not strong enough to stand on its own maybe you should consider a different hobby. 

ii. If your posts are long and you don’t use the “read more” feature, thus cluttering the tag and forcing people to scroll for pages to get to the content they do want, you will be blocked. Tumblr created “read more” for a reason. Use it. It is unbelievably inconsiderate not to. 

iii. If you repeatedly spam, not an occasional tag here or there, but spam the Peaky Blinders tag with imagines and fanfics you will be blocked. You are being knowingly inconsiderate to the majority of the fandom that has no interest in this kind of content. The general tag is for edits, gifsets, news, and not an overflow of your fantasies. You are doing nothing but obnoxiously self-promoting when you tag unnecessary characters and general peaky tags on every single imagine you post. You know what you are doing.  

Frankly, we are not sorry that it has come to this. We will not be warning you before we block you, and if you persist, eventually tumblr will delete your blog. We have no issue blocking you, and neither will blogs that continuously contribute content to our fandom. We can assure you that they will piggyback on this. Spam, theft, and disrespect are what ruin fandoms. If we were listened to when we first asked politely, this wouldn’t have happened. 

Thank you from myself, @fuckyeahpeakyblinders , my coworkers on @peakyblinded , @ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy , and @shelbybros-ltd

You. Should. Not. Be. Reblogging. From. Outside. The. Community.

Guys, I know you think that vine is cute, or those good luck posts actually work, or that meme is just too relevant, but fucking stop posting them to your lifting blog.

If your lifting blog isn’t a side blog then you should ONLY be following lifting blogs to begin with.

If your lifting blog is a side blog, then post all that cute shit to your main, you know, WHERE IT BELONGS.

The only thing you’re doing when you reblog stuff from mainstream tumblr to liftblr is leaving a trail for haters and doxxers to find your ass.

And if you reblog anything from me, you’re helping them find me too. And the entire community.

So stop it. I’m here for lifting content. We all are. If we want to see other things, we’ll log into our other tumblr account.

some people on tumblr dot com are so sensitive like if you see a post you dont like ??? post block it…. blacklist it… unfollow the person who reblogged/made it……. lets stop havin nasty attitudes towrds each other jfc at the end of the day we all do the same nerd shit which is rp …. its not that deep

gentle reminder self help network tumblr

Due to the recent influx in network post and activity, so I can stop posting about the redbubble store and other GRSHN initiatives on this blog, I’ve decided to create a tumblr for the network so I can post them there instead. I will still be reblogging important ones onto this blog, but hopefully this will relieve the original ‘gentle-reminder’ blog of the clutter and allow you all to enjoy your simple reminders once more. If you would like updates on the network, our initiatives, the future, or have any questions for us, feel free to direct them there. 

So please, follow the gentle reminder self help network tumblr here!

Daiken Week is taking place from June 5th to June 11th! Here are the prompts people requested! 

June 5th, Monday - Royalty/ Historical
Ever wanted Ken to be the kind king of a land forced into marriage? How about Daisuke being the his royal bodygaurd or vice versa? Maybe the two are on the run from royalty and meet each other on the way? The opportunities are endless with this prompt. 

June 6th, Tuesday - Soulmates
Does the immediate connection Ken and Daisuke make at that soccer game indicate something more? Has Daisuke been waiting all his life for his soulmate counter to stop ticking only to get rejected by Ken in that first meeting or vice versa? What if the first time they see color is when their digimon DNA digivolve/ Jogress. So may ways to find your soulmates with this one! 

June 7th, Wednesday - Illness/Injury 
Does Daisuke take care of a sick Ken or vice versa? Do early series Ken and Daisue have to work together when their partners are suddenly hit with some kind of virus? Is one of them injured so bad that thy can’t go on while the other just won’t leave to save himself? Who knows? It’s all up to you with this prompt! 

June 8th, Thursday - Domestic/ Fluff
Ken and Daisuke cleaning together. Ken and Daisuke cooking together. Living together. Cuddling together. The choices are never ending especially when you add their digimon into the mix. 

June 9th, Friday - Hurt/Comfort/Angst
Does Daisuke show the insecurities that we rarely get to see? Does Ken think he’s gonna suffer a relapse into his previous self? Maybe they decide they just shouldn’t be together anymore and realize it was the wrong choice? Does one of them tragically loose their digimon in a huge battle? Let the angst feels wholly engulf you with this prompt! 

June 10th, Saturday - Highschool/College
How do these two end up in the future? Do they stop going to the digital world? Do they grow apart only to come back together later? Are they pining after one another way more often? Maybe they met at a high school or college party and can’t stop thinking of one another. The school hijinks is high with this prompt! 

June 11th, Sunday - Free Day
Anything you wanted to do and just couldn’t? Didn’t get the prompts you wanted for this year, but still wanted to participate somehow? This day is an opportunity to get in all the fic, art, amv, and other creations that don’t exactly match the prompts, but you still wanted to see shared. 

And that’s it! Please be sure to tag #Daikenweek2017 in your posts so I can reblog all your creations. We’ll see you soon! 

If I see one more person reblog my Jace post & call him a fuckboy I will absolutely lose it.

Jace was a jerk in 2.07 & because of that all of you like to forget that he spent of every other episode being treated like crap by Aldertree & being emotionally physically & mentally abused by Valentine. He kept trying to do the right thing but it wasn’t enough so he got thrown out of the only home he has ever known. SO FREAKING WHAT IF THIS CAUSED HIM TO ACT OUT.

To the clace stans bitching about Jace having sex. STOP. Clary & Jace are not in a relationship. He is not doing anything wrong. He is trying to cope with the idea of NEVER being allowed to be with the person he loves. He is trying to find a way to move on. Its not like he’s flaunting his flings in front of Clary. And just because he had sex with someone does not mean he deserves to have climon shoved in his face.

So can we please stop acting like Jace is some shallow fuckboy who is being an ass for no reason. Jace HAS a reason. He is trying to cope with a whole lot of crap. He has SUFFERED all season & its not over for him, SO STOP THE HATEEEE.

anonymous asked:

can you not post otayuri please yurio is 15 in canon he's a minor and otabek is 19 it's so uncomfortable and normalizes pedophilia

Hi! Thank you for the request, but unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill it. The reasons are because I run this blog, and I enjoy Otayuri, so I would like to do what I want with this blog and choose what to post or not to post. Second of all, I do not see Otayuri as a pedophilic relationship. The definition of pedophilia is “the attraction to prepubescent adolescents,” and the last time I checked, Yurio definitely does not fit that description, but alas, this is my opinion. I’m truly sorry you feel uncomfortable about Otayuri and I’ve been reblogging so much Otayuri content, but if you feel the need to, go ahead and please unfollow me. I won’t stop with Otayuri posts, since my job on this account is to please and provide for others, but also to allow me to enjoy and share content. I won’t go any further on how I think Otayuri is a fine ship, since it’s been repeated over and over again on this blog, and the arguments have been tiring, so therefore, I’ll leave it at that. But I would like to point out that most of the Otayuri things I reblog are older!Otayuri or it’s platonic Otayuri. That’s pretty much it, thanks for taking time to read my explanation for refusing your request!


Due to some less than polite anons lately I would like to public announce that…
Yes… I love BTS
Yes… I love Red Velvet
Yes… I love EXO
Yes… I love Monsta X
Yes… I love B.A.P (yongguk tho👌)
Yes… I love Got7
Yes… I love Blackpink
Yes… I love so many other bands and that doesn’t change how much I love BTS. But obviously based on my blog title im a bts themed blog, however That does not mean I’m not allowed to post about other bands or anything else I want as well. “why?” You might ask… because it’s MY blog… so no I won’t stop reblogging pictures of sehun or minhyuk… because this is MY blog… if you don’t like it that’s fine, you don’t have to. I’m not forcing you to like my blog or even like anything I post but that’s not going to stop me from posting/reblogging what I like… we are all allowed to have are favorite bands and members (I have my own and post about them all the time😊) but that doesn’t mean everyone else is less than them.I really don’t appreciate the negativity I’ve received as of late in my inbox. I don’t mind if you come and say that you like EXO more than BTS or vice versa. But I will not tolerate putting other people down to express how much “better” someone else is so from now on I will be deleting all asks(anon or not) regarding things like “BTS is better than monsta x by far!” ” why do you like youngjae??? Taehyung is soooo much cuter!” Or anything that states that one person is lesser than another. Thank you.

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U r definitely more gay than anything. You never reblog or post women

1) What I post on Tumblr doesn’t entirely reflect my sexual orientation. I express the side of my sexuality which is more towards men on here because I am not ready to in other areas of my life.

2.) Most of the blogs I follow are Gay or Bi, and they reblog a lot of guys, therefore it appears on my dash more often.


4.) STOP trying to make my sexuality invalid based on fucking pictures I like or reblog.

Hey everyone! I’ve had this idea for a while so I decided I’d finally make the move.

I will be promoting one blog each day* with my daily original content post. How to have a chance at becoming this blog of the day is to:
- reblog this so I know you want to be considered
- be following me
-be book/aesthetic/study related

Can’t wait to check you all out! ☂️

*I don’t intend to stop promoting others, unless I find no one is entering. If there are few entries, it will become blog of the week.