stop raping me

I try really hard to just sort through the submissions and keep my mouth shut so that this blog will be about tattoo imagery and only tattoo imagery because I know that’s why you’re all following it. And I’d rather just be that silent entity working behind the scenes; it’s less work for me. But, y’all, there is a limit to the amount of poorly-drawn, hypersexualized, racist nonsense I can put up with in one submission without my head exploding, and some of y’all are pushing it today. Please stop this.

Ok, I’m going to back to what I was doing.. Thanks for your time.

I was raped and I can’t stand being touched. I tell my family and friends I’m just not a very touchy person, but they ignore me and will hug or grab me. They don’t know what happened, and I know they don’t mean any harm by it, but I’ve asked them to stop so many times..
—  Posted by Anonymous.

anonymous asked:

if you don't mind me asking, have you ever spoken directly to your rapist about what he did to you?? Do you know if he feels bad about it? I'm just curious because I spoke to mine after a few years of repressing it, and I feel more at peace now, in a weird kinda way, yknow?

No, I haven’t. I talked to his fiance about it and she said he wants to talk to me about it and is scared too. I dont really WANT to talk to him about it. last time i talked to him about it was when i was 12 (1-2 years after he stopped raping me) and he simply looked at me, smirked,and said “do you remember the last time i licked your pussy?” 

i dont think he regrets it. he told the courts he did it because i was fat, nobody liked me and he felt bad for me.