stop pretending to be shy

anonymous asked:

some girls in my class came up to me and said they hate me because i'm too cute, and that i should stop pretending to be shy b/c no one likes shy people. But i'm not pretending; i am really shy, and talking in public and in groups of people really does freak me out >___< but they are so mean to me, and i feel like they make everyone else hate me.

Oh my gosh that’s dreadful :( No matter what a person looks like, they can be who they are. There’s no rule saying you can’t be cute AND shy. You can be both, I’m sure you are both. And never should you ever care what they think of you. You’re lovely regardless of what they say. No one listens to them okay? They’re probably doing this to other people too, and making them feel like you do. It’s sad, but others are in the same boat you are darling. If you’re happy being shy, keep being shy. You don’t have to talk to many people or have a large group of friends. But you do have to disregard what those idiots say to you. You aren’t pretending. You’re shy and that’s fine. Don’t believe them darling <3 xx