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:^)) tfw when Memories™ pop up :^)) and you gotta wonder why no one noticed you were an abused kid :^))) the symptoms were all there :^)) I wasn’t just a ‘weird kid’ like y'all said I was :^))) adults always say they know more about kids than they let on but if that’s really the case they must really not give a shit about us when the ignore very obvious signs of abuse :^^))) I spoke about some fucked up shit right in front of teachers and parents and none of them said anything, none of them reacted :^)) if they’re actually listening they don’t give a damn

Serendipity but with mallet percussion
Serendipity but with mallet percussion

*banging pots and pans* look at me i require attention 


apology draws for @tetsustetsu because i ended up never finishing that one tsuburaba/kuroiro draw

It’s been a lazy sunday, playing video games kinda day and

Fuck Hermaeus Mora.

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What's your favourite genre of music? Do you play an instrument? If not, what is your favourite instrument to listen to?

“I listen to what’s popular, rap and then generally like a bit of metal and indie stuff. I guess it depends on my mood. One day I’m like singing ‘Fetish’ by Selena Gomez to myself, the next I’m closing my eyes while I lay in bed listening to ‘The Ends’ by Travis Scott, then I’m shaking platinum blonde hair to Marty Friedman or crying my way through some Jeff Buckley or Animal Collective. Old songs I love to, old songs make me fucking cry like Billie Holiday and Timi Yuro.”

“Now it’s REALLY on!”

…What do you mean this isn’t what happened

Ladies of Rooster Teeth : Bethany Feinstein

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((A long-ish (this is actually very long i apologize) message to those of you who go to cons to admire cosplayers, please know the difference between constructive criticism and insulting. And know your boundaries.
Things I have gotten (insulting wise) at cons as Italy ALONE:
•"oh, you know there is a better Italy cosplayer over there, you should go ask them for advice"
•"its a shame you didn’t make the uniform, it shows you aren’t a true cosplayer"
•"you do realize Italy is skinny right? You aren’t skinny"
•"why are you cosplaying a boy if you are a girl? That’s so stupid, what are you a tranny?“ (This one is so fucking wrong and I’m so glad I found my friend soon after. That really pissed me off)
•"you don’t look anything like Italy”

Times where people have gone to far while I was in my Italy costume:
•asking for pictures while I’m eating
•asking for pictures while I’m in the bathroom waiting for a free stall (and I was dancing a bit. I had to pee okay?)
•constantly yelling pasta at me, singing the Germany song/forcing me to sing the ending song
•while in my belly dancer Italy costume I was invited by a drunkard back to his place for some “fun” and then he mocked me and called me a tranny when I refused… (again, this pissed me off. It was something mention before, I found my friend that was actually my matching America >>)
•a bunch of horror cosplayers chased me around the con because they thought it was hilarious I scare so easily.

Listen, I don’t care what your fucking reason is, if you don’t know the person just don’t do it. And ask for pictures appropriately. And fucking hell cosplayers are cosplayers, they can cosplay what they want!))