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me: DC needs to stop turning all their female villains into anti-heroes. It comes across as them saying that women can’t be complex and set in their ways, that they’ll easily bend from their principles and that women must be good and nurturing because they are women. Plus it ignores the fact women can be just as malicious and malevolent as men sometimes


me: ……………………anyways


Hallow’s End SPOOPY After Party (and inc hangovers)

WELL the gang’s at it again. I’m going to let you decide what happened here. Last image is progress and reference.  
(Left to right)
Front: Bronlin as Thrall, Zinaji as a Furbolg, Tsubaji as a Phoenix.
Middle: Ra’rhuk as a Paladin, Mudmask as a Voodoo Priest, Elsee as a gift and Kaz as Blingtron.
Bar: Elle as a Pirate, Brix’tul as just a lame guy in a mustache. 
WAY BACK: Ty’vek is just duct taped to the wall. 

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Loving something that can’t be held and keeps slipping through your fingers can leave marks. So I’ll write my last goodbye on your skin with a kiss and tell you how I never meant to hurt us, that I could never stop this pain from poisoning us if I wanted to.

I know we will end up badly wounded from the life we aren’t living but for you - I’d live forever in a daydream if it meant I could hold you there.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #60

The Fellowship of the Ring - Book 2, Chapter 02: THE COUNCIL OF ELROND (PART 1)
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AND NOW WE GET TO THE GOOD STUFF.  By which I mean when Legolas shows up and Elrond talks about shit that happened in the Second Age and Tolkien drops a whole lot of the vaguest info dumping I have ever fucking seen and I am fervently glad I am not going in blind because, holy shit, I would have been so goddamned lost.

I’m briefly going out of order, because this was my favorite bit of the first half of this chapter:

Sauron also sent a messenger to Brand in Dale (after sending a messenger to Dain Ironfoot in Erebor), which made me immediately wonder, well, but how about Thranduil in Mirkwood?  And maybe it’s just that Tolkien didn’t write much about Thranduil.  Though, honestly, I don’t think that’s it, he’s mentioned several times in this chapter and the next, it’s not like Mirkwood was undefined in Tolkien’s mind to the point that he would skip over something like that.

I mean, maybe the Dwarves just didn’t know if Thranduil had gotten a messenger or not, but we see that they’re on fairly civil terms, we know Thranduil absolutely deals with the Dwarves, we see both sides are reasonable when dealing with the Enemy and, hell, if nothing else, Dale would have been the go-between.  If Sauron had sent a messenger to Mirkwood, they would have mentioned it to Brand and Brand would have mentioned it to the Dwarves.

No, instead I’m pretty sure it’s because the thought of Sauron sending a messenger to Thranduil in Mirkwood made me LAUGH REALLY, REALLY HARD.

Just imagine it!  A servant of the Enemy marching up to the Wood-Elves and saying, heyyyyyy, so, you wanna join up with us?  We’ve got some really cool party gifts and all!  Shhhhh, never mind the thousands of your Elves we’ve killed over the years and in the Battle of the Last Alliance, I mean, I know you were actually there for that and have spent the last 3,000 years since then trying to stop us from poisoning your forest, but, hey, we’ve got some awesome bling just like that Noldo used to make?  :D?  What do you say?  :D?

The Elves fucking would have said “FUCK OFF, DICKFACE”, then cut off the head of the messenger and drop-kicked that shit all the way back to Mordor.

Every time I think about a messenger of Sauron daring to ask for an audience with King Thranduil, yeah, I lose my shit because there’s no way that wound end in ANYTHING other than a head rolling right back out the door.  Beautiful.

Okay, back to going in order now, honest.

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