stop placing the blame on me

This is why I left:
I saw a life with you. Not in a romantic way, but the way where when I looked at the future I saw you sitting at my dining table, confessing your worries for the 1,800th time. I saw you meeting the love of my life and introducing me to yours. I saw you loving my kids like they were your own and I saw us loving each other - platonically, simply.
But through our late night conversations about the world and about our futures - mere kids aspiring to be something great in a city that was always so poor - you spoke more about the way my smile lit your world up instead of what you’d do to create your own. You stopped fantasizing about meeting the love of your life and insisted that I was already in it, despite the fact that I said it wasn’t what I wanted. That this wasn’t how it was supposed to be.
I caught the lingering stares and the subtle comments. More than anything, I noticed how we changed; how you tried to force something on me that I didn’t want, and how you kept getting hurt in the process - silently blaming me for not reciprocating feelings that I didn’t harbor in the first place. 

Three years later and I feel the hatred steam off of you when you see me on the corner of my block. I ripped you off of me like a dying limb because I knew that if I held on to you, you’d  cling for dear life - never looking forward to another version of your own future again. I left because I’d rather hurt you now and have you move on in due time, as opposed to not at all. I didn’t want you meeting the love of my life with a cold smile and tension wrapped around your first handshake. I didn’t want you to go home at night with no one beside you. I didn’t want you to look at my kids and wish they were ours. I didn’t want you to look backwards. I needed you to look forward.

I broke your heart for your own good. But believe me when I say that you broke mine, too.

—  Fri[end]zoned // n.b.
Mafia!BTS when their s/o gets kidnapped

Not requested, but I’m totally into AUs these days XD

Mafia Bangtan Boys when their s/o gets kidnapped by their rival gang.



Beast mode activated. He may be shy or even cold sometimes, but not when it comes to you. Basically, he would do anything to get you back, which includes killing your kidnappers in the most painful way he knew. Jungidontgiveafook would just waltz into the place were you were being captured at, leaving a big impression. In other words, nobody would ever dare to kidnap you again.

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He would blame everything on himself, thinking about how he should have protected you better- while he was basically shooting everyone down who dared trying to stop him on his way to you. He had immediatly grabbed his weapons and informed the other boys when he heard about you being kidnapped. How he knew where you were? Trust me, when it comes to you he’ll always find a way.

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As soon as he was informed about you being kidnapped, he would forget about the ‘Rap’ in his name. Everyone, including his own people, would be scared of him. He might look dangerously calm on the outside, but on the inside, he was going crazy. He wouldn’t mind killing your kidnappers, but he would try to get you back with a ruse first.

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He would totally freak out. He’s a person who is normally amused of everything and has a 4D personality, but he definietly wouldn’t be amused now. He would basically stop the world from turning, sending for all the people he needed to save you. And may god bless the ones who were late or didn’t want to help- the word 'mercy’ was just erased from Taehungs mind.

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There was probably nothing more important for him than you, his little prince/ss. Your kidnappers knew that too, that’s why they abducted you in the first place. However, what they didn’t know was that Jin had his eyes every where, his people every where, his ears every where… If someone would actually manage to kidnap you at all, that person wouldn’t get very far.

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He would get so angry, also at himself. Like, really, really angry. To the point where he would yell a Jungkook to hurry up and get the f*cking weapons. Jimin wouldn’t be planning your escape, he would even get into a gun battle if it was to save you. However, your safety would always be the most important thing. After he somehow managed to free you without dying, he would stick to you like a koala. Definietly not letting anyone get near you so soon again.

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Bad idea. There was literally nothing that Yoongi  loved more than you and he wasn’t very lively around rivals anyways. But after you got kidnapped by them, he would turn into the devil, probably flipping over the table he was just sitting at. The scary thing was, it was a table large enough for his whole gang. His blood might be boiling, but he would still make a flawless plan on how to save you with Namjoon. He wasn’t going to risk anything. After he was done with your kidnappers, his rival gang would be history.

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K But What If…

Michael didn’t forgive Jeremy?

I know it’s a hard thing to think about. Because Michael is always there for Jeremy and would go to the ends of the earth for him. And he freaking loves him!!!

But what if the whole thing made him realize that being with Jeremy was bad? Not to mention his self-esteem is really low after what happened. Thinking Jeremy didn’t need him.

It starts off slow, Michael and Jeremy only hanging out every once in awhile, then Michael stops texting him, stops hanging out, stops talking at school, till Jeremy just never sees Michael at school anymore.

When Jeremy goes out of his way to confront Michael, saying that he was sorry. That he shouldn’t have let the Squip take advantage of him, Michael just snaps.

“Last time I checked Jeremy, it was YOUR decision to get rid of me. And YOU said the Squip was off that night. You can’t blame it all on the Squip. Jer, I wanted to be there for you. But I don’t think there is a place for me in your future. Go be with Christine. Be popular. Like you always wanted to be.”

“You hurt me. Jer. I can’t handle it. All I can think is to that night. All I can think is back to when I was looking straight at you. But you couldn’t see me. You didn’t want to.”

“… You know, I was actually in love with you. I looked at you and I saw the world. I was willing to do everything and anything for you. But now I just look at you and I think of all the bad parts about myself. Like how much of a loser I am, and how I’m just… forgotten. I can’t live like that.”

“I’m gone Jer. I can’t be your best friend Michael anymore. Not your player 2. You threw of that all away. Maybe life is a one-player game, and I need to learn how to play it. Bye Jeremy.”

And he does leave.

Jeremy just feels insanely guilty about it. Doesn’t think he deserves Michael as a friend. So he just leaves him alone.

But one day Michael apparently was driving while high and gets into an accident. Jeremy is Michael’s emergency contact.

When Jeremy gets there it’s revealed Michael didn’t suffer a lot of damage. And he is a-okay.

When Michael sees Jeremy. Jeremy almost expects him to be happy. But Michael just asks why he is there. Jeremy soon is crying, and he tells Michael how scared he was. He also tells Michael that he can’t imagine a life without him.

“Well, you seemed to have when you had the Squip.”

“That was then, this is now. I don’t care what you say. But I’m going to make things right! I’m going to make sure you know now how much I care, and fuck it, I’m going to make you fall in love with me again and this time you won’t regret it.”

“… Good luck with that.”

It takes a long time.

Like, a really long time.

Michael at first doesn’t really see the point. He is just really unmotivated. He just thinks that Jeremy is doing it outta guilt.

Jeremy just does his hardest to make Michael happy. All that his effort really gets is a small smile that never reaches his eyes. But it starts to get better with a laugh at a joke, a bigger smile, conversations, playing video games.

It takes so long for Michael to even consider Jeremy a friend again. Even longer for him to be okay with the nickname “Player 1”. But during this time, Jeremy ends up falling hard for Micheal. Seeing how much Jeremy cares for him, and how much Jeremy missed a lot of things about Michael like his jokes and his quirks. All of those take months to come back.

For the longest time as well, Michael tries to not have feelings for Jeremy. Convincing himself not to get himself hurt. But Jeremy about a year later decides to confess, leading Michael to tell him about himself forcing to not have feelings for him.

Jeremy convinces Michael to start going out with him. And Jeremy just showers all the love he can give. Hugging Michael, kissing his cheek.

It isn’t until one night when they finally beat Apocalypse of the Damned. Jeremy celebrates right off the bat. Jumping from the beanbag and doing a joyful dance. Smiling and laughing, Michael can’t seem to take his eyes off of him and Jeremy just grins at him. And Michael just feels his heart flutter for the first time in year and a half.

Michael jumps up as well and ends up pulling Jeremy into a kiss. And sure, there is still a lot of bad days for both of them. But they work hard together and live a happy life together

The Fucking End

#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 14)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,006

‘#DateMeBuckyBarnes’ Masterlist

A/N: Um…

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“Gorgeous, wake up,” Bucky lightly nudged your arm as you let out a whine in protest, pushing his hand off of you. Chuckling, Bucky gently shook your shoulder, his voice thrumming quietly within the silence. “Wake up, we’re here,” he told you again. “Let’s go.”

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  • What She Says: It's not like the minstrels make it out to be. He's not just a monster, or a hero. Or maybe he's both.
  • What She Means: Meredith called for the Rite of Annulment long before Anders blew up the Chantry. If Elthina had actually done her job and stopped Meredith and the terror she was causing, he would have never blown it up in the first place. His singular act of violence gave every mage in the Gallows a chance to fight their unjust executions. I completely stand by his actions and in no way blame him for the chaos Thedas has descended into. In fact, he is the love of my life. The light guiding me through the darkness. The air that I breathe. I love him with the entirety of my being and would never do anything to betray the trust in our relationship. This time apart from him is emotionally trying, but I will do whatever necessary to secure a future for him where he is a free man.

When it all comes down to it, I’m most angry at Netflix for daring to blame Sense8′s cancellation on ‘viewership’ when it was their job to promote Sense8 in the first place. There was a fucking two year hiatus between season 1 and 2 and not once did I ever see any kind of promos the way they promoted OITNB or 13 Reasons Why or any of their other shows (minus The Get Down). Two whole years and just radio fucking silence. They knew this show was expensive, they knew they needed more people to watch it, and yet they did jack shit to do anything about it. 

Blaming the cancellation on a lack of viewers is just a way for them to not have to take responsibility for their actions. We are not to blame for Sense8 being cancelled, the fault it ALL on Netflix for refusing to promote the show for two goddamn years. 


Group: BTS


Excerpt/summary: “aw bless, is my Guk getting jealous?”

“This is not a time for ‘ah bless’. I am angry, a force to be reckoned with.”

Genre: fluff


A/N: enjoy <3

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“Why I can’t I go see the boys if you’re not there? They’re my friends as well,” you grumbled at Jeongguk, purposefully eating your biscuit so you could get as many crumbs as possible on his bed out of spite of him being a control freak.

“Stop getting crumbs on my bed,” he pushed you off and dumped you on the floor, sweeping the crumbs off after; before he sat down and looked at you hoping you would stop asking questions he didn’t know how to answer. But you were never one to quit until you got what you wanted.

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Little Sick Stark

Pairing/Characters: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Reader gets sick, near death experience

Summary: When you don’t come by your dad’s office one day, Tony wonders where you are only to receive a phone call that answers his question.

Word Count: 862

A/N: A few hundred words less then what I usually write but I hope it’s alright! I’ve never experience appendicitis either so I just googled hahhaa! Please don’t hesitate to leave me feedback as I do love reading all of your reactions because it makes me smile! My ask is linked at the bottom along with my masterlist!

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Not So Boring (Riverdale & Teen Wolf) ~ Jughead Jones

“Isaac get off of me!”

“What do you mean you idiot?

You’re on top of me!”

“Am not!”

“Am to!”



“Would you two both shut up before I scream!” I finally yelled, hushing the two dorks I call my best friends immediately as they thought to my banshee scream that I shared with my cousin Lydia.

Luckily, Stiles and Isaac stopped arguing verbally at my threat, but continued jabbing each other in the ribs, which ended up jabbing me considering all three of us were tucked into a very small space…other wise known as a dumpster.

Long story short, Scott heard about some weird stuff going in on this town called Riverdale, and while he was touring his college choices, he sent Isaac, Stiles, and I to the small town to figure out what was going on, and more specifically what was behind it.

I blamed Stiles for all this considering whenever something strange or out of place happens, the Stilinski boy’s mind instantly jumps to the land of the supernatural bring the cause. And Scott, of course has to be Save-Everyone-McCall, even if they live on another freaking planet…or in this case, a really boring town.

Back to the dumpster situation, we needed somewhere to hide that was close enough to the scene of the crime where Jason Blossom was murdered, apparently by the supernatural. The plan was to hide out in here, then have Isaac use his super-hearing to clue us in one what was going on.

“What do you hear?” Stiles whispers after a few seconds of Isaac homing in on his werewolf powers causing the Lahey boy to glare at the human.

“The sound of my fist about to collide with your face.” He replied venomously, before getting back to business. “They’re saying something about how the cause of death wasn’t drowning, but a gunshot, right between the eyes.”

I sighed, leaning my head against the rusty wall of the dumpster. We had come all the way out here for nothing.

“It could still be supernatural.” Stiles tried to add in optimistically, causing me to turn and send a death glare his way, causing him to take a gulp in fear.

“What kind of supernatural creature uses a gun?” Isaac growled through his teeth.

“One with guns for hands?” Stiles suggested, though he knew he was screwed.

“You know what?” I sighed, “The both of you just shut up, and let’s get out of this boring little town.”

Stiles and Isaac nodded, opening up the lid of the dumpster before all of us hopped out and landed on the sandy ground.

“You’ve got a little something right..” Stiles trailed off as he reached up to grab something from my hair, but stopped short as he noticed something behind me. “Oh, hi.”

I turned on my heels to see a boy our age with a strange beanie on his head, and a camera around his neck, standing a few feet away. I had to admit he was pretty cool, in a kind of creepy-way.

Isaac pushed his shoulder against mine to bring me back to the real world, probably so I could explain to the guy why he had just seen three strangers climbing out of a dumpster.

The guy looked at me, his green eyes shining, “You’re not from here.”

I nodded, “Nope. We’re here to find the killer.”

The boy studied me for a moment before speaking again, “I’m Jughead. Jughead Jones.”

Stiles snorted from my left, “Strange name.”

Isaac rolled his eyes, “Coming from the guy who goes by Stiles. And don’t get me started on your real name, Mi-” Isaac was cut off by Stiles running at him pathetically.

“Don’t you dare, wolf boy!”

I rolled my eyes at the two boys fighting in the background, “Don’t mind them, they’re idiots. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

Jughead smirked slightly, “Well, (Y/N) welcome to Riverdale.”

I smiled lightly, maybe this town wasn’t so boring after all.


“Wait. Did he say wolf boy?”


One thing I can rely on the Skam fandom to do is to take all the wrong messages from a statement and turn everything ugly and problematic. 

And it’s funny that they are doing it to the exact sentence that confirms their actions too!

“ As soon as you start looking for hate, you’ll find it”

As a person who has actually dealt with ignorance and racism and xenophobia, it is beyond insulting to me to see people of social and cultural privilege lash out about one of my most favorite clips this season, calling out supposed “problematic” behavior and invalidating the experience of people like me. 

I’ve seen variations of “Isak is a white male who doesn’t have the place to tell Sana racism doesn’t exist.” to “how dare he likens homosexuality to being Muslim?!” and “ I can’t believe Sana just let him say those things…”

It makes me wonder, for the millionth time, if we are watching the same show…

Through out this season, as an actual Muslim, my take and understanding of the characters and their dynamics and their behaviors were ignored,dismissed or down-right insulted!

I was spoken over, called out for “victim blaming”, told that I only see “black and white” and that “I should stop watching Skam and go watch shows that treat everything as black and white concepts” .

The same people cried out when Sana was “ignored in the chats”, was put through “micro-aggression” and was questioned for her beliefs and standards. 

All the same people who wanted Sana to talk and express herself, completely dismissed my understandings of Islamic culture when I pointed it out to them!

Now I wasn’t very bothered by it, because I no longer practice Islam and I was never the type of person to get riled up and all red in the face over haters. So I let it be. 

But with my experiences as a bully survivor and an ex-Muslim with strong ties to the religion and eastern culture, I probably understand Sana in a way that most of those non-Muslim justice-fighters don’t really understand! 

For instance, a lot of the stuff that made everyone SOOOO ANGRY were lost on me! 

I almost didn’t write this…but this is my bog. And I want to have this space to express myself. 

the thing is, for the longest time I was scared to tell anyone about my heritage on Tumblr, because I was afraid that friends that I had made online would stop talking to me if they knew about me and where I come from and my culture. And it was true for some. I have lost some but…I don’t really consider them a loss! 

What I consider a gain is when I opened up and talked to a friend here and she listened. she never judged, she asked questions and listened. Now she’s one of my best friends! Despite the difference in our backgrounds, although to an outside observer we should be on opposite sides, we now understand each other. Because I took a chance on a stranger and told them about myself and instead of accepting the preset of beliefs they were told by media and years of misinformation, they gave a minority a chance and learned my truth.

So yes,racists exist. so do rapists, so do homophobes, so do Nazis. But does that mean that choosing isolation is better?

We live in societies. We live together. And it’s an undeniable truth that Islam and eastern culture are the outsiders to western societies. And it’s good to stay connected to your roots but in order for us all to live in harmony, with freedom and democracy, we need to make an active effort to coexist. And that means for people to actually try to learn from and of each other. 

And I don’t need a hypothetical person “chosen” to represent me and my culture. I do that! Ask me! Pay attention to me! Because no matter what you believe in, you believe in that thing in your own way. A “chosen one” couldn’t possibly represent everyone. It’s important to hear what everyone has to say. 

And I know this from first hand experience, if you look for hate, you will most definitely find it. Because no one is perfect! No one has knowledge and awakening over every subject! you are bound to collide and disagree and feel offended. That’s life! You can go on witch hunts; attack anyone who says and does the slightest problematic things. You can do that. But I know that will only cause you grief and make them defensive. So many people turn their backs on learning about minorities and outsiders because “when they asked; they were laughed at, attacked or humiliated.” So they decided that those people didn’t want to be known so they let it be.

I’m a straight person. And I don’t always know what is considered right or wrong in regards to lgbtq+ related subjects. So I ask my friend who is a bisexual. I try to form my questions in respectful ways. But I ask because I feel like staying in ignorance is worse than asking a stupid question.

And I know we are all fundamentally the same but in practice we are different. Ignoring those differences and hoping we would all get along won’t work.We have to actively try to understand our differences and work things around them.

I could keep on talking about this for a long while, but I’ll cut it short here.(not so short but….)

I only want to say that, I loved today’s clip. And while a lot of people are going to chose to ignore the peaceful message that was at the heart of this clip in favor of the problematic details, I smile to myself knowing a brilliant writer across the world is singing the same song of unity that I have been desperate to hear for years. 

A trade off for @societyslostone, who drew an icon for me! (Shout out to the anon who sent the request and giving me free range on the ship lol)

(Shance. Canon Universe)

Lance watched with tired eyes as Shiro repeatedly paced the small length of the cell. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Over and over and over as if that movement, now the product of muscle memory, could free the two.

Lance knew Shiro felt guilty. The two had been fighting off a crowd of Galra. Both were holding their own fairly well, but one particular solider slid in behind Shiro and swung a giant hammer down onto the older paladin’s back. Shiro crumpled under the weight of the weapon, but he remained awake.

For a moment, Lance had frozen, but when he locked eyes with Shiro’s and Shiro gave a slight shake of the head, he snapped.

For two minutes, the only sounds were Lance’s Bayard firing off and bodies dropping to the floor. He had cleared a path to Shiro, but only seconds after he has dropped to his knees beside the black paladin, the two became surrounded by another mass of Galra.

Neither had to say a word to know they were going to surrender, and only minutes later, the two were tossed into a small cell without their helmets, without any way of communicating to the others.

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Lady and the Tramp  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You vicious brute!”
  • “Stop that! Hush, now. Hush!”
  • “Aw, come on. It wasn’t my fault.”
  • “Now, tell me: what’s your pleasure?”
  • “Please, I don’t want to see anybody.”
  • “I should have been home hours ago.”
  • “You win. Come on. I’ll take you home.”
  • “If you grow careless, don’t blame me.”
  • “I was so embarrassed… and frightened.”
  • “I don’t need you to shelter and protect me.”
  • “Oh, don’t even mention that horrible place.”
  • “I thought you were right behind me. Honest.”
  • “All right, all right, you guys! Lay off, will you?”
  • “Oh, no, no, no! Thank goodness you’re not hurt!”
  • “Huh. If anybody ever needed a muzzle, it’s him.”
  • “Aw, come on, kid. Start building some memories.”
  • “Uh, I beg your pardon? Were you addressing me?”
  • “Oh, now, now. Who could ever harm a little trick like you?”
  • “I’ll show you what I mean. Look down there. Tell me what you see.”
  • “And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences?”
I hate you │1

All you’ve ever wanted was a peaceful student life, but when a vicious fuckboy gets involved in your business, everything changes.

Originally posted by jeonify

member: Jeon Jungkook x reader

genre: fluff, romance, angst

word count: 1740

warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook; 

I hate you Masterlist  123 4 5 6

A/N: This is the very first fic I wrote, I already have the next part planned, so please tell me what you think, what you liked and disliked. I’ll try to take your suggestions into account 

Being a university student was new for you,  exciting but scary at the same time. Having gotten a scholarship and being the straight-A student all your life, you felt pressured. How would the freshmen year ago? What kind of new experiences would it bring? 

You were deep into thoughts when someone loudly opened the door stopping your lecturer from speaking. Your head involuntarily followed the loud click of the door just to be met with the muscular grinning boy in ripped jeans and a white oversized T-shirt. Only when his eyes found yours you realized you’d been staring at him. 

“Not bad for the first day”, you thought to yourself, breaking the stare not to seem rude, but still looking at the guy from the corner of your eyes as he slowly sank into his chair and plugged his earphones in.  What was the point of attending a lecture if he didn’t even listen to the lecturer? He was handsome, you’d give him that, but he definitely was not the guy for you, or so you thought.

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Every Other Weekend pt. 7

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,681

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: TAGGING IS CLOSED. (please message me if you want me to let you know when a new part is posted. i’m more than willing to do that.) there are three songs that i heard AFTER i started this fic that fit so ridiculously well. so check them out if you want:
Confess Cheated Liar

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


Originally posted by imaginingbucky

The alcohol coursed through your veins and you felt the swimming feeling in your head. If you weren’t leaning against the bar, you’d have fallen over. “I’m just going to call him.”

“You shouldn’t.” Natasha attempted to be the voice of reason but you shrugged her off. It was the first time since the divorce was granted a month ago that you’d gotten a chance to go out with your friends. Your mom had the kids and you weren’t originally going to go, but Nat practically dragged you out of the house.

“I’m going to.” You nodded, your vision blurry now. “Be back.” Bucky’s number was still on speed dial. With a sigh, and some stumbles, you walked out of the bar and leaned against the brick wall.

The phone rang three times before he picked up. “Hello?” His voice was low, with a tired groan. “Y/N do you know what time it is?”

“Bucky just listen.” You swallowed hard, slurring your words.

“You’re drunk.” He sighed.

“I’m not. Okay, maybe a little. But I have something to tell you.”

“What?” He was growing impatient.

“I love you.” Overwhelmed by emotions, and the four shots you had just downed before making the call, you started to cry. “I miss you so much.”

“Y/N…” Bucky let out a sigh and you heard him shuffle around in bed. “You shouldn’t have called.”

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Alec Lightwood Imagine: Lifeline


Prompts: 19.-“Stop it! It tickles!”, 
26.- “Come over here and make me.”,
62- "You got a cute butt.”

Summary: Reader finds Alec training in the middle of the night andapologize s for the harsh words from earlier. Then they train together which ends up with Alec getting tickled.

Word Count: 1003

Originally posted by alectightwood

“Dammit Alec, can you just stop ignoring me?” I threw my hands into the air getting impatient by his behavior.

It was 3 AM and instead of sleeping he was in the training room fighting the punching bag. It was a result of us having a fight before.

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Cool Down

// Hope you guys like this.

Title: Cool down.

Rating: Mid-fluff.

Warnings: Flirty Jerome. //

Y/n groans and sprawls out on the floor. “Can’t we call someone to fix it?” She mutters, rolling over onto her stomach. Tabitha turns around and shakes her head, placing her hands on her hips.

“We already did, y/n. They can’t get here until tomorrow. It’s not that hot anyways,” she motions around. “Do something to take your mind off it if it really bothers you that much.” She turns back around and heads into her room, slamming the door shut. Y/n sighs when Jerome, Barbara and Greenwood all walk into the room. Jerome instantly turns his attention to her, tilting his head.

“Why don’t you go into your room to nap, sleepy-head?” He teases, leaping onto the couch and crouching on it, staring down at her. She groans again and rolls back onto her back, resting her hands on her stomach.

“The air conditioner’s broken.” She murmurs. “It’s so hot in h-”

“Well, that would be my fault, I’m sorry.” Jerome places a hand over his chest in mock sincerity.

“Ugh, shut up. I’m not in the mood for your crap.” She covers her face and closes her eyes, hoping that he’ll leave. The sound of chairs being pulled back let’s her know that Barbara and Greenwood are sitting at the table. She can hear the thud of feet landing on the tile and she sighs. Y/n tries to relax, laying out on the living room floor in minimal clothing; a tank top and cotton shorts.

After he hasn’t said anything after a while, she assumes he has left. So, it came as a surprise when she opens her eyes to find him staring directly down at her.

“Jesus! Jerome, what the he-” He reaches down and pulls her up, holding him close to her in a typical movie embrace, pushing a strand of her h/c hair out of her eyes, one hand behind his back.

“Hey gorgeous, I’ve got a great idea to cool you down.” Y/n scoffs, pulling away from him and beginning to walk away. She was expecting a flirty comment or sexual joke to follow his remark, but instead feels a water balloon explode on the front of her shirt, followed by his hysterical laughter. Her eyes pop open wide, and her arms stick out to her side, palms out.

“Jerome, you little piece of-” he pulls a show of his talent in magic, pulling a water gun out of nowhere, pointing it directly at her, raising an eyebrow in warning. “Okay, well, it doesn’t seem really fair to-” Y/n doesn’t have a chance to finish her sentence as a spray of icy water hits her in her face. She holds her hands up to protect herself, stumbling backwards. “Jer-Jerome,” Suddenly, he knocks her to the ground, pinning her and pointing the squirt gun down at her face. “Okay, okay. Peace- I want peace, just stop this stop god dam-” Despite herself, despite trying to make herself sound angry, a giggle slips past y/n’s lips. She begins to laugh, shaking her head, cursing herself slightly for not being able to stop laughing. Jerome smiles, standing up and pulling her up with him.

“So, we’ll just have to do this all day, or you could listen to my other idea.”

Y/n laughs, smiling up at him. “What, Jerome?”

“Cold shower. Of course, I valiantly offer to keep you company,” he places a hand over his heart, smiling innocently, although the glint in his eyes is anything but innocent.

“Oh, shut up, you!” She playfully slaps his arm.

“Hey, don’t blame me for trying…so, is it me? Am I the problem with that idea, or…” Y/n leans forward, her face inches from his. His eyes meet hers briefly before focusing on her lips. After what seems like an eternity, he moves forward slowly, his gaze not moving from her mouth, only closing a few seconds after he presses his lips against hers. Y/n sighs softly against his lips, which Jerome takes as an invitation to pull her closer, and tilt his head, deepening the kiss.

Y/n is the one to break the kiss, breathing in deeply. Before she can move Jerome goes in for another kiss, his hand traveling to the back of her head, attempting to pull her closer to him. She shakes her head, grinning widely.

“No, Jerome. I actually liked your idea, and I think I’m going to take your advice.” She raises her eyebrows, and turns her attention to Barbara. “Hey, could you make sure that he doesn’t try to follow me? Just keep an eye on him please.” Barbara nods, picking up a magazine.

“Keep your boy toy away from the shower while you’re in there, got it.” Jerome growls slightly, staring after y/n as she saunters away.

One more (Pt.1)

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: Could you do one where y/n is dealing with alcohol/drug addiction and one night Yoongi (or bts reaction) accidentally finds out ?

Warnings: Alcohol abuse, harassment, cheating 

Pt.2 // pt.3 // Pt.4 // pt.5 // Pt.6

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With shaking hands, you grasped the shot glass being handed to you by your loving boyfriend. Neither of you drank around the other and you were conscious not to ever end up in this situation but they were celebrating another amazing album of theirs and you couldn’t bear to disappoint him by ruining the mood. Mistake number one, you should have just said no. Instead, two seconds later you felt the warm drink already sliding down your throat with a heap of regret. You flash him a smile.

“I’m so proud of you, babe.”

Yoongi takes down his own drink before giving you a peck on the cheek.

“It’s not just me. It was all of us…but I’m not saying you don’t have to reward me.” He says with a smirk and a laugh.

“Oh really? What would you like a reward? You better make it a good one. There isn’t always a chance for when I’m the one owing you.”

Your tease was met with a new full glass of what you had thought tasted of cheap vodka. It was weird this was ever offered since the boys never really enjoyed hard liquor. Maybe fate was just trying to be a pain in the ass again and ruin the streak you had going for yourself.

“Hmm…how about you come by my studio tomorrow morning? I can make my demands then if you come to see me.”

You titled your head.

“What for?”

He shrugged, enjoying your interest. “Guess you’ll have to come to find out.”

You took the bottle of alcohol for yourself, starting to pour your own glasses.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You smiled.

As the night progressed you felt yourself being effected by the drinks you had downed but you tried to control the impulse to keep drinking ahead of everyone. Finally it seemed like the end of the party and the other members and company employees started to clear out. Yoongi walked with you down to the street, waiting for you to get into the cab.

“Should I just ride home with you?” He offered.

You shook your head, refusing.

“I’m fineee, babe. I’ll see you in the morning, remember? Stop worrying.”

Yoongi sighed and leaned into the cab.

“Please make sure she’s safe. I think she drank too much.”

When he turned to you, he gave you a kiss goodnight and shut the door to the cab, watching it drive off. It’s not like he had to worry all the time about you but something was off about you and he could tell. You seemed nervous around him and he couldn’t place it. He just hoped everything would be fine tomorrow. As the cab driver started your ride he asked where you needed to go and instead of heading home your mind was too set on what you had already started before. You asked the man to take you to one of the bars downtown, that way there was no way Yoongi was going to find out. That was mistake number two.

You handed the nice driver the money Yoongi had given you for the ride and stumbled out of the taxi, almost falling onto the pavement. A man’s hand had caught your arm and you felt him helping you stand up.

“Careful these sidewalks are kinda tricky.” He joked.

You were too focused on the goal of getting more drinks you didn’t even look up at the guy, pulling your arm away.

“Yeah, whatever…” You groaned, walking off to the bar in sight.

The man wasn’t giving up, following behind you. If you weren’t already tipsy then you would have more worried considering the side of town you were on and it being already 1 a.m.. Persistent guys were also not what you needed when you were already intoxicated.

“Hey, come on. I was just helping you out. You could buy me a drink for a thank you?”

You stopped, turning back to face him.

“Thanks but no thanks.”

He took a step closer, putting his arms on your hips. You tried to push him back but to no avail you just stood there, looking up at him.

“You should be grateful and quit acting like a bitch. A girl dressed the way you are isn’t down here all alone to stay alone.”

“Get off of me!” You yelled, causing a scene.

When you closed your eyes you heard a small grunt and felt the man’s hands slip off of you. You heard the skin on skin contact and opened your eyes to see a very pissed Namjoon. The man who just had his hands all over you was the same man that was now laying on the concrete in pain. You wished you could have just run off in that moment but Namjoon grabbed your wrist.

“What the hell are you doing out here, Y/N?”

You frowned despite being happy to see him.

“Nothing…I’m a grown adult. I can be out here if I want to..”

“You say that like I didn’t just save your ass from some creep!”

“I didn’t ask you to! I can handle myself.”

Namjoon laughed out of frustration. “Are you kidding me? Let me just take you home-“

You whined, leaning on him.

“But I want a drink…..” You brought one of your fingers to your lips.

“You can’t tell Yoongi though~ He’s so protective.”

Namjoon sighed, not planning on having to deal with this.

“You drank enough at the party. I’m taking you home.”

You squirmed in his grasp but still dragged your feet along with him as you both headed to his car. 

“Joooonniieeee I want more~!”

He sat you down in the passenger seat, putting the seat belt on for you seeing as though you weren’t going to do it yourself. 

“God, Yoongi’s gonna be pissed about this.” 

Your eyes widened and you pushed your finger up to his mouth clumsily.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh. You can’t tell him!”

Namjoon gave you one of his famous glares and pushed your arm back int he car as he shut your door. He came back around and sat down next to you, driving you back to their dormitory since you couldn’t be trusted alone. The drive was mostly quiet besides your drunk rambling that came at random. You had your head leaned against the glass, watching the streetlights pass by in the window. 

“You know…I kinda have a problem, Joonie? Once it starts I can’t stop.” You said in a oddly happy tone. Probably just the alcohol speaking for you once more. Namjoon checked on you with a glance but kept his eyes on the road.

“I’m an a.l.k.o.h.o.l.i.c.k.~”

“One, that’s not how it spelled. Two, If that was true we’d know about it. Yoongi would have never let you drink in the first place.”

You shrugged, giggling. “People hide things. You should know that by now. Do the other members know you cheated on your girlfriend? Nah, they love her too. If they found out then they wouldn’t even be speaking to you.”

“How did you-”

“I saw you in one of the waiting rooms when I was looking for Yoongi.”

Namjoon clenched his nails into the steering wheel but knew you didn’t mean the things you were muttering out of your drunk mouth. Why did he do to deserve being stuck with this? 

“I didn’t tell anyone even though I thought I was gonna go crazy holding it in.” Suddenly, your expression had changed and you started to look more sad. 

“What, are you blaming me for you downing alcohol? Y/N if you have a problem then it was already there. I didn’t start it.”

“I knoowwwwwww. Stop getting so touchy…I’m just saying I was starting to get clean before that. I almost did it. Why am I so pathetic, huh?”

He stayed quiet, knowing you’d break out in tears any second now. 

“We can talk to the others and help you out. You shouldn’t have been going through this alone in the first place. Y/N we care about you-”

As he turned his head he found you passed out on the seat. It was going to be a long night for him and a long talk for him and your boyfriend. Getting home was a lot calmer when you were sleeping but he had to carry you inside, setting you down on the couch. Yoongi flipped the light on in the hallway.

“I know you had to go meet some of the company guys downtown but you were out for forever. Look, I need you to help me Y/N hasn’t answered me back and-”

He walked over to see your passed out body on their living room couch.

“Why is she here?” he asked.

Namjoon exhaled, already exhausted.

“I found her drunk downtown. Yoongi she has a problem. She told me on the way here that she’s an alcoholic and she was trying to get clean. My guess is she was probably down there trying to hit her limit for the night.”

Yoongi give the younger one a confused look, not knowing what to say. First came self-blaming, second was trying to rationalize it, and third was coming to terms with just wanting to help you. 

“You can go ahead to bed. I’ll watch her..” He said quietly, still in shock.

Namjoon gave a nod before heading off to his own room, trying to forget this whole thing. Yoongi sat down on the floor next to the couch, holding your hand.

“If I would have known I wouldn’t have-…..If you just would have told me-…..Fuck. Why can’t you just tell me when you’re in trouble like this?”

He knew he wouldn’t get a reply in your drunken state but he had so much to ask as he looked down at your tired face. Why didn’t he notice before when he saw the amount of liquor in your cabinets or why you insisted on being fine after having all of those hangovers. Blaming himself would get him nowhere so he planned to wait it out until the morning, staying by your side the entire night. When you woke up in the morning you sat up instantly when you noticed being at the boy’s dorm, waking up Yoongi from his sleep. 

That was mistake number three. 

☆Pregnancy Series☆ Yoongi


How you tell him/happens:

After several years of dating and a few married, Yoongi and you had decided to try to have children. Yoongi, at first, wasn’t sure about having children, for the simple fact that his work occupies a large part of his life, and he was scared of not being able to spend time with his future child.
The real problem came when you tried to get pregnant. 6 months had passed, and no matter how hard you two tried, you couldn’t get pregnant. Yoongi remembered with overwhelm, how every night he hugged you tightly against his chest, knowing that in your head you wondered what were you doing wrong, and you blamed yourself. What if you weren’t able to give children to the person you love so much?

You started to distance yourself a little from Yoongi and the boys, feeling guilty. But all that ended quickly, since one night Yoongi sat next to you on that black couch that was placed in your living room. “If we can’t have children of our own…that won’t stop me from loving you. We can adopt, I don’t care, I just want to live the experience of being a father, and I want to live it with you.” That night you collapsed in his arms, sobbing, and Yoongi, who had never seen you that way, shed some tears for your suffering.

Still, you kept trying. And it wasn’t until you got a big surprise…

Jungkook, being just as kind as ever to you, offered to accompany you to the doctor to do a blood test, because even if Yoongi wanted to go with you, it was impossible for him to take a day off. When you arrived at the hospital and did the tests, they realized that there was something strange, and decided to do more tests, including a urine one.

“Miss Min.” The doctor looked at some papers on her desk. “There is nothing wrong with your health, it seems that the dizziness you feel is due to your pregnancy.” The doctor, who tried to help you get pregnant a few months ago, smiled.

Your eyes widened. Jungkook, who was sitting next to you, offered you his arms. “You two did it.” He whispered, smiling into your hair.

In the car, on the way to Big Hit, no one could take away the smile that was on your face. Neither Jungkook’s smile, who already thought of being the best uncle in the world, Taehyung and Jimin wouldn’t beat him.

The definitive moment arrived, Yoongi was in his studio, along with Namjoon and Hoseok. You went in quickly, and the three boys turned to see what was happening. Yoongi couldn’t help but smile when he saw you, but he also wondered what were you doing there. "What are you doing…” His words were interrupted.

“I’m pregnant, Yoongi.” You ran your hands through your hair, smiling. “Fuck Yoongi, we are going to be parents.”

Your husband was totally paralyzed. At that moment, Jungkook, who was still at your side, looked at Yoongi and smiled at him. “She’s pregnant, Hyung.”

The arms of the person you loved most ended up around your waist, his face hidden in your neck. His right hand on your back, rubbing it lovingly, and his left hand on the back of your neck, drawing you closer to him. “We’ve done it…Damn, we’ve made it.” No one could stop smiling at the news. You looked around, and you realized that your future child was going to grow up surrounded by a mother and a father who would love him/her with all their strength, and 6 uncles who would always be there.

When he knows the gender (3 months of pregnancy):

Yoongi drove with his left hand, while the right hand grabbed yours, resting in your lap. A Hip-Hop melody played in the background, with a soothing softness. Yoongi stared ahead as he drove, but his mind thinking about today, today you would find out if you would have a little girl or a little boy. A smile appeared on his face, although, he tried to hide it by shaking his head or coughing.
“Are you excited?” Your voice sounded sweet, a smile on your face too. Yoongi, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, turned his head to look at you, smiled and released your hand to caress your belly. “I think I’ve never been so much.”

You lying on a hospital bed, Yoongi sitting next to you in a chair, grabbing your hand, when you laughed at the feel of that cold gel on your belly. The doctor, passed that machine on your stomach and showed you your future child. “Oh Oppa! It’s your nose!” You pointed to the screen and the doctor smiled. “Aish, we still can’t know.” Although he tried to deny it, Yoongi knew that it was his nose, and he couldn’t help but smile and think what it would be like.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl.” The doctor congratulated you two, cleaning your belly and with Yoongi’s help, they helped you down from the bed.

After a dinner with Yoongi’s parents and his brother telling them that it was going to be a girl, calling the boys to give them the good news…You fell asleep in your bed. Your eyes closed, your breathing slow and quiet, some strands of your hair were on top of the pillow, while others in your face. You slept on your back, one of your hands in your belly, unconsciously. Yoongi came out of the bathroom that was in your shared bedroom, and smiled when he saw you resting. He lay down beside you, turning off the light so you could sleep.

But Yoongi seemed unable to do so, he moved in bed until his head was resting on your belly. He began to remember the conversation he had with Namjoon, in which he told him that babies were able to listen even though they were in their mother’s stomach. Yoongi kissed your belly sweetly, and rested his ear on your belly. “I’m your father.” He said abruptly. “Probably I will do a lot of bad things and I probably have to learn a lot of things. But I’m going to learn little by little, and I’m going to be a sympathetic father, a father who loves you. I’ll take care of you, and of course, of your mother.” Yoongi swallowed, putting his hand too on your tummy. “I already know that from the instant I lay my eyes on you, I will adore you. Whoever you grow up to be, you will always be my little girl, in pigtails, holding my hand, crying for me to hug you. You will always be my little girl, and everyday of my life I will feel like a little boy opening presents when I’m with you.”

A tear fell down your eye, listening to that beautiful and touching one-sided conversation.

Things he does for you:

  • He would read books about pregnancy and childbirth to be prepared, but he will get scared of the childbirth, hoping that nothing bad happens to his two babies.
  • Even if he is busy, he would try to go to all the medical appointments with you.
  • He tell you a million times to not overwork yourself.
  • He would massage your ankles when he saw they were swelling.
  • Would pat your hair every night to help you sleep.
  • He would try to be patient with your mood changes, and try to talk calmly.
  • When he sees you looking at yourself in the mirror, he would back hug you and tell you, you were still beautiful and sexy.
  • Help you through morning sickness. Going to the bathroom with you and giving you cold water.

And even tho he puts a serious face and tries to not show he is helping you, he would be helping you.

What he enjoy about pregnancy:

  • Thinking about how his little girl will be, and how you and him made that little girl.
  • He would love to design his little girl’s bedroom with the help of his members.
  • He would love to buy Kumamon plushies and 3 onesies of Kumamon, thinking that it was cheesy, but cute.
  • He would absolutely love to buy the champoo and gel for his little girl, choosing one with a baby scent but with a little of fruits scent.
  • Caressing your tummy.
  • Talking to your tummy.
  • Walking on the street grabbing your hand, letting people see how beautiful his wife was and what a beautiful family they will be.
  • Thinking about his little girl having a possibility of liking the same things at him, but he won’t pressure his little girl. Yoongi will be happy with anything she wants to be or like.

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The day of the birth:

You walked with Yoongi’s mother down the streets of Daegu, a cup of water in your hand, while Yoongi’s mother told you one of Yoongi’s famous stories. For example, when he was two years old, he went to the park with his brother to play. Then, he saw a dog doing his needs against a tree, Yoongi decided that he wanted to try and pulled down his pants and diaper, lifting his right leg and peeing against a tree.

You couldn’t stop laughing, like Yoongi’s mother. "Yah, what are you laughing at?” You turned your head to see your husband, walking behind you along with his father and brother. “Nothing sweetheart.” You smiled. Yoongi smiled, not believing anything, but he kept talking with his father about how he was saving money in a separate account for a future project.

“Are we looking for a restaurant? I’m hungry.” Yoongi’s brother let himself be heard, and Yoongi laughed, since a few seconds ago he had eaten an ice cream.

“Oh yes, I’m hungry too.” You added looking at Yoongi.

Yoongi laughed and hit his brother’s stomach. “Hyung, are you pregnant too?” Yoongi’s older brother hit him in the head, while everyone laughed.

You noticed a small pain in the lower part of your belly. And of course, a liquid ran down your leg. You looked down to see that your jeans were wet, then, you lifted your head slowly, to see that Yoongi was watching you, his eyes wide open. “My waters broke.” You swallowed nervously.
Yoongi grabbed your elbows, helping you to walk, and thanked himself for coming here in car. He helped you to sit down and told his parents which hospital you were going to go to.

Yoongi arrived at the hospital before his parents, he helped you get out of the car and grabbed the backpack with all the things you had prepared for the hospital for when your child was born.

At that moment everything began, the doctors trying to reassure you, Yoongi grabbing your hand all the time and asking if your contractions still hurt, Yoongi counting how many minutes the contractions occurred, Yoongi calling your parents and the boys, Yoongi trying to calm you when in reality he was totally frightened…And after a few hours, pushes, sweat and nerves, your beautiful girl was born. Her crying was the only thing that sounded in that room. 

When you had her in your arms you couldn’t help crying, Yoongi couldn’t help it either. “Can I have her?” He asked shyly, whipping a tear. You smiled. “Of course you can, it’s your daughter.”

His daughter, that sounded good to him, really good.

Yoongi sat own on a chair next to you, opening his shirt to put his little girl’s head against his heart, which was really soothing for newborns babies. Yoongi noticed that you fell asleep, and he grabbed your hand kissing it and smiling at you. Then, he looked at that little creation where he contributed.  

And let me tell you, Yoongi didn’t want nobody taking his little girl away from him, it was really difficult to give her for a few moments to the boys, who had come to see their little niece. 

It was a beautiful night. Yoongi woke up at 2:30 a.m because he heard her crying, but he didn’t mind. He soothed her to sleep, singing softly So Far Away.

One Year

Synopsis: After Yoongi suffers a tragic death, he watches how his loved ones suffer because of his absence. He makes a deal with Death himself; he has one year to prepare his beloved ones for his inevitable death. 

Words: 5,296

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

- January 20th 10:35 p.m-

Yoongi doesn’t look at you, all he does is tighten his grip around the steering wheel and step on the gas petal. Instinctively, your hands grab onto the side of your seat, bracing yourself for the violent brakes and sudden accelerations of the car. You don’t understand why he’s driving so fast considering he knows how much you dislike it. After the car accident when you were a teenager involving all of your family you had grown traumatized of being in cars. Before today he would be considerate about that fear and would refrain from even going five miles over the designated speed limit. Today was a different story. 

“Slow down,” you do a horrible job of hiding the fear laced in your voice. Through the corner of your eye, you see Yoongi inhaling and exhaling violently. The vein of the side of his neck is pulsing, beneath the thin level of skin you can see the muscles in his jaw flex as he continues to grind his teeth. 

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