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Another Ride - Chapter 15: Update

Picks up just minutes after chapter 14 ended. 

Chapter 14

Sharna walked down the hall and could hear James moving around in the kitchen. She smiled to herself, still a little in disbelief. She wasn’t entirely convinced yet that this wasn’t all a dream. Perhaps she was going to wake up and realize none of this, last night, this morning, even happened.

But she knew it was real. Because there he was standing in her kitchen. His back was to her and she just stood in the doorway watching him. He didn’t have a shirt on because she had put it on herself after she got out of bed, then slipped it back on after her shower.

“I could get used to this,” she said aloud, startling him.

“Don’t sneak up on me when I’m cooking!” he scolded her teasingly. “You’re lucky I didn’t throw an egg at you!”

“Hey,” she said, sitting down at the kitchen table. “As long as I can continue watching you cook shirtless, you can do whatever you want to me.”

He turned and grinned at her. “Is that a promise or a threat?”

“Both,” Sharna said mischievously.

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Habits of my Heart Chapter 27

!!! Rest of the story can be found here [Click]

Chapter 27.
They were all gathered in the hotel lobby saying their ‘good nights’ and 'goodbyes’ to each other. James and Lindsay had won the titles, “Karaoke King and Queen” and besides Peta and Maks, who were about to fly back home in three hours, they were all ready to get a good night’s sleep. After everyone greeted Sharna happy birthday one last time, they all retreated to their rooms knowing they’d have to be up and on the road early in the morning to make their way to New York.

Once she was in her room, she began sorting through and carefully packing her presents in her suitcase, when she heard a knock on the door.

“Huh… didn’t think you’d actually be in here” Peta smiled as she walked in.

“And where would I have been?” The redhead raised her eyebrow.

“Oh, I don’t know….” Peta said nonchalantly as she helped Sharna pack, “giving Redlight a very very special thank you for the amazing present?”

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Fix a Heart 30

Chapter 30 - Best Day Of My LIfe

“What does an 8 month old wear for Halloween?” Val asked as he collected Bella out of her car seat. They were going Halloween costume shopping for the annual DWM Halloween party.

“A ladybug costume.” Sharna said matter of fact as if it wasn’t even a question.

“Oh, well then. And what are we being? Are we matching?” Val said as he settled the sleeping baby on his shoulder and wrapped her favorite blanket around her.

“I was thinking superhero-ish. And semi matching. Maybe couples?” Sharna said as she gathered the diaper bag.

“That works. So we know what we want for her and for us, we’re just kind of hunting.”

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•Movie Night•

                  *Hello everyone, so I have really loved watching Sharna and her new dance partner together, their interactions and everything. Their so sweet to one another and so I decided to write a mini OneShot about them. So please have fun reading !!!*

          Sharna and Bonner sat on the steps in one of the dance studio rehearsal rooms after just finishing their, their six hour dance rehearsal.

It was now almost five o'clock at night, so Sharna was planning on going back to her home and snuggling her puppies.

          “Good practice B, I’ll see you tomorrow right?” She asked as she stood up throwing her jacket and half empty water bottle into her dance bag before picking up her cell phone and keys. “Yea  for sure.” He said doing the same thing as Sharna had a few moments before him.

          He saw her turn around and start to head for the door, he thought of something before chasing after her “Burgess!” He said watching as she turned back to him with a smirk on her face “Bolton?”

         That made Bonner laugh out loud as he walked closer to her “Listen tonight I was thinking about maybe going to that movie rental place near my apartment building and I was wondering in you wanted to join me for a movie night?” He asked watching as Sharna’s smile grew wider.

             She nodded her head giggling “Sure Bolton I’d love to… I’m just going to go home quickly to shower and then I’ll make my way over.” She said turning on her heels before walking down the hall of the dance studio.

             Sharna left a huge smile on Bonner’s face as he thought about tonight, maybe he shouldn’t admit it but his feeling were really starting to show for Sharna. Ever since he had met her, it was just like this natural pull towards one another.

           Sharna was almost outside to her car when she felt someone pull on her hand, she turned around noticing Peta smiling widely down at her.

            “What’s up?” Sharna asked still confused as to why Peta had stopped her. “Why don’t you tell me what’s up?” Peta questioned with a smirk on her face confusing Sharna even further.

              “What are you talking about?” Peta sighed pulling Sharna off into on of the empty rooms in the studio.

“Really I have no clue as to what your referring to.” Sharna said crossing her arms “ What’s up with you and The cowboy?” “What do you mean What’s up with us… nothing last time I checked.”

             Peta crossed her arms sighing as well “You know exactly what I’m talking about Sharna May.” “Peta please… I don’t even know if anything is really there.”

         Peta rolled her eyes giving up the fight “Whatever Shar, but you better be texting me after movie night is over with the cowboy because I want to know how it goes!” Peta said grinning as Sharna’s mouth fell open “How did you know?”

             Peta shrugged her shoulders “I don’t know, my lips are sealed. Text me tonight babe!” Peta said walking out of the room and back down to her room with her partner that was waiting on her. Leaving Sharna shocked as to how she knew what in the world was going on.

            With that Sharna had finally left the DWTS parking lot driving home as fast as she could to take a shower, on her way home all she could think about were the butterflies tumbling around in her stomach.

Should she really been having the feelings right now? I mean dancing with the stars wasn’t even over yet and she was falling hard for Bonner. Her brain told her to stop but her heart told her to go for it.

               Less than an hour and a half later Sharna was pulling into a apartment complex hoping this was the right one.

          She pulled out chapstick applying some to her lips before rubbing them together before grabbing her  purse and cell phone, she locked her car before jogging up the stairs that hopefully led to Bonner’s room.

             She quickly found his number breathing in and out for a quick moment before knocking lightly door.

Within a minute Bonner was at the door in a pair of black sweatpants the sat low on his hips and he was shirtless which for a split moment took Sharna’s breath away. “Hi, I’m a little earlier. Sorry”

            Bonner laughed running a hand through his hair that was still slightly wet from his shower earlier. “No, no your okay. Come in.” He said opening the door even wider for her to come into his apartment.

          Sharna looked around for a moment, it was a nice apartment small but the perfect amount of space.

         “Sit down, I’m going to go grab a shirt quickly.” He said disappearing into the hall, appearing a moment later with a white ripped t shirt on.

          “Do you want to go get something to eat and grab a movie and then comeback?” He questioned, Sharna nodded standing up to quickly tripping over herself.

        Luckily Bonner was there to caught her as she fell she landed straight into his arms.

          “Are you okay?” He asked as he stood her back up she nodded quickly “Yea I’m fine.” She said slipping her Nike slip on sandals walking outside with Bonner following her.

            Ten minutes later the were walking towards a “Family Video”, Bonner held open the door for Sharna. “Thank you” Bonner nodded his head following Sharna into the store.

             “What kind of movie do you want to watch?” He asked Sharna who was standing behind him looking at the movies. “Umm… I don’t really know. What about you?” She asked walking over towards him looking through the rows of movies.

                 “It doesn’t really matter to me, whatever you want to watch.” He said looking through some movies before grabbing one and holding it up “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

             Sharna laughed “No I’m not in the mood to watch someone kill everyone.” Bonner laughed setting the movie back in its place.

            Bonner walked a little further down the aisle looking for another movie when he heard Sharna squeal.

He turned toward her figuring that she had found a movie that she wanted to watch “Did you find one?” He questioned walking back over to her.

            “I think I did!” Sharna said squealing “What is it?” Sharna rocked back and forth on her toes holding out the movie for Bonner to see what it was. “Really?” He questioned holding the movie in his hand.  

            Sharna nodded yes “Yes Bolton. I have never seen it before I’ve heard how good it was. Please, I even how my own cowboy to watch it with.” She whispered the last part in his ear making him start to turn a little red.

“Okay let’s go purchase it.” Sharna laughed hugging him before walking to the register with him where they were checked out.

Twenty minutes later Sharna and Bonner were back at his apartment, they stopped at In-N-Out Burger to grab some food. Bonner set the food down onto the coffee table while Sharna placed the movie in the DVD player.

“I’m so excited to watch this!” Sharna said walking back over to the couch where Bonner was sitting at.

Sharna sat next to him grabbing her burger and fires, “I’m glad you are.” Bonner said taking a bite from his burger watching as the movie started to play.

About thirty minutes in the movie Sharna found herself under Bonner’s arm that was wrapped around her shoulder as they both watched the movie peacefully enjoying one another’s presence.

“Awe that’s so sweet” Sharna whispered quietly when she noticed that Luke and Sophia shared their first kiss in a photo booth.

Bonner smiled down at Sharna pressing a gentle kiss into her temple. “Yeah it really is sweet.” He said pulling her even closer to him, as she laid her head against his shoulder.

Eventually then I’ll riding accident happened, Sharna hide her face into Bonner’s shoulder squeezing her eyes shut. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered making Bonner lift her face from her place on his shoulder “Sorry for what?”

Tears fell from Sharna’s eyes, “Sharna what’s going on?” Bonner asked starting to become really worried, by her reaction.

“I can’t believe that happened to you.” She said as more tears fell, Bonner quickly wiped away her tears placing a gentle kiss to her nose. “Sharna, you have nothing to be sorry about I didn’t even know you then.” Sharna listened to Bonner’s words trying to calm herself down.

“Think of it this way if, that accident would have never happened. Then there’s a huge chance that I would have never been invited to join dancing with the stars, which means I would have never know you. I couldn’t imagine that.” He said gently caressing her face brushing pieces of hair out from her eyes, she nodded listening to his words leaning into his gentle hands.

“Your right, I’m sorry I don’t know why I reacted like it. The movie just took my emotions and having you hear knowing what had happened, it just got to me.” She said smiling as Bonner leaned his forehead against hers “It’s okay, I’m okay, we’re okay.”

Sharna nodded as Bonner leaned back down opening his arms as Sharna took her chance lying herself on his chest as his hands fell onto her lower back gently rubbing her back in circles in a vey soothing way.

Sharna yawned as Bonner did so making him laugh, “Are you sleepy?” Sharna nodded her head on his chest “Yea a little”

“Go to sleep then babe.” “No I need to finish the movie first.” Bonner just laughed pressing another kiss to the top of her head.

Eventually the movie came to end making Sharna’s tears appear once again “You okay?” Bonner asked still laying underneath her body “Yea in good, it was a really good movie. Thank you for letting me watch it with you.”

Bonner nodded as Sharna sat up stretching her arms as she let out one more yawn. “You can stay here if your to tired.”

“That’s okay, I’ll be able to drive home.” Bonner nodded standing up with Sharna “Okay” they both walked to the door Sharna with her purse and cell phone.

She wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders as his wrapped tightly around her waist. He picked her up off of the ground, which made her giggle.

He set her back on the ground “Thank you again B. It was so much fun, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” Sharna said finally letting her arms fall from his shoulders.

“That’s good to know, thank you for coming over and spending the night with me.” Sharna smiled leaning up and kissing his cheek gently “I’ll see you tomorrow at one for rehearsal?”

“You’ve got it.” Sharna nodded walking out of his apartment and started down the stairs before her heart was telling her to turn around.

She decided with her heart and ran back up the stairs “Bolton!” Sharna she said loud enough for him to hear making him turn around toward her voice. “Burgess?” She stopped herself right in front of him.

“What are you doing?” He asked shocked to see her standing back in front of him. “I have to tell you something.” Sharna said looking up into his eyes “What’s wrong?” “Nothing…absolutely nothing” she said smiling up at him before she spoke again.

“I’m falling in love with you Bonner… I’m terrified but I had to come and tell you.” She said as tears formed in her eyes “Your falling in love with me?” Sharna nodded yes answering Bonner’s question.

Bonner smiled widely down at Sharna “Good because I have already fallen completely in love with you.” Sharna smile grew as she heard Bonner’s confession “Really?” “Really.”

“I can’t believe it!” Sharna said throwing her arms tightly around Bonner’s shoulder again giggling with happiness. “Can I kiss you?” Bonner asked pulling back from their hug, Sharna nodded as his lips met hers in one swift movement.

Sharna sighed into the kiss as his tongue slowly pushed into her mouth. Next thing she knew he picked her up as they fell into the door of his apartment still making out.

She wrapped her legs tightly around his hips, her hands tangled into his hair while his hands rested on her but.

Eventually they pulled away from one another, Bonner set Sharna back on the ground pressing a sweet kiss against her nose making her smile. “I should really go now.”

Sharna captured his lips once again, “Tomorrow?” Bonner asked as he felt Sharna pull herself away from him, she nodded smiling “Tomorrow.” She said back to Bonner hugging him once more before leaving and walking back down to her car.

She opened her driver side door getting into the car, she was so beyond happy that she thought the smile would jump right off of her face.

“I can’t believe, it really happened!” She said before putting her key into the ignition and backing up out of her parking spot.

Before she left the parking lot, she got onto twitter tagging Bonner “Just had the Best Move Night Ever !!” She posted it laughing because not even two minutes later the phone went off and it was Peta texting her.

She grabbed her phone reading the text laughing as she did so “Best Ever!?!” Sharna smiled quickly texting her best friend back “Yes Best Ever!!”

Peta quickly texted back “I told you so.” Sharna giggled reading the text before tossing her phone into the passenger seat as she pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.

*Yay!!! My first Sharna and Bonner fanfic!!! #DenimandDiamonds!! This was so much fun to write!! Can’t wait to write more about them!!! I really hope that you all enjoyed this as much as I did writing it!! Please leave comments I love reading them!! Thanks for all the love and support!! -Tori*

Habits of my Heart: Chapter 13

Onto the next chapter! My summer class is almost over yay! I’ll be going on vacation in a couple weeks, so I’ll try to write a bunch before then. Rest of the chapters can be found here [Click]

Chapter 13.

They pulled up to his driveway, and she looked up to examine the exterior of his house. He put the car in park, “well here we are, The Hinchton Hotel!”

A smile tugged at her lips, “Hinchton? Clever.”

He extended his hand and looked at her expectantly.

She gave him an amused look and raised her eyebrow, “yes?”

“My tip, madam,” he replied as if it was obvious, but he only received a smirk and a high five before she got out of the car.

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Furthermore, unless you actually care about animal rights, and are vegan/vegetarian etc., then shut the fuck up and stop bawling about PETA killing a few animals because you’re in no position to attack them when you’re probably paying for billions of animals to be slaughtered just so you can have chicken wings for lunch. Also, most of those ‘PETA Kills’ articles were actually set up by a guy called Richard Bermane, a wealthy tobacco, alcohol and meat industry lobbyist who is literally paid to slander groups that threaten certain industries. Tumblr: not checking its sources, critically thinking or being ethically consistent since 2007.