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Draco dating a muggle includes...

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  • Being the cutest couple at Hogwarts
  • Draco asking A LOT of questions
  • You laughing at ALL of them
  • “Y/N what the bloody hell is that?”
  • *tries to act serious**barely hiding laughter* “A phone Dray…”
  • “A what?”
  • *Y/N facepalms and sighs*
  • Taking Draco home to meet your parents
  • Showing him to your room
  • Pushing Draco on your bed and straddling him
  • Draco’s and yours lips move in sync before he stops
  • “Love, what’s that?”
  • Turning your head to look at what he is pointing at you see your black flat screen TV that was mounted on the wall
  • Shaking your head laughing you walk out of your bedroom
  • Draco is confused like always
  • Draco Thoughts: Damn that T…. what did she call that flat black thing? A TD…???
  • BUT
  • “Draco why is that circle thing smoking?”
  • “DON’T touch it Y/N!”
  • Looking utterly confused and a little creeped out you look at Draco for answers
  • He is laughing
  • Bitch run
  • No sex for you for a week
  • “Don’t hit me I’m sorry.”
  • Pissed Y/N: Activated
Glasses Fogged Up

Request: “Paladin’s reaction when they and their s/o are kissing- make out session is starting and s/o’s glasses starts to fog up from the heat? And after kissing a while s/o is like “babe I can’t see.. ”

“Hey I don’t remember if I sent this to you a while back or I just imagined it lolol. But I was wondering if you could do a fluffy scene with the paladins and their s/o like they are having a moment kissing but then their s/o just bursts out laughing?”

A/N: this is me…. my glasses fog up over everythingg

Their hands were in your hair, your lips moved in sync. Everything around you was gone, time stopped, and the world stood still. You felt your glasses sliding down your nose. You peeked out of one eye, and felt something build up in your chest. You pulled apart harshly, a series of giggles falling from your lips.

“Babe, I can’t see!”


  • He’s a little offended and very confused
  • Whyy are you laughing
  • When he sees that your glasses are fogged up, he starts laughing, too
  • And then you’re both just sitting there cackling
  • It’s pretty great


  • Very offended, very confused
  • He sees that your glasses are fogged up, and like the suave man he is, he pulls them off and goes right back to kissing you
  • It gets very ~interesting~


  • He’s not so offended, and he sees why almost immediately, so he’s not so confused
  • He starts laughing with you
  • And then he takes your glasses and puts them on and starts kissing you again
  • “How do you do this I don’t understand”


  • He’s so confused
  • Why are you laughing all of a sudden??
  • And then he sees your glasses
  • And everything is clear (lol i hate myself//punsss)
  • It’s very cute because he takes your glasses and wipes them off and gives them back to you
  • And then cute nose kisses


  • She thinks it’s funnier than you do
  • She is about to die from laughter
  • Will never let you live that down
  • “Hey guys one time when we were making out-”
  • “PIDGE”
Breaking The Rules | Teacher!Jimin x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1213

Warnings: Swearing

Genre: Fluff, Angst (?)

Summary: Mr Park, one of the most important people at your high school. He’s a charmer, a ladies man. Uses his charm to make the ladies do what he likes. Whether it’s to clean the school grounds or deliver a message every lady does as he commands. Except one.

Dedicated to and Requested by: @blessjiminnie


You furiously tapped the school desk, waiting impatiently for the school bell to ring for lunch. You had been stuck in a double period of Chemistry, and you really weren’t in the mood. It was like any other day, you would walk to class, in silence, ear phones in and glancing at some of the students who passed you on the way there.

But instead Mr Park, the deputy head teacher called you to his office to have a ‘word’


“Miss (L/N),” a husky voice from behind you spoke. Surprised you pulled out both of your earphones and turned around wide eyed to come face to face with your P.E (and deputy head) teacher Mr Park. His midnight hair brushed out of his face making his eyes visible to you, white shirt which has the top two buttons undone with a black jacket over, and a pair or tight black jeans to finish off his look with a pair of black dress shoes. He cleared his throat before continuing. “If you could come to my office now please, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you.” With that he turned on his heel and began to walk off to his office, you following closely behind.

“Mr Park, if you don’t mind me asking, why must you speak with me? And for how long because I don’t want to be late to Maths,” you muttered under your breath.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), I’ll go over everything when we get to my office,” he spoke finishing the topic. There was a comfortable silence for the rest of the way there until he stood in front of his office door. “Please,” Mr Park, gestured for you to enter once he had opened the door.

“Thanks,” you replied quickly as you made your way into the room and took a seat on one of the chairs. “So, uhm… Mr Park, why am I here?”

“Well, Miss (L/N), I have a problem, a problem you caused-” you were confused at his words. You hadn’t done anything wrong, so why was he accusing you for ‘his’ problem.

“Go on,” you uttered. He cleared his throat and continued.

“My problem is you,” he spoke, a sly smirk visible on his lips. He walked around so he stood behind your chair and placed his hands on your shoulders, making you tense at the sudden contact.

“H-How am I your problem?” you stuttered, still hopelessly confused.

“Tch, you just don’t get it do you? Since all my time of working here, you are the only female who hasn’t fallen under my charming spell. Which is why I have gained a very great interest in you,” Mr Park confessed. Your eyes widened in surprise and he lowered his head down to your ear, his lips barely touching your earlobe and he whispered in your ear. “And don’t try to deny how you feel about me. I’ve seen the way you look at me, the lust in your eyes as you undress me with them,” Mr Park let out a low chuckle, as his hands traveled down your shoulders and wrapped themselves around your wrist as he hauled you up and lifted you up onto his desk, making you instantly close your legs, so he couldn’t see up your skirt.

“M-Mr Park!” you squeaked out as his hands traveled to your waist and squeezed lightly.

“Please… Call me Jimin,” he whispered out in a low voice making you shiver. You were enjoying this, a little too much, and you couldn’t lie when he said that you felt the same way. After a moment you finally realized this was wrong and shoved him off of you.

“Mr Park, we’re in school ground, and you’re a teacher, I’m a student, it’s illegal to have any relationship whether it be for love or for sex. If this is all you needed me for I’ll take my leave,” you replied with a frown.

“I think breaking one or two rules isn’t too bad right?” Jimin asked as he stepped forward again and placed his head in the crook of your neck, taking in your scent. “Fuck, you smell amazing, I’m just imagining all the things I could do to you,” he muttered, his hands making their way up your thighs.

“Mr Park. Stop it. Now!” you yelled as you pushed him away hard and grabbed your bag. “Don’t fucking come near me you pervert!” With that you left, slamming the door behind you and made your way to math class.


Lunch finally came by as you sat in the library once again, munching on your bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. You had finally calmed down a bit, but every time you thought of Jimin, it just pissed you off or ruined your mood. Normally you’d be good at concealing your emotions within school, but today, after what Mr. Park did, that just set you off. 

You were suddenly pulled out of your thoughts when a hand wrapped around your mouth stopping you from screaming, while the other hand was tight around your waist, making you unable to move. You were pulled into the janitors closet where you were let go. Turning around as quickly as possible, you went to slap your kidnapper, only for your wrist to be caught.

“Now now, Miss (L/N), I wouldn’t want to give you a detention for hitting a teacher now, would I?” his smooth voice spoke. He let go of your wrist and locked the closet where he turned back around to face you.

“What do you want?” you snapped, rubbing your wrist, as if he hurt you. “Why the hell did you kidnap me!” you almost yelled.

“Because, your reactions are always so cute,” Mr. Park teased back. Rolling your eyes, you went for the door again, until Mr. Park grabbed you by the wrist and slammed you again the door.

“Mr. Park! Please let me go!” you cried out. You were terrified, trapped like a bird in a cage, helpless, and unable to fly away. When Jimin noticed the hurt in your eyes, his own widened. He had been so determined to make you his, he hadn’t taken your feelings into consideration. He instantly let you go where you sunk down to the ground and hugged your knees.

“(Y/N), I’m really sorry, I let my feeling get the better of me, and I lost control. I understand if you want to be left alone right now, so I’ll take my leave,” Jimin spoke as he slowly went to pick you up and move you away from the door. As he picked you up though, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down. 

When your lips met, time seemed to of stopped. It was just you too, as your lips moved in perfect sync. Jimin’s hands traveled along your sides as he brought you closer, deepening the kiss slightly. As things began to move a little more quickly, the bell rang, indicating lunch was over. Jimin mutter a quiet ‘fuck’ and pulled away from you.

“Seems like we ran out of time huh? After school, meet me at my office at 5pm, we’ll continue then,” Jimin winked as he left the closet leaving you in complete shock.

“I KISSED PARK JIMIN!” you almost yelled. “Maybe, some rules are worth breaking,” you smirked as you too left the closet to go to class.

stop that

philip imagine rip

You walked up the steps to Philips home. His hand was interlocked with yours which wasn’t uncommon for the either of you. You both always held hands, it was a comfort thing. He smiled at you as you spoke about your parents. “My father told me that my writing wasn’t well.” You mumbled as you walked into the small house.  Your dress drug on the dirty hardwood floor as you turned and shut the door. “Maybe you shouldn’t get your education from your father,” he laughed, you mocked him and let go of his hand before adding your two cents in. “Maybe they should let women get an education.” He smiled and walked you into the living.

The room was large. It had a black grand piano inside it, a couple couches and chairs and books shelves. “Do you know how to play piano?” you asked as you walked to the piano, your fingers grazing it. “Yeah, do you?” he asked, you nodded. “I’ve written songs thanks to my amazing mother.” You smiled and he walked towards the piano as you sat down. “Play something then,” he challenged a bit, you shrugged and put your fingers on the keys you pressed one of them softly before you used your other hand to play a few more.

You played a minute worth of lyrics before Philip joined in. He had his back pressed against you while his fingers pressed a couple of the keys before he harmonized. You paused once you noticed someone in the archway. Philip looked up and noticed his mother standing there. “Hi mom, this is Y/N.” Philip introduced the two of you, your lips curled as he walked towards you. You lifted yourself from the bench and greeted her. Her arms wrapped around you as she hugged you. “It’s so nice to meet you!” she smiled. You smiled as well as you pulled away. “Do you want some tea?” she asked, you nodded. “I would, thank you.” She looped her arm around yours and guided you to the kitchen. She let go of your arm and went to look at the water and such.

Philip walked in once you were settled. He sat beside you as his mother spoke. “How long have the two of you been together?” she asked noticing his presence. You nearly choked on air at the words that came out of her mouth. She noticed the silence as you both looked at each other, she gasped softly and apologized. You shook your head and grabbed Philips hand. “It’s okay, it’s been two months.” You smiled at her. Philip’s cheeks lit up as yours did too, his mother smiled. “He treats you right, correct?” she asked, you nodded quickly. “He does.” You looked towards the flustered boy with a smile plastered o your face. “Good.” His mother responded before handing you a cup of tea. “I need to go see if Alexander is still writing.” Philips mother smiled as she left the room. You let go of his hand once she was out of eyesight, “What the hell?” he asked, you just let out a small laugh. “She thinks we’re together. I want to play it as if we are.” You shrugged. He opened his mouth to speak as you heard footsteps; you lifted up from the chair and held Philips face in your hands. You pressed your lips against his. Your lips moved in sync before the footsteps stopped and quickly walked away. “Stop that!” he whispered/shouted. “No.” you smiled and sipped your tea.


Not That Kind of Relationship Drabble

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1,604 

Producing your best pout, you looked up at Steve, who was dangling your bag of candy in front of him. Though the bag did not have your name on it, you had silently claimed it as your own. When you arrived to the kitchen, however, you were surprised to see that Steve had already taken it out from the secret area in the pantry.

“Say it!” Steve joked, and you tried to snatch the candy from him. However, his reflexes were much sharper than your own. You groaned and asked politely for him to give you the candy.

“I can’t give it to you until you say I’m your favorite Avenger.” Steve smiled again, and you grumbled. The man was very stubborn when he wanted to be.

“Fine. You’re my favorite Avenger.” Smile now plastered onto Steve’s face, he handed you the candy. You thanked him, and tore into the bag. Steve took a seat beside you and ruffled your hair.

The two of you had a brother and sister type of relationship. Steve immediately welcomed you into the Tower with arms open. You were among the youngest of the Avengers, Wanda the closest in age to you. But Steve saw your potential, and thus, never gave up on you as you learned to control your powers.

Steve smiled at you as you continued to pile candy into your mouth. Although he had Sharon, he couldn’t deny how beautiful you were. He knew however, that his best friend was head over heels for you, even if he would never admit it.

At that moment, Steve was interrupted from his thoughts by Bucky walking into the kitchen. Steve watched as your face went from its resting state into a full blown smile. He couldn’t help but think if Bucky saw the way your face lit up around him, then he would confess his feelings for you – without hesitation.

“Hey Bucky! Want some candy?” You asked, smiling at him. Bucky looked at you and couldn’t help but laugh at the way you hoarded the candy from Steve.

“Sure doll,” Bucky said, holding out his hand for you to give him a couple pieces. You gave him one and then smiled at him. Bucky playfully begged you for more, but you shook your head at him.

“You gotta work for it,” you winked at him. Before you could even protest, Bucky scooped you up into his arms. Giggling, your hands reached around his neck instinctively. Bucky’s chest moved up and down, laughing as well. He opened his mouth and you popped a couple more pieces into it.

He let you down slowly, and you excused yourself to Steve and Bucky. You needed to get ready for your workout with Natasha in the next fifteen minutes. As you walked away, Steve smiled to Bucky, and pat his shoulder.

“You need to tell her Buck,” he said, looking into his friend’s eyes. Bucky gave him a sad smile back and expressed that the two of you only had a brother/sister type of relationship. Steve rolled his eyes in response.

“No. I have a brother and sister relationship with Y/N. A relationship that involves me taking her candy, and teasing her. What you two have is beyond that. She likes you, Buck.” Bucky became quiet and excused himself. This earned a scowl from Steve, as he now sat alone. His best friend could be extremely dense when he wanted to be.

Natasha worked you hard. She saw the way you began to harness your powers, but there was still a lot you needed to learn before you were ready to go on a mission. Constantly pushing you, Natasha was hard on you only because she saw what you were capable of. By the end of your workout, you were covered in sweat. You ditched your t-shirt, and you were now only wearing a sports bra and a pair of athletic shorts.

The two of you made your way back up to the living room, your room on the same level. Natasha gave you a high five for a good work out, and told you to go shower. Making your way back to your room, you let the shower run for a couple minutes, heating up. Stepping into the shower, you let out a sigh. The warm water ran down your back, soothing your soon to be sore muscles.

Bucky made his way to your room and seeing that the door was open, let himself in. He heard the sound of running water, and presumed that you were in the shower. He took a seat on your bed, and waited until you came out.

Stepping out of the shower, you realized that all your towels were in the dirty clothes. No problem, you thought to yourself, opening the door that connected the bathroom to your room. As soon as you did so, you saw that Bucky was sitting on the bed.

“Shit!” You yelled. Bucky’s eyes became the size of saucers, his mouth hanging open. Shutting the door as quickly as you could, you couldn’t help but laugh. On the other side of the door, Bucky chuckled as well.

“I’m going to come back,” Bucky said and you heard the door close. You opened the bathroom door slowly this time, making sure he was gone. Once you did, you lay on your bed, allowing yourself to air dry before you put your clothes back on.

Bucky left your room and couldn’t help the heat that was rising to his cheeks. He hoped no one saw where he was coming from, or the color his face was at the moment. He tried to walk back to his room, but Steve stopped him.

“Bucky, what’s wrong?” Steve asked, noticing Bucky’s discomfort. Bucky tried to brush it off and pretend like nothing had happened. However, Steve noticed how red Bucky’s face was. Steve continued to press him until Bucky recounted what had happened when he went to confess his feelings for you.

Steve’s face immediately shifted from one of worry to one of amusement. He couldn’t stop laughing. The more he thought about how unbelievably awkward Bucky felt, the harder Steve laughed. Bucky looked at Steve with a stern impression, though that only made tears form in Steve’s eyes.

“Buck, you can still get a woman out of their clothes,” Steve chortled, wiping away his tears. Bucky walked away and back to his room. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought to come back later. He shook his head and lay on his bed, thinking about the events that just transpired.

After you finished dressing, you decided to go look for Bucky. Though things were awkward for you two, deep down, you hoped he liked what he saw. You shook your head of your dark thoughts, and reached for your door handle. That’s when you saw that Bucky was about to knock. You smiled at him, and ushered him into your room. You took a seat on your bed, and patted to the spot beside you.

“What were you in my room about earlier?” You asked, trying to sound nonchalant. Bucky couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you looked. He took your hands in his, and shifted so that he was facing you.

“I don’t know how to say this. But Steve told me I should talk to you.” Immediately, your mind went to the worst possible conclusion. Bucky probably knew about your feelings for him, and felt awkward. Which made you feel even worse about the scene that happened earlier.

“It’s okay, Bucky,” you began.

“I get it if my feelings make you uncomfortable,” “It’s just that I like you a lot,” the two of your voices overlapped one another, but you heard Bucky’s admission. Looking up at him, you saw the confusion in his face.

“You like me?” You asked, looking up at Bucky with wide eyes. In response, Bucky pulled you closer to him. You could feel his warm breath on your lips. You ghosted your lips over his, and he begged you to do something – anything. The tension between the two of you was too much for him. Putting your lips onto his, he began to kiss you with such fervor. There was no hesitation in deepening the kiss. Bucky picked you up with one arm and moved you to the head of the bed. His body on top of yours now, the two of you moved in sync with one another, never wanting to stop.

Dragging Bucky’s lip between your teeth, the two of you came up for air. Smiling at one another, you were sure that there would be more instances like these to come. You started to laugh, and Bucky pleaded to tell him what you thought was so funny.

“We’re going to have to figure out a way to tell Steve.” You smiled at him. If making out was going to become a habit between you two, you figured it was better for Steve to know now rather than later.

“Hey Y/N, can I—“Steve walked into your room without thinking twice about it. However, when he saw his best friend on top of you, he was cut off. Steve’s face turned the color of Natasha’s hair before he screamed “OH MY GOD!” Closing the door behind him, the two of you laughing at his reaction.  

“I have a feeling that’s no longer going to be a problem.” Bucky gave you a cocky smile and you rolled your eyes in response. You made a mental note to yourself to start locking your door from now on. 

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Jai Brooks Imagine #5 (REQUESTED)

“Y/n go ride a bike over there.” He points to the bikes while we’re walking through the halls or target. “No Jai you.” I laugh. “Come on you’ll be so cool if you do it!” He laughs with me. “I’ll ride them with you.” He says. We walk over to the bikes and we purposely choose kid bikes. Jai picks out a bike that he can barely fit into and he falls from it being so tiny. We both break out in a laughing fit.

The thing is, I’ve had a crush on Jai for the longest. No I haven’t told him because he friend zones me all the time. “Oh my god Jai!” I laugh. Jai starts laughing so hard he cries. A target employee that looks about our age walks up to us and stares at us. “I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He gets up laughing. When he composes himself he takes a better look at her. She’s got long brown hair and green eyes, her lips are full and she has the perfect body.

“Oh hi, um my friend and I were just messing around and uh yeah.” He stammers. Why is he acting so weird? “It’s fine I came over her to laugh at you actually.” She smiles. He smiles back at her and scratches the back of his neck. He looks at her ID before speaking.

“Melissa? Is that how you say it?” He asks. “Yeah Melissa, what’s your name?” She asks. They’re literally flirting right in front of me, and he’s drooling over her. She’s acting like I’m not even here. “I’m Jai, do you want to hang out sometime maybe?” He asks smiling. “Yeah I’d like that, maybe tonight? My shift is almost over anyways” She smiles back. She grabs a note pad from her jeans and writes her number down before giving it to him.

She walks away and he’s still looking at her. “Jai? Hello?” I wave my hand in front of him. “We should go home now ” he says without looking at me. He starts walking towards the exit door with me following behind him.

When we get home he’s still smiling from meeting that girl. “Ill be right back I’m going to text her.” He says walking in his room. I lay down on the couch and hold back the tears that are fighting to come down. “Y/n I have a date tonight at 7!"he says to me from his room. "Cool.” I reply. I check my phone to see that it’s only 5.

Jai walks back into the room on his phone. “Alright I’ll see you later, bye.” He hangs up. “Y/n that girl, I seriously can’t get her out of my mind.” He says smiling. “Yeah I bet.” I mumble. “I’m going to get Starbucks After the date and I’m going to the flower shop, do you want to come?” He asks. “No I’m fine I’ll just stay here or whatever.” I say without looking at him. “You okay?” He asks coming over to me.

“Yeah I am, can you get me a Carmel frappe ?” I ask him. “With extra Carmel just how you like it, I’ll be back soon.” He says kissing my forehead before leave the house. I sigh and let everything come out.

My tears stream down my face and I pull the blanket from behind the couch and snuggle into it. I guess I wasn’t the only one at the house because I can hear footsteps coming towards the living room.

“Y/n are you okay?” I hear Luke say. “No but I’ll be okay.” I say pulling the blanket over my face. He gently pushes me over closer to the couch so he can lay with me. He wraps his arms around the blanket that’s wrapped around me. “Y/n what’s wrong?” He asks. “Jai, he met this girl at target and he has a date with her. ” I say.

“Why are you upset about that? You guys are best friends. Oh wait you like him don’t you?” He says. He holds me tightly and comforts me letting me cry softly. “I’m sorry y/n, I’m pretty sure he’s oblivious to your feelings.” Luke says rubbing my back.

“He’s friend zoned me without even noticing.” I say. He pulls the blanket off my face and looks at me. “You are a beautiful girl and I wish you knew that. Whatever happens he’ll always be here for you and he’ll always love you.” He says.

“He won’t love me the same way.” I cry. His face turns into a sad frown. “You love him y/n? I’m so sorry.” He says holding me. “Well what does the girl look like?” He asks me. As if on que Luke gets a text from Jai,it’s a picture of the girl from her Instagram.

“Well you’re prettier than her so he’s blind” he says lighting up the mood. “Thanks Luke.” I smile. “Jai said he’s going to go pick the girl up and take her out now. You know what let’s just forget her.” He says sitting up.

“So no more crying and embrace your beautiful ness. Let’s do something That’ll take your mind off this.” He says lifting me up and carrying me into his room. We end up doing a you now and the fans of course make me feel so much better. “Alright guys it’s time for us to go now so thanks for watching and we’ll be back with more Luke and y/n time!” He says before blowing a kiss to the camera and turning it off.

Luke and I start watching a movie and 30 mins into it Jai comes home and he’s with Melissa . “This is my twin brother Luke and Y/n you met her already.Jai says coming into Luke’s room.

"Jai I think you and y/n need to talk I’ll show Melissa around.” Luke says before walking up to Jai. Luke whispers in Jai’s ear before Leaving his room with Melissa.

“Why are you upset that I’m going out with her y/n?” Jai asks sitting down on the bed. “Dammit Luke, look jai. I was sorta upset that you and Melissa went out on a date.” I say to him. “Well why? I like her a lot.” He says . “Yeah I know, but I just feel like there’s someone else maybe.” I say without looking at him.

“Well don’t you want me to be happy?” He asks sitting down next to me. “Yes but Jai.. I can’t explain.” I say shaking my head. “Just tell me. You can tell me anything.” He says touching my shoulder. “Jai I can’t because every time I try to you friend zone me.” I say. “What?” He questions.

“Jai you’re to blind to realize what’s in front of you” I say to him. “Y/n I’m confused with what you’re trying to say.” Jai says. “Jai how can you possibly go out with her. You saw how she just acted like I was not even there? And you forgot I was there too?” I say.

“Y/n I’m sorry that I forgot about yo-” I interrupt him. “Yeah please don’t apologize cause you always do.” I say getting up to walk away. “So you can just enjoy your date with her, I’ll be spending time with Luke.” I say Trying to walk away from him but he grabs my arm and pulls me back.

“What’s your problem? Do you not like me being happy? ” he asks. “Jai I’m in love with you.” I say tears threatening to fall. “You love me?” He says shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me I wouldn’t have gone out with her!” He whisper yells. “Jai because if I did you would’ve friend zoned me like you always do!” I yell.

“ you’re my bestfriend y/n, I don’t want to hurt you.” He yells back. “You hurt me already by flirting with her in my face and flaunting her around.” I yell. “I’m sorry y/n! I didn’t know. So you can’t fucking blame me!” He fires back.

“You think this is easy for me to see you fall for her? It hurts and this isn’t the only time. It hurts every time a girl catches your eye so you know what I’ll just try to move on.” I say trying to leave the room. He pulls me back again.

“I never said it was easy! I had to move on from you a long time ago because I fell in love with you the first day i met you!” He shouts. “The very first moment I laid eyes on you. I knew that you were going to be mine but it didn’t happen.” He says, his voice hushing down.

“You think it’s easy for me when I just found out that the girl that I fucking love the most in this world is hurting because of my stupidity? The girl that I can’t imagine a world without. That girl is you, it’s always been you no matter what anybody says it’ll always be you!” He whisper yells,his eyes widening in realization of what he had just said.

He turns around so he’s not facing me anymore and puts his hands in his face and let’s out a huge breath.

“Jai.. You love me?” I question. He turns back around and caresses my cheek. “Yes y/n I’m love with you. I always have been, I just hid my feelings because I didn’t want to break this friendship like you said. I didn’t mean to hurt you I’m sorry.” He says. He steps closer to me, closer and closer.

His lips are inches away from mine, he closes his eyes before resting his forehead against mine. “You drive me crazy. The way you smile, the way you laugh, they way you look at me. I’m head over heels for you.” He says taking his other hand and placing it gently on my cheek. My hands rest against his chest. “You take me to a whole new world and I can’t get enough of you.” He says.

“I just want to show you how much I love you, words can’t even explain how much I do.” He sighs. “Show me.” I whisper.

He pulls back slightly looking into my eyes before looking down at my lips. His eyes close and Slowly, he leans in and pecks my lips. He starts to kiss me passionately.

Our tongues move in sync together and The world stops. He breaks the kiss and looks at me. “I’ll be back.” He says before disappearing. I stand there dumbfounded and I sit on Luke’s bed. 5 mins later her walks in.

“Luke is taking Melissa home. I’ll have to explain every thing to her later.” He smiles. “Explain what.?” I ask. “That I finally got the girl that I’ve always wanted.” He says. He helps me stand up and he hugs me tightly. His face nuzzles into the crook of my neck.

“I love you y/n, I’m sorry for being stupid.” He says. “I love you Jai.”

Jackson Imagine - First Kiss

A/N - Thanks to the anon who requested this one! Sorry it took a little longer than expected to write but I hope you like it~ Keep on sending in your requests!

“Have you and Jackson actually ever kissed?” JB randomly asked, pausing the video game you were both playing. You were currently over at the Got7 dorm to surprise Jackson, your boyfriend, who had been busy all day with his schedule. Since you had to wait around for a bit, you and JB decided to have your usual gaming session. The question caught you by surprise because the truth was, despite the three or four months you had been dating, you and Jackson had yet to share a kiss. It’s not that you didn’t want to or you didn’t care about him. It was because you had never actually kissed someone before. Ever. You knew Jackson had dated girls before and kissed them so part of you was scared he wouldn’t want to date you anymore if you were a bad kisser. A crazy fear to have, but a fear nonetheless.
“Uh, no. We haven’t,” you admitted, not able to look him in the eyes from your embarrassment.
“Why not? You two seem to really like each other and you’re always spending time together. I’d have thought by now you’d have at least kissed.”
“Well, it’s because I haven’t actually kissed anyone before. I’m just nervous I guess.”
“Really? Never would have guessed.”
“Is that sarcasm?”
“No I’m being serious, (Y/N). You’re too pretty to not have kissed anyone before. Just saying.”
“Don’t let Jackson hear you say that or he might kill you,” you teased him before continuing, “now can we carry on playing? I want to finish this level before Jackson gets home.”

Later on in the evening, Jackson finally arrived home. You let JB answer the door so you could jump out and surprise him. As you waited behind the door, you heard their voices hush to a whisper. What was JB talking about that he didn’t want you to hear? Trying to ignore the gesture, you then peeked around the corner and smiled brightly at your boyfriend.
“(Y/N)! You’re here!” He shouted, running to hug you. His arms were wrapped around your waist and he easily lifted you up, spinning you around a little. You laughed at his excitement and returned the hug, burying your face in his neck. When the two of you pulled apart, Jackson leaned down to kiss you but you made sure to move slightly so you could kiss his cheek, not wanting to admit to him that you were scared to kiss him properly. When you saw the flash of disappointment on his face, you immediately felt guilty but tried to ignore that feeling when Jackson pulled you towards his bedroom.

You had been in quite a few times but never when you were alone. Jackson sat down on the bed and patted the space beside him, a serious look on his face.
“(Y/N), do you like me?” He asked, eyes wide with curiosity.
“Of course I do, Jackson. Why do you ask?”
“Because whenever I try to kiss you, you turn your head or make an excuse not to. If you don’t want us to date or anything then we can-”
“You stop right there, Jackson Wang. Don’t even think about finishing that sentence.” You sighed “Look, the reason why I turn away or make an excuse is because I’ve never kissed anyone before. I’m scared to in case I disappoint you or I’m not good at it or something.” Jackson took your face in his hands and looked you in the eyes.
“(Y/N), I don’t care if you’ve not kissed anyone before. I wouldn’t care if you’d kissed loads of guys. All I care about is you. Honestly I’m glad you haven’t had your first kiss yet.”
“Because I want to be your first kiss.” He gave you a sweet smile before leaning in a little. “Just say the word and I’ll pull away. I’m not forcing you into anything.”
“No, kiss me,” you whispered as he closed the gap between your lips. His lips were soft and warm against yours and the kiss was sweet. Jackson’s hands were still on your cheeks but they then slid to tangle in your hair, holding you close to him. 

When you broke apart, Jackson rested his forehead on yours. You bit your lip as you smiled at him. The kiss had been perfect. And now you craved more. You leaned in to connect your lips again but this time with more force and passion, wanting to make up for the months you had gone without kisses. You moved your hands to wrap around his neck as your lips moved in sync. Time seemed to stop when his lips worked against yours. Until JB walked into the room without knocking, making the both of you jump apart.
“Looks like I’m interrupting something here,” he said, looking at the blush on your cheeks and the tangled state of your hair. “I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it,” he added before leaving the room. “Don’t be too loud and wear protection!” He shouted from the living room, making your face turn even redder. Jackson just pecked your cheeks before saying, “want to be as loud as possible to annoy him?”

You Just Left

Request:  can u do an imagine where y/n lives in mystic falls and her and klaus had a thing and then he left to New Orleans and never said goodbye to her. and when he comes back and hooks up with Caroline y/n gets pissed and hunts him down and you can make up the ending :) thank you!!

a/n; Klaus is very popular in my inbox lately, haha yay!

Word Count: 313

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“I had sex with, Klaus.” I heard Caroline tell Elena, anger grew inside of me, not at Caroline but towards Klaus. “Hey, Caroline, do you happen to know where Klaus is staying?” I asked, she nodded and told me, in a heart beat I was gone. 

“Klaus!” I shouted, pounding on the door, seconds later the door opened revealing the same Klaus that I used to love. “So, you leave without a goodbye and then come back to hook up with my friend. How classy of you.” I scoffed, “Nice to see you too, love.” He responded with his normal amount of sarcasm. “Don’t ‘love’ me, you jerk. You made me think our relationship was going somewhere and then you just up and leave.” I snapped at him, all my built up emotions spilling out.

“You’re the one who told me you didn’t want to be with me!” He finally started to reciprocate the same feelings as me. “I was scared, Klaus! I loved you, I didn’t know what to do!” I shouted at him, everything fell silent after that. “I don’t love you anymore.” I assured, he watched me intently. “What if I love you.” He responded making my heart skip a beat. 

I shook my head, being stubborn. “You don’t, if you did you wouldn’t have left me like that.” I told him, he shook his head, inching closer to me. 

“I left because I didn’t want to tell you that I was leaving, I didn’t want to hurt you more.” He explained, I scoffed, “You left me heartbroken, that wasn’t supposed to hurt?” I remarked, making guilt flash across his face. “Here’s a newsflash, Klaus. It did hurt, it hurt like-” I was forced to stop talking when he kissed me, my lips instantly moving in sync with his. I melted into his touch, maybe we can figure something out.

All We Do - Trey Songz

[ you and Trey have been sneaking around for a while, and Trey is starting to want something more, but you were never really looking to commit to anything. ]

“I can’t keep sneaking like this, Y/N!” Trey shouted, I sighed, standing up from the couch, walking over to him. “You and me will never work out, you know I don’t do relationships.” I said,

Trey looked at me with annoyance, he gritted something. “Then what the hell have we been doing?!” He shouted, I rolled my eyes, walking towards him.

“We’ve been having fun. Or at least I’ve been having fun.” I said, “You’re one of the biggest RnB singers, I’m not about to give up my privacy, for some relationship that won’t last long.” I said,

Trey looked at me in disbelief. “You don’t think our relationship would last?” He asked, I shook my head no. “why would you think it ever could?” I asked, “Because, we like each other enough to make it work.” He said,

“You’re telling me that this whole time, this whole you felt nothing?” He asked, I sighed, I walked over to him grabbing his hands. “Tremaine, I’m so sorry.” I said, “I just can’t be in a relationship. It’s going to take me a while.” I said,

“Okay, I’ll wait for you until you’re ready.” He said, he grabbed my waist, pulling me closer. I shook my head, “Don’t wait for me, Trey.” I said,

He let go of me, backing up. He had frustration written all over his face. “I can’t believe you!” He shouted,

“All we ever do is fuck and make love!” He yelled, “How can you say, that you don’t feel the same way?” He asked, I sighed. “I’m sorry.” I said,

He shook his head. “Yeah, you’re sorry. I know.” He said, he rubbed his forehead, standing by the pool table. “If this is what you want.” He said,

“Let’s just stop whatever it is we had, and just continue as business partners.” He added, i nodded my head. “I agree.” I said,

Trey walked up to me, grabbing my cheek. We both looked each other in the eye, he leaned in slowly, and I did the same. Our lips touched, and we both moved in sync.

I pulled away, grabbed his hand. “Stop.” I said, I looked him in the eye. He backed away, he walked over to his jacket and keys.

“I’ll see you around.” He said, I nodded my head, slightly smiling. He opened the door, walking out. Leaving me alone. I sighed, walking into my bedroom.

It’s been a long day.

Modeling (Robbie Kay)

“Oh yeah!” Robbie said while getting up from the couch and rushing out of the living room. You paused the movie you were both watching, continuing to eat popcorn.

“What?” You asked curiously. Robbie came back to the couch with his camera that he never let you fool around with and his huge binder.

“I have an assignment for class, I almost forgot.” He opened his binder full of pictures and notes as he started working like there was no tomorrow.

“Okay well tell me when you’re finished so we can continue watching the talented Leo DiCaprio.” You said with a smile, it was within minutes that you ate the rest of the popcorn, oops. But you had no problem with just staring at him, it was intriguing how focused he was. When he noticed your stare he would blush and turn his attention back to his pen and paper. After he was done writing he muttered something then looked at you again.

“What’s wrong? Need help with something?”

“Ugh yes. Would you be my model Y/N?” You snorted making him laugh.

“Is that a yes?” He said smiling at you, his green eyes traveling to your lips.

“You’re serious?”

“Ugh well yeah this is due tomorrow Y/N.” Robbie rolling his eyes playfully.

“Oh, why not.” You said giving in. He grinned and got his camera.

“Don’t worry it’s not hard, wear your black dress you got last week and put your hair down.”

“No makeup?“ You asked before going to your room to change. He stopped his fast movements and looked up at you, blushing, again.

"You don’t need it.” You walked to your room with this strange feeling in your stomach, a nice feeling you’ve never felt before. It made you feel warm and happy. 

You slipped your dress on and put your hair down. 

"Robbie? Can you help me zip my dress?“

"Be right there!” He hollered, stepping inside somewhat hesitatingly. He spoke something under his breath while looking you up and down. You turned around so he could help you with your dress. His movements were slow, moving your hair to the side and zipping you up. Robbie paused and inhaled softly, breathing out from his mouth. His warm breath grazing your exposed skin making you tremble slightly. You cleared your throat turning in front of him in one quick movement. 

“S-so what do I do?” You asked nervously.

“Stand by the mirror.” He pointed, camera ready in his hands to take pictures. 

“This assignment is all about reflections, beauty, and lust. So look at me like I’m… Leo!” You laughed nodding your head, eyes not leaving his.

“Piece of cake.” You leaned up against the mirror staring at Robbie, head slightly tilted. He dimmed the lights slightly and flashes hit your eyes. You tried to look at Robbie with the look of lust in your eyes, starting to see black and white all around his green eyes, making your heart beat a little faster. You didn’t need to pretend he was someone else wonderful to look at him like this.

He muttered things like, perfect, good shot, and really quietly ‘absolutely beautiful’.

Robbie started looking fuzzy, pinpointed, like someone took a picture of him and drew circles all over the place.

Then he stopped, furrowed his eyebrows, put his camera down and looked at his feet. 

“Is something wrong?” You asked standing up straight. Feeling like you were going to fall over from dizziness, trying to see things with color and focus again. Soon feeling his hands around your waist and his lips pressed to yours. At first you were frozen but then you melted into the kiss, your lips moving in sync with his. You both stopped for a breath of air, panting heavily.

He said nothing, only looking at you like he was searching for something and the answer was plain in your eyes, except he was struggling understanding. 

“I love you.” You blurted out, not able to take that look of his any longer.

His eyes stopped searching, Robbie smirking and kissing you slowly again. 

‘I love you too.” 

12 Dates of Christmas; Part 10

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings.

Word Count: 2665

Warnings: You guessed it, FLUFF. Reader’s dad knows all. Only two dates left?! Also, the bridge in the gif is the bridge I pictured for where they go, except all done up with lights. In my mind, without all the stuff that happened in the show, they’d still be in Lawrence, which is a couple hours from where I live and the bridge is in my town but … just play along. 

Tags: @kbrand0, @daydreamingintheimpala, @growningupgeek, @illisea,@supernaturalfreewill, @always-noteworthy

As always, enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

After thirteen hours of sleep, you startled out of a weird dream, sweaty and breathing hard. You checked your phone; various messages from your father and youngest brother, and a few from Dean. You smiled at those, but your smile grew at the delivery confirmation from UPS. You’d been waiting too long for this package and had started to worry that it wouldn’t arrive by Christmas.

You dialed Dean’s number as you slipped out the front door and picked up the small box on the porch. You tore into it while you waited for Dean’s voicemail to connect.


“Dean? I didn’t expect you to answer. I’m sorry I slept for so long. Did I wake you up?” You lifted the item out of the box and inspected it; it was perfect.

“You didn’t wake me up, pretty girl,” Dean chuckled. “I took a nap after work in case you got up late. Still up for date number ten?”

You glanced at the clock. “At ten-thirty at night?”

“Probably eleven-thirty by the time you shower and whatnot,” Dean corrected. “But yes. I’m in if you’re in.”

You took a deep breath and shoved everything back in the box. “Pick me up in an hour?”

“Pick you up in an hour.”

You said a quick goodbye and raced for the shower, tossing your clothes off as you went.


Dean’s truck rumbled into your driveway, but you were out the door before he could come get you. He met you halfway between the truck and the porch; you ran into his arms, laughing when he picked you up off the ground and kissed you. Maybe it was the time of year, the time of day, or both, but the pair of you felt the giddiness of your late night date.

He helped you into the truck and jogged over to the driver’s side door. A hot cup of coffee was waiting for you, along with Christmas tunes filling the cab of the truck. You scooted to the middle seat and buckled yourself in, leaning your head on Dean’s shoulder.

“Thank you, for taking me out,” you smiled at him.

“Hey, we’re on a timeline. It was either this or fit two dates into tomorrow,” Dean teased. “Besides, this one is something we can do any time. And with less traffic right now, we’ll get to enjoy it more anyway.”

You sipped on your coffee and excitedly watched the scenery going by. Dean had told you that there was a very good light display at the bridge over the river, and the two of you planned to take a walk together while admiring the lights.

The air was nippy but the wind was barely blowing, so the cold temperature was bearable. Sipping on your hot coffee helped, but the best part of staying warm was being wrapped in Dean’s arms and leaning back against his chest when the two of you stopped to admire the lights as they moved in sync with the music playing over the bridge’s loud speaker.

“Can’t imagine being the one to set all this up,” you breathed. “It’s so pretty.”

“Not as pretty as you,” Dean whispered, kissing your cheek. “Y/N, I can’t imagine sharing all the stuff we’ve done with anyone else. When you told me what a nut you were about Christmas at that first date, I have to admit, I was a little worried. But you’ve made Christmas new again. I feel like a little kid again. I can’t wait to wake up Christmas morning and spend time with my family, then spend time with your family before we go back to Mom’s for supper. I’ll never look at Christmas the same again.”

You turned in his arms. “Me, either. Yes, I already loved Christmas, but you’ve made it ten times better. Having these memories with you … Nothing can replace that.”

He leaned down to kiss you, and you eagerly accepted the gesture. His tongue was warm against yours, his hands pulled you closer, and you never wanted to stop kissing him.


After spending some time at the bridge, Dean took you to a twenty-four-hour diner for late night breakfast. The two of you talked and laughed; you couldn’t believe you had only met the man fifteen days before. It was like you two had known each other forever. Each date tightened Dean’s grip on your heart, and you didn’t feel egotistical at all in thinking he felt the same way.

After your French toast and Dean’s massive breakfast burrito, the two of you still managed to finish off a banana split together.

“I’ve never met a girl who can eat like you, and without complaining at that,” Dean said proudly as the two of you walked back out to his truck. The wind was still tame, so you stood by the passenger door to face him for a moment. You looked up at the green eyes that were starting to become familiar, but at the same time, just as exciting as the first time you’d seen them.

“You know, I almost didn’t go on that first date,” you admitted. “I called Mandy like an hour or so before, and told her to call you and call it off. I panicked because I didn’t feel pretty, and I had no idea of anything about you, except that you were a mechanic and Mandy thought you were all right. I just can’t imagine what I’d be doing right now if I hadn’t gone to dinner that night.”

Dean smiled. “My guess is, you’d be home asleep because you wouldn’t have had to sleep that long to recover from taking care of my sick, pitiful ass.”

“You’re probably right about that,” you laughed, pulling him close by the lapel of his shirt. “My point is, I’m really glad I went. Even after know how pitiful your ass can be when you’re sick.”

“Come here,” Dean smiled, pulling you against his chest and propelling the both of you back against the truck. Dean’s kiss was deep and eager; your enthusiasm matched his. Were it not for the car of college kids who honked as they drove by, who knows how long you would have stayed in that parking lot with Dean.


When Dean dropped you back off at home, the kissing continued for a while in his truck. There was no one to interrupt you at two o’ clock in the morning in your own driveway. Finally, you made excuses about Dean having to be up for work the next day.

“Trying to get rid of me?” he teased.

You shook your head. “Definitely not. Just trying to keep myself under control.”

“Fair enough,” Dean said, kissing the tip of your nose. “Hey, wait. I want a picture of us before you go inside.”

You snuggled back up against him, your cheek against his and smiled into the camera. After that, you convinced him to snap one of the two of you kissing, then he took one more – a candid one of the two of you looking at each other after the kiss.

“Sneaky,” you laughed, climbing out of the truck and meeting him on the sidewalk. “You don’t have to walk me up, if you don’t want to.”

“I want to,” Dean promised.

Biting your lip and thinking it over for a few moments, you asked if he wanted to stay for a while longer. “I know you have to work in the morning, but I guess I’m being selfish. I’m not ready to watch you go.”

“I’ll make you a deal. I haven’t mentioned it yet because I didn’t know if it would be too much, but Sam and Jess are having a bonfire tomorrow night at their place. It’s kind of a Christmas Eve tradition. It’ll just be them and some friends, you and me if you want to go. You go to that with me, I’ll give up sleep tonight for you.”

You smiled inwardly; Dean didn’t know yet that you and Jess had been in touch via social media. She had helped you out with your idea for Dean’s gift, and you two had chatted here and there since then. You knew about the bonfire, but had made the smart decision to wait for Dean to ask you to go.

“Deal,” you smiled. “And I’m not asking you to give up sleep. Just to stay with me till I fall asleep. Because I’m tired and being needy right now.”

Dean laughed. “I suppose that’s allowed at two in the morning.”

You gave him your key so he could lock the door on his way out, put on your pajamas, and buried under the blankets of your bed. Dean made himself comfortable on top of the blanket, stretched out next to you, propped up with one arm and his free hand stroking your hair.

“That’s the quickest way to get me to fall asleep,” you yawned. “Thanks for staying, Dean.”

“If you haven’t figured out by now, I’ll take just about any excuse to spend more time with you,” Dean said quietly. He bent down to kiss your temple. “Sweet dreams, pretty girl.”

“Night, Dean.”

It wasn’t too long after that, you were asleep. You didn’t even hear Dean when he left, but when you woke up in the morning, you knew the thing that your heart was missing was him.


“Dad, I’m on my way. Slept too late, is all. I promise, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

You hurried out the door, making sure to lock the knob before pulling it shut behind you – then you quickly realized two things. One, you’d left your wallet on the coffee table in the living room. Two, Dean had your house key from locking you safely inside when he left hours before. Now you were running late to meet your dad for lunch, and your wallet would have to wait.

Need to get my key from you. Locked out of my house till then.

Want to come pick it up at the garage? We’re slow. You could meet the guys.

On my way to lunch with Dad. Pick it up after?

Sounds good. Here till 2.

Your heart fluttered at the very idea of seeing Dean, even for a quick meeting like getting your house key from him. You’d see him later that evening to go to Sam and Jess’s house for the bonfire, but just like he’d take any excuse to spend more time with you, you’d take any reason to see him outside of your plans.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?” your father asked over burgers at the burger place you two always met for lunch at.

“Well,” you started, taking a sip of your soda, “I’ll be over in the morning to do our usual Christmas morning stuff. Dean will come with me to Grandma’s for family Christmas, then we’ll go to his mom’s for their Christmas.”

“You sure it isn’t too soon to be doing Christmas stuff with your families together? Don’t you have like … eighteen more dates or something?”

You laughed. “Actually, we’re going to a bonfire at his brother’s tonight, and that’s date number eleven. All of our stuff tomorrow is date number twelve. Then we’ll decide if we’re going to go ahead and label this or not.”

“Right,” your father drawled out, rolling his eyes. “As if you haven’t both already decided.”

You couldn’t help but blush a little. “He’s a good guy, Daddy. You said so yourself. Isn’t it a good thing that I didn’t commit right away?”

He leaned forward on the table. “How many times do I have to tell you, Y/N, that as your father, I can see these things before you do? Maybe not so much in labels, but I think you’ve been committed to Dean since you met him. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After talking with him, I knew it was the same for Dean with you.”

It took a few seconds for you to decide if you wanted to share the next bit of information with your father, but the two of you were very close, and you had to tell someone to get it off your chest. “He told his mother last weekend that I’m the girl.”

Your father gave you the I-told-you-so look. “It won’t be too long, he’ll be coming to have the talk with me, I’ll bet.”

“Dad. Seriously. Let’s not get crazy.”

He took a breath and leaned back in the booth again. “You weigh too much of my relationship with your mother when you think about your own relationships, Y/N. She and I, it was different. We were really young and we thought love was going to conquer everything. We were wrong. You know better. I do think it’s good you didn’t label anything with Dean right away, but don’t let the fear of having a relationship turn out like mine and your mother’s did stop you from being excited about something that’s really right for you.”

You nodded, but didn’t say anything. You were too close to tears; talking about their failed marriage usually did that to you. You decided then and there that your father was right; you weren’t going to let anything hold you back from your relationship with Dean. You were going to put your whole heart into it, and it wouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. The man already held your heart in the palm of his hand.


Dean told you where to park out behind the garage so he could meet you to give you your house key after you had lunch with your father. He greeted you with a quick kiss at the door, then brought you inside the warm garage and introduced you to the other mechanics – one of them the owner of the garage – and even took you up front to introduce you to the guy who handled most of the billing as well as the younger girl who helped out with filing and taking payments and phone calls.

“She didn’t seem crazy about meeting me,” you mentioned to Dean as he walked you back to his station.

“She’s probably jealous,” he admitted. “That’s part of why I wanted her to see you, actually. Don’t want there to be any question about the woman I’m with – or will be with after Christmas.”

He winked at you, and you smiled back. You liked that he was making it good and clear to this girl where his interests were at. While Dean worked your house key off of his key ring, you took a look at the pictures on his toolbox. There was a picture of him and John when Dean was a boy, a picture of Sam and Dean with Mary, and, the newest picture of the three, the picture of the two of you that had sparked the issue with your ex.

“I keep it up there so when I’m having a rough day, I can look at it and remember what I have to look forward to after work,” Dean said.

“Except on the days I work.”

“I still get to talk to you on those days, though. Don’t ruin the point I’m making here.”

“Sorry,” you laughed, lacing your fingers through his before bidding goodbye to the other mechanics and walking with Dean out to your truck.

“Pick you up at seven for the bonfire?”

“Sounds good,” you confirmed. “Can’t wait.”

“Me either,” Dean smiled. “See you tonight.”

With a sweet goodbye kiss, Dean was headed back to the garage, and you were headed home to wrap his Christmas present and relax a little before the bonfire that evening. You’d wanted to tell him about the conversation with your dad, but the garage didn’t seem like the right setting. You could only hope that you’d still have the guts to open up about the conversation later on.

Date #11

Play That Sax

A/N: @cherrywhisp made me do it.
Rating: M


You couldn’t help but laugh along with her friends. It’d been a while since they were able to go out and enjoy themselves at the weekend and this was their chance to let their hair down. However, the genius stroke was allowing Penelope to pick the venue. Friday night at the old club was very special to her because it was karaoke night and the promise of forcing Derek and Spencer onto the stage was too pleasing to her.

You were glad that she’d asked you to join them, seeing as you’d made friends with them the last time you’d all met and you thought Spencer was kinda cute in an awkward and quirky way. So far you’d managed to avoid standing up on stage but eventually Penelope pointed out that it had been your turn for a while.

Flicking through the song list, you noticed a tune you’d grown fond of over the past few weeks, having heard it on the radio a few times. It was fun, upbeat and uptempo so you were able to literally make a song and dance of it, clapping and shaking your hips to the music. The lyrics came out of you in what seemed like the tune at the time, singing about turning men away unless they could play the saxophone well.

As you got into the flow of the song you gained confidence, starting to wander to the edge of the stage and sing provocatively to the group, much to their enjoyment and amusement. It wasn’t till you sung your hips along with the hook that you noticed Spencer was looking at you with a little more focus than the others but still with a smirk.

“Baby, baby, I’ve been waitin’ for the one to blow my mind…” you sang, glancing at him with a smile. He seemed to smirk even more with each passing lyric till the climax of “If you wanna hear me sing, if you wanna hear me sing, if you wanna hear me sing you better play that sax!” You didn’t know if it was just because you were looking at him as you sang or if there was some meaning he was taking from it but Spencer seemed to be amused and wasn’t hiding it nor was he hiding his enjoyment of it. Once you were finally off stage, flustered but laughing, you re-joined the group just as the final round of drinks arrived.

“Hey, I didn’t know you had that in you.” Derek joked.

“Had what?” You asked.

“Girl, you were working us from up there. Any more and Spencer might have needed a cold shower,” said Penelope, grinning at you, causing you to raise your eyebrows.

“It’s a song about liking Sax players, though,” you argued but Spencer shook his head.

“There’s a whole range of innuendo, about going all night, taking a deep breath, making her sing. The song is basically saying ‘you might be good in bed but I like guys who are good at oral sex.’” Derek all but spat his drink as Spencer finished his statement, which was a welcome distraction from how red you’d turned. “What? It is. Listen to it.”

“A’ight, Reid.” Derek smiled, stepping from his seat and pulling up his jacket. Penelope was in hysterics, having never expected to hear those words come from Spencer’s mouth. “Well, I gotta hit the road, my cab is waiting.”

“Oh, could I catch a ride?” Penelope asked, suddenly. “I’m on the way.”

“Sure,” he replied.

“You wanna come back with me?” She asked you but you shook your head.

“I need to go straight home; I have to pick up some stuff for the morning.” Penelope smiled and nodded, pulling her bag onto her shoulder.

Then it was just the two of you, sitting awkwardly and wishing that you’d wanted to take the cab with them. You tried desperately to think of something to say that wasn’t so dumb that he’d wish the same.

“So, can you play the sax?” You asked, instantly realising that it sounded like you too were using innuendo. “I mean, since you seemed to notice what the song was about.”

“I haven’t really tried it in a situation where I’d be rated on it so I couldn’t tell you if I can,” Spencer started, ignoring the awkwardness. “Though, I’m pretty good at controlling my breathing, so I’d probably be good at it.” You could feel your cheeks burning as your mind completely changed the context. The way his lips pursed as he answered and the way he tucked his hair behind his ear wasn’t helping.

“You should try it, it’s the only way to find out.” Why did you say that?

“You’re right, maybe I should,” he replied with the tiniest hint of laughter, making you unsure which context he was talking in.

“Well, if you do, I’d love to hear it.” Oh my God, Y/N stop talking.

“Well, I have a cab coming so unless you live nearby and feel like listening to Jazz, we’ll have to talk another time.” The smirk on his face sent a tingle down your spine as you remembered dropping Spencer off before being dropped off at your apartment the last time, knowing he lived near you.

“I wouldn’t mind some Jazz,” you replied, not knowing what you were talking about anymore but the feeling that you wanted whatever was at the end of this conversation.


The entire journey to his apartment building in the cab had been filled with talking in code, all based around Jazz music but the way he said things and the way his hand touched your thigh when he said he enjoyed feeling the music as well as playing or listening to it. By the time you got out of the car, you were looking at him with absolute desire and had no inhibition to make you hide it. When his apartment door opened you all but pushed him through it, flicking it closed with a hand as you too crossed the threshold.

No matter what control you thought you were taking, he reversed the roll as soon as the door was closed, taking hold of your jaw and kissing your lips hard. The feel of his warm, moist lips against yours was incredible, like you were finally getting something you’d been craving all night. Pulling him close, your hands moved up into his shirt, trying to waste as little time as possible but Spencer was already a step ahead of you. One of his hands had moved into your hair and the other was sliding down the front of your dress, teasing against your breast before moving further down to pull up against your thigh.

The feeling was insane, your knees weakened at the mere thought of where his hand was going but you so desperately wanted it there. You wanted more than that, letting him know with your nails dragged against his skin. His fingertips played with the edges of your underwear, frustrating you to no end and all you wanted was him in any way you could.

Suddenly, his other hand shifted and he gripped your hips, lifting you off your feet and moving you across the room to the sofa. Taking complete charge, he pushed you down onto the cushions and climbed onto you, his waist between your legs. His lips pressed against the soft skin of your neck as his hands slid your dress up your thighs, causing you to whimper lightly in anticipation of whatever he had in mind.

All of your hopes had been confirmed as he shifted his weight, sliding down so that his lips were at your breasts. His teeth dragged threateningly over your cleavage, sending shivers down your spine but it was his next movement that had you most excited.

His fingers pulled your underwear free as he slid further down you, dragging them down past your knees to your ankles before his hands slid back up to your hips, digging in his nails slightly. It was the last moment that you’d be able to object without any regret but your lips wouldn’t open, your mouth wouldn’t allow the words and your voice wouldn’t speak.

The thickness of his tongue hit you, sliding up to please you, forcing your back to arch and causing you to let out a stifled moan. The hands on your hips held tight, pulling you against his jaw as his tongue flattened and pressed before he let it circle you in a rocking motion.

“Oh my God, Spencer…” you gasp, sliding your hands down your own body to his hair, wanting nothing more than to pull him into you even more. Without intending to, your hips started rocking with him as he pressed his tongue into you, letting the tip flick upward. The nails at one of your hips dragged down, sending waves of pain pleasure through your body till his hand slid under your leg and up. You could feel him tease you with his fingers as his mouth pleasured you before slowly he letting his finger slip into you, moving in sync with his mouth against you.

“Don’t stop… Mmmm, yes…. Like that, yes…” The grip on his hair tightened as you rock harder against him, your breaths quickening and deepening with each motion. The feeling started to build quickly, much more quickly than you’d ever anticipated as your body started to shudder and your knees started to fail in rocking your hips till finally the pleasure exploded through your body with a jolt, forcing you to cry out. It felt like you were going to rip his hair out but the grip was only temporary as every single part of you weakened and your arms fell away.

Spencer climbed back up you, tucking his hair behind his ear again before he kissed you, letting you taste yourself on his lips and on his tongue. All that was going through your mind is how much you wanted him to do it again and how much you wanted him inside you but he was completely in control and you submitted willingly. Pulling away for a moment, he looked into your eyes as you smirked.

“You can play that sax.” Was all you could say before his lips pressed against yours once more to continue toward your night of passion.

The Dare: Tony Perry Imagine



*Y/N’s POV*

Today was the day I was finally seeing my best friends after their nine month tour. The boys from Pierce The Veil are my best friends. But one of them is a little more than a friend. Ha! I wish. My best friend Tony. I want to be more than friends with him but I would just make a fool out of myself.

 I did my hair in a messy ponytail. I put on my van’s and black skinny jeans. Just for laughs I put on a Pierce The Veil tank top. I got in my car and headed over to Jamie’s place. I was so excited. Nine months ago I thought that nine months would never end but here we are. I pulled into the drive way at 6:45 pm. I locked my car and walked up to the door. As I knocked on the door I heard some talking. Nothing important just some laughs and Vic screaming for no reason. The door opened and Jamie was standing there with a beer in his hand and a grin plastered on his face.

“Y/N!” He hugged me tight and I did the same. “We missed you so much!” I laughed.

“And I missed you guys!” I walked into his house and saw Mike and Jessica, his girlfriend with him on the couch. Vic was bringing a beer to his girlfriend Kelly. I said hi to Vic, Mike, Kelly and Jessica and hugged each of them. I looked at Jamie.

“Where’s Linda and Tony?” I asked. Linda is Jamie’s fiancé.

“Linda has the flu and Tony is in the backyard.”

“I think I’m gonna go say hi to Turtle.” I smirked. I walked to the backyard and saw him sitting on an old lawn chair with a beer in his hands. “Tony?” I whispered. He turned his head and smiled wide.

“Y/N!” He hugged me and kissed my cheek, causing me to blush. “I missed you so much.” I giggled.

“I missed you too, Turtle.” He chuckled. We went inside and had a few drinks. A few hours later one of the boys decided that we should play Truth Or Dare. We all sat on the ground in a circle. we went around till it was my turn.

“Vic, truth or dare?” I asked. He chuckled.


“I dare you to lick Jamie’s face.”

“That’s easy for him!” Jamie yelled. “It’s a punishment for me!” We all laughed.

“Oh just come here baby.” Vic said. He grabbed Jamie’s face and lick the side.

“Ew!” Jamie yelled, wiping off the spit with a blanket. “Y/N truth or dare?” He said hitting Vic’s arm.


He smirked and I got stiff and scared. “I dare you to kiss the turtle.” My mouth hung opened a bit as Tony and I blushed. “Kiss him. Maybe he will turned into a prince.” We looked at each other.

“Fine dickhead.” I mumbled. I leaned in and Toney did too. When our lips connected it was like heaven. I didn’t want to stop and neither did Tony. Our lips moved in sync until we heard someone clearing their throat. We stopped and looked at Mike. I knew it was that little bastard. He ruined our moment.

“It’s sad.” Jamie said.

Toney still blushing said: “What is?”

“He didn’t turn into a prince. Now we’re stuck with a tattooed, shy, sweaty guy.” Everyone laughed.

“I like turtle better than a prince.” I mumbled so only Tony could here. He looked at me and smiled.  

“It’s great to be home.” He whispered.

The Poison [Monster AU]

Take me with you.
Before I lose my mind, let me find a better road.
I’m poison, but you can be the cure.

He was barely awake when I found him. Muttering some words, bleeding here and there, tearing a little bit. He was dying. And I had to help him. I don’t know his name, but he is laying in my bed, wearing some old clothes I found. I don’t know where he comes from, but I can imagine. He is one of them.
Please… let me die. You are not safe with me” He whispered as I changed his bandages.
“You are already here” Part of me wanted to let him go, I wasn’t stupid. I knew they were looking for him but I couldn’t do it; something was connecting us. “We’ll leave before they find us, I know a place where to hide”
“Why are you doing this?” The silver haired boy looked directly into my eyes, he could barely keep them open.
“Because they took my brother. They did what they did to you. I’ve never seen Kris again” I breathed deeply, swallowing my tears.
“That’s my name” He closed his eyes.

I didn’t look into his eyes again after that night. I was too scared of feeling what I felt the first time I saw Suho. It was heartbreaking but it felt warm too, like after being broken, he would mend the broken pieces. 
“You know what they would do to you if they found us?” Lately we didn’t have enough silence, outside there was a revolution, people screamed, cried. Guns were fired, bombs were thrown at the government’s buildings. No one was safe, but as they were busy trying to calm the ‘monsters’ we had a little time to run, to hide. 
“They would give me the shots, the pills. Either I become one of you or I die” Just the thought made me shiver. I wasn’t scared of becoming one of them, I could be stronger, I didn’t think they were monsters. But what scared me was not being able to make it, surviving wasn’t easy.
“Please don’t worry… I’m here to protect you” He grabbed my hand, pulling me into the bed with him. He is much better now. His strength is back..
“…Why? You barely know me”
“That didn’t stopped you from saving me, girl” I knew I would eventually look up and find his eyes. He stroked my cheek and gently lifted my head a little, just enough for him to meet my lips. He knew I was scared but I also wanted it, I also wanted him to kiss me. 

The noise ceased, the clock stopped, my heart stopped. His soft lips was touching mine, moving in sync as his hands wander over my body. For weeks I tried to avoid touching him, I tried to just do what was necessary, clean his wounds and wait for him to heal. But I didn’t know how much I actually wanted to feel his touch, to feel that jolts of electricity as the space between our bodies became shorter. “I would give my life for you. I want to believe we were meant to be. If I was given these powers for a reason, I want that reason to be you. To protect you” His lips briefly brushed the nape of my neck while unbuttoning my shirt; there was no rush, it all went slowly, his hands didn’t rushed to undress me. It was like we both were enjoying every single moment we had together. We didn’t know when we were going to have another time like this, so it was to leave a tattoo in our minds, to remember it forever. Remember the love that saved us in those dark times.

A/N: Anon that requested a Suho monster au I’m sorry for taking so long! I hope you like it! I was a little bit inspired by ‘The Poison’ by The all american rejects. Xo, Admin A~

Request - Harley Quinn.

Word count - 1089

Warnings -  swearing, smut

Requests are open 

Summary - Imagine your and harleys first time.

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it.

Originally posted by queenc-x

You looked at your beautiful girlfriend, she was watching a movie, you were supposed to watch it with her but you couldn’t, her beautiful face was distracting you, her plump pink lips were begging you to kiss them, you were cuddling, her hand was resting on your hair, she started to smile.

“I can feel you looking at me.” She said, her eyes not leaving once the T.V, she smiled and you started to lift your body up. You wrapped your arms on her neck, letting her see the movie. You haven’t done anything yet, only you’ve made out with her, but today, you were ready, you knew that you could give her every single part of you. “I’m not looking at you-“ You started to say but you were interrupted. “Then why are your eyes glued to my face, if it’s not then, you are crazy.” She said, grabbing your hand. Your lips started to touch her neck, her skin against yours made you feel right, you sucked on her neck leaving a red mark.”–I’m admiring you.” You said and she giggled. You continued to kiss her neck and she rolled her head in desire, before pinning you down. “What are you doing to me?” She said, kissing you in every place possible. “I have no idea.” You said, before grabbing her head and kissing her, your lips moving in sync. “If we don’t stop then, fuck!” You said, being interrupted by yourself, her hand was against you, she was rubbing you slowly. “You have kept me waiting far too long.” She said, separating herself from her. “I’m sorry baby, but I want it to be special.” You said and she looked at you, smiling. She placed her hand on your thigh. “I know and I know that I may not do this to many people but I’ll wait until you’re ready” She said, looking at the T.V. You stood up and she looked at you curiously. “Let’s have a date night tomorrow after you hang out with Ivy okay?” You said wrapping your arms against her waist and she smiled. “Sure puddin’.” She said and kissed you before cuddling again.

You put on the last candle and looked at your dress again, it was red and you put your Y/H/C hair down, you were sure that Harley must like what you’re wearing. You see the door open and Harley came in, you saw Ivy starting to laugh. “Hey, don’t you want to share Harls?” She said, looking at you. Harley ignored her and shut the door in her face, smiling at you. “You look wow.” Harley said and you stepped towards her, smiling once again. “You look like that all the time baby.” You said and put your arms on her hips, she started to giggle. “Are we going to do what I think?” She said, smirking and put her arms around your neck. You smile and nodded. “So do you have a fancy dinner or something like that?” You shook your head and she giggled. “What? It will only delay us.” You said and she kissed your forehead. “Yeah, sure.” She said and kissed you, you got lost in her lips, you could spend days with her and not get bored.

She carried you into your bedroom that was filled with roses. “Take your clothes off baby.” You whispered in her ear and she took of her clothes until you were both in your underwear. You positioned yourself on top of her and you started to rub her, grinding slowly your hips in to hers. She moaned in to your lips and you smiled at the fact that you could pleasure your girl, you grinded in to her and you started to suck her nipples, she moaned and gripped the sheets. You both took off whatever piece of clothing that you were missing. She panted and kissed you again. “Are you sure that you want to do this?” she said and looked at you in worry. “I’m positive, I love you and I want to demonstrate it.” You said and opened her legs, giving you a good look at her, you licked your lips and looked at her, whimpering at her sight. You started to lick her, and she started to buck her lips so you had to put your hands on her hips and try to calm her down. “Fuck, baby you taste so good.” You said in her and started to bite her, she moaned your name which made you chuckle. You started to rub her clit with you hand and then you shoved two fingers inside of her and she moaned in pleasure, you started to pump them in and put at a fast pace. “Puddin’, I’m-“ She started to say but being interrupted by herself moaning. “Cum baby.” You said and cleaned her up, you kissed her and she could taste herself on your lips. “Now it’s my turn.” She said, grinding on to you. As you both touched yourselves, you moaned and she started to rub your clit, her cold hands made you flinch a little bit. “Are you okay? Did I do something?” She asked immediately and you pouted. “Yeah, you stopped.” You said and she smirked, she continued to rub you and grind her hips in to yours. She suddenly got up and put your thighs apart, she started to lick you and pleasure went all over your spine, she smiled and you looked at her blonde head, moving so you started to grind in to her face and she shoved one finger inside of you, you felt it, knowing that you were going to cum, but still had time to enjoy. “You feel so good.” She said and you moaned, bucking your hips, she smiled and you moaned. After a time, she shove three fingers and you smiled. “Baby.” You moaned and she started to lick harder, you just couldn’t take it and came, she licked your juices and cleaned you up.

“Wow, you have an amazing tongue.” Was all you could say as you came down from your high. She chuckled, kissing you and you could taste yourself on her. “I know.” She said and smirked. “Lots of people have said it before.” She said and hugged you, you opened your eyes and started to move away from her. “Get away from me you’re crazy!” You said, laughing and she looked at you. “Of course I’m crazy, crazy for you.” She said and you kissed her.


Request:  Hey I been waiting to request this since forever cause I keep forgetting that today is Monday anyways the boys are on a hunt and are in trouble. Then the reader who’s turns out is shy/insecure comes in all badass to save the day but the reader is wearing a hood so the boys think it’s a guy cause of the way they fought. And like she takes her hood off and her hair falls out like u see in the movies. The boys are in awe and want to hunt with her. Maybe a deanxreader. sorry if to specific

Request:  Hey, can you please do an imagine where Dean and the reader go out dancing to get information from a witness and the song, “Shut up and dance” by Stop the World comes on and they get a teensy bit distracted while the reader is singing along? I’m sorry if that’s too long btw! :)

Request:  Hey it’s Monday WOOHOO yas Ok can I have an imagine where you Dean go come back from a hunt and he confesses his love to you or some shit and then they kiss

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01. Closer

Blurb 01: Closer

Based off of Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Angst


Six Years Ago

 Harry stood by the back of the club, an almost empty glass of bourbon loosely clutched in his relaxed hand. The thumping bass from the music radiated through his bones and into his chest as he looked around the scene unfolding before him. Single girls, single guys, and couples grinded on the dancefloor, their sweaty bodies touching and groping. There was a steam that surrounded the place, a hazy fog that was sure to bring bad decisions. He finished off his bourbon with a satisfied sigh and began to make his way back to the bar to order another round for himself.

 You had been excited to go out tonight. Your week of job hunting hadn’t gone as planned, and you were aching to melt the stress away with a few drinks with your friends. You’d gone through two tequila shots so far and had just finished your first margarita. Both of your friends that you were with downed their fourth tequila shots and were beginning to stumble, their knees quivering underneath them. One of them looked at you and batted her eyelashes, “Mind grabbing us a few more, doll?” You obliged, but only because you wanted another margarita. You stood from the plush couch that had thousands of stories to tell and felt the blood rush to your head. After taking a moment to compose yourself, you headed to the bar.

 He hadn’t noticed you at first. In fact, he was really only focused on making sure he got a bartender to get his order. The bar had been more packed than he had anticipated and he was becoming impatient. Meanwhile, you grabbed an empty barstool and drummed your fingernails on the counter before sticking your thumb and forefinger in your mouth and giving a sharp whistle. A few bystanders quickly turned to look at you, but then removed their attention.

 Everyone except for Harry.

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Live a Little - Stiles Stilinski Imagine [slight smut]

-I hope this is okay anon, I apologise if it’s not what you wanted

Request: Maybe one where u tease Stiles and give him a lap dance and dry humping, thank you x

Warnings; light smut (all you can read in the request), light cursing, and extremely short, for which I apologise

Shortest imagine yet, i think


It had been a good say for you so far; got good grades, made a few new friends, received compliments for your smile and appearance from your friends who immediately realised you were in a good mood.

It started in the morning when your boyfriend arrived back from a trip with his friends, picking you up to go to school. Seeing his face after a few days of nothing, knowing him safe, immediately made you smile. From then on, nothing could have ruined your day.

Now, after Stiles dropped you off home, you had turned some music on in your room and were dancing while putting a few things away to make space for a movie afternoon. Singing along to your favourite song and dancing, the door opened and Stiles walked in, sitting in your desk chair while you put the last thing into the wardrobe and then closing it. He turned around to your desk where he had out his laptop, but he glanced over at you continuously, staring at your body and how it moved while you continued to dance and quietly hum.

“What?” you asked with a smile as he just shook his head and went back to typing but you got an idea, grabbing the back of your desk chair and turning him around. He looked up at you, surprised and a little annoyed that he couldn’t finish typing his sentence, but once you started moving against him, he didn’t seem to mind. On the contrary.

His hands slid to your hips, following your moves as you pushed your back into his lap, slowly getting up while he pulled you closer, chuckling a little. “Are you serious right now? We don’t have time-“

“Come on Stiles, live a little,” you told him, straddling his hips while his hands wound around your waist, pulling you closer before you lowered your lips to his, kissing him roughly, telling him what you wanted. He seemed to realise once your hips started to move back and forth on his jeans, making him smile into your kiss before you pulled back, leaving him panting and wanting more, but you gave him at least some of it, continuing to dance in front of him, your body touching his in all the necessary places - at least for him - while he watched you. He’d never been given a lap dance before, but he was thoroughly enjoying how you touched him, your hands pulling your hair form your face as your butt moved against his crotch and you couldn’t hep but smile as he let out a few light groans as you began to turn him on more and more.

Before you even realised, you weren’t even dancing anymore, but instead, you were pulled onto him, your mouths and tongue mixing so you didn’t even know what belonged to who as his arms embraced you, putting you chest to chest, not even caring about the music being loud. However, you did have it in the back of your mind as you started to move on his thigh again, feeling his moan vibrate into your mouth as he pulled back leaning his head on the backrest of your desk chair from the different movement.

“Holy shit, why do you do this to me?” he asked, his voice lower and laced with some feeling you had a hunch you knew, but it sounded a lot more like shock.

“Fuck, Stiles, is that necessary?” you asked, your head pushing into the crook of his neck from the pleasure the friction was sending up your spine in sync with your pulse.

You didn’t stop moving as he continued to let out sounds, and soon you joined him, so he tried to silence you with another heated kiss as your hands kept you close to him by holding onto his hair and his hands took a wander around your torso, sometimes pressing you further into his legs as his hips also started to move a little, not wanting to be left out while he climbed his legs together, letting you grind down on his crotch and his hands held your butt, constantly moving with it and guiding you as you both panted loudly, him helping you speed up once both of you felt some kind of intense burning feeling to let go. Which he managed to do, leaving a wet spot around the zipper of his jeans, making you slow down and look down at it.

“You’re not there yet,” he breathed out.

“Then help me get there,” you whispered into his ear and he happily oblige, picking you up by your thighs and putting you onto your bed, immediately going to undress you while you helped to rid him of his clothing.

Let’s just say that your previous activities were nothing until that moment, when he had you squirming and moaning under him, constantly granting you with light pecks and oen mouthed kisses along your skin while you came undone.

- This was really quick, and I’ll happily rewrite it if you expected more, which I would totally understand, but I had a little trouble with it because of sudden writer’s block, so I can try again tomorrow if you want, just send me a message, I’ll hapily do it again :) -



“I wanna go hoooome,” you groan. Jane turned grinned at you, her hands mindlessly and expertly adjusting the books on the shelf.

“Scott will be here in a bit, right?”

“I- uh yeah, he will,” you sighed and Jane smiled at you sympathetically.

“You know you’ve gotta tell him sooner or later,” she said. “I know.” was your only reply, until you said, “But it’s hard, you know?”


“If I tell him it can go one of two ways. One, he shares my feelings and we live happily ever after, or two, I fuck up our friendship and we never speak again, move on, and live the rest of our lives.”

Jane shrugged. “Well you’ve gotta tell him sometime.

“Yeah, I guess,” you waved your hand passively, “I’ll tell him… eventually.”

“Tell who what?”

You whirled around to find yourself looking into the beautiful blue eyes of the love of your life/best friend/Scott McCall.

“Oh, nothing,” Jane jumped in, coming to your rescue, “Just that Y/N finds our manager unbelievably attractive and wants to fuck him.”

“Jane!” you exclaimed, turning to glare at her, but silently thanking her with your eyes for the interruption.

“I-oh,” Scott said, looking uncomfortable and slightly dejected, “Um, right, so let’s go?”

“Oh, yeah, let me just clock out.” You scuttled away, glad to be out of the awkward situation. You placed your name tag in the drawer and clocked out.

“Let’s go.” You hooked your arm into Scott’s as he replied with a ‘yeah.’ “Bye, Jane!” you  called over your shoulder, walking out of the book store.

“Bye, Y/N!” she yelled back, “Good luck!”

You and Scott walked in silence for a bit before he blurted out, “Do you really think your manager is attractive?” You chuckled.

“I mean, yeah, he is,” you reasoned, “undeniably hot, but he’s kind of a douche.” Which was only half true.

Andrew, with his raven-colored, wind-swept hair, green eyes, and black rimmed glasses was probably one of the most beautiful human beings on the planet (present company excluded, of course). But he was also very sweet and friendly and kind to everyone, but you didn’t tell Scott that.

“Oh, ok,” Scott huffed.

“Awww, is someone jealous?” you stopped walking to face Scott, “Don’t worry Scotty, I won’t let him take up all my time like you do.” You gently ran your fingertips through his hair.

“It’s not that I’m jealous - well, ok, I am,” he started, “I-I just- I don’t know.” He sighed dejectedly, looking away.

“Scott,” you whispered, turning his face towards you with a touch of your hand, “What-what is it? What’s wrong?”

“I-I-,” he broke off, running his hands through his hair, “I-I can’t.” That’s how you knew he was upset, frustrated, and stressed. He couldn’t  form his thoughts into words. Which meant he would have to find some other way to show you. Which also meant-

You didn’t have time to finish your own train of thought due to the fact that Scott had grabbed your waist with one hand and pulled you to him. Your lips collided and it was unlike anything you ever experienced before. And it was wrong, oh it was so wrong, and you knew it. But his lips were so soft and so needy… And you wanted this. You wanted it so bad, for so long. You couldn’t stop.

Scott’s lips moved in sync with yours, fitting together like puzzle pieces, as if they were made for one another. One hand was tangled in your hair while the other was locked firmly around your waist, keeping you from moving.

Just as you brought your hands up to wrap around his neck and tangle in his hair, Scott pulled away. You were out of breath and unable to speak, the two of you, but Scott was still able to get two words out.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. With that he turned around and ran.

“Wait! NO, Scott!” you called after him. Your voice fell to a whisper. “Scott,

Come back.

Don’t go.”

part 2??