stop moving bird


[my own prompt]
Paring: Spencer x Reader
Contains: Spencer’s beautifulness in detail.
Warning: none. :3 (I think.) •~•

Imagine: you drawing a mysterious man playing chess by himself. ((If you can’t draw to save your life like me, just pretend! That’s what these imagines are all about after all.))

You sat on a park bench, sketch journal in front of you. ‘What should you draw?’ The question kept festering in your brain, the voice getting louder on your head.

Squirrels? No. It has been done before. Plus the little rats won’t stop moving. Birds? No, they’d fly away. You angrily blew a strand of hair that had fallen in your face.

Your gaze fell on someone you hadn’t ever seen before, or you would’ve remembered.

Brown eyes, deep and dark, complimenting his pale face. His pink lips were being bitten, his eyebrows furrowing in concentration. Even though he was sitting, you could tell he was tall, and even though he was wearing a button-up blue shirt underneath a sweater vest consisting of a scale of browns and a random pattern, it did little to cover his strong arms.

He was leaned over, sitting on a ledge built on a knee-high hill, playing chess…by himself?

You shook your head, grabbing your small pack of freshly-sharpened pencils. You started drawing him, the mysterious Adonis. Every brown curl and eyelash being noticed in great detail.

The bend of his fingers, milliseconds before deciding his move with the game pieces. The bend of his eyebrows, the teeth that slightly showed as he bit softly on his bottom lip. It all worked perfectly together and showed up wonderfully on the thick paper.

You sighed contently, checking the shadowing and crisp lines, looking as if you had taken a black and white picture and pasted it onto your book.

As you looked at it, it felt to intimate. No, you couldn’t kept this. You wanted to give it to him, know the name that matched the face.

But when you looked up, he was gone.
Third Person POV

Spencer was an FBI agent, please! He knew when someone was watching him. He noticed a girl, quite beautiful, with bright/dark wide/small y/e/c (your eye color) and long/short light/dark h/c (hair color) hair.

He noticed her posture, relaxed. She had a pencil and sketchbook, and after a short second, he realized that she must be drawing him.

He felt kind of flattered, but a blush did crawl up his cheek. He wasn’t doing anything special, just playing…chess. Gideon memories flashed through his mind. He continued playing again, finishing rather quickly. He looked back up at the girl.

Pale/dark skin, long/short legs, full lush lips. Oh, she was beautiful. He couldn’t deny it.

His phone buzzed, knocking him out of his daydream. It was Hotch, as usual, telling him to come into work. He sighed, wishing to talk to her, see the drawing, know the name that matched the beauty she possessed. But, he couldn’t.

He set his phone down on the ledge, packing up the chess board and walking off.
Your POV

You ran up to where he was, looking frantically around, sighing frustratedly. You turned around to leave and were face to face with him, causing you to gasp and jump slightly.

He smiled softly. “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.’ He pointed to where you had been sitting. “I saw you drawing me. Mind if i see it?” You blushed and nodded.

“Yeah! Yeah, no-I, well the reason I came over here was to give you the drawing.” You stuttered, handing over the sketch pad. “Sorry I if invaded your privacy.”

He looked at it in awe, scanning the paper. She had gotten so many details, but it didn’t look crowded. She had made the chess game seem like a beautiful metaphor instead of a sad memory.

“No, it’s really good. I’m Reid, Spencer Reid.” It was a perfect name. It absolutely fit him.

“Y/f/n y/l/n.” He looked at you, tearing his eyes away from the drawing.

“Can I keep this?” He asked hesitantly, and you nodded.

“Just let me take a picture of it.” You snapped a few pics on your phone, placing it inside your purse.

“Can I give you my number?” He asked quietly. A big smile spread across your face.

“Absolutely.” He gave you a business card from the FBI. (Do they have these?) and you two talked for a few minutes u till Spencer remembered what he had come here for.

“Can’t get your call if I don’t have my phone.” He smiled again. “Bye y/n.” He waved as he started walking down to the train.

“Bye Spencer.”

Bendy was taking a stroll, he held a small basket as he walked, he was smiling happily as he walked. He stopped when he saw a bird tangled in some plastic, gasping he walked over the bird. The bird started to panick, getting even more tangled. “Oh de-dear! Don’t move around like that, you’re getting even more tangled. Let me help you.” Bendy’s voice was soft and calm, the bird stopped moving and stared at the demon. Bendy gently picked the bird up and carefully untangled the plastic. Bendy freed the bird, he smiled as he creature shook it’s bird and looked up at Bendy. The feathery creature nuzzled his hand and chirped at him before flying away. “You’re welcome, but be careful little one for now on!” Bendy smiled softly as the bird flew away chirping.


My heart is unrestrained
Ruled by emotion
Swamped with emotion
Sometimes drowning in it
My soul is restless
Seeking fulfillment
Looking for completion
My mind never stops moving
Like a humming bird
Thoughts vibrating
A constant noise
But this place
The join of these two walls
Creates a space
A void
A silence inside
Where all that exists
Is the presence of my body
Skin muscle bone
And the presence of you
You have given me peace
And a tether
An anchor
Binding me
Holding us together