Short film “Vincent”, is Tim Burton’s very first stop-motion animation film made in 1982. The 6 minute film is based on a young boy named Vincent, who daydreams and fantasizes about being his hero Vincent Price. The short film is also narrated by horror legend, Vincent Price. 🖤

Interesting Tidbits from the Director’s Commentary for “Kubo and the Two Strings”

1. Kubo’s eye is indeed missing. It’s gone.

2. The monkey netsuke is a family heirloom.

3. Sariatu is holding her power in reserve for the day she’ll have to protect Kubo. That’s why her health and mental state are continuously deteriorating. 

4. Kameyo is Kubo’s one friend in town. His one friend. 

5. Kubo’s hair is actual human hair combined with silicone.

6. Puppets sweat. The silicone’s oils seep out of the surface under the heat of the lights. They have to be patted down occasionally.

7. Kubo was born in the Beetle Clan Castle.

8. When the Moon King attacked Hanzo’s fortress, he was aided not only by the Sisters, but also by his own army.

9. The Moon Beast’s design is supposed to be evocative of the constellations in the sky.

10. Confirmed: The villagers do indeed love Kubo.

11. The little images that appear in the margins of the end credits are meant to make it feel as if Kubo’s story is an old myth.

12. “Kubo is meant to be something of an Orpheus figure – a boy gifted with divine music who could coax rocks and trees to dance with the beauty of his work.”

I̵̡͈̟͇̻͙̮̿̀̄̉̌   ñ̗͖͓̤̹͚̖̌͑̑̚͢ē̢̨͖͓̱̹̣̜͆̔͂̂̈́̌́ṽ̸̮̗̦͕͇͒̄̎̕e̳̩̻̠̠̫͒͐̐̀̽̕͞r̴͓̥̖̙̭͋̀̒̊̾̓͒͝  l̸̢̯͕̩̞̻̪̗͇͑́̏͆̆̅̐̒̕͘͟e̷̜̬̟̠̼̙̒͋̎̀̎͞f̡̻̠̹̹͆̎̇́͗͗͠ţ̷͈͍͇͉̪̍͋̓̄̇̀͝.̶̡̖̭̦̱̺́͊̉̾͊̔.͕̥̥̜̾̇͆͆͘͢ͅ

(another stop-motion Anti experiment, thought tracing paper would be helpful in making a glitch effect. :) )


Check out the teaser trailer for Aardman’s Early Man (2018)!


Stop Motion Puppets as explained by Head of Puppetry at Laika, Georgina Hayns


✨☁️WIP of our new workshop in Stop Motion !☁️✨ Soon a new film ! And new gifs of our little baby TOMOO ! Can’t wait to show you this little man moving!

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