stop messing with my ships

Guys, I think Harry messed up

The Amortentia part. When he smelt the flowery waft from Ginny. Of course, it does smell different to all the people, but it was never specifically told that two people cannot have the same smell. Basically, what Harry smelled was the shampoo that was used by both Ginny and Draco. He just never bothered to go that close near Draco, and misunderstood that Ginny was his soulmate.

That explains our universal hatred of the epilogue.

When people mess with your ship

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Why Klance works

- Lance helps to ground Keith and logically keeps him from making bad decisions. Keith gives Lance a challenge, something worth fighting for.
-broken people attract
-both try to hide what they are really feeling but it’s still super obvious
-honestly, the banter alone
-they might ‘hate’ the other but on multiple occasions we have seen them worried for the other
-it’s fucking cute
-what goes better together than fire and water?

I’ve had a lot of massages about this so I know a lot of you wanted it.

Well you got it.

This is a fun little chapter for you, still canon, it’s not a joke, it’s real but it’s for enjoyment and a bit of relationship angst. And in the next chapter we’ll head back into plot.

I prefer this Mistress to flower-power-post-Alice-sex mistress and I feel that this is more of her real character and would be more fun to play around with.

Right, I might be away for a while because of University work starting again but I wont be gone. You should know that I still wanna do this but I have a lot of stuff going on outside and inside my head that needs to be sorted first! But I will see you soon!

Anyway, enjoy!



*Without warning, one of the walls of the Warden’s office explodes as a pink blur smashes through it. Anyone who spends enough time in Superjail would assume Jailbot had just entered the room in the way he usually does, but this crash was caused but someone with a lot less respect for Superjail than Jailbot. Someone with enough disrespect for Superjail to neither clean it up or apologise for the mess they’ve made. As the crumbling wall topples to the floor and the debris begins to settle, a small, bright pink spaceship lowers itself into the room. And after the doors have opened, letting a gust of white smoke out as if revealing a celebrate behind a curtain on stage, a gorgeous, middle-aged woman, dressed in pink and yellow, steps out of the spaceship looking up in spirits, her dominating aura already beginning to fill the room and make a statement by her loud, high-heeled, hot pink books clopping against the small steps of the ship for all to hear. This woman, this Mistress, has nothing but a devious grin on her face.*

Mistress: Oh Warden!~ *She holds a riding crop and slaps it up and down in her palm a few times as she calls out* Where are you hiding?

*Sharice, her smaller and timid assistant,is scuttling behind her in her little heels as her boss takes large strides into the room.*

Warden: *Was stacking tiny animals on his desk, but when she comes in the entire pyramid crumbles and he’s left holding a tiny tiger he was moments away from placing at the very top* Goddamnit!! *Straightens up with a childish stamp of his feet, but when he actually sees that it’s the Mistress who just spoke he yelps, takes off his hat, smooths back his hair and then replaces it on his head* The Mistress! Don’t you look lovely this evening~ *Clasps his hands together with a smarmy smile. He sounds like he just wants to appease her and get her the hell out. He hates her but is also very intimidated and attracted to her.*

Mistres: Yes I know *Walks over to his desk and gives him a ‘friendly’ smirk* I’ve had to make an emergency stop for my ship to refuel, it seems that Sharice messed up in the fuelling process. *as she speaks, she takes a snobby look around the office, running her finger across the office desk to inspect the cleanliness of it and shooting a few critical looks at some of the Warden’s design choices.* Anyway, she’s been demoted to cleaning up a few of the girls’ prison cell’s for a while, see if that gets her to pay attention a little more. *She doesn’t even speak as if Sharice is in the room, despite the woman being right next to her. She doesn’t have to ask, she knows that the Warden will help her out because he wants her to leave as soon as possible.*Also!! *She slams her hands on the desk in false excitement* I thought I’d drop by, as a little friendly visit to see if the rumours are true!

Warden: *He’s aware of the first thing she said about needing to refuel here, but he (and the mistress, clearly) is much more interested in discussing the later thing she mentions. She knows anyway that Warden will help her refuel without even having to respond to that, he wants her got ASAP and they both know it. He sighs with over-the-top tiredness as he sinks forward, then straightens up and turns around with a dismissive hand wave to face out the window.* Yes I’ve started dating again. I know it’s all very incredible that such a prestigious and busy man as myself has found time for a social life. *Has no idea that she might have heard more than that* *Looks over his shoulder with a slightly more sleazy grin. He doesn’t want her- he’s actually been very, very loyal to Oncie and has no thoughts about ever cheating on him- but because they’ve slept together he’ll always slightly flirt with her. Almost just to remind her that it happened and she can’t take it back.* Jjjjealous?

Mistress: *Lets out a slight giggle* That all depends on what HE looks like *Cackles and brings up her hands to make speech notes* I didn’t just hear that you were in a “relationship” *then she places one fist on her hip and points at him while leaning over a slightly* It’s a man isn’t it?~ *taps her finger on her chin as she makes an over-played thoughtful expression* For some reason, I wasn’t that surprised.

Warden: *Lets out a slightly appalled huff and stands up rigidly straight, turning around and pointing back at her* I’ll have you know that my Superjail is an equal-opportunities establishment! *Thumps the desk, mostly just posturing for the sake of not losing face* I won’t have you come in here and imply that my relationship with him is any less important or… *circles his hand in the air for the word, momentarily breaking his little rant* significant than any other! Why, the very thought!  *Now, while this is all just him trying to look in control in front of his arch-rival, he does believe what he’s saying- for all his incredibly huge faults he’s a surprisingly tolerant person. It could just be that he’s too clueless to see any differences. But right now he’s not giving a damn about ‘tolerance’ and ‘equality’, he’s just trying to look like he knows what he’s doing* … And hey?! What do you mean 'not surprised’?!

Mistress: *Straightens back and places both hands on her hips* Well, I’ll just say that from what I’ve known, you’ve always been rather… *twist her hand on her wrist* Oh, how shall I put it? *makes a wrist flicking gesture at him* Fay and… flexible, you know. Anyway!~ *hops a little closer to him* Now, that’s very sweet, I’d like to meet this new toy of yours, do you keep him in a cage? Or do you prefer to use a collar? *Maybe the only reason why she is doing this is because she’s jealous. Not for the Warden, she wants nothing to do with him, but she is in competition with him and it’s always nice to see your competition fail at something. Interested enough to want to know what kind of person the Warden is with and hope that it’s a vile, ugly, fat hag of a person so she can feel better about herself and laugh at him again. But of course, when she got the news that the relationship was a little more interesting than that, well, she just had to see for herself and cause some trouble. *

Warden: *Slaps his own chest* I am all man! *Moves on from the conversation when she does, and leans back when she hops closer. But he refuses to actually take a step back because that would show weakness* W-well fine! Fine! *Flicks out his hand and presses a button on his desk for the intercom* Jared! Tell the Once-ler I want to see him in my office! *Sounds pissed and bossy, with a short growl in his voice that makes Jared immediately go on to page Oncie and have him sent in.*

Sharice: *Is totally just standing in the corner, hugging a clipboard to her chest. She doesn’t dare get between the two velociraptors currently trying to dominate one another. But hearing Jared’s voice does make her look up a little and start to edge to the doorway. She’s here- she wants to see him.*

Mistress: *Her eyes widen in realisation and she pulls back a bit in slight surprise* “The Once-ler?” Isn’t he that fellow who made something, and then did something and then- *twirls her hand on her wrist* I can’t really remember. *points at him* But I do recognise the weird name.

Once-ler: *He walks into the Wardens office, as if on cue. It seems that Jared gave him the message as soon as Warden called for him and rushed Oncie over as soon as he could. The lad is in his causal business wear; his shirt tucked in, gloves, tie and black trousers, with his sunglasses positioned above his head and suspenders. He sounds like he’s been interrupted and isn’t at all flustered by the Warden’s yelling to Jared, he just assumes the Warden needs him for something and is making a big deal over something small as usual. * You sound desperate, what is it?

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Okay Lana, stop messing with my Kalagang ship, the whole christmas special you were blue balling us with Kala and Wolfie’s interactions! But I did some investigating because as I watched the Christmas Special again and again this scene struck to me the most (first photo).. so I was like “wait this scene looks familiar!!!” So i went to youtube and searched for the season 2 sneak peek photos and BAM!!!!!!! WOLFGANG IS THERE BESIDE KALA with the same background, Kala wearing the same earrings and lingerie!!!!!! Idk bout u guys but im shipping so hard right now talk to me please so I won’t have to wait in vain until May 5th!!!


Lets check in on my ships today shall we?
  • Jonnor: Broken Up
  • Calzona: Still Divorced
  • Clexa: Dead
  • Emison: HAHA YOU WISH
  • Adams/Foster: Still Fighting
  • Swan Queen: Sexual Tension
  • Everything seems to be normal.

YO it’s so crazy how some people find “the one” so young like wtf it’s good and all but scary like you can mess it up so quickly cause we’re young like idk life is weird man. If I find “the one” at my age then I hope I just play it cool and don’t fuck things up because nobody wants to lose a good thing in their life. And you may not see that person ever again.