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Richard grabs his scalpel away from the soldier. "Please stop messing with my stuff... I am trying to heal you..." (((ask-disabledmedic)))

“Sorry…I always found medical was intriguing, ” the RED was sitting on the the Gurney. The RED had his arm scratched from today’s battle..well not nessarily scratch ed but, had lost his forearm.


Bad Moon Rising

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Overwatch was full of the outlandish, odd, and the freakish.

This unkind analysis floated through Hanzo’s mind as he slowly traversed the Gibraltar base, sharp eyes documenting all the twists and turns of the compound and tattooing it into his memory. They had a sentient gorilla scientist, a time displaced Brit, an omnic who fancied himself a monk…

And now a failed yakuza brother-killer joins their ranks.

And yet, there was the scent of something else in the air. His dragons sensed it - an other kind of sensation that hung in the corridors like smog over Tokyo. It wasn’t unpleasant, per se, but it wasn’t welcome either. And it was always centered around that Yank with the ridiculous costume.

He stopped in the mess hall, eyes critical.

what she says: i’m ok

what she means: i need to know more about the characters in the girls like girls music video. when did they meet? how did they meet? what do they identify their sexualities as? who came out first? have either of them come out? is this the first time they’ve both had feelings for another girl? who realized they had feelings for the other first? what will their friendship/relationship look like moving forward now that they kissed? there IS SO MUCH WE DON’T KNOW

You know I haven’t seen anyone point this out but someone probably has… You can see from the Journal entry about the gnomes that Stanford has no idea what’s under the gnomes hats. 

And apparently the need to see what is underneath drove him a little nuts to the point where he ALMOST LOST  A BODY PART trying to see under the hat

This would lead one to assume the gnomes never take their hats off, right? That this is some big deal to them that their hats never come off their heads, right? That no one can ever know what’s under them, right?


 I’m pretty sure the gnomes were just fucking with Ford that whole time on purpose