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okay so today was pretty GREAT 

I finally got to meet one of my absolute fave human beings in the entire world and he was the sweetest and most beautiful sunshine ever 

I honestly love this man more than anything and to finally meet him irl was just unbelievably emotional, I don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet

(please excuse my face and my hair, i was NOT prepared for meeting the most beautiful person to ever walk this earth today so I look like a complete mess, but that’s okay because I have finally met Gregor and I couldn’t be happier)

Can we have the real Peter Parker back? Because the one we’re getting in Homecoming IS NOT HIM!!

Marvel literally took away every single thing that made Peter the person he is!! The thing that made Peter so relatable and likable in the first place was that he was just like the kids who read comics: scrawny, nerdy, unpopular, bullied, and smart. This version of Peter seems to take away most of those aspects of his characterization which by the way has pretty much stayed the same since he first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August, 1962. The only thing I’ve seen of this version of Peter that’s the same is that he’s in high school!!

And to top that off they completely glossed over the fact that Uncle Ben’s murder is what has ALWAYS driven Peter to be a hero. Instead ya decide to replace it with Peter wanting to be a hero JUST TO PROVE IT TO TONY STARK!! What kind of motivation is that anyway? He already had all the motivation he needed WHEN HIS UNCLE WAS MURDERED!! I also get the feeling that we won’t even see Uncle Ben’s murder in the movie since its implied a bunch of time has passed and Peter is totally over it by now…

Back to the characterization thing though WHERE IS FLASH?! Flash Thompson? Peter’s biggest high school bully? Seems like they cut him out as well which makes no sense because a lot of Peter’s interactions with Flash helped shape the hero, and man, he became. (Also where in the fucking world is Mary Jane? Peter meets Gwen in college so it makes sense that she’s not there.)

NONE OF THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH TONY STARK THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! If y'all wanted to go with some father-figure/mentor thing Stark is the completely wrong choice! You messed it up in the first place when you had Peter on Stark’s side in Civil War so I guess y'all had to stick with that horrible decision but my point is Peter Parker wouldn’t mentor with Stark and vice a versa… Having Peter mentor with Steve makes a hell of a lot more sense and if y'all remember the first Civil War comic arc after playing for both sides PETER SIDES WITH STEVE IN THE END!! Steve even delivers that beautiful speech, that you gave to Sharon in the movie, to convince Peter to do the right thing. (Still pissed you took away Peter’s important role in that storyline by fucking up the plot so much!!)

Vulture… That’s the villain you decide to go with? Out all of the villains Spidey faces you pick Vulture? Ok well most were taken by all the other Spider-Man movies but what about Chameleon? Mysterio? Black Cat? Carnage? Kraven the Hunter? Shocker? Jack O’ Lantern? Crime Master? Mindworm? Beetle? Jackal? Nope. You picked Vulture and of course you’re gonna change his origin story… Adrian Toomes, assuming y'all keep his name, was a Stark Enterprises employee fired for some stupid reason and retaliated by stealing the flight suit. Gives him a great connection to Iron Man… One that he never had thank you very much!! (It could be a set-up to have Peter fight the Sinister Six but I doubt that.)

And what’s up with the whole “Vulture trying to get Peter on his side” thing? Yeah, yeah, yeah, villains do that a lot with the young impressionable sidekicks but… Hey!! PETER ISN’T A SIDEKICK!! You basically turned him into one though by taking away everything that made Peter his own person!! Peter has never been and never will be a sidekick… except in this movie.

Let’s not forget the clincher here though! What did Peter say when Tony had his super awkward attempting-to-be-a-father-figure moment in the trailer?

I’m nothing without the suit.

That’s the biggest problem I have if I’m being honest here. Peter is so many things without the Spidey suit!! The only thing the suit did was what superhero suits are designed for: IT PROTECTED HIS SECRET IDENTITY. He doesn’t need to suit for anything besides that. And, as I said, Peter is so much more!! Or did you somehow forget that he’s a teen genius? Did you forget that he made his web-shooters himself? Did you forget that the web-shooters are the only tech he has? Did you forget that Peter has super-human strength & agility? Did you forget that he also has the power to cling to literally any surface?


I was done with your comics a long time ago, Marvel, but it looks like I’ll be done with your movies now too.

you love and you hurt

“Stop yelling at me,” Y/N whispered to Daveed as his hands pushed through his hair, tugging lightly.
“I do not need to be yelled at.” Her voice was soft and it held its self together. He knew why that was. She was always hurt. Every situation she’s been in, she’s been hurt, but not this time.
“Why though? Why should I stop yelling? You messed up!” Daveed screamed, his eyes filling with tears at this point. She cheated. She hurt him. He gave her everything. He gave her his heart, mind, soul, will to live, everything and all she did was stomp on it.
“I didn’t mean to!” She argued and lifted her hands in defense.
“You didn’t mean to? You got with Rafa and told him we were broken up! You cheated! Why can’t you admit that?” Daveed fisted his hair again, this time harder. He felt his heart break at these thoughts running through his head.
“It was a mistake!” She told him and moved to rest her hands on his arms, he stepped back. Not daring to come near her.
“So was this relationship.” Daveed whispered and allowed the tears to fall free.
“Is this how you’re breaking up with me?” She whispered. Daveed nodded and felt his fingers go numb and his heart being took from him. Y/N let out a soft laugh and shook her head. “Okay.” She nodded and walked to the staircase, walking up them and grabbing her things. She sat the key on the table beside the door before walking out, leaving Daveed in a mess of tears.
His heart was broken. He was torn in two. He was nothing.

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Amber I need to suffer, could you tell me what are the songs in which H and L harmonise the most together? I just can think of better than words just because of a post that's going around atm, but I joined the fandom pretty late so I 've never followed their music before MITAM? Sorry for the rant and thank you

get ready for your DEATH

  • Use Somebody (not on the album but you’ve got to see this) 
  • Over Again (their verses are after another and it kills me)
  • Little Things (again, they follow each other up and then do the chorus together)
  • Rock Me (Louis: “I used to think that I was better alone” Harry: “Better alone” Louis: “why did I ever want to let you go?” Harry: “Let you go”)
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go (at the end) 
  • No Control (all of it is beautiful)
  • Better Than Words, yes
  • Temporary Fix (Louis: “and if you’re feeling the weakness…” Harry: “WELL I TOLD YOU BABY THAT YOU COULD CALL ME” plus he’s screaming it up in the back of Louis’ entire verse hahah)
  • A.M. 
  • If I Could Fly (as if this song isn’t a cryfest as it is, have Harry: “I hope that you don’t run from me”, Louis: “for your eyes only….” )
  • Home (Louis: “I’ll make this feel like home”, Harry screeching “BAAAABY WE COULD BE ENOUGH” KILL ME WITH THIS SYMBOLISM)
  • 18 (Louis’ verse, then H&L sing it together, and then Harry launches into the rest of the chorus, and live it’s even worse)
  • Love You Goodbye (Louis’ high note and then Harry interrupting lowly…….. MURDER MY ASS)
  • One Thing (click the link, it’s the acoustic version and it’s beautiful, HL’s voices are really prominent together in the chorus)
  • WMYB (same thing, not really together but acoustic, they sit next to each other and please just watch it and cry)
  • Live While We’re Young (again, acoustic, i’m a fan, go to 0:33 IT KILLS ME)
  • You & I (Louis’ verse, Harry harmonises in the background)
  • Happily (in the chorus both H&L are really prominently there)
  • Last First Kiss (Harry at 2:28, Louis follows up the chorus)
  • She’s Not Afraid (they follow each other up)
  • Loved You First (same thing)
  • More Than This (… you know what I’m saying yet) 
  • Moments (really prominent together in the first chorus, follow each other up) 
  • Little Black Dress (again, Harry’s verse)
  • Strong (for the sake of it, Harry sings the chorus right after Louis’ verse)
  • Why Don’t We Go There

Some of them aren’t harmonies in the strict sense of the word but they’re still dream-teaming it up so it’s close enough, hahaha.  I probably missed a few, anyone’s welcome to add, but I had to stop before I collapsed. this should be enough to tide you over at least 


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Mar'i Grayson D5? Or Pandora (trinity of sin) E3?

this is a millennia late but i hope you still like it…!