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amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista 


Are ya’ll ready for another of hcs cus my brain hates them and yells at me whenever I consume any piece of media ever. 

Nalu!Ella Enchanted AU

I yelled at @papalogia randomly and she was beautiful enough to go along with me and helped me with some characters positions, so I’m gonna spam her.

  • Lucy is Ella 
    • duh
  • Born to wealthy merchants Jude and Layla Heartfilia the small family lives in a nice enough house with Layla’s house fairy Aries
  • They receive a message from godmother Aquarius that bcus she can’t make it she’d sending a different godmother for Lucy.
    • Turns out to be Ophiuchus
    • Ophiuchus is not a Good Fairy Godmother.
      • Takes one look at Lucy, decides she def hates children, and blesses Lucy before telling Layla she’s retiring and fucks off to wherever.
      • Layla and Aries are horrified that the ‘blessing’ she gave Lucy was Obedience
    • Lucy grows up having to obey everything people command her to do, which she hates bcus she is strong willed and refuses to be controlled
    • Only her mother and house fairy know, as Jude is constantly away on buisness and Lucy goes to a v prestigious school where she fits in but doesn’t have many friends.
      • She meets Cana there, who all the other children mock for being an orphan selected from the orphanage to attend the school in a ‘Goodness Gives Back’ program meant to help less fortunate people children. 
        • It’s still a p shit system but eh
  • Everything is relatively okay until her mother gets sick, and tells Lucy she’s not allowed to tell anyone about her curse, in case they use it against her
    • spoiler this will cause more trouble that it’ll save cus who would have figured taking away the ability to explain wtf is making you do everything people tell you would be a bad thing  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Jude goes lowkey power hungry after Layla dies, but as Lucy is only 10 he can’t very well marry her off
    • yet
  • So after a few years he finds a woman he can stand who comes from a powerful, if shady, family. 
  • Dimera and her two daughters, Kyoka and Seliah, move in and essentially take over. They push Lucy around command her to do humiliating chores. 
    • Seliah decides that Lucy has too many pretty dresses and commands her to burn them.
      • It doesn’t take long for the girls to work out Lucy’s curse, and Dimera doesn’t care enough about Lucy to pay attention to her other than to beat her when angry
      • (it’s just gotten darker than the movie whoops lmao) 
  • Jude doesn’t love Dimera and so continues to be out and trying to gain more power, including trying to sell marry off Lucy to the highest bidder.
  • Anyway  
  • Natsu is the Prince of the kingdom of Alveraz, but he only wants to go on adventures and doesn’t really care about his duties.
  • His brother Zeref is King after Natsu’s father Igneel was killed. Zeref is Natsu’s half brother from a different father before Natsu’s mom married Igneel.
    • Both go missing in an attack by the giants and ogres when Natsu was 8
      • LOL no Zeref orchestrated their deaths it with the help of shapeshifter Acnologia, but afterwards Acno wanted control of the throne and Zeref trapped him in a lizard body. 
        • He can talk, but doesn’t tell anyone in hopes of one day being able to kill Zeref, but right now they have a hateful truce and are passive aggressive to one another in the Worst way
      • Zeref went power crazed idk he’s just an ass. Igneel put too many restrictions on him
      • But yeah, parents are ded
        • Natsu is hoping Igneel is still out there somewhere but they found mother’s body
  • Natsu knows like none of this
  • All of the aristocrats are obsessed with Natsu bcus Zeref refuses to marry and so he’s the next best in to the power of the kingdom
    • This includes Seliah and Kyoka 
      • Mainly Kyoka that chick is obsessed with Zeref dear jesus
  • They run into one another when Lucy is trying to find a quiet spot to write where her sisters won’t find her and Natsu is trying to escape his guards/fans/everyone cus he just wants to check out the forest god da m n
    • Lucy hates how unfairly the kingdom treats elves/ogres/giants, and thus immediately dislikes Natsu, who instantly loves that Lucy isn’t throwing herself at him.
    • They talk/bicker a bit until Lucy has to run off
    • Natsu wants to see his new friend again soon and Kyoka wants to murder Lucy

You know what before this gets too long I’m just going to call this Part One and call it a day. More soon cus it won’t leave my bloody head :D

ian-noble  asked:

hear me out: hana teaching junkrat to play video games

“okay, so,” hana says, “the main thing to remember is that clicking the left means shoot and moving the mouse around changes where you’re aiming.”

junkrat frowns at the screen and jerks the mouse right. the screen violently changes scenes - in the same area, facing a different direction. wow, he thinks, weird, his stomach doing a bit of a flip, and then he asks, “so what’s the point?”

hana shrugs. “you shoot stuff. shoot enough stuff and shoot it well enough and you move onto the next level.”

“just the same old shit over and over again?”

“yeah, pretty much.”

junkrat blinks, processing this. “you get paid for this?”

“yep. turns out that if you get really good, people like to watch you.” she shrugs again at his incredulous look. “i do not make the rules. are you going to try it or not?”

junkrat looks back to the screen and nods, hesitantly placing his free hand onto the keyboard. hana had made him scrub his fingers clean before he could even think about touching her setup, and he can see why, now; the whole thing is mostly pink and white, easily smudged if he isn’t careful. “how do i move again?”

“these four keys,” hana says, reaching out to move his fingers to the proper place. “up, down, left, right. pretty simple. hardest part is coordinating both hands.”

“seems dumb, doin’ stuff like this,” junkrat says as he gently moves his character forward. all he can see of the actual player is their hands and a gun of some kind, darting through some kind of forest, and he takes a few experimental shots. the firearm lets out a few pathetic coughs as it sprays some ammo; a flimsy, weak weapon, in his opinion - he’d trade it for a grenade launcher any day of the week. “what’s the point, if it ain’t gonna get you things?”

there’s a short silence. “dunno,” hana says.

“why not? you do this shit all the time.”

“yeah,” hana says.

“so?” junkrat prods.

“dunno,” hana says again, and then elaborates, “i get paid for it. and i like it, i guess. and i drive my mech because of it.” an enemy pops up on the screen - he’s so taken off-guard that the first few shots go wide, and his character grunts as a few bullets from the enemy hit him. “just something to do.”

junkrat hums thoughtfully. a few seconds later and he gets a headshot, and the enemy falls. nothing too exciting, and he keeps moving forward. “that’s it?”

“sometimes it is easier to just pretend you are not living your life, you know?” hana says, and the way she says it makes junkrat look away from the screen. she’s expressionless, as if knowing his eyes are on her. “an escape. that is all it is.”

he doesn’t really get it, mostly. his whole life has orbited survival. there was never time to relax or do much of anything that didn’t relate to that. but hana seems to enjoy video games, and she’d made an effort to find him a game that had minimal reading required, and he likes to think he and hana are friends, kind of, so he doesn’t say what first comes to mind. hog would be proud, if he was here.

“you are getting killed,” hana says eventually. junkrat looks back at the screen just as his character lets out an agonized screen and falls; GAME OVER flashes in red letters and hana says, “sorry. i know this probably does not interest you at all.”

“s’fine,” junkrat says, waving a hand. “i’ll give it another go. think i could get around to liking this, eventually.”

“yeah?” hana says, and there’s a tiny smile on her face. “cool. just hit the second button there.”

junkrat does. he dies again thirty seconds later, but hana’s laughing and that’s ten more seconds than last time, so he’ll take what little victories he can get.


“ Hey,” Teddy said as he leaned in to kiss Kaia

“ Hey!”

“ How was your day?” he asked

“ Busy… lots of moods and some sass but we managed…” 

“ Sass? from you or from Thalia?” Teddy laughed

Kaia nudged him with her knee “ I’m not that bad..” 

Teddy laughed and said “ Right! No, of course, you’re not..” 

“ How are you feeling?” 

“ Alright i guess still feel a bit weird.. but it’ll pass.” Kaia said shrugging

mm “ Okay well if it gets any worse maybe you should go see a doctor?” 

Kenta interview excerpt with tenasia

(t/n: sorry about the awkward wording)

10. Despite [lack of screentime], there were many national producers who found out about you. In the end, you got to 24th, almost 20th.

Kenta: I think that was really all thanks to the fans. I’m rea~lly thankful to them. (laughs) I was actually a Kpop fan. So I know how the fans felt. When I got 24th, I was filled with emotion that I couldn’t express using words. The most regretful thing is, [the fans] got me to such a high ranking but I couldn’t show myself a lot on the broadcast, so I feel the most regret for that.

10. Then, what are your charms that you showed to the national producers? 

Kenta: My charms? (laughs) Even though the other trainees also worked hard, I worked as hard as I possibly could. ‘Even though I’m a foreigner I can also do it’ - I wanted to show this, and I think I succeeded.

10. Personally, I think that the side of you that performs well on stage also came through.

Kenta: Since the performance is something that is on the broadcast regardless! (laughs) Since I could directly show the audience when we had on-site evaluations, whenever we went on stage I feel like I really worked 130% harder. I at least had to show myself on the stage, this I really wanted to do.

10. The national producers have gathered different ‘performance masters’ from ‘Produce 101 Season 2′ and created a group. KenCallTaeGyun and JBJ, do you know about this?

Kenta: At first, it was just ‘KenCallTaeGyun’. From that point on I knew about it. (laughs) Just making this combination, and the love I’ve received is something that I’m very thankful for. It was fascinating to me too. Because the fans made this group, I think that we’ve become even closer friends.

10. If JBJ does debut as a team, what position do you want? Kim Sanggyun said in a previous interview that he would want ‘Visual’ and ‘Leader’. (laughs)

Kenta: Ha ha. Sanggyun as leader? The leader should be Noh Taehyun…(everyone laughs) (10. Besides Kim Sanggyun, we heard that Noh Taehyun is pushing for a sexy concept for JBJ) Really? (thinking) For me, sexy…or cute concept seems fine (laughs) Looking at ‘Open Up’ I realized that the fans like it when I do sexy concept. If I do debut through JBJ I think I’ll be able to show a sexier side than I did in ‘Open Up’.

10. You’re communicating with fans through SNS. Do you remember any comments that stood out?

Kenta: There are a lot. (thinks for a long time) When I look at my SNS there were many comments saying, “He’s like a Korean person”. [They mentioned] my [lack of an] accent, and my face too. (laughs) Ah, and during my ‘Produce 101 Season 2′ PR video I said this phrase, “one by one”, and the fans also commented “please show us [your skills], one by one.” (laughs)

10. What is the hardest Korean word for you?

Kenta: Ah, I learned a saying yesterday! As you press it you eat mochi? (10. as you lie down eating mochi?*) That’s right! As you lie down eating mochi! (everyone laughs) I learned if yesterday from the manager. I’m planning to study lots of proverbs in the future. I want to use hard words. I’ll show that I’m not stupid! (everyone laughs)

10. Your friend Insoo posted on SNS a video of him teaching you how to correctly pronounce ‘단팥빵’. Can you do it well now? (laughs)

Kenta: Ha…what do I do, you found out? (laughs) 단팥, 단팥빵…(he kept repeating 단팥빵, and scrunched up his eyes whenever he said it) Insoo was with me in C class and we became friendly. From then he kept teaching me how to pronounce ‘단팥빵’, but I couldn’t do it. I’ve been practicing, but it’s become frustrating so I planned on stopping now (sighs)

10. Then, do you have a saying that gives you strength?

Kenta: I have words that I’ve kept in mind from the beginning of my activity in Japan. Shine. I still have this in my mind. I will forever, always live with this mindset, even if I don’t become a singer.

10. You’re saying that you want to shine?

Kenta: Yes. I want to always shine.

10. You said that your goal when you were in your twenties was to shine brightly. 

Kenta: Right now that goes for my performances, and because I’m making my dreams come true one by one I’m shining. Besides seeing myself shine, I want to show this side to many people.

10. You said that you have something to say to the fans who sent you love.

Kenta: They were interested in me, sent me love, and also worried about me [during pd101]. The resumption of each one was so big and I’m thankful for all of it. Suddenly receiving so much love, I honestly don’t know how to relay my thoughts to the fans. I’ll relay my thoughts to them by shining impressively on stage in the future and directly through my Korean. Even though I can’t perfectly relay my thankfulness, in the future I’ll definitely repay you guys. I would like it if you kept cheering me on and kept waiting for me.

*The words for press and lay down sound similar

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