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I know it's Gons job™ to make Killua as flustered as possible, but could you imagine when they're older and Gon gets flustered when Killua blushes when Gon kisses him? (Sorry did that make sense?)

Mmmm I think I know what you’re saying?

So like, they’re older, maybe in their late 20s or something. And Gon kisses Killua and Killua blushes like usual, but……..seeing Killua blush makes Gon blush in return and get all flustered and happy? Which I can see happening haha. Like Gon would just stare at Killua for a really long time, face slowly darkening, because ‘oh my god Killua is so cute and pretty I love him’??? and Killua would just blush harder because Gon won’t stop staring at him why is he doing that WHY. 

So they’d both be reduced to a blushing stuttering mess lol XD I hope this answered your question anon feel free to shoot me another ask if I didn’t answer this the way you wanted!

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Just letting u know cuz I’ve followed u for a while that gal gadot is a Zionist and she recently defended sexual assault allegations against someone and spoke of Palestinians in a really terrible way so basically she’s a shit person (I saw ur tag saying u love her so uhhhhh just wanted to let u know)

ohhhh boy ok first

1. Gal Gadot is an ISRAELI. So ya she’s a zionist? Do you know what zionism means? it means believing jews deserve their own homeland. She’s allowed to believe jews deserve their own homeland because she’s a JEW and an ISRAELI.  

2. she didnt defend assault allegations? in fact she’s recently spoken out against sexual assault? And if you’re thinking about that one article i’m gonna let you know that was actually faked because people love spreading rumors about this jewish woman. If you wanna know HOW it’s fake its because the timeline is off. The article said the fake shit happened in the same year Gal was serving in the IDF. So unless Gal can be at two places at once its impossible. And the article was then DELETED because it was clearly faked. 

3. She’s never spoken out about Palestinians. She’s spoken out against HAMAS which is a TERROR GROUP. Never Palestinian people. in fact she’s spoken out against abuses of palestinian people by hamas. She’s spoken for peace. That one article which I’m thinking of which is fake which said she spoke badly is once again, fake and impossible to prove and is clearly meant to drag her through the mud so ya. 

Basically, I’m really tired of people spreading rumors against this woman because she’s an israeli jew and i’m also really tired of yall believing shit so quickly because again, she’s an israeli jew and then treating her like shit because how dare she believe her nation and her people deserve to exist or how dare she serve in the army of a nation in which literally every person has to serve in if theyre a citizen lmao. like nope i’m not here for this shit. come back when yall have actual real shit to say about her that isnt antisemitism or rumors created because of antisemitism. 

First Love - Lee Felix Requested Scenario

Genre: fluff

Requested?: yes (anon)

Phrase(s): 22; “we were just kids when we fell in love”

Message?: I honestly HATE mnet


“Chris, honestly, where are you taking me?!” I exclaimed, fed up with Chris and asking where we were going.

“Here!” he smiled, stopping outside a tall building.

I looked up at it, slowly backing up so I could read the huge letters across the side.

“J… Y… P… Entertainment?” I asked before sighing, “you’ve brought me to watch you fucking train. Oh my god Chris! I watched you so much when we were young! I’ll watch you when you debut! Do I have to—“

“Shh shh shh,” Chris said, walking over and wrapping his arm round my shoulders, “not me, someone who I think you know.”

“Twice?!” I exclaimed.

Chris laughed, “no!”

“It wasn’t that ridiculous,” I pouted.

“Oh well,” Chris shrugged, letting go of my comment and taking hold of my hand, leading me inside.

Not going to lie, I was impressed. As soon as we walked in, high ceilings, expensive funiture and just impressive, expensive looking stuff everywhere.

“Cool right?” Chris smirked, “training rooms… less so.”

I sighed, following him into the elevator and to ‘his’ training room.

“In here,” he whispered, opening the door and holding it open for me to follow.

“Yo yo yo! What’s up motherfuckers! What you doing?!” Chris exclaimed in Korean, walking in, looking proud.

“Chan! Shut up!” A deep voice shouted, as I entered the room I saw he was dressed in all black with four people sat around him.

“He’s probably creating a beat,” Chris whispered to me, still in Korean, “guys, wheres Fe– I mean, where’s my Australian brother?”

“Your so weird Chan,” one of the smaller boys next to deep-voice said, “but he’s practising dance with Minho and Hyunjin.”

Chris nodded, pointing to the door once again, motioning for me to go through it.

I opened it and let Chris go ahead of me.

“So who are we seeing?” I asked, taking hold of Chris’s arm.

“Someone I think you’ll know,” Chris smirked.

“You know that was not what I meant you fucker,” I sighed.

“You’ll see soon!” Chris exclaimed, knocking on the door of another training room.

“What?” Another deep voice said from behind the door.

“It’s me,” Chris said in Korean.

“Oh well I’m the only one here,” the voixe said again but this time in English but with an Australian tint to his words.

“Alrighty then,” Chris grinned, opening the door, “Y/N, meet Felix, Felix, meet Y/N. Well. Not meet as such.”

“What?” I asked, looking from Felix to Chris.

“You two know each other, don’t you?” Chris asked.

“How would you know?!” I laughed, slapping Chris’s shoulder.

“No, no, no,” Chris said, “get out that photo thats in your wallet. And the one in your phone case.”

He pointed at Felix, then me before smirking and beginning to walk towards the door.

“You’ll thank me later,” was the last thing he said before walking out and closing the door after him.

Me and ‘Felix’ had already got out our phone and wallet we looked at each other, cracking up as we looked at each other, although never making eye contact.

“I’m so sorry about him,” Felix said, shaking his head as he looked at the floor.

“It’s fine, I should be the one apologising, I’ve known him since we were… 7?” I said, chuckling slightly.

“Wow, met in school then?” he asked.

“No, no, I um.. I lived somewhere else up until that point,” I explained.

Felix nodded.

“I’m Y/N, by the way,” I smiled.

“Y/N?” Felix asked.

I furrowed my eyebrows, chuckling slightly, “um, yeah?”

“Sorry, I had a friend called Y/N when I was young,” Felix explained.

“No way! I had a friend called Felix!” I exclaimed, laughing as I joined him on the floor.

“Actually, I have a photo of me and Y/N,” Felix said, getting his wallet out again.

“I have one of me and Fe– wait!” I exclaimed, “Chris! He was right!”

I fumbled, getting my phone and popping the picture out the case before looking up and seeing Felix, a small photo in his hands, looking between it and me.

“Y/N…” he said, his voice trailing off.

He quickly showed me the photo, the one that looked exactly the same as my one but from my memory, I know that it was taken two minutes afterwards.

I smiled, looking at Felix and remembering all of our memories, my smile faded as my memories got closer and closer to my seventh birthday, the day I moved opposite Bang Christopher.

“You replaced me with Chan,” Felix laughed, obviously not being serious, but I swallowed, knowing he was partially right.

“I never forgot you though,” I said, staring at my photo, “I used to tell Chris all about you.”

“I never told my new friends about you,” Felix said, “I just… I don’t know, after you moved away it felt like I wanted to keep you secret from everyone who came into my life past that point.”

“Because you loved me,” I said, making eye contact with Felix for the first time in over ten years.

“Don’t put the blame on me,” Felix chuckled, “you loved me.”

“But we were just kids when we fell in love,” I said, staring at him, not wanting to break eye contact.

“But I knew it was love,” Felix said, looking disheartened.

I chuckled, “Felix you were seven.”

He smiled, “and age is a number when it comes to love. Don’t you think?”

“I’ve never thought about it as love Felix,” I said, shaking my head, doubts swirling round my head.

“Then think about it,” he whispered, coming closer and closer to my face with every word.

“How do I know you’re not a dick now?” I asked, completely serious.

Felix laughed, drawing his face back to not laugh straight in my face, “don’t you trust me?”

“Sort of,” I said.

“Then think about it,” Felix whispered, “I’m not asking you to marry me, but you were my first love.”

“I’m honoured,” I smiled, getting some confidence back.

“Well?” Felix asked.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Was I your first love?”

I grinned, kissing his cheek, gaining every bit of confidence I’d ever had back in this moment, “my first and last.”

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Any social media headcanons for the main party of FF8? :) Thanks!

Yeah I got some! Thanks for sending in a request love ♥


  • That fucking pretentious asshole secretly a sweetheart though who’s always posting photos of either angsty poetry, him holding a cigarette, or the sunset.
  • “I just want someone who can understand me” well MAYBE if you actually opened up for once and stopped being all angsty on instagram my god
  • Likes everything that Rinoa posts
  • NEVER REPLIES TO DMS OR COMMENTS. He doesn’t intend to ignore people, though. If he doesn’t reply as soon as he sees it, then he’ll forget about it and never get back to it. He hates it.


  • Has nooooo filter whatsoever, and most of the stuff he retweets and likes on twitter are from porn accounts, or photos of hot celebrities.
  • Has an instagram, too. Mostly photos of himself. He’s not self-centred, he swears.
  • Is always posting screenshots of the music he listens to. Surprisingly, none of it is country music. Thank god, though.
  • Always uses the wink emoji for some reason. No matter what the comment or post is about. Squall posted something like this and Irvine commented: “yeah I get how you feel 😏 like what the fuck Irvine?
  • His avatar/icon is Selphie wearing a cowboy hat. His cowboy hat.


  • That nice girl who has a lot of friends and followers on instagram and always posts motivational things and cute photos of her pets.
  • Very into social justice. She’ll always be up-to-date on the state of the world and she’s always being a mini-activist on facebook, as well as her instagram. She’s passionate about this stuff.
  • Always commenting on Squall’s posts with various emojis even though he never replies. She knows he appreciates it since she gets the notifications that he likes her posts, of course!


  • Calm down with the memes, Selph.
  • Selphie: “hey do you like bofa”
    Irvine: “selphie stop you’ve asked me this ten times already today”
  • She has a twitter, tumblr, and an instagram.
  • Her instagram is mostly photos and videos of her friends, and it mainly consists of candid shots. It makes her look like a good student who’s enjoying her time with her friends, but her twitter and tumblr are a different story.
  • She’d die if any of her friends found her twitter or tumblr. That’s for her internet friends only, where she has no shame or boundaries. 


  • Has an instagram only
  • Won’t shut up about how his mum is better than everyone else’s.
  • Food. It’s all food. He’s convinced everyone that 98% of his life is consuming food. And it’s true.
  • Every time he comes across a hot dog stand he snaps a photo of it, and one of him about to eat the hot dog, and he rates it out of 5 stars. He gives a detailed review and everything. He’s serious about food, and hot dogs especially.


  • An aspiring photographer on tumblr and instagram. She’s pretty popular, too.
  • Most of her photography is in black and white but her blog and instagram is usually colour-themed. She’s a perfectionist.
  • Most of her photography is captioned with a really long quote. No one understands how it’s relevant but she does, and that’s all that matters.
  • She’s posted a selfie a couple of times and still to this day those are her most popular posts.
  • Always commenting on whatever Selphie and Rinoa post because she’s supportive like that. It’s cute. Irvine gets annoyed and wonders why she never does that to him but c’mon…do you really not know why. She’s liked a few of his posts sometimes, though—the ones with Selphie in them—and he was over the moon.

RWBY Volume 5 Episode 6 Screams



-you arent weiss (jk qrow i love you)


-yes send bad luck boy out for his IM SORRY QROW LOL

-the music tho is TOP NOTCH




-weiss you little shit omggg

-Yall I love Raven so much





-Yang needed that









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I am in love with a guy who is not Christian. I know that God wants me to leave it alone. This is THE MOST challenging thing I have ever dealt with in my life. I love this guy so much. 😭 He’s good to me, he cares for me, but he’s not Christian. I make plans to stop talking to him only to go right back... I just hurt constantly regardless. But maybe if I become the person God wants me to be and I leave it alone God will bring him back to me later in life? I cry just thinking about it all...

Hey, I’m sorry it took me a day to answer this. I’m very sorry to hear that you’re going through this rough situation, but I don’t think any advice of mine would truly help you. You say you know what God wants, so if that’s true that might be the path you need to take. I just want to encourage you to draw close to God and see what He will do. In the end, all we can be sure of is that everything He will do will end up being for our good.

God bless. I’ll be praying for you!

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Soo, I fall for BTS with the video of Jin and Hobi where they couldn't stop laughting in AHL, and i loved them all in once even today, i can't choose one, i do have moment where one stands out but the others are still just after, the only thing "bad" was that i had such a hard time telling Tae and Kook apart, and the ship nama in the comment did not help me 😂

asdfghjk okay Jin’s and Hobi’s laugh is life itself so I completely understand where you’re coming from. Also with Kook and Tae… SAME O MY GOD. I had such a hard time telling them apart and now I feel ashamed cause they don;t even look alike?? 


Holy shit

Not enough people are talking about this, honestly. Jon can not understand how Dany, this incredibly inspiring and otherworldly woman, could ever think she was anything less than extraordinary. She’s unlike anyone he’s ever known. They didn’t meet under the best circumstances, but she came into his life like a whirlwind. This beautiful woman with her dragons that no one thought would ever exist again, and her people that are dedicated to her by choice, and her good heart and her dream for the future. Who echoes his same words from the past over and over again, and has no idea that it takes his breath away every time. Who surprises him at every turn, and earned his respect and his loyalty because she deserved it. She gave him hope where there was none. Hope that they will stand a chance against the Night King. Hope for the people he vowed to protect. Hope for the future of the realm. Hope that his heart will love again. This moment is so revealing because its the core of why Jon feels so deeply about Daenerys. She’s not like everybody else. She’s new and different and better, and she’s everything that he didn’t know he needed.

so i had this horse named max when i was growing up who didn’t have a mean bone in his body, i believe he genuinely had no desire to hurt anyone in his life, the only problem being that he was at times almost too clumsy to live.

he was a dirt-speckled white tall stocky arab gelding with absurdly long haunches and very dark quizzical eyes. he was very interested in new people and new objects and utterly terrified of anything that he couldn’t automatically define. he had very pronounced withers that would jam right up into your goddamn crotch when you were riding him bareback, and he had the worst, bumpiest, most broken-laundry-machine of a gait that would jar the teeth from your skull right as you were losing your virginity. 

he was the world’s largest dog. he would wander over without fail to come over and say hi and then he would slowly and sedately lick you all over your hands and arms without using his teeth once. the man. loved. to lick things. you offered him something to eat and he would ever so delicately pick it up with his front lip, deposit it dexterously in his mouth, then gently chew. he never bit or kicked a person in his entire life. he didn’t mind being sat on while he wandered around and grazed, and he was so tall and broad that you could sit on him backwards and lay forward with your arms folded on the big black-spotted white of his butt like he was a couch.

he loved having his feet trimmed. he would always be so interested in the man working with his feet, and he would lick them on the arms and they never knew how to deal with it. we got a lot of comments like “This is the lickiest damn horse I ever saw” and also “please god he’s leaning on me make him stop.” 

he’d trip over himself every four seconds, and while he’d amble like a lanky sedan chair on the way out on a trip, on the way back you’d have to keep your elbows yanked back to your sides and your biceps straining as you kept his head glued to his chest and kept him from going faster and faster. he had this amazing lunatic bursts of insane energy when the situation called for it, and while he wasn’t particularly fast, the mere sight of that much poorly aligned and desperately out-of-proportion horsemeat attempting to fling itself through the sound barrier was enough to make you want to sit down for a minute.

he became desperately unhappy once his lifelong partner-in-horse would leave  while someone took her out on a ride alone and he’d stand in the farthest mile corner of the six miles of pasture and scream his head off until she came back. his sweat always smelled more acrid and sour than hers did, and he always foamed in big greenish smears. he loved being brushed until his hair fluffed out gleaming white, and while hoses terrified him into emotional outbursts, he very much loved to swim, and stand in the shallows and churn the water while jerking his head up and down in dogged delight.

on hot summer days he would lay down in the softest most nibbled to the quick part of the pasture and sleep for hours in the sunshine with the breath wheezing in and out his mouth and his legs stretched out. 

he absolutely had to walk in front of his horse partner at all times. 

he didn’t like dandelion flowers. he liked eating hollyhocks and thistle flowers, and he destroyed my mother’s lilac bush by literally walking over it until it was on his undercarriage and scratching back and forth with a look of complete and total bliss on his long stupid face. 

if you walked up to him in the dark he would walk over, inspect you for food, then breathe on you and keep you company while farting gently. if you were taking a nap in the grass he’d walk over and lick you mournfully on your face while farting gently. if you were riding him and he saw a leaf that looked at him wrong he would explode in seven different directions at once and yank your arms out of their sockets, excitedly farting the entire time. 

he was, in every respect, the sweetest, dumbest farmboy who ever lived. 

I love that God is canonically bisexual.