stop me before i meme again

So Cisco OBVIOUSLY has a social media set up for heroes to share posts with each other I mean: 

  • It starts out with just the Star Labs group but honestly they all work together and that’s no fun so he adds the Arrow crew on.
    • Then they get to the Legends and then Cisco figures out how to make the program accessible to other Earths, so Kara and Co have accounts set up as well. 
      • Barry oddly is in a group chat with himself and two other Barrys????? 
    • See if they have Len and Mick in there now, they have to have Lisa in on the network as well. 
      • “Cisco, you let Golden Glider add us?” “She was very…persuasive!” (She sent him a kissy emoji.) 
  • And then, if you have three Rogues on there, you have to have all the Rogues on the network. 
    • Hartley is a little offended that he wasn’t on there already (it’s because when he’s not sharing current events news stories with the caption “makes me wish I was a villain again” he’s posting 3-year-old memes). 
    • Livewire hacks in and probably inserts herself into every account for a day before Winn and Cisco kick her off. 
    • So now they have a bunch of criminals on their superhero version of Facebook and somehow no one cares. 
  • Thea has somehow linked up with Lisa Snart and now the two PM each other talking about how annoying the heroes can be and they’re thinking of video chatting each other?? bc why not. 
  • Kara keeps geotagging her location and everyone else screams because KARA NO STOP DOING THAT
    • Her entire account is selfies with little kids dressed as Supergirl though and no one can bear to attack in her location. 
      • She’ll also find kids dressed up as villains and tag the respective criminal in the post (Cold was surprised there were kids dressed up as him but also very pleased). 
  • Shawna probably posts pictures of herself with whatever she’s stolen for the day. 
    • She posts a picture with 5 things from the Central City Museum and captions it as “@flash what’s good bitch” 
  • The Legends team is the biggest group of losers and they’ll be the ones sending push notifications to everyone else for random games 24/7. 
    • Amaya connects with Mari online and lemme tell you, getting lives from your dead grandmother on Candy Crush is the weirdest experience Mari has ever had. 
    • Since they totally have phones that work all throughout time and space the team also has a bunch of games downloaded from like, 2060 so their push notifications just glitch up the whole system.
  • Honestly most of the Rogues probably do this??? Lisa posts a picture of herself with a bracelet and tags the entire Flash team and makes her status “really love my bracelet. The price was a STEAL!” 
    • Barry: “It’s a nice bracelet Lisa!” 
    • Barry: “Wait. Lisa what do you mean by STEAL????” 
    • Lisa: ;) 
    • Barry: “LISA “ 
  • Pictures are a mess. They’re supposed to have their costumes on but no one ever pays attention to that rule. 
    • Jax definitely has a selfie of the team grinning in front of a captured Legion of Doom. He tags everyone in it. Including the aforementioned villains. 
    • Ray posts his 5 billion selfies of himself on the moon. 
      • Barry: Wait is that Thawne in the background. 
      • Ray: Barry I’m on the moon can you focus on the important part here? 
      • Oliver: Should you really be posting your face, Ray? 
      • Ray: I’m legally dead, Oliver. 
Before my muse disappeared, they gave yours a series of 'open when' letters. Send a symbol to read them.
  • Open when...
  • ☹: you're not feeling okay
  • ☕: it's too early in the morning
  • ✎: you miss me
  • ❀: it's valentine's and i'm out of town
  • ♕: you don't feel important
  • ♡: you wonder how much i love you
  • ⚯: you need ideas for an adventure
  • ✰: you're staring up at the stars, looking for me
  • ✴: you're angry
  • ✸: you're angry at yourself
  • ☘: you're angry at the world
  • ☏: you need me
  • ☁: things won't stop going wrong
  • ✈: everything's perfect again
  • ✌: you're guilty
  • ❆: it's snowing
  • ☠: i'm gone


’ The world will be mine! ’
’ You just wait! I’ll get you, I’ll get you and every last person with you! ’
’ You cannot stop my plan! It is already happening! ’
’ Oh, you don’t want to do that. ’
’ Haven’t you ever wondered what my true motive was? ’
’ Oh, I come back, stronger than ever! ’
’ You may have killed me but not my work and plans. ’
’ If you haven’t noticed I’ve already gotten away with this. ’
’ I will take over the world and you all will perish! ’
’ It’s not too much longer now! ’
’ I will finally succeed at every dream I had. ’
’ Tonight, all my dreams shall come true for a change. ’
’ You can’t keep me from doing what I do best! ’
’ I will go down in history for this! ’
’ The people will no longer worship you! But me instead. ’
’ Silence you fool! I have already started the plan. ’
’ You won’t get away with this! ’
’ You must be stopped! ’
’ I will stop you if it’s the last thing that I do. ’
’ You’ll never get away with this! The cops will never believe it! ’
’ If I go down then I’m taking you with me! ’
’ What are you going to do kill me? Then what? When all this is over? ’
’ When all of this is over, you’ll be in a padded cell! ’
’ I’m the one to come and take you back to your home. ’
’ You’re not going to go through with this! ’
’ I have already stopped it once, I will do it again! ’
’ Oh? You and what army? ’
’ Don’t make me laugh! You’re weak.. ’
’ The weaker you get, the stronger I become. ’
’ I will finish ruling out these dark days! ’
’ Dark days and times are coming. ’
’ I hope you’re prepared to meet your fate. ’
’ Oh, brother, haven’t I already killed you before? ’
’ How did you escape? ’
’ What evil plan have thought up now? ’
sleepy sex

warnings: swearing, smut.

“Are you ok?”
“Do I look like I’m ok?!”
It was 1.30am and you were cuddled up with Dan in his bed, having just finished watching Spliced on his laptop.
Dan laughed and closed the computer.
“It wasn’t even THAT scary,” he teased as he got up to put it on charge at his desk.
“Yeah, ok, maybe not, but it was fucked up!” You exclaimed, pulling the duvet up over the lower half of your face so you could still shoot Dan disapproving glares from across the room.
“Yeah, it was pretty fucked up,” he agreed, climbing back into bed. He reached for you but you stopped him.
“What?” He asked.
“Why do you do this to me?” You continued with your glare.
“Do what?” He asked, incredulous.
“Make me watch horror movies before bed! Now I’m not going to be able to sleep! And I blame you entirely.”
He laughed at that.
“Oh, baby girl, it’s ok, don’t be scared, I’ll fight off the monsters for you,” he teased, holding your face and squishing your cheeks like a child.
“Don’t patronise me, you fucking spork. No, get off me. I don’t cuddle people who rob me of sleep. Daaaaannnnn,” you whined as his arms slid around your waist and he rolled you on top of him, hugging you to his chest.
“It’s ok baby girl, Daddy’s got you,” he teased.
“You’re not my Dad!” You imitated the meme and Dan laughed.
“Excuse me? Stop trying to take over my title as meme king, thanks. Besides,” his voice lowered but the smirk remained. “That’s not what you said the other night.”
You rolled your eyes at his obnoxious wink and punched him softly in the shoulder.
“Ow!” He complained.
“Oh please, it didn’t even hurt,” you rolled your eyes again.
“Yeah but it’s the thought that counts!” He replied, pretending to look hurt.
You just laughed and rolled off him again, before cuddling into his side. His long arms went around you automatically, and his lips pressed to your forehead in a tender kiss.
“I thought you said no cuddling-” you felt him smirk against your skin.
“Shut up, consider yourself lucky that I’m a charitable and forgiving person.”
The laughter made his chest rumble and you felt it hum against your own.
“I’d consider myself lucky even if you weren’t a forgiving person,” he murmured softly, the loving line making you smile.
“You know why?”
“Why?” You asked.
“Because nobody else can manage to trip over a crack in the cement, land in the bush by the sidewalk and somehow let go of your ice cream in the process and have it hit the window of a passing car.”
“I’m glad I am a constant source of amusement for you.” You mumbled sarcastically into his chest, but you could feel sleep creeping in, not enough to shut off your brain entirely, but enough to make you you close your eyes, and feel tired and warm and safe. And happy.
“You are incredibly amusing. My favourite time was probably at Peej’s party, with the lemon incident. Ooooh, maybe not, I think the time we went to buy the Halloween pumpkin, that’s a clear winner. Although-”
“Shh, I’m trying to sleep here.”
“How convenient.”
“Shut up.”
“Ok fine.”
You lay in silence for a while, drifting towards sleep but never quite getting there. The frustrating kind of dozing because you just want to sleep but can’t.
Eventually you sighed and checked the time. 3am. You groaned inwardly and snuggled back into Dan. He stirred.
“You ok?” He asked sleepily.
“Yeah, just can’t sleep,” you whispered tiredly.
“Hmm, me either.” He yawned, rubbing your arm affectionately.
You tilted your face up slightly and kissed the exposed skin by your mouth in reciprocation of his loving gesture. Except the area of skin was Dan’s throat.
A small sound of pleasure escaped him.
“Stop that, you,” he smirked down at you.
“Sorry, that wasn’t intentional,” you replied.
“Actually,” he continued with a little glint in his eyes, “that’s not a bad idea.”
“When is sex ever a bad idea?” You asked as he rolled on top of you this time.
“Never, not with you anyway,” he grinned, kissing you softly before tugging down the collar of your shirt so he could attach his lips to your collarbone. He continued moving down your body, tugging off your underwear and tossing it aside. He let out a barely audible groan at the sight of you, before spreading your thighs and ducking his head between them.
Dan was a very attentive lover, and he was always a giver. He loved going down on you, and would ask if he could, every time you got intimate. And he was exceptionally good with his mouth. You often teased that it was because he talked so much, but now, as he licked up your folds and sucked your clit into his mouth, you were forever grateful for his silver tongue. He knew exactly how to make you elicit the sounds he wanted to hear, how to make your fingers grip the sheets or his hair, how to make your thighs spasm and hips buck up into his mouth. He had unrestricted access to your control centre, and he could make you react however he wanted, just with his mouth. That was scary, and exciting, and right now, insanely pleasurable.
Dan could sense your orgasm approaching, and with a smirk, pulled away from between your legs. He pulled off his shirt and own underwear before reconnecting your lips. You could feel how much he wanted you, the precum dripping onto your stomach was more than enough of an indication. He reached into the drawer for a condom, rolled it on, and positioned his body over yours. He looked at you expectantly, albeit a little sleepy, and you nodded your consent.
Low, soft moans spilled from both of your lips as Dan slid into you, inch by inch, and he kissed you again. Your movements were slow and gentle, the rolling of hips, eyelids fluttering shut, lips parting to let out the occasional moan. There was no need to speed things up, not tonight, as you placed sleepy kisses along Dan’s shoulder and neck. It was a long and pleasurable session, a change to your usually more kinky sex, but this was a time to enjoy each other. You gazed at his face lovingly, admiring his cheekbones and lips and baby freckles, your fingers gliding slowly up his spine, making him shudder.
“What’s wrong?” He whispered, noticing how you were staring intently at his features, trying to memorise every freckle.
“I just love you a lot,” you whispered back. He smiled, and kissed your shoulder.
Minutes later he was bringing you undone, this time with soft caresses and gentle kisses and thrusts that made you both moan with each one. You watched Dan hit his own high, an experience you always felt you didn’t deserve to witness, because he glowed angelically, and the sounds he made were so desperately melodious, you felt as though your heart could explode in your chest from the gratitude of even having him in your life, let alone being in a relationship. As he disposed of the condom and collapsed next to you, he barely managed to whisper “I love you too” before he was asleep.

anonymous asked:

Can you do RFA+V+Saeran reacting so someone saying something rude/racist to African American MC? I don't see enough of it if there is any :(. If that's not comfortable then that's totally fine

OH MY GOD it’s ok gurl i gotchu ppl so racist nowadays i’m !!!!! >:( also sorry this took forever :3


  • at first he’s too shocked to say anything
  • he’s just looking at that chick like 
  • excuse me? did you really just say that?
  • then he wakes up and
  • “What do you think you’re saying to MC? Her skin is anything but ‘gross’ you racist prick. Next time, take a look in the mirror before you insult my girl.”
  • *insert angry Yoosung emoji*
  • also this boy lmfao he stomps on that person’s foot and sticks out his tongue 
  • A+ for effort am i right or am i right


  • it’s kinda scary but super manly at the same time
  • he grabs that person by the collar and threatens tells him off real good
  • “Sir, please watch your mouth or I’ll watch it for you. And if you’re too idiotic to understand, it means that I’m ready to give you a knuckle sandwich anytime.”
  • did i just use a term back from the 2000s you bet i did it’s just so rad right
  • gurl that guy is peeing his pants
  • not that you’re surprised tho i mean you’re about to piss your pants just from watching him teach someone else a lesson
  • holy cow can he be scary sometimes


  • she didn’t register the words quite as fast as you’d think
  • but then when she DOES realize what that person just said
  • “Excuse me, please watch your mouth. We live in a multicultural and diverse community. If you wish to dispose of your filthy words, please do so in your own private area - preferably at yourself and not at others. Thank you for your cooperation”
  • ok now you weren’t sure if it was PROTECTIVE mode or BUSINESS mode but i gotta say, she looked p r e t t y c o o l
  • then she takes you by the arm and pulls you away from the bewildered lady (she’s shook)


  • he cocks one eyebrow up as if he’s amused at the comment his dinner party guest just made
  • “I’d like you to excuse yourself from this table, Mr. kfnjhkdbnerkng”
  • that guy just looks at Jumin like what??? I’m not a child why are YOU excusing ME from the table
  • “Did you not hear me clearly? This dinner no longer needs your presence. Please leave before you embarrass yourself more than you already have.”
  • after everyone leaves he apologizes to you and is like “I will NEVER allow anyone to say that about you ever again.”


  • it was all smiles and laughs at first cuz of like memes and whatever
  • but then his friend made a racist joke and Seven legit just stopped laughing
  • “It’s not funny.”
  • “What? C’mon, it’s a little bit-”
  • “No, it’s not, also if you didn’t notice MC is sitting right here. Do you realize how uncomfortable you just made her feel? Racist jokes aren’t funny, they’re just racist.”
  • people are just starin at Seven like he’s some wild animal (who knew he could be so serious)
  • anyway, the get together is over time to leaveee


  • he didn’t know it was racist
  • he just suddenly saw that you were upset and it was like WHO DID THAT
  • “Hey! what did you just say? MC isn’t happy anymore.”
  • that guy is like what what? nothing i didn’t say ANYTHING but they continued to laugh
  • so Saeran started to get mad
  • he slammed his fist on the cafe table and THREW HIS COFFEE AT THIS GUY


  • he does that eye squinting frown thing like when you hear something and you don’t feel good about it but you’re not sure if you should start yellin or wait a bit longer
  • you tell him you wanna leave but he’s like no wait lemme teach these girls a lesson
  • soooo he walks up to them and says something along the lines of this (y’all are at a bar btw)
  • “Hey, you know, I’d LOVE to buy you girls a drink, but I don’t think they sell mouthwash here. Bummer, huh? I really wanted to help clean those filthy mouths of yours.”
  • the sass is real

I hope that was okay. I’m not African American but I DO NOT TOLERATE RACISM like pls guys be nice. there’s only so many years you have to live so why spend time hating on others when you can compliment them and make friends and send love and just ???? share happiness 

~Cherry L.

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Namjoon's Tongue Appreciation

take deep breaths *deeply inhales* *deeply exhales* you ready?

YASSSS let get it on then ;)))) featuring some dimples as we gooo


look at those dimples and that tongue


why must you do this to us namjoon

PLS STOP this whitewashed? bruh

just no

Mmmm…second thought don’t stop


this is too much for me

Originally posted by eatjin

just wait for it…DAMNNN


uh…..excuse me boi

look…its just…floppin all up in there…

he would be a very pretty lady

no thank you jesus 

there you go anon! and again, im really sorry I didn’t do this before and that I didnt have/find much… ily :)))

hope you like it!

pics and gifs aren’t mine

in the South

i.  you wake up under the willow tree, your hands covered in red. must be strawberries. strange, though, how you can’t remember anything. stranger still, strawberries don’t grow this time of year.

ii.  you watch the kudzu vines stretch out over roads, houses, trees. it can grow ten feet a day, they say. yet it always seems unable to cross over the churches’ holy grounds.

iii. there are so many abandoned houses. more unoccupied then lived in. a red x appear on your neighbor’s door. you shudder. they’re next.

iv. “grow up in the South, stay in the South”: the mantra is repeated over and over. no one ever seems to leave. you don’t know who’s guarding the borders or why they keep you here. you don’t ask questions.

v.  smoke and the smell of roasted meat fill the air. someone’s having another bonfire. you ignore the screams.

vi.  don’t take candy from strangers. a man in a red car appears in the street. obediently, you leave your house to visit him. returning his pointy smile and admiring his horns, you take the sweets he offers you. he ain’t no stranger.

vii.  haint blue keeps the spirits away. all the houses are covered in it. the paint’s begun to chip on your house and you hurry to repair it. sun’s going down. the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. paint faster, paint faster, before it’s too late.

viii.  you laugh with the girl who just stopped by the bar. nigh breathless, she speaks again. she slips and her real accent comes through. her face pales. the room goes quiet. all but the humming in your ears. outside, outsider, outsider. you step forward, butcher knife raised.

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hey hey!! how about RFF+Unknown+V's reactions to MC being mildly telepathic? it's almost canon how she super often says things they were going to say or uploads that exact link they were going to share or just plain answers their question before they ask it. thank you loves!

A/N: yyoooo I’m actually like this a lot!! I don’t know if it’s  because I know the other person fairly well or what, but it’s so much fun seeing others get a little freaked out (´ゝз・)─~Admin 404


           -He thinks it’s the love the two of you share

           -You’re always bringing him snacks right before he gets up for them!!

           -Not to mention always turning on the exact game he wants to play with you before he even mentions he wants to play


           -It doesn’t bother him at all!

           -He’s actually really happy that you have this gift because sometimes he gets really shy asking you for things

           -But because you can basically feel when he wants something, it puts him at ease! He doesn’t have to stutter out a request!



           - yeah sure Zen lets go with that

           -He dislikes that it’s hard to surprise you though!!!!

           -He just wants to walk up behind you ONCE and see you flustered by the flowers he brings you


           -You tend to say whatever he’s been thinking out loud as well

           -The first time this has happened, he was thinking about getting some goldfish-shaped bread for the two of you and you just up and left the house?????? You didn’t even say anything???

           -When you came back with bread though, THAT’S WHEN HE REALIZED YOU HAVE A GIFT!!!! He’s glad he’s not the only one with some sort of psychic power! He has his dreams and you can practically read his mind! mc don’t read my dirty thoughts pls


           -How did you know I wanted this type of coffee

           -“It….was a lucky guess?”

           -S U S P I C I O U S

           -Every time something like this happens, she has to sit herself down and analyze the most recent things she has said or done. Did she actually say it out loud and just didn’t realize?

           -When she comes home, the first thought that pops into her head is, ‘Is MC home?’


           -“MC, do you want to watch-” “It’s already in the DVD player” stOP DOING THAT TO HER

           -She learns to live with it though. It’s not like it’s your fault! And, you don’t even notice when you do it. Secretly, she wishes she had a gift like that- it’d make working for Jumin a lot easier if she could just figure out what he was thinking


           -‘I should ask MC if they’d like to try that new restaurant tonight.’        

           -“Hey, MC?” “Yeah, I’d like to try that new place tonight”


           - At first it used to freak him out that you could get into his head

           -But after a while, he absolutely LOVED IT!! He could just think of something he wanted to say to you, and you would give your answer. Makes it much easier for him to remind you that he loves you when he can’t be emotional on the outside

           - not to mention that he could think of something lewd and watch as your face turned red

           -You may not know exactly what he was thinking of, but you DID know it was dirty and he shouldn’t be thinking it in public stOP IT JUMIN IM TRYING TO ENJOY MY DINNER



           -He could barely keep track of his own thoughts, so the fact that you seemed to know what he was thinking really surprised him

           -Lowkey got jealous every now and again when you send the group the same meme he was going to send


           -He liked to try and throw you off by thinking on thing but making sure to say something completely different out loud

           -'I should quote the Bee Movie’

           -“HEY MC-” “I don’t want any soda but thanks for not asking” “GOD DAMMIT MC HOW”


           -He thought it was really nice!!

           -The two of you could just sit in silence and you’d basically get what he wanted to say, though he didn’t want to break the peace

           -Also VERY helpful because you could hand him the lens he needed for his camera

           -He can’t talk if he’s taking a picture of a baby deer!!! It’ll run away!!!! So he’s very thankful that you don’t need him to talk

           -You like to let him finish his question before you answer though totally not because you liked hearing him talk

           -You were starting to think he was the same way? Because he seemed to know what you wanted to ask before you did

           -Telepathic Couple ™





           -He realized that you couldn’t help it though, and eventually learned to live with it

           -Secretly loves it because now when the two of you are out in public or with the RFA he doesn’t have to talk much because he’s still a little iffy towards people

           -You know exactly what he wants when he wants it, so it’s great!

           -But he also really loves that when he’s upset you could feel it an know what to do to help without him having to say anything about it

Undertale  {Sentence Starters}

  • “The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt.”
  • “You’re standing in the way of everybody’s hopes and dreams!”
  • “Sorry, I do not have much to say. It was nice to hear your voice, though.”
  • “Down here… It’s kill or be killed!”
  • “You killed them because it was easy for you. Because it was fun for you.”
  • “What did you do to him? What did you DO TO HIM?”
  • “Are you bored? I should have given a book to you. My apologies.”
  • “Despite everything, it’s still you.”
  • “You want to know more about me? Well, I am afraid there’s not much to say.”
  • “Don’t you have anything better to do?”
  • “I do not know if this is pathetic, or endearing.”
  • “Don’t kill, and don’t be killed, alright? That’s the best you can strive for.”
  • “We’ll be together forever, won’t we?”
  • “What? You really think you can stop ME?”
  • “I’ll hold victory in front of you, just within your reach… and then tear it away just before you grasp it.”
  • “I don’t want to break their hearts all over again. It’s better if they never see me.”
  • “Wow. You’re a pretty gross person, huh?”
  • “Do not worry about me. Someone has to take care of these flowers.”
  • “I can’t come back. I just can’t, OK?”
  • “The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself.”
  • “There is nothing left for us here. Let us erase this pointless world, and move on to the next.”
Jin Appreciation Post

Ah yes, the Eomma pink princess..

His face is the 8th wonder of this world

I mean…Those lips…

Shit, he has better legs than me…

Let’s not forget the shoulders that are wider than the pacific ocean

They get broader by the second…

He himself knows he looks beautiful…

He likes LOVES to eat and he’s not afraid to show it

Same Jin….Same…

However like his other members….He doesn’t escape the fate of becoming a literal meme…

Husband Material….Wife Material?

I’m sorry, I just have to add this gif, it’s one of my favoritesヽ(ᗒヮᗕ)ノ

Continue slaying Seokjin… I have a feeling you’re going to kill me again like you did in “Boy in Luv” and “Fire”乁(⟃Ĺ̯⟄)ㄏ

I’m gonna stop here before this post gets too….Okay maybe one more…

One more?


Holy SHit Me…I said LAST ONE not LAST SET…. Sorry Jin Stans, I lost control there for a minute…idk what happened…

Hahahahahhaha….Fml…The more I make “Appreciation Posts”, the more I accept the fact I’ve become trash…

- - - - - - – - 


This Jin Selca:

External image

[Top Text: Writes list of simple steps for myself
Bottom text: That I stare at blankly and can’t start]

I got a great idea for something I want to do after I finished something else. I recognized how easily executive dysfunction would be able to stop me, so I wrote for myself a list of all of the steps to start it, down to tiny details. 

Once the first task was completed, I get up to grab water then sit back down to look at my list. I then stare blankly at it for about a minute before putting it down. I then spend the indefinite amount of time feeling bored and wondering what to do. 

Executive dysfunction once again gets in the way of my fun and productivity.

Angsty and/or Romance Starters/prompts
  • “I hope you know that I’d choose you.”
  • “First love and the last thing on my mind before I die. Ironic.”
  • “I’d do anything! I’ll switch sides, stop fighting, surrender, abandon everything! Just please…let me stand with you…”
  • One. I know you hate me, but please, just one, and I won’t have to wonder what I missed.”
  • “It’s been a while…I know I shouldn’t be running back to you, but here I am, like time and time again.”
  • “Of course I lost them; I never had a steady grip.”
  • “No, take it-Please. If I take it, I’ll love you, and we can’t…I can’t…”
  • “We’ve been dancing around each other for so long, but I’m tired of being spun around and getting blisters.”
  • “I always say I would want to change everything, but now, I don’t want to change a thing.”
  • “I always say I wouldn’t change anything, but I would change everything.”
  • “It’s a shame I don’t love you, because I tried so hard to, and I just…can’t. I’m sorry.”
  • “I’d rather you do it than anyone else.”
  • “Until this day, I never knew. I still wouldn’t, if I hadn’t found it.”
  • “That makes all the difference!”
  • “Until we meet again.”
  • “We won’t.”
  • “Please just don’t look me in the eye; I might lose it if you do.”
  • “Fine, just stay there and let me try something.”
  • “Last dance together, we should make it worth it.”
  • “If I could just feel their pulse; I need them to be alive!”
  • “I’ll watch your back. Unlike last time…You know, I’ll regret it forever, right?”
Something with maid costumes and birthdays

Prompt: (i didnt see the come untouched part until now oops SORRY and i also eased down on the dirty talking part bc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Summary: Dan rides Phil with a maid costume on during his birthday. (ps this a modern day royalty au)

Genre: fluffy smut

Warning: secks!!! Swearing!!!

Words: 2, 007 words

A/N: I’m finally not sick!!! YEAH !!! ok but honesty I didn’t update for a long time I thought I was dying. So here’s the sex. (im also holding off the angst fic bc it’s taking too long fuck dammit) i may or may not write another one we’ll see

“I swear to fucking God, if I don’t get my birthday sex right now I will throw your fucking crown out of the window.”

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  • Soos: Dude, Stan, I've been meaning ask you. Why are you so hard on Dipper all the time?
  • Grunkle Stan: He's a loser. He's weak. I just wanna get rid of him...
  • Dipper: *starts shoving breadsticks into purse*
  • Grunkle Stan: ...Those are all things people said about me when I was a boy.
  • Dipper: *slowly puts breadsticks back*